Gay Jewish mafia gained more power in Kremlin under Putin, claims former GRU major

Crypto-Soviet Vladimir Putin lifts up the shirt of a five-year-old boy and kisses his stomach in Moscow. This bizarre behaviour made TV news and provoked KGB defector Alexander Litvinkenko to publicy accuse Putin of a being a pederast who was blackmailed by his own security service, the FSB (KGB).

Editor’s note: I disagree with the insinuation by the author that homosexuality is a Western value. This article is also pro-Eastern Orthodox at times.

By Ipatiev K.F. (Major of the GRU, retired)
April 14, 2012 Anno Domini

Recently, in all countries of the world, the homosexual lobby has been exerting an increasing influence on the policy of the ruling power; moreover, the ruling elite itself is becoming more prone to sodomy sin. Apostasy processes all over the world, including traditionally Christian countries, permissiveness and licentiousness, as well as the promotion of same-sex love, lead to the fact that an increasing number of men of different ages preach sodomy as a natural physiological attraction. Tolerance for the sin of Sodom has reached such a level of shamelessness that even in some schools, students are told about this shameful phenomenon as normal human relations, citing ancient Egyptian frescoes, Greek papyri and folk traditions as an example. This deliberate lie is being spread among peoples solely for the sake of justifying the homosexual lobby in power and involving more and more people in sodomy sin in order to quickly impose on the peoples the ideas of a global, global society devoid of traditional values.

A poster featuring Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is displayed during protests against Russia’s policies on homosexuality during Berlin’s annual Christopher Street Day (CSD) parade on June 23, 2012. (Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)

This state of affairs is beneficial to those in power, not only for the destruction of national and religious traditions and culture, but also for the subjugation of an increasing number of nationally minded people to their will. A homosexual, as one who has fallen to the very bottom of human abomination and corruption of an immortal soul, is constantly looking for new opportunities to satisfy his criminal lust and secret desires, for whom the satisfaction of base needs becomes the most urgent matter. Hence the complete indifference to national issues, because homosexuality is originally international, contempt for other people who condemn such manifestations. Moreover, the sodomite is subject to frequent mood swings, up to uncontrollable rage and is constantly ready to use any methods to achieve his goal, since the inflaming of his flesh requires an exit and, therefore, the search for a partner.

Homosexuals have always been the objects of the closest attention of the intelligence services of all countries of the world, and this is not accidental, because a sodomite will go to any meanness, to any crime in order to satisfy his lust. This is a kind of spiritual addiction that requires a constant dose of a potion for the enjoyment of the flesh. Sodomites are easily controlled, without big problems they can be involved in espionage and betrayal of state interests, and the compromising evidence collected on them by the special services is a necessary guarantee of the “successful” activity of homosexuals against the intelligence that recruited them against their own state. Also, sodomites among the top leadership of a country, company or bank are most in demand by the ruling elite, as they are completely subservient and controlled by their curators, and are also ready to perform the most vile and vile task at any time. A kind of universal soldiers of the world behind the scenes, deprived of honor, conscience, human dignity, non-humans, ready like drug addicts, for the sake of pleasing the flesh and perverted sensuality, to any orders.

Many, justifying their fall to “meaningless cattle”, say that homosexuality is a disease, others believe that sodomy is given at birth, as a variability of the human mind, citing outstanding philosophers, composers, poets, artists and statesmen as an example. But this is a deliberate lie, sodomy – the most serious kind of defeat of the human soul, which arose from the constant desire for new sensual pleasures, often leading to spiritual emptiness and enslavement by the flesh. Homosexuality implanted by those in power is nothing but spiritual genocide against one’s own people. His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II assessed the impact of destructive Western values ​​on the Russian people as follows:

We must realize that a well-planned bloodless war is being waged against our people, with the aim of destroying them. We must raise the Russian people to fight for the life of their children.

The most dangerous, most terrible war, aimed at destroying the national culture, faith and traditions of the Russian people, was unleashed by the Kremlin’s homosexual lobby, which was formed back in the years of the USSR in the depths of the KGB, which used gay people to infiltrate all spheres of the state’s life. Culture, science, industry, medicine, education, and even the CPSU itself were represented by sodomites of all levels of power and popular recognition; from this homosexual column of traitors, a new government was formed in the late 80s, which had to follow any instructions from the elite created back in the Politburo and Central Committee of the CPSU. With the advent of B.N. Yeltsin to the Kremlin and the abolition of the article for homosexuality in 1993, sodomy blossomed into a violent poisonous color. Suffice it to say that among the top leadership of the country, more than 30 per cent professed a non-traditional orientation, spent their free time in the company of young “favorites”, not disdaining homosexual pedophilia. At the same time, deputies of the presidential administration, some ministers, deputies of the State Duma, presidents of a number of large industrial associations and banks are sodomites. The homosexual lobby in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General, the FSB and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is so strong that people of a traditional orientation have no chance of getting into the highest echelons of power.

KRASNODAR, RUSSIA—Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) greets boys while visiting the Football Academy on May 23, 2017 in Krasnodar, Russia.. Russia will do everything possible to prepare and organize the upcoming 2017 Confederation Cup and 2018 World Cup at the highest possible level, Vladimir Putin said to FIFA President Gianni Infantino. (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)

With the advent of V.V. Putin to the Kremlin, the situation not only has not changed, but has received additional growth, now no one seeks to hide their homosexual inclinations, but over and over again they openly demonstrate them in public. The homosexual lobby in the State Duma has increased its presence in the face of the United Russia party in all key committees and commissions. Thus, we can safely state that Russia is controlled by the homosexual lobby, our culture, cinema, theaters and works of art of various genres are completely subordinate to sodomites, who decide what the Russian state and the Russian people should be like.

This state of affairs is not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world that consider themselves highly cultured and democratic. Liberalism in the economy and social relations, fixed sodomy as one of the social institutions of the “developed” society, which received the highest priority for its development. Mayors of cities and governors, members of cabinets of ministers and parliaments, advisers to presidents and leading economists consider it not shameful for themselves to publicly discuss their homosexuality, thereby promoting this image as the only one possible on the path to success. Most of all, the Jews succeeded in sodomy, I. Shamir not for nothing represents Tel Aviv as the homosexual capital of the world. I. Klein, the head of “Keshet”, points out that among the Jews the number of sodomites is 14 per cent and higher, which is more than among any other people in the world. This is not surprising, because even in the law of Moses it is said:
“If anyone lies with a man as with a woman, then both of them have committed an abomination: let them be put to death, their blood is on them.” —Leviticus 20-13

It is no coincidence that God points to this passion of the Jewish people, condemning it with the death penalty. Suffice it to recall Sodom and Gomorrah, on the site of which the Dead Sea, as well as the habit of the Jews in pagan rituals, among which sodomy was in the order of things. The Jews forgot the formidable words of God, who gave them the Promised Land, so that they would destroy all the peoples who lived there, for their iniquities and for the sins of Sodom:

Do not defile yourselves with any of this, for with all this the peoples whom I drive out from you have defiled themselves: and the earth was defiled, and I beheld its iniquity, and the earth overthrew those who dwell on it. Leviticus 18-24.25

Not only have they forgotten, but homosexuality has also spread among rabbis, moreover, since 2000 in the United States, rabbis can ordain sodomites. By rejecting the Law of Moses, the Jews crossed the line beyond which death and “gnashing of teeth.” Suffice it to say that during circumcision (Brit – mila), the mohel sucks blood (metzitzah) with his mouth and this is considered a pious occupation! What a decline in morals, when a child is consecrated to God, there is an act of Sodom! No wonder there are so many homosexuals among the “lost sheep of the house of Israel”!

It is all the sadder for us, the Russian people, that the culture imposed on us, which is presented in abundance on Central Television, in cinema, theaters, in works of art and in the media, is entirely the fruit of the work of sodomites who propagate to us their own view, distorted by spiritual poverty. Having no other, alternative position on the issues of the social and state life of the Russian people, we are forced to be content with the criminal sodomite point of view on the power and culture of Russia. The power of the Kremlin hates the Russian people precisely because in our environment homosexuality was always despised and rejected, and its carriers could not be among our people. And this is no coincidence, the conciliar wisdom of the Russian people has always seen sodomites as criminals and corrupters of the souls of our people, never trusted them and avoided them as lepers, emitting a suffocating miasma of decay of an impure, fallen soul.

Peter I introduced punishment for the sin of Sodom in 1706, until that time there was no punishment, since church repentance was quite enough, and homosexuality did not spread among the Russian people. In 1832, the Sovereign Emperor Nicholas I punished sodomy with exile for 5 years in Siberia, but the October Revolution of 1917 opened the doors to homosexuals of all stripes and until 1934 the perverts felt not just at ease, but entered different levels of power. So, N.I. Yezhov, head of the NKVD until 1938, had as his lover Shaya Isakovich Goloshchekin, one of the organizers of the brutal murder of Emperor Nicholas II. This is not an isolated example of a conspiracy against the Russian people by the Jewish homosexual lobby, which to this day creates its lawlessness against Russia and the Russian people.

We, the Russian people, must say our firm “No” to spiritual genocide and the conspiracy of the Kremlin’s homosexual lobby, aimed at the national and cultural impoverishment of Russia, at the destruction of the Orthodox faith and traditions of the Russian people. The infection of sodomy and its bearers, like metastases, affects the healthy body of our people, killing spiritually and morally the very soul of the Russian people, suppressing in us the will to resist and rebirth in the Russian national state.

It won’t happen and it won’t! The Russian people, like no other people in the world, have a huge potential to resist any spiritual and physical genocide, and the enemies of Russia and our people will soon find out how great this potential is! The Russian national revolution will take place in the very near future, throwing off from Russia the hated sodomite rule that torments our bodies and souls like a poisonous scorpion. There will be no mercy for anyone from the current vertical of Putin’s power, but all traitors and enemies of the Russian people and Russia will be destroyed in the most ruthless way! Do not wait for the Gulags and exiles, there is no need to feed the thieves’ pack of traitors, which can no longer bear any good fruit, because everything is rotten. But the Stolypin troikas of military field courts will, in the shortest possible time, begin to decide on your cases and carry out sentences.

The blood and tears of the Russian people will be avenged by the most full-fledged bribe that can only be in relation to sodomites and traitors, thieves and molesters, murderers and rapists of the Russian people. Each member of the United Russia party, the Nashi movement, Putin’s vertical of power and representatives of law enforcement agencies has a dossier detailing their criminal deeds and statements. Airport “Astafyevo” will not be a lifesaver for you who dream of flying on your private planes to the Promised Land, at the very last moment all the fugitives will be taken off the planes. And those who still manage to escape from the just wrath of the Russian people cannot hide anywhere, but retribution will surely befall them, the sentence will be carried out.
No one has ever escaped the retribution for the total destruction of the Russian people and Russia, for we are Russians, God is with us!


  1. The Jewish controlled MSM. reports in great repeated detail , news that is advantageous to its aims or of neutral value so that the bias is not too obvious.
    News such as this below that negates the Kalergi Plan and massive non european immigration into Europe is ignored.

    In South Africa, 9yo Kayla Meyer watched her parents and grandparents be ruthlessly murdered. She was then tied up with wire, stripped down, gang raped then beaten to death with a shovel and stuffed into a closet. She was a kind little girl and her favorite color was purple.

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