Merging of climate and covid narratives established at Russian forum

MOSCOW, RUSSIA—Rae Kwon Chung (L), United Nations Agenda 21 contributor and Chairman of the Global Energy Prize International Committee, at the first press conference by laureates of the 2019 Global Energy International Prize. He was advisor to eight U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and contributed as a lead author for an IPCC special report on technology transfer.(Photo by Mikhail PochuyevTASS via Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Oct. 14, 2021 Anno Domini

The scamdemic narrative of Covid-19 has finally been linked to the Soviet spawn that is Gorbachev’s Church of Climate Change (CCC…P).

It’s also been linked with the supposed plight of the world’s “indigenous” populations—the scamdemic, climategate, and Kalergi plan all fused into one, it would seem.

Run for your life, because the supposed melting of permafrost in North America and Russia could unleash viruses previously unknown to humanity, according to Agenda 21 shill Chung Rae Kwon, a Nobel Laureate—as if that helps his credibility at all.

“[For example, coronavirus] is just one virus. But we could see new viruses which will appear out of the melting ice in Siberia and Canada’s permafrost zones,” the “climate ambassador” told Russia’s TASS news agency from an international climate conference in Tomsk, Russia, October 2021.

“We don’t know which viruses this melting ice might awaken.”

Are you finished laughing yet? How the so called viruses could spread from infected animals in the permafrost regions to humans or how viruses would “awaken” in the first place isn’t explained, but we should fear it nevertheless, according to these shameless U.N. Agenda 21 puppets. 

“Scientists have already noted that the accelerated melting of ice off the coast of Russia and Canada, in particular, is associated with outbreaks of plague (PDV virus) among seals and other inhabitants of the Arctic and surrounding regions. Epidemics occurred during seasons when the Arctic ice cover was unusually low, and spread across areas of the ocean that were free of ice. The authors of the work suggested that warming could accelerate the spread of other diseases among Arctic animals,” the TASS article stated.

That the neo-Soviet empire now has the excuse to blame so called outbreaks on permafrost melt is quite convenient for its bioweapons and depoopulation agenda. Anything coming out of Eurasia can now be attributed to climate change, and only climate change. Siberia just happens to be one of the key sites for world climate research and bioweapons development (Novosibirsk). There couldn’t be any symbiotic agenda between climate dooming and communism, now could there?

“The average temperature on the planet is steadily increasing. We see the prospect of dramatic climate change, so it is necessary to unite and act as quickly as possible,” said conference attendee and Tomsk State University professor Terry Callaghan.

Yes, unite as a one-world communist federative in time for the arrival of the moshiach, right?

Late last month, the BBC wrote a piece with similar sentiments in an article titled Climate change: Arctic’s unknown viruses’ and nuclear wasteWatch for this convergence of narratives to suddenly go viral in the next few weeks. If it does, watch for the COVID narratives in your local press to suddenly shift to talking about the climate more and more.

At the Tomsk conference, Russia state Duma member and president of the Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North of Siberia and the Far East Grigory Ledkov went for the trifecta narrative with his appeal to the so called devastation caused by Western capitalists on the world’s supposedly most virtuous “indigenous” (Non-white. Whites can never be a protected indigenous class).

“A special point is the socio-economic aspect of the life of indigenous peoples. People live by traditional crafts, we show by our labor that our activities—hunting, fishing, reindeer herding—can bring economic benefits. They feed people, provide employment, the land is not abandoned. We would like our activities to be adapted so that we do not go down in history.”

What he means is that Western activities be adapted under the guise of helping the indigenous but actually helping the world Bolsheviks.

Russia’s appeal to indigenous rights is a complete farce considering that they have had no problems wiping out ethnic groups to maintain their totalitarian control over their own and surrounding nations. It’s just like in Canada, where the “indigenous” are used as cannon fodder for communist ends. The truth of many “indigenous” throughout the world is that their societies are largely primitive and riddled with drug and alcohol abuse and have nobody to blame but themselves. But that won’t stop the international communists from using them for Marxist class and cultural warfare. Native reservations in Canada and the United States are like smaller versions of the Soviet Union, where everything is drab and poorly maintained, if at all, and where housing and old cars are distributed freely to the locals, who mostly live in poverty. You could look at photos of Belarus from the 1980s and photos of American Indian reservations today and not tell the difference.

We have wondered how the Judeo-Bolshevists would merge competing aspects of their U.N. Agenda 21, and now we seem to have a taste of it. How they will merge the Kalergist agenda and collectivization with the scamdemic and global warming is not exactly clear, but it will likely have a Marxist flavour to it. Their narrative seems to be that white European countries are responsible for capitalism, and capitalism (private property included) is responsible for climate change, and climate change is responsible for virus outbreaks and displacing indigenous populations. We can see where this is headed: “get rid of capitalism and private property and you solve the world’s problems.”


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