Italian priest says rape accusations against him part of plot by radical Jewish lobby fighting the Church

By NewsRu
August 6, 2007 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Father Gelmino, suspected of sexually harassing teenagers, claims that Jews who hate the Christian church are behind the campaign against him. The priest has connections with the political elite of Italy, so his words served as a pretext for a scandal.

The priest leads a community helping drug addicts. Some time ago, he was accused of sexually harassing teenagers. He categorically denies that such a thing happened, while blaming the Jews.

“Look at the use of scandals with pedophile priests in the U.S. The whole church does not have to pay the price for this. There is a real lobby, a radical Jewish lobby that fights against the church in America to weaken the entire church. Catholic priests are not only pedophiles. such people are everywhere, including among Protestants, “he said, criticizing the decision of the Catholic Church to pay compensation to victims of sexual harassment by priests.

The priest was condemned by both the Jewish community of Italy and Italian politicians. After a flurry of criticism, he had to apologize.

“It escaped by accident. I ask the Jews to forgive me, I respect them very much,” Father Gelmino said.


  1. Great reporting. Like Bella Dodd’s testimony from the 1930’s, and even before with the letter from Istanbuls cheif foreskin biter to the foreskin biters in Europe. Telling them to become the Christians Priests, doctors, teachers, etc so that they may poison their society and culture totally. This is the same thing. Of course the jewISH drug kingpins don’t want anyone helping their addicts.

  2. It’s hard to know the real facts or if even this is a scapegoat diversion by a guilty party. Too much confusion out there, but it’s obvious the hexagrams have been using this defamation strategy since at least when they took over the whole “news” genre and before when they took over the “history” genre. Obviously the hexagrams/cryptos have infiltrated pretty much everything by now and the Church has been number one on that list, intensified for the last 100 years or so. So the cryptos within promote within both other cryptos and perverts of all stripes to do as much damage as possible. Most people now feel that if it’s on the news and parroted by so called legitimate authorities then it must be true, and if they have a beef already with the Church then it’s like a happy drug for them, a wonderful thing to hate the REAL Christ and His REAL Church even more. They look for any pretext however false or flimsy to throw out the sacred doctrine along with everything else because they are inflamed with satan, the world and the flesh for their own evil impulses. Throw out the baby with the dish water logic of all heresies, apostates, schismatics etc They believe lies from the enemies of Christ and this also flows from the lies they believe from their lying churches who have a false/counterfit Christ, not to mention the talmudic/kabbalistic satanists. And yes pedos and other perverts are everywhere, the hexagrams even have sexual perversion as a sacred ritual. The manner in which they perform physical circumcision is nowhere mentioned in the Bible. These are the people who control modern pornography financially speaking, big alcohol, weapons manufacture, drugs industry legal or illegal, big vice industries of all kinds. It’s a deluge of evil engulfing us, the more society is run by talmudics/kabbalist satanist devils, the more evil will almost irressistably penetrate every nook and cranny of life. Only a very strong resolute will to resist and truly humble appeal to God can defeat it, in the spiritual realm.

    I’m not sure if one wants to eat, have shelter and the other normal things of normal life that it can be avoided in the material world. No one can just work a few years save and buy a house outright, car, land, etc like it was before the judaeo-masonic-marxist web took over almost completely post WW2. And before that in all time if someone occupied land, setup a farm etc it was theirs, there were no private gated off domains all over the place, plenty of open free land, until the nobles were corrupted via jew loans(and thier own greed and lust of course) and started gating off land for profit/taxes. Property taxes make sure you can’t just own land or anything on it really, registration means you can’t just own outright any vehicle, IRS mafia sees to regulating consumption/keeping tabs on people for political purposes, you’ll have to borrow from hexagram controlled banks, on their terms, for pretty much those two things among others. The ever increasing prices via inflation, taxes etc are a symptom of hexagram lust and financial control and control in general and we are getting to the point where normal people just can’t afford it, they know this. So what comes to save the day? Hexagram marxism total slavery and it’s even more satanic reign then the jew central bankster/mega-corp monopolies. Planned grand worldwide kabbalistic synthesis of death and slavery. Jew middle class and elite will be fine of course, al part of the satanic Talmudic doctrine and the occult kabbalistic technology of death.

    Lately we have the mandate(which violates basic human rights) in many public and private places to inject some unknown toxin(and wear masks impeding fresh oxygen to the body), which was paid for by the marxist state mafia without any evidence or vote, into our own bodies on false/unverified pretexts. Vaccine makers, all big jew owned/controlled corps, have almost no liability, which was granted by the jew-mason-marxist state. Where are the millions of dead that this is all predicated on? Look around, the hospitals are LAYING off people, but setting up empty tents for scare tactic propaganda only. For every covid diagnosis they get thousands more by the federal money printing mafia, a clear conflict of interest and evidence of even more scam and collusion. The diagnosis is so hazy and sketchy that there’s no real evidence of any real separate identifiable distinct illness. Natural deaths and deaths from other causes are being fraudulently classified by collaborators as covid deaths, nothing more. Again people believe lies if given enough hypnosis and propaganda by those doing the lying. Even in defiance of their own daily experiences, I’ve been in packed bars in California, stores of all types, public/private gatherings in several states, hotels, campgrounds, places of employment etc where no masks were worn, there was no 6′ rule, there were no special sanitizing measures put into place etcetc and there was no outbreak or mass death of any kind. But people get to the point of such mental/spiritual illness that if lies come from hexagram and cadres then it is reality for them. 2+2=5.

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