Soviet Israel—the continuation of Edomite Red Jewry

By Charles Weisman
December, 1991 Anno Domini
Excerpt from Who is Esau-Edom?

As with any script the Bible reveals certain traits, attributes and characteristics of the various actors or characters it talks about. We can thus find in the Bible some attributes and characteristics of Esau-Edom, which will help identify who this actor was in history and perhaps in the world today. There is much evidence showing that the seed of Esau may safely be identified with modern Jewry.

Edom’s Symbolic Name

The first revealing attribute associated with Esau-Edom in Scripture is that of a colour association with his name. Esau-Edom is symbolically associated with the colour red. Esau was actually born with this attribute, as is described in the account of his birth: 

And the first [Esau] came out red, all over like a hairy garment; and they called his name Esau. (Genesis 25:25)

Here we find that Esau had the physical attribute of being red and hairy, which is contrasted with Jacob’s appearance who ”was a plain man” (Gen. 25:27). The red colour of Esau was to be a sign that he would later sell his birthright to Jacob for some red pottage. 

And Esau said to Jacob, Feed me, I pray thee, with that same red pottage; for I am faint: therefore was his name called Edom (Genesis .25:30)

The word ‘Edom’ actually means “red,” just as the name Esau signifies red. This character thus represents the colour red. When we look at the meaning and symbology associated with the colour red in both Scripture and secular history we have a better understanding of the nature and identity of Esau-Edom, and who he is to be identified with. Here are some illustrations: 

  • Red is representative of blood and bloodshed (2 Kings 3:22; Isa. 1:15). 
  • Scarlet or red is symbolic of sin in general (Isa. 1:18). 
  • The red horse of the Book of Revelation signifies war and the ability to cause wars (Rev. 6:4). Esau was to be war-like and live by the sword (Gen. 27:40). 
  • The anti-Christian, satanic system which ruled Rome was identified as a red dragon (Rev. 12:3). Jews are the most antichristian people on the face of the earth. 
  • The great beast of Mystery Babylon which was to spread abominations and death to the whole earth is scarlet or red in colour. And the woman on the beast controlling it is dressed in scarlet (Rev. 17:3-4). Jews are the major promoters of the Babylonian religion called Judaism. 
  • The banking industry, which is a part of red Babylon’s economic control over Christendom, is led by the Jewish banking family of Rothschild, which means “red shield”. 
  • The Red Flag symbolizes revolutionary socialism. “The socialist movement, from its inception up to the present day, has been largely dominated by Jewish influence.”
  • In the Jewish Cabala red signifies bloodshed and also justice for the Jew.
  • The Jewish author and historian Arthur Koestler shows that the Jewish Khazars (from which many Jews are derived) were commonly known as the “Red Jews”.

The colour of Jewish-Communism is red as indicated by such terms as red nation, red star, ‘Red Square’, etc. The Russian Revolution that brought about ‘Red Communism’ was planned and financed by Jews, and “the revolutionary leaders nearly all belonged to the Jewish race.”

Red, in the West, has become a universal sign for warning or danger. Red Edom {Communism) has proven to be a danger to the Christian West.

The colour red is as predominately associated with the Jews and their activities as it is with that of Esau-Edom. Also note that there are no positive or redeeming attributes associated with the colour red in connection to Esau, or in its association to the Jews. Red is always representative of something bad or negative, such as bloodshed, sins, the Babylonian system, war, communism, etc. Esau-Edom and his descendants are possessors of these characteristics. 


  1. Jewish-Soviet control of Chinese, Blacks & Muslims = 3 wives of Esau in Genesis 36:2-3

    Hethites = Chinese

    Hevites (from cursed Cham) = Blacks

    St Anne Catherine Emmerich – the Curse of CHAM

    Pius IX, the Book of Indulgences, p. 413, 1878 (Thanks Josh)

    “Let us pray for the wretched Ethopians in central Africa, that Almighty God may at length remove the curse of (C)Ham from their hearts, and grant them the blessing to be found only in Jesus Christ, Our God and Lord”


    Esau is Edom: Edom is Modern Jewry

  2. This is a good website for the true Christians out there (and no, that doesn’t include Roman Catholics or anyone who belongs to any organized Christianity) and the following link tells us WHO Edom/Esau are. Of course, anyone who has researched Rothschild and the Ashkenazi, knows that they’re Khazarians, but who are the Khazarians? Well, they’re a mix of Turk and Mongol and when you read the article below you’ll find that the Turks are Edom.

    Obadiah; Esau; The Edomites; Idumea; Turkey

    Turkey is Magog, the land of Gog. The bible warns that Gog unites with Satan to destroy God’s people. It is also believed that the true descendants of Israel are the peoples of the West, those within Europe and their descendants. It’s all fitting together like a jigsaw. Rothschild is a jew, the majority of jews are Ashkenazi. “But they’re not true jews…blah…blah…” They are religious jews and it’s irrelevant. They FOLLOW the teachings of the jews. People do not understand bible scripture. Judah, the patriarch of the jews, was also the patriarch of the Judahites. The jews are from his Hamitic Canaanite wife Bathshua, whereas the Judahites are from his union with the Israelite (of Shem) Tamar, from which came the line of David. The Judahites are Israelites and followers of the bible. The jews are Israelite-Canaanites and followers of the Talmud.

    What’s interesting is that it all fits together like a jigsaw. Rothschild is of Magog as are all Ashkenazi who make up 95% of world jews. It is the Ashkenazis & Jews who are destroying the west (the real Israel, not the occupied Ashkenazi state of Israel, in Palestine). Bible prophecy is coming to fruition.

    Thank you Fitzpatrick Informer for your website and your investigative journalism that puts the msm to shame.

    1. The only real new site I know of & a real blessing to find out of all the manure and true Christians are Traditional Catholics period!!

  3. ‘Of course, anyone who has researched Rothschild and the Ashkenazi, knows that they’re Khazarians, but who are the Khazarians?’

    Even if Jews have origins in Khazaria the Khazarian Jews were likely descended from ancient Hebrews. The behavior of modern Jews is too similar to that of ancient Hebrews for them to be plausibly non-related. The Hebrews would undermine their host societies, resulting in expulsions or mass killings numerous times in ancient history, particularly in the Roman Empire. Modern Jews would undermine their host societies in modern Europe, resulting in expulsions or mass killings, numerous times. If modern Jews were descended from converts to Judaism with no genetic relation to the Hebrews this similarity in behavior would be unlikely. Behavior is largely genetically determined, so since the behavior has remained the same, it is safe to assume that modern Jews are descended from the Hebrews. If modern Jews were descended from converts to Judaism with no Hebrew ancestry there would have been a genetic sea change in Jewry, resulting in a radical change in behavior. The behavioral continuity proves that modern Jews are of at least partial Hebrew ancestry. At least, this is my opinion.
    It doesn’t really matter where they come from, but this is what I believe.

  4. The idea of Satanic Edomites is from Jewish pagan mysticism, it is not in the Bible, either New or Old Testament. Even if the Jews are Khazars rather than Hebrews, adopting the idea that our enemies are Satanic Edomites is adopting a Jewish myth. In the Bible itself Esau and his descendants the Edomites are not portrayed as Satanic or evil.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I’ve noticed even good people who expose the Juice also continuously state only the Juice belief that Esau is Rome (which is wrong). Esau is of course the people who interbred with Judah in 125 bc circa Jewish Encyclopedia 1906 p.41. If people keep parroting what the Juice falsely teach they may as well get hired to advertise juice bs and cement their lies.

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