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Putin-supporting Russian-Jewish oligarch Slutsker divorced by wife who cited she was 'tired of the Kabbalah and tired of being a straw widow with her husband alive'

April 27, 2009
Bozhena Rynska

According to rumors, one of the loudest couples of the Moscow world, the marital union of Olga and Vladimir Slutsker, broke up. Judging by the unbearable lightness of Mr. Slutsker's character, this divorce will not be peaceful. So far, as secular activists say, Mr. Slutzker is militant. Experts believe that not only a billion-dollar fortune will be shared, but also children.

World Class network owner Olga Slutsker and Federation Council member Vladimir Slutsker have not appeared in public together for ten years. Secular activist Olga Slutsker came to all significant receptions alone. Her husband, co-owner of "Fininvest" Vladimir Slutsker, was famous for his difficult character. "Good person. It's a pity he's unlucky with his partners. And with everyone," said one of his colleagues in the workshop after Mr. Slutsker's former partner was in prison. A few years ago, the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) united in a single impulse to squeeze Mr. Slutzker out of the helmsman's seat. Even such calm, unflaming whales as David Yakobashvili and Mikhail Fridman were categorically demanded to interrupt the powers of Vladimir Slutsker. Not so long ago, Mr. Slutsker's enemy, journalist Oleg Lurie (his reputation is also extremely contradictory) received 8 years in prison. And Slutsker tried to introduce censorship for network bloggers at the time. The general epicrisis characterizes Olga Slutsker's husband as a clums with a huge resource to punish his enemies.

Olga Slutsker herself is a former athlete. Her past is shrouded in legends. The word "Yalta" is often heard in gossip about this. She has a strong position in the Moscow light: she made friends with Dasha Zhukova, she often goes to parties with Abramovich. She used to be friends with Irina Abramovich, but after the divorce of this couple moved to a neighboring yacht.

The mysteries of this couple were added by children. Olga Slutsker was the first to confess to surrogacy, gave an extensive interview on this topic to a glossy magazine. The Slutsker couple have two children - Misha and Anya.

Now Slutsker's divorce is being discussed by the whole Moscow world. However, the wife did not make an official statement to the media. Therefore, the world is filled with rumors.

Allegedly, Olga takes all the antiques out of the house and replaces it with modern works. Allegedly, the couple have already divorced, and Olga even got herself a young oil baron. Allegedly, Olga is tired of the Kabbalah (Mr. Slutsker is a famous Kabbalist) and tired of being a straw widow with her husband alive. Olga thought that her husband would be happy about this outcome, but it wasn't there. Of all these stories, one thing is clear: the initiator of the break was Olga.

Sources close to the Slutsker family say that Mr. Slutsker will not get a good divorce. And it's not about the mansions in Serebryany Bor and on Rublevka and not even about the collection, but about the fact that they have been kidding for a whole month, as if the senator wants to take the children. Judging by the manner of doing business, a divorce is expected to be bloody. In any case, it's indicative. Recently, the trend has been increasing in Moscow, when fighting friends, who have passed fire and water with their lieutenants, throw their husbands at the time of the generals. The wife's departure is feedback, which finally began to receive from life the ardent and somewhat stunned from the "relational impunity" oligarchs.