Russia not pursuing multipolar system; pursuing unipolarity and empire

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
December 11, 2022 Anno Domini

Despite appearances to the contrary, the neo-Soviet Russian Federation is pursuing the opposite of what it claims, as a means of attaining Lenin’s dream of world Communist domination.

Since the Eurasianist agenda has ramped up since about 2014, the rhetoric coming from Moscow has been that it is pursuing a multipolar world where power is distributed between several nations rather than in just one, the United States.

Anything considered “globalist” is portrayed as United States or Western world dominance, and anything bad that happens in the world is conveniently blamed on the United States via “globalism”. (Yes, this looks like repackaged Soviet-era propaganda to blame the United States and the West for absolutely everything wrong with the world). The Eurasianists put a strong emphasis on their Islamic-styled sexual policies and fixate on the homosexualized policies of the West, even though Russia played a direct role in shaping those perverted policies that were exported to and eventually adopted by the West.

This is where Russia and its allies, namely China, portray themselves as the antidote to globalism in the form of liberators on a multipolar platter. This liberator facade is ironic considering that the problems that have developed in the West are directly related to decades of Soviet-Communist subversion of the West. The Sino-Soviet bear has crossed the Atlantic, climbed onto the North American continent, taken a big watery dump, swam back across the Atlantic to Russia, and is now telling its neighbours that America and the West are a huge pile of dung.

The carefully crafted multipolar persona is also designed to cover up neo-Soviet expansion. According to the Eurasianists, Russia is not invading Ukraine, it’s simply liberating it from globalist encroachment. It can use this lie for any country it invades or meddles with, be it Poland, Lithuania, Syria, or Iran. China can they use this same persona when “liberating” Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore.

Anyone with a Grade 7 education can figure out what a crock all of this is. All they have to do is look at the unipolar (globalist) pursuit of Russia and China through its Eurasianist channels: the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Eurasian Economic Union (EEAU), BRICS, Common Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), and last but not least, the Shanghai Co-operation Organization. These are just the official channels being used to bring about Eurasianist global supremacy. There are all kinds of backdoor deals being done, especially through the many organized crime syndicates that hold power in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and the Far East, to gradually bring everyone under subservience to the Eurasian space.

The paper-thin multipolar pursuit of the Eurasianists is a transitory phase only. The U.S. and Great Britain have maintained unipolar dominance for quite some time, but it has been a net benefit to the world, both spiritually and economically (for example, see Bruce Gilley’s The Case for Colonialism). As I mentioned before, Communist subversion has tainted Western dominance, and now Russia and China are playing the moral high ground while completely dismissing the good aspects throughout the majority of the era of Western dominance. Multipolarity, then, is designed to wrest away power from the West while appearing to distribute that power back to individual nations. In reality, Russia and China are extracting this newly “liberated” power for themselves, their Eurasianist empire, and eventually, their false messiah. The more we look at it, the more it appears an anti-Christ will rule the world through the Eurasian landmass.


  1. Russia and china I are traditional communist countries. They are conservative revolutionaries. Lol how do people buy into this nonsense?

  2. Primakov: The man who created multipolarity

    He is Jewish (Real last name Finkelstein)

    Primakov also transitioned the KGB to the SVR, WITHOUT any communist purges.

    “Primakov shepherded the transition of the KGB First Chief Directorate to the control of the Russian Federation government, under the new name Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). Primakov preserved the old KGB foreign intelligence apparatus under the new SVR label, and led no personnel purges or structural reforms. He served as SVR director from 1991 until 1996.”

    Putin 2019.

    “He (Primakov) had a strategic vision and worked hard to promote the idea of multipolarity. In fact, it was Yevgeny Primakov who CLEARLY FORMULATED THE KEY PRINCIPLE’S OF THE MODERN WORLD’S DEVELOPMENT. We see that multipolarity is no longer a trend but a reality today.

    paragraph 5

    “Since officially coming to power in May 2000, if not before, Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to restore Russia’s image as a Great Power in the context of zero-sum anti-Westernism— for Russia to win, the West had to lose. His approach to the Middle East is the extension of former Russian prime minister (Jew) Yevgeniy Primakov’s vision of a multipolar world.”

    Page 2


    Russia, China issued joint declaration for ‘multi-polar world and the formation of a new international order’ in 1997

    “As for the alleged multipolarity promoted by the Russians, it is in fact a tightly coordinated communist unipolarity controlled by them (and the Chinese), i.e. a communist world federation.”

    18th para

  3. WEF / UN / BRICS / BRI

    Klaus Schwab 2022:

    “What we have to confront is a deep, systemic, and structural restructuring of our world. Politically, the driving forces for this political transformation, of course, is the transition into a MULTIPOLAR WORLD.”

    1m 30s – 2m 30s

    UN Secretary-General 2018:

    “It is vital that we work towards the creation of a Multipolar architecture for our world”

    Antonio Guterres:

    “Russia indispensable IN CREATION of a NEW MULTIPOLAR WORLD.”

    6-39 s

    12th BRICS Summit Moscow Declaration:

    “We call the international community to celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the United Nations by enhanced efforts to establish a more fair, just, inclusive, equitable and representative multipolar international system”

    “Since the restoration of China’s lawful seat in the United Nations (UN), the past decades have seen the development of a more globalized, multipolar world, (Jew) Robert Lawrence Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation, has recently told Xinhua.”

    “The BRI then is a global rebuild much deeper than anyone realizes. At its core is the drive to a multipolar world.”

    “All the attempts to stop it or slow it down (multipolarity) are considered as confrontational behaviors toward Beijing and Moscow.”

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