Did Russia hatch Covid-19 in Novosibirsk as a bioweapon?

A lab technician holds ampoules containing the two components of the ‘Gam-COVID-Vac’ COVID-19 vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), at JSC Binnopharm pharmaceutical complex, operated by Sistema PJSFC, in Zelenograd, Russia, on Friday, Aug. 7, 2020. Russia registered its first coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Gamaleya Institute and the Russian Direct Investment Fund, President Vladimir Putin said during a televised meeting with the government. Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty Images

By Alexander Nemets
August 13, 2020 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

On August 10-11, hundreds of messages appeared: Russia announced the creation of a highly effective antiviral vaccine by the Gamaleya Medical Center. As they say, “the coronavirus has been defeated.” Putin announced on August 11 that this is “the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19” and that the vaccination of doctors and teachers, and from the New Year, in general, will begin in the fall.

The international and opposition Russian Internet responded to this with laughter and outright contempt. Some European medical authorities called the incident “an irresponsible and stupid decision.”

Soviet bioweapons map. (Click to see enlarged version)

U.S. Health Secretary Alex Azar commented in an interesting way: “We are in no hurry to prepare a high-quality anti-coronavirus vaccine by early December. Therefore, it is important to go through all stages of clinical trials. The main thing is not to be the first to develop a vaccine, but to create a safe and effective vaccine. ”

Leading medical research centers in the world, in their comments on the emergence of the Russian vaccine, drew attention to the following:

The Russian Sputnik-V vaccine has passed only two stages of testing. But the normal test cycle for such a vaccine would be three stages! There is an obvious profanation (creation of an untested product). A total of 78 volunteers have been tested in Russia since June 17 for four weeks! For example, the head of the German Federal Chamber of Physicians, Klaus Reinhard, said about the new “miracle vaccine”: “I believe that the approval of a vaccine without a decisive, third phase is a risky experiment in humans.”

The Russian vaccine, as it became known, gives dozens (perhaps more than a hundred) unpleasant side effects, including asthma.

WHO experts demanded to re-test the Russian vaccine as a “raw product” (as I was able to understand).

Of course, the level of science in the Russian Federation is now very low. For example, the well-known Chinese electronics firm Huawei in 2019 spent more than $ 20 billion on R&D, and the total R&D spending in the Russian Federation hardly exceeded $ 15 billion. Hence the low quality of scientific results. “The main thing is that we were the first to …”

But there is something even worse. Everyone remembered that Bloomberg reported in mid-July that a prototype of the Russian anti-coronavirus vaccine had appeared back in April 2020. And immediately several dozen or even several hundred Russian “very important persons” (VIP) underwent a trial vaccination. “And it seems to have turned out well.”

And the question immediately arose: “When did the development of this vaccine begin in Russia?” It can be assumed that, based on world practice in the development of this antiviral vaccine, these studies in the Russian Federation began at least six months before its introduction to VIP-persons, that is, in October 2019.

And then the “Vector” version pops up again: the coronavirus in the Russian Federation has spread widely in October 2019, in Siberia and the Volga region, after an explosion-fire in the key microbiological center “Vector” in the suburbs of Novosibirsk in September 2019 …


  1. I know this is an older article but Covid is not a bio weapon. It probably does not exist. Obviously doctors are telling people with other diseases they have covid and lying on death certificates. Why don’t you remove articles like this when they are later disproven. Covid is nothing to fear, Covid propaganda and government restrictions on human behaviour over this fake virus is the problem.
    Do you disagree?

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        One other pet peeve: beware of anyone who describes a conspiracy and that says “it is not a conspiracy it’s true. I am not saying such a person means to lie but they are allowing the Jews to manipulate our language at our expense.

        1. I have never verified whether Rosenthal said that. but I believe it to be true. He said something to the effect of, Jews do not like to admit it, but when only Jews are around, Satan is our God.

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