Chabad, Russian Revolution, Kabbalah & Jewish messianism

By Josh
Nov. 30, 2021 Anno Domini

Major Robert H. Williams – ‘Know your enemy’ 1950, pg 3

“It is, in fact, the very inability of the gentile to comprehend, to accept psychologically the facts of Jewish racial gangsterdom, which enables the Jewish strategists to succeed.”

The Jewish Chronicle, April 4, 1919:

“There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolsheviks, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consistent with the finest ideals of Judaism…”

The Soviet Hammer & Sickle is a veil for Hebrew letter Aleph

Chabad & the Russian Revolution.

“Throughout the revolutionary period, its leadup and its aftermath, Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn—known in Chabad as the Rebbe Rashab— worked tirelessly to mobilize the Jewish community, strengthen its Purim in Petrograd, 1917 infrastructure, and ensure that its most basic religious needs were provided for. The decisive days of February and October 1917 found him in Petrograd and Moscow respectively. […]

Back in 1910 the Rebbe Rashab had stood up to the Tsarist regime when they sought to secularize Jewish education. In a meeting with Pyotr Stolypin at the time, the soon to be assassinated Minister of the Interior dubbed the Rebbe “Schneersohn the revolutionary.” […]

In this context, the Rebbe Rashab recalled that at every moment the famed Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev anticipated the onset of the messianic age, the ultimate redemption that Jews have awaited for two thousand years. But at the time of Napoleon’s invasion, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad, “knew with clarity that the time had not yet come,” and argued instead that Russia’s success would ensure the spiritual welfare of the Jewish people. While the Rebbe Rashab’s comments—as recorded by his son—are rather cryptic, it seems that he hoped that this time the war would indeed anticipate a messianic upheaval, bringing spiritual and physical emancipation for the Jewish people and the entire world.” […]

“[Chabad Rebbe] argued, the Jews of Russia should exercise their civil rights to advance the cause of Torah. In a second public letter he called for individuals in each city and town to organize themselves on the local level, acting strategically to reinforce the fundamental institutions of Jewish life.”

pgs 22, 24, 30


The 5th Chabad Rebbe travelled to Petrograd from his base in Rostov, just before the 1917 uprising began in Petrograd.

“He would remain there for 7 full weeks before returning to Rostov. In the course of those 7 weeks, the Tsar’s government would disintegrate before his very eyes. The record of the Rebbe’s activities for the next 2 months are scant. Before leaving Rostov, his last discourse was on the power given by G‑d to Moses to bring about Pharaoh’s downfall.”

paragraphs 18-23

As shown above, the 5th Chabad Rebbe’s activities are scant. It seems the records of his activities – as well as his successor, the 6th Chabad Rebbe – were deliberately destroyed by the Bolshevik Jews to conceal the activities of the Chabad network in Soviet Russia.

“The fate of the Schneerson private archive is not as widely known as that of the Schneerson library, the famous collection torn apart by the [Jewish] Russian revolution in 1917. However, the fate of the archive is another typical World War II-era story of spoils of war seized by [Jewish] Soviet troops in 1940s Europe. Such collections were generally of no use to the Soviet authorities, so they were buried — made virtually inaccessible to the public or to scholars […] While the Schneerson book collection has garnered plenty of attention, the archive remained in the shadows, though it contains important information for research on such topics as the development of religious Jewish communities in Soviet times as well as the history of the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe himself and the history and organization of Chabad in the period between the two world wars.

pg 2

The records of Chabad’s activities were destroyed and concealed by the Jewish Bolsheviks because they directed the Soviet Union project. Although this Rabbi lies by suggesting the Jewish communists were anti-Jewish, he confirms Chabad was active in Soviet Russia.

“Born in Gizhatsk near Moscow in 1919, his childhood and youth were spent evading the communist net and learning Torah in the underground network of Chadorim and Yeshivos operated clandestinely by the [Chabad] LUBAVITCH MOVEMENT IN RUSSIA.

pg 1

The Chabad Rabbinate, based the entire Soviet Union project (part step to bring in moshiach) on this line from the Psalms, where Edom is counted as Christian civilization: Psalm 59:10 “Into Edom will I stretch out my shoe: to me the foreigners are made subject.”

“The Great Wise Men and Rabbis Kimchi, Ibn-Ezra, and Maimonides, and Abarbanel, all unite in saying that all the Gentile Christians are the seed, or children, of Esau, or Edom.

Russian Chabad ‘moshiach’ website:

“And now the most interesting thing: at the end of November 1989, the Hasidim noticed that the Rebbe had put on new shoes. This happened on the eve of Saturday 26 Mar Heshvan, 5750, when the Rebbe entered the afternoon prayer wearing new shoes. No one knew why the Rebbe suddenly did this. But the Hasidim had a feeling that this dramatic change might be related to a letter to the Rebbe King Moshiach from his father, in which Rabbi Levi Yitzchak linked the destruction of evil empires to the power of the holy shoe.’

In 1937, the Rebbe King Moshiach, then 35 years old, lived in Paris. Before the Passover holiday, he sent a pair of shoes as a gift to his father, Rabbi Levi YItzhak Schneerson, who was behind the Iron Curtain and held the post of Chief Rabbi of Dnepropetrovsk (today Dnipro).

In a letter from Rabbi Levi Yitzchak, sent from Russia to France, he expressed gratitude for the boots. Then, in four short cryptic lines, he explained the meaning of the shoe from a mystical point of view and its connection with Passover. The great Kabbalist expressed the wish that ‘thanks to this aspect, the peoples of the world will be defeated in the future, as it is said … I will throw my shoe on Edom.’ And he concluded the letter with the following words: ‘We will not touch on this in detail here. And what has been said is enough for those who understand.”

More Chabad fingerprints on the Soviet Union project to bring in Moshiach (Antichrist):

Iskra (The Spark) was a socialist journal founded by (Jew) LENIN in 1900

“At creation, there was an explosion & the SPARKS of divine light were shattered & subsequently HELD CAPTIVE IN SHELLS, KELIPOT. The sparks need to be restored to their original state. [By killing non-Jews] […] This is also the view of the Tanya & is still ONE OF THE MOST CENTRAL DOCTRINES IN CHABAD”

Pg 59

Sparks – The Weekly CHABAD Video Magazine


“The Spark” 1974; an overview of the Lubavitch, by Mel Epstein

Sparks of Wisdom

Fr. Pranaitis records Jewish ‘doctrine’ on how they teach by killing the Kelipot-goyim & removing them from this world, they raise the holy SPARKS, which in return, accelerates or hastens the coming of ‘Moshiach’. As you have already read above, this is a central ‘doctrine’ in Chabad.

Before quoting Fr. Pranaitis, it is important to clarify that Kelipot does mean non-Jews.

Source: The Messianic Idea in Judaism And Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality by Gershom Scholem, a professor of Jewish mysticism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Quoting Fr. Pranaitis:

“In Sefer Ohr Yisroel – ‘Take the life of the Klipot & kill them, then the Shekinah will consider this on par with the incense of the sacrifice.’ Also ‘A Jew is obliged to remove thorns from his vineyard.”

Section 11.

“When creating the good and evil sides (the evil side – the Kelipots), part of the sparks of the Deity fell on the evil side. The release of these sparks from the Kelipot (the evil side) and their return upward – to the original source ACCELERATES the coming of the Messiah. […]

To clarify and confirm the above, we can cite passages from the writings of Chaim Vital (who died in 1620), which enjoys great prestige among the Jews. In his work “Shaar Gakdamot”, shaar, 6, derush 2, sheet 33, c, it says:

[Hasten the coming of Moshiach] by KILLING THE SHELLS (KELIPOT, GOYIM) AND REMOVING THEM FROM THIS WORLD, for then they themselves (the Kelipots) lift up the holy sparks in their shells.

Section 15.

Tanya: “The root and source of all Jewish souls is in the Supreme Wisdom… the kelipot and sitra achra (non-Jews) are called vomit and filth, as is known.” chapter 24, last paragraph

Chabad Rebbe:

“The holy spirit of God spoke via Isaac (Yitzchak) Luria (Arizal).”

“For Luria, this was, therefore, a way of explaining redemption: once all the sparks had been liberated [Non-Jews being killed] and returned to God, the exile would end and the time of the Messiah would come”

Pg 78

Redemption is no more than the external manifestation of the inner state of tikkun (“restitution”) which depends on the deeds of Israel and a realization of the way of life which the Kabbalah preaches. The fact of tikkun is not something which depends on a miracle, but rather on human action … [the Messiah’s] coming is conditional upon the accomplishment of the task of Israel in the “tikkun of the world.” According to this latter view, there is a human and historical preparation for redemption and the Messiah will come automatically if this preparation is completed. This belief is widespread among the disciples of Isaac Luria, and it follows logically from the basic assumptions of Lurianic Kabbalah. (Encyclopedia Judaica, “Redemption”)



Jewish philosopher Solomon Maimon (1753-1800):

“The secret political meaning of the Kabbalah is known only to the superiors of the secret society. These superiors themselves, as well as their operations, remain ever unknown; the rest of the society you may become acquainted with, if you choose. But the latter cannot betray political secrets which are unknown to themselves, while the former will not do it, because it is against their interest. Only the lesser (purely literary) mysteries are entrusted to the people and urged upon them as matters of the highest importance. The greater political mysteries are not taught, but, as a matter of course, ARE BROUGHT INTO PRACTICE.”

page 158


“Early kabbalah was INFUSED WITH MESSIANISM (i.e. END TIME CALCULATIONS, messianic ideas & visions. It stressed the catastrophic element of redemption […] The task of HASTENING THE END even became pivotal for the mystics, just as it is for [CHABAD] LUBAVITCHERS today.”

Pg 57

Neil Asher Silberman archaeologist and historian:

“Concealed between the lines of the Kabbalah’s most powerful scriptures…a secret movement of kabbalists who eagerly looked forward to the destruction of Christendom and the end of the world.”

This matches with what we see in the Protocols as well:



3 “Remember the French Revolution: it was wholly the work of our hands. Ever since, we have been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so in the end they turn in favour of that KING-DESPOT OF THE BLOOD OF ZION, WHOM WE ARE PREPARING FOR THE WORLD.”

So as we see, Communism was a tool created by the Kabbalist Rabbis, to enslave and conquer nations, as well as hasten the coming of Moshiach by killing mass amounts of non Jews. Hence;



More Chabad & the Russian Revolution:

1927: The 6th CHABAD Rebbe Joseph Yitzhak Schneerson, was arrested in Russia. Semyon Dimanstein, who was head of the Jewish section of the Communist party & who ordered the arrest & interrogated him, HAD BEEN ORDAINED A RABBI BY THE SAME 6TH REBBE.

2nd last paragraph

“Near midnight of June 14, 1927, a detail of the OGPU – the Soviet Secret police – headed by 2 ‘former’ Lubavitchers, came to Joseph Yitzhak’s home.”

2nd paragraph

Note: Circling back to the beginning of the article, I have shown how the Jewish Bolsheviks destroyed the records of the 5th & 6th Chabad Rebbe’s activities in Russia. It should now be crystal clear why that happened.


Fr Fahey – The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jewish Nation.

“The Jewish writer, Bernard Lazare, expresses this very forcibly. “The Jew,” he writes, “is the living testimony of the disappearance of the State founded upon theological principles and which the Christian anti-Semites dream of reconstructing. The day when a Jew became the holder of a public position, the Christian State was in danger. That is perfectly accurate, and the anti-Semites who affirm that the Jews have ruined the idea of State could say with greater justice that the entry of the Jews into society symbolised the destruction of the State, that is, of course, of the Christian State.



  1. AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony

    Lasha Darkmoon October 31, 2011 Articles, Recommended Reading

    “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    — Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

    “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008. “I just care that we get to keep running them.”

    Mr Stein’s reckless candor in admitting that the Jews ran America was to cost him his job at the LA Times.

    If Americans have lost their country to organized Jewry, they lost it slowly and imperceptibly. Indeed, most Americans remain unaware that their country no longer belongs to them. They fervently believe they still live in a democracy. This was a takeover not without precedent, however. It had happened to Germany. It had happened to Russia. It has now happened to America.

    Take Germany and Russia.

    Germany, a mere shadow of what it might have been, is now a defeated and demoralized nation, thoroughly browbeaten by Jewry and terrified of their masters in Israel. Without stretching it too far, one could say that Germany has become Israel’s cash cow.

    According to Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago, 66 million Russian Christians were put to death on the orders of the Cheka or Russian secret police. Those devising the tortures, and giving the orders to rape and kill ethnic Russians, were mostly Jews. Yuri Slezkine’s candid quote from historian Leonard Shapiro is too well known to be casually dismissed: “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.”

    Out of 388 members of the new revolutionary government in Russia, only sixteen were real Russians. “Apart from one negro,” we are told, “the rest were Jews.”

    These revolutionaries did their best to hide their Jewish identities by taking new names. Lenin was originally Ulyanov, Trotsky was Bronstein, Zinoviev was Apfelbaum, Sverdlov was Solomon, Zinoviev was Radomyslsky, Radek was Sobelsohn, Litvonov was Wallach, Kamenev was Rosenfeld, Parvus was Helphand, Martov was Zederbaum, Bohrin was Nathanson. Not one of these Jewish revolutionaries was prepared to go under his own name or be identified as a Jew. Under Stalin, merely to draw attention to the fact that unpopular officials were Jewish was to incur the death penalty.

    Another interesting titbit of information that court historians prefer not to mention is this: many of the Jews propping up the new Bolshevik government, happy to issue instructions for the torture and execution of Russian Christians, were actually Jews who had been shipped in from the East Side of New York. No surprise here. After all, the man who helped to finance the Russian Revolution from his base in Wall Street—to the tune of $20 million—was Jewish American banker Jacob Schiff.

    A well-known French journal, L’Illustration, had this to say in its edition of September 14, 1918:

    When one comes in contact with the functionaries serving in the Bolshevik Government, one feature strikes the attention: almost all of them are Jews. I am not at all anti-Semitic, but I must state what strikes the eye. Everywhere—in Petrograd, in Moscow, in provincial districts, in commissariats, in district offices, in Smolny, in the Soviets—I have met nothing but Jews and again Jews.

  2. From Exile to Redemption Vol. 1 – Chassidic Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

    “This task, which is no less than the goal and intent of exile, is the task of sifting and refining the materiality of this world, and elevating the sparks of holiness that are embedded within it.

    As explained in the works of Kabbalah and Chassidus, lofty sparks are scattered throughout the material world. Just as the stones at the top of a crumbling wall fall furthest, so too do these sparks plunge from their sublime heights to the very depths of exile. There they are obscured by kelippos, by the forces of impurity [Non-Jews]. Hence derives the task of the Jewish people in exile — to uncover and elevate these sparks, by means of Torah study and other forms of divine service, and by engaging in the things of this world for the sake of heaven.”

    page xvii

    “According to Zalman, every Jew has the ability to SUBDUE the kelipot [non-Jews] because of their godly soul.”

    pg 178

    Shneur Zalman of Liadi founder of CHABAD.

    1. Gershom Scholem:

      “As stated by the Frankist writer in Prague whom we have already had occasion to quote, Israel’s exile is not a consequence of its sins at all, but is rather part of a plan designed to bring about the destruction of the kelipot all over the world, so that ‘even if several thousands or tens-of-thousands of Jews are enabled to return to the Land of Israel, nothing has been completed.’ […] are none other than they themselves, who have sallied forth to do battle with the kelipah, the demonic and impure power which must be destroyed by seeking it out in its own domain.”

      G. Scholem, The Messianic Idea in Judaism and Other Essays on Jewish Spirituality, Schocken Books, New York, (1971/1995), pp. 123, 164.

  3. Anyone with a brain

    No, dipshit….the list of destruction was 100% the result of the anti-white agenda of organized jewry.

    White Christian people have ZERO agency, no voice, no power, no input, NOTHING.

    Proof is the list itself, that shows what organized jewry WON, and white people LOST:

    Stripped us of all of our Constitutional rights (except the Second Amendment!)
    Collapsed the economy and destroyed all small businesses
    Flooded us with primitive third world savages
    Declared white people (native American population) to be terrorists
    Promoted black riots and violence
    Censored anyone who questions them
    Forced racial integration
    Legalized gay anal sex
    Legalized interracial marriage
    Gave women the right to vote
    Gave homosexuals direct access to children
    Legalized pornography
    Ran a years-long Russian conspiracy hoax that they designed and knew from the beginning was fake
    Allowed Jewish bankers total dominance of the US economy
    Forced us to fight meaningless wars for Israel
    Overturned the most important presidential election in history through obvious fraud
    Classified people as terrorists for protesting election fraud
    Coercively vaccinated most of the population with a dangerous gene therapy, claiming it will save them from a virus that doesn’t exist
    Injected children
    Forced people to wear face masks
    Destroyed the middle class
    Completely opened the borders and put all of the savages on welfare
    Allowed millions to die from opioid overdoses
    Destroyed the energy sector
    Promoted gay sex to children
    Injected children with tranny hormones
    Mutilated children’s genitals
    Taught gay anal sex in schools
    Banned prayer from schools
    Legalized no-fault divorce and therefore destroyed the institution of marriage
    Legalized abortion
    Established family courts which give children to women after they leave their husbands
    Promoted women to positions of power over men
    Given unlimited economic and social privileges to nonwhites
    Purposefully driven down the white birthrate
    Tried to force people who refuse the vax out of society
    Spied on everyone
    Created a track and trace system in the name of medical tyranny
    Allowed the Israeli Mossad to run a blackmail ring
    Given billions upon billions to Israel
    Destroyed the education system on purpose
    Locked everyone in their houses

    It’s the jews, stupid.
    It’s not Christians.
    It’s not boomers.
    It’s not women.
    It’s not even negroes.

    It’s organized jewry that planned and engineered and orchestrated ALL of the destruction and degeneracy and chaos and misery and arson and looting and murder.

  4. I was looking at the article in the new york post about the Holmes/Theranos scam. Holmes is the daughter of either a senator or congressman and a crypto jew. She’s a prime example of the crypto profile, doesn’t look like a jew in the least, is effectively gangsterized into a CEO position(like almost all of them), is sacrificed kabbalistically(like epstein, madoff, maxwell, weinstein etc etc etc) by the jew press/gov AND she is almost certainly a programmed multiple. The crypto name comes to mind in the james HOLMES gun massacre TV script we saw years ago, in fact the Obama era TV script gun massacres featured jews almost totally. Loughner/Gabby Giffords were both jews as well. If Adam Lanza was even a real person or just a construct he may have been a crypto. Even the Columbine shooters were cryptos or open ones from what I recall.

    Another tidbit is that if you watch those HBO mega episodics like the Sopranos, The Wire, True Detective they almost in every sentence violate the Second Commandment to not use the Lords name irreverantly. It’s disgusting and offensive and if you notice in the Sopranos and The Wire the main characters are ALL supposed Catholics. The point of these shows is to denigrate Catholicism and associate it with crime and subversion. The Sopranos needs no explanation but I would bet the so called italian mafia is actually controlled by crypto jews of italian heritage, my assertion is that it was created by Freemasonry in italy in the late 19th century, freemasonry is the the lower level of crypto jewish crime mafia empire. In the case of The Wire you have it set in the once strong Catholic area of Baltimore, which has a prominent catechism named after it, NOT_A_COINCIDENCE. The producer is the jew David Simon, I think the Sopranos is a creation of a Bechstein or thereabouts. The Godfather books were done by what I assume is crypto jew Puzo, the movies were done by the crypto or open jew Coppola. ALWAYS the main goal is to blame and associate Catholicism with crime and vice. Ever see any series detailing the massive amount of criminal works done by open jews? The rabbis crimes, on just a material level would fill volumes of books alone. True detective S1 has crosses and whacky protestant movements plastered all over it(it also references the satanic book called The King in Yellow). The Game of Thrones has a Catholic like faith called the Seven or Septum and a whole story line about it, pointing to the TV writer George RR Martins real heritage no doubt. Even his name is a crass reference to the greatest fantasy writer J RR Tolkien. It is also very sick that in some Catholic circles Tolkien and his books are seen as some tribute to Catholicism, books that push magic and paganism. I could go through so many shows on all channels that point to the hand of the antichristian movement.

    I’d also like to ask that people should support Baronius Press which has mostly traditional Catholic books of good quality.

    1. Jack, I hear you about taking the Lord’s name in vain constantly in Hollywood films and television. It just makes you cringe, and it’s so over the top, too. Not that I endorse David Duke, but he did a good video about how the “Italian mafia” is highlighted constantly in the media and in film yet the Jewish (and Jewish Russian) mafias are left alone. Relative to what you are talking about also, the Ghislaine Maxwell trial has produced a photo of she and Jeffrey Epstein with “Pope” John Paul II. It’s like they went out of their way to associate with the Church (and major Western leader figures, like Queen Elizabeth II) so as to scandalize it at a later date. Satan and his demons themselves must be behind this clever ploy.

      Epstein, Maxwell at the Vatican

      1. Yeah I had a relative, a devout momo, even mention the slander that the mafia came from the Popes, pretty nasty slander based on absolutely no evidence or fact at all. Momos hate the Church and are jews in all but name, they support almost anything jewish and have the mentality. I’ve read in a Barnes Review article(may june 2003) about Al Capone(he was a jew mafia stooge if not a deep crypto) that some UNLV professors in a book even suggest that modern Las Vegas was built up with the help of the mormons there in part because mormons doctrinally identify with jews and that the real powers in Las Vegas are left alone, ie the jews, whereas the italian element(at lower levels) is highlighted and targeted. We can see the overt handoff to the corporate stock market gangster jews like Wynn and others in modern times.

        The Sopranos and the Wire are egregious examples of using the name of the Lord in vain. South Park, whose crypto jew co-creator matt STONE, has disgusting examples of irreverence in word and deed. When it came to the phallic/Allah pseudo-religion they bowed to censorship. What has happened to the billion so called Catholics and the other billion of pseudo-Christian protestants? If only 1-2% came out against all this the cockroaches would scatter. If even the Pope or hierarchy figure, made a point of it it would squash a lot of this but nothing. It didn’t take much in the early 20th century to get the Hollywood morals board, which was discontinued about the same time as Vatican 2. Another example is the homosexual focused show Will and Grace in its title name is a disgusting blasphemy. It’s pretty much all over the place in jew entertainment and I’ve heard even Irish people taking the name of the Lord in vain in real life. I was watching the old TV show Justified and right off the bat it associates Christianity with neo-nazism overtly, this is not a coincidence and has been a long time theme in jew entertainment programming. In all sorts of media you see people wearing crosses and it’s prominently displayed on purpose, another example of associating Christianity with crime, vice and perversion. I’ve actually rewatched these since my awakening by the Lords Grace and it is so obvious but before it was not even noticed, like the vast majority of people ignore it or are ambivalent. Another cross to bear, a small form of purgatory in this life. Nothing in comparison to the cruel treatment our Lord bore for His people.

        You can see it even in obscure places such as the Carthusians where you think it would not be so prominent. I was reading one of their modern brochures and it’s filled with quotes of Paul VI and John Paul II, praising the satanic replacement from within of real Catholicism. The Carthusians were started 900 years ago and no reference to anything before that other than the founders quotes. Makes me angry these parasites and their self serving and servile abandonment of the real Church. If they had real love for Christ they would have rejected it as abuse of authority and taken the consequences of losing financial support and their buildings and walked the path of Jesus Christ but didn’t happen. Instead all NO churches desecrated their altars and installed a false replacement religion. Obedience is to be practiced ONLY in the case of lawful commands, if your parents order you to murder someone or damage the Faith then that’s an abuse of authority and is NOT to be heeded, for an example. The Novus Ordo Mundi, new world order, Great Apostasy Church is very hard to stomach to those of us who have had ZERO chance of being a part of or deriving real support from a strong TRUE Church. The impostor church of John 23 and Paul 6(with John Paul II being their first apostle after murdering JP1) with the help of at least Pius 12 and probably even before that it’s a desert of doubt and suffering. That being said we should not add to the hatred and I feel that the Novus Ordo website and others makes a living off of making a terrible situation worse instead of humbly imploring the Lord to raise up individuals and peoples to fight the good fight. There’s nothing wrong with criticism but the tone seems to be playing into the hands of the antichristians of the world, furthering their agenda either knowingly or unknowingly. That site needs to be investigated as to who is really behind it imo. Remember stress and tension control as a strategy among others. Even NO churches which offer the TLM and the original Sacraments by their original names need to be supported and we should all make a point of campaigning for these in NO churches if we have no other choice of place of worship since there are only a limited amount of traditional parishes.

      2. Also wanted to mention a bit about QE2, the continuation of the bastard QE1 who was rabidly anti Catholic and at one time Catholicism was illegal in England, many examples of ransacked monasteires and churches during the English Inquisition of Catholcism which continued in a soft form for centuries. To be a part of certain political parties in England up into the 20th Century you had to swear to not be RC as they call it. No I have no love for England or it’s satellites, it’s been antichristian and anticatholic for centuries and in large part powerfully contributed to the downfall of true Catholicism. Here is a link to an anglo-nationalist pamphlet from the 90s mentioning QE2’s satanic canabalism and other things. I’m not saying I believe it absolutely as per the source but there is real evidence of the crypto judaism of pretty much all of the british aristocracy for a long time and of course the methods of the british empire have been satanic for centuries. The ideal form of civil government is Catholic Monarchy of native origin, not interbred with non-Catholics, the other forms are just those permitted to exist by the wire pullers for various reasons.

    2. Jack – if you’d like to write measured reviews of these US Jew series, I’d host them on – I have a section devoted to critical reviews which nobody else seems to do. Email me if so. However, I’m not Catholic and regard Christianity as a controlled opposition group symbiotically related to Jews so this may not be tolerable to you. -RW

    You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930’s, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War.

  6. Louis Ginzberg explained in his The Legends of the Jews that the Darkness of Gentile Shells conceals the Divine Light of Jews and must be purged from existence:

    “Although Amalek had now received the merited punishment from the hands of Joshua, still his enterprise against Israel had not been entirely unavailing. The miraculous exodus of Israel out of Egypt, and especially the cleaving of the sea, had created such alarm among the heathens, that none among them had dared to approach Israel. But this fear vanished as soon as Amalek attempted to compete in battle with Israel. Although he was terribly beaten, still the fear of the inaccessibility of Israel was gone. It was with Amalek as with that foolhardy wight who plunged into a scalding-hot tub. He scalded himself terribly, yet the tub became a little cooled through his plunge into it. Hence God was not content with the punishment Amalek received in the time of Moses, but swore by His throne and by His right hand that He would never forget Amalek’s misdeeds, that in this world as well as in the time of the Messiah He would visit punishment upon him, and would completely exterminate him in the future world. So long as the seed of Amalek exist, the face of God is, as it were, covered, and will only then come to view, when the seed of Amalek shall have been entirely exterminated.”

    “Louis Ginsberg was born in Lithuania and later moved to New York. He is considered to be a LEADING Talmudist in the 20th century”

    Note the symbolism of the Shells of Impurity (Kelipot) concealing the face of God. The only means to reveal God (and the coming of moshiach) is to exterminate the Goyim as shown above in the article & specifically exposed by Fr. Pranaitis.

  7. “Men, we now control the destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth-rate.”

    “I speak of the death of the white race. The complete removal of all means of reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth-rate.” ~ Abe Foxman; Jewish Former Chairman of the Anti-defamation League

    “It is in the Jewish interest, it is in Humanity’s interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.” ~ Rabbi Ishmael Levitts

    “Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed-not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.” ~ Late Jewish Harvard Professor, Noel Ignatiev

    “The ultimate goal is the forcible-coordination of all countries of the world: That shall be achieved by mixing the races with the goal to create a light brown race in Europe. For that reason, 1.5 million immigrants from the third world shall migrate to Europe every year. The result would be a population with an average IQ of 90 that is too dumb to grasp anything, but intelligent enough to work. The European countries would never again be competitors in the struggle for global domination and a multiple millennia old culture would be destroyed. Irrational people who will fight against this ‘mingling of races’, and put up any resistance against the global world order, should be killed.” – Thomas P.M. Barnett, Jew, director of the Israeli military consultancy ‘Wikistrat’ in his book ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’, 2004

  8. Tell Josh to read this book written by a Jew. He boasts about Talmudic relious Jews being the first revolutionists and providing evidence fo rit:

    The one star review writes:

    ..The fall of Communism preceded this book by a couple of years but never mind the author forged ahead to write history over (yes I think his history is more correct) and claim Jew’s rightful place in causing this big mess in Russia and around the world. It’s interesting for me because you always hear that the ‘revolution’ was not perpetuated by Jews and now come to find out via this book….. IT WAS! It just seemed like a strange thing to do after the fact (blame the Jews) but in this case,** congratulate the Jews that they were an integral driving force for this major upheaval in Russian Society that in the end killed 100’s of millions of people. Like I say, strange book…”

  9. Chabad website:

    “In 1917, after the fall of the tsarist regime, elections were scheduled in Russia. The fifth head of Chabad, Rabbi Sholom Dovber, ordered his Hasidim to use their right to vote in these elections. The Rebbe’s instructions quickly spread throughout the Hasidic community of Rostov.”

  10. Chabadnik Alan Dershowitz reveals CHABAD were widely operational in the Soviet Union during the 1970s


    Rebbe ahead of Mossad (1989):

    “Erez Mei-Raz is a representative of the Israeli organization Nativ, a department of the Mossad (intelligence and special assignments agency). “Nativ” – a liaison office, was engaged in underground activities in order to establish contacts with Jews behind the “Iron Curtain”.

    The Rebbe was one step ahead of the Mossad intelligence agencies. Heading to various cities of the USSR, we believed that we would be there first. It often happened that, to our surprise, the Rebbe’s messengers were already operating in these places, who faithfully fulfilled his mission. They strengthened and supported local Jewry, opened new Jewish institutions.


    My task included: to infiltrate the USSR, which at that time, in 1989, was already beginning to disintegrate, and to organize Jewish youth groups wishing to ascend to Israel. We had to secretly meet with young Jews, give them books in Hebrew, religious literature and objects of worship, and thereby encourage them to want to leave for Israel. […]

    At the direction of the Rebbe, shortly before my arrival, they organized the delivery of the necessary elements of the Passover Seder for the Jews of Leningrad. Avi bought a large amount of matzah, Haggadah editions, fish and other necessary things for Passover. He arrived a few days before the holiday, and handed over everything he had bought into the hands of Chabad Hasidim, who were engaged in Jewish activities in Leningrad. Thanks to the Rebbe’s messengers, many Jews were able to hold a kosher and joyful Seder.

    I looked at him and couldn’t stop being amazed. “You and the Rebbe took this city before the Mossad!” I said. “You are already carrying out the task that was entrusted to me!”

    Paragraphs 1, 2, 4, 21, 22

  11. “Another example of such “spiritual warfare” is the Rebbe’s influence on events in communist Russia. In the darkest years of the history of the Soviet state, the Rebbe sent his envoys there. They most often had to operate underground in order to strengthen and inspire Russian Jewry.”

  12. The Zohar was written in the early Renaissance by the same people who faked the Corpus Hermeticum, and for the same reasons. Both appear to me to have been written by agents of the early bankers, who wished to weaken both Christianity and mainstream Judaism, since both were getting in the way of trade.

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