Freemason heads one of Moscow’s most important state election commissions

Evgeny Kosmatykh

August 13, 2021 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

The chairman of the election commission of the capital’s district, Sokol, Yevgeniy Kosmatykh, turned out to be a “foreign agent”: the editorial board found his business and real estate in Montenegro. Shaggy is known as the “strangler” of opposition candidates and the recipient of large government contracts from the Moscow authorities. In addition, he turned out to be a member of the Masonic lodge.

District No. 198 is considered one of the most protest in the elections to the State Duma. It includes, in particular, the districts Airport, Begovoy, Savelovsky, Sokol, Timiryazevsky, Khoroshevsky. Now many famous politicians are running for it: Moundep Anastasia Bryukhanova, ex-member of the POC Marina Litvinovich, current deputy Galina Khovanskaya and even KVN player Sangadzhi Tarbaev.

The district electoral commission is headed by Yevgeny Kosmatykh, and he has chaired the TEC of the Sokol district for the last two decades. Scandals with his name were associated with the 2008 presidential elections, when, according to observers and other members of the commission, he handed out illegal instructions to lower commissions. Shaggy same in 2019 refused to register as a candidate for the elections to the Moscow City Duma, Ivan Zhdanov.

According to the extract from the register of real estate in Montenegro, available to the editorial office, Evgeniy Kosmatykh owns apartments in the resort town of Petrovac on the seashore.

Petrovac is famous for its healing air, filled with the aroma of conifers.

Lovers of a quiet and relaxing family vacation buy real estate here.

Housing prices in Petrovac start from 50 thousand euros. For this amount you can buy a modest studio.

In 2016, the head of the TEC and his wife Lyubov became shareholders of the Montenegrin company Human Psyche. She is registered in the city of Budva.

Both the ownership of apartments and the opening of a business give the right to obtain a residence permit in Montenegro. But this is prohibited by Russian law for TEC members. In the commentary, Evgeny Kosmatykh confirmed the presence of foreign real estate and the opening of a company in Montenegro. However, he did not confirm the existence of a residence permit: “I have not. The wife has it. True, we are divorced. ”

According to the information, Lyubov Kosmatykh was employed at the Bibirevo Territorial Center for Social Services, controlled by the Moscow Mayor’s Office. The head of the TEC himself is a co-owner of Sokol 21 Century Television Company LLC. This company has spent more than half a billion rubles on state orders from the prefecture of the Northern District of Moscow, the capital’s boards and municipal administrations. The Kosmatykh company produces and distributes regional newspapers. For example, the provision of services for editorial preparation and circulation of the newspaper “Sokol: Municipal Time” in 2021 cost about 900 thousand rubles.

Thus, the well-being of the head of the electoral commission, which gives him the opportunity to own real estate abroad, depends on the benevolence of officials. He has a personal financial motive to hinder the victory of the opposition MPs.

According to the editorial board, Kosmatykh is also a member of the Masonic “Grand Lodge of Russia” under the leadership of political strategist Andrei Bogdanov. The head of the TEC categorically refused to discuss this topic – for that is a Masonic brotherhood and a secret one.

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