Culture Wars reader sees communist narratives, warns Michael Jones ‘trying to fool you’

Front cover of E. Michael Jones’ magazine Culture Wars in 2009.

By Tradition In Action
Letters to the Editor Section
May 13, 2014 Anno Domini


When I found a Culture Wars magazine left for people to circulate at a Latin Mass Church, I became concerned about the content of this magazine. It seems that conservative Catholics are being targeted to view certain Russian elements with favor. If this were about the rich traditional Russian culture and her artistic heights, it would worthwhile. It does not seem to be about that.

It is very easy to fool people who have no basic knowledge of the basic forms of governments or about the means of production. The means of production is that slingshot used to catch your chicken dinner. The means of production is that spear used to spear your fish for dinner. Anything used for production to make a product is the means of production. Your own property can produce a product, such as rent money or a vegetable garden. It too can be a means of production. Capital is simply the word that we use for the means of production. In a sense, all governments are capitalist as they all use the means of production. They all use capital.

The communist form of government owns the means of production. There is no private ownership of property under a communist government. It is all owned by the State, as are all businesses.

The socialist form of government controls the means of production. All capital is controlled by the State under a socialist government.

The capitalistic form of government is when private individuals own the means of production. All capital is owned by private individuals.

All the Roman Catholic Popes before Vatican II say that individuals should own their own capital, their own private property and their own business. The prosperity of countries depends upon the actuality of the individual owning his own property, being allowed to follow his traditions and to control his own family. The Church also requires the protection of the State, so naturally, all laws would reflect a Catholic view, which modifies the outright “freedom” (some say license!) to be mean and nasty with capital. This Christian influence of capital is not socialism, but responsibility to the good of society.

Communism wants to own your property, your traditions and your family. Socialism wants to control your property, your traditions and your family. Capitalism wants people to be free to own and control their own property, traditions and family.

Catholicism wants people to be prosperous and charitable, to follow the Ten Commandments and partake of the Sacraments. In a sense, it wants people to be slaves of God and promotes laws under which the Catholic way of life will thrive. The alternative to being a slave of God is to be a slave of man.

If you want to know what is happening in Russia right now, go to Vladistovak Sunrise, the Catholic Mission in Siberia, or ask a person just from Russia. They will both tell you that there is a Great Depression in Russia, that only a few very wealthy people are allowed to be capitalists and that the government is still a communist one. No volunteer from outside Russia is allowed to do any work inside the Catholic churches there. They are only allowed to volunteer in the State-run orphanages and old people’s homes which are in a sorry, poverty-stricken condition. They are not allowed to talk about the Faith, there. In my opinion, they are being used.

Use your common sense! The head of the European Union (EU), the head of Germany and Putin are all “former” KGB! Putin is still the head of the reincarnation of the KBG, the Federal Security Bureau or the FSB! Socialism and Communism are both very close in ideology as they both destroy private and religious lives. The EU, Germany and Russia are either socialist or communist! They never changed when the USSR “fell”! It is almost all propaganda.

The problem with America today is that she has left the ideals of her Founding Fathers and she too, has become very nearly socialist. Obama wants the economy of the US to change from capitalist to socialist so that it will merge the US with Russia and come ever closer to a one world government where a few tyrants own everything and make the rest of us slaves of men! In my opinion, America’s big mistake was to not protect Christianity to begin with, as our Founders all agreed that the American Republic could never thrive without its people being religious.

I never heard of E. Michael Jones before I read this magazine. But I know from reading it that he is trying to fool you into mistaking sin for capitalism!

Capitalism existed in Christendom (Christendom being from either 313 AD – the Edict of Milan or 800 AD-Charlemagne, to 1789 – the French Revolution). Christendom’s form of government was a blend of Monarchy, limited by an Aristocracy responsible to and interacting with the people (merchants and farmers, mostly). The people also limited the monarchs and aristocrats. Only people’s actions were judged, as no one can judge what takes place in the heart of man, unlike today’s brainwashing on the part of tyrants.

In the 1500’s – 1600’s, absolutism started to oppress this healthy state and tyrants took over the monarchy, laying the foundation for the rebellion of the French Revolution, which destroyed all, even its own supporters! Before absolutism, the Catholic Church strongly influenced the entire Era because it was protected by the State. Despite the post-modern bad press, Christendom was the most highly cultured, inventive, religious and civilized Era of all time.

Good books to read are Plinio Correa de Oliveira’s works, Revolution and Counter Revolution and Nobility and Analogous Elites. A good site for learning about our United States Constitution and the advance of world despotism is

The confrontation between Russia and the Ukraine with the U.S. as cheerleader is nothing more than a staged act between two communist nations (Russia and Ukraine) and a half socialist one (the United States) to involve the U.S. and move us further into the dictator’s camp! People die and suffer in the meantime.

The goal is to create a Eurasian-socialist political region, an Asian-South-Pacific socialist political region, a Middle-Eastern socialist political region, a North & South-American political region, and eventually, an African one. They will all be unified by trade agreements, socialist or communist economies and all eventually under a one world United Nations.

E. Michael Jones in his magazine Culture Wars is obviously working very hard to take advantage of Americans who are unhappy with all of the wrong things in our U.S. government and offering the classic communist Utopian way out of our problems, namely, that the “Christian” Putin will solve everything.

Please remember one thing about communists who are materialists and atheists. They always lie. Stalin and Lenin murdered and starved up to 200 million people, mostly Orthodox and Catholic. It is a good idea to also read Michael Davies and Marcel Lefebvre’s books to see how the post Vatican II Catholic Church has also involved itself in this diabolical disorientation.

Satan is hell bent upon leading us all into complete chaos, complete destruction, complete disorientation, complete insanity and total rebellion against God’s harmony, creativity, balance and goodness and our humble obedience to God.

Please use your common sense! Think! Discern the difference between a round peg and a square peg.

The Russian Orthodox Church to which Putin belongs has had all of its religious, priests, bishops and its Archbishop murdered and replaced with communists a long, long time ago, under Stalin and Lenin. Orthodoxy has always placed itself under the State and not required its protection. Its clergy has been appointed by communists ever since. Murders and starvations have continued under most of Russia’s modern history. Putin belongs to a church more corrupt than the post Vatican II Church! Putin does not walk his talk. He never did!

One of the “alarms” that tips one off to Jones’ lies is when he replaces a “former” leader of the KGB, a proven murderer and a liar, with a good man! One may not agree with Fr. Gruener, however, all observation and proof shows us that he is a good man, above reproach in his conduct. Even un-charismatic Pope Benedict XVI, who suppressed about 60 liberal priests and theologians (such as Hans Khun), agrees with Fr. Gruener that the message of Fatima is ongoing. You may look that up.

Jones has a good motive for fearing the message of Fatima and trying to discredit it. Our Lady pointed right to Russia as the main cause of the offenses against God. Is it not curious that she said “Russia”? Did she not know that by 1920 Russia would be known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic? Do you not think that she purposely said Russia, with the foreknowledge that the name would change back to Russia after the 1991 “fall” of the USSR?

Well, I will leave it up to the reader to find more “alarms” inside the magazine Culture Wars. The title alone appears to refer to the classic communist revolutionary tactic of “class warfare.” I would advise extreme caution and a very careful research into the present state of Russia and its leaders before deciding that Putin has suddenly become a good Christian, worthy of our support.

“Be Ye Wise as Serpents and as Gentle as Doves”.



  1. Rabbi Schneerson 1994: “We will send there the members of our Jewish clergy, who will become Russian Orthodox Priests.”

    Andrei Piontkovsky 2020

    “Russians mostly atheists. Orthodox Russian Church; priests are mostly crypto-Jews”

  2. I remember reading that letter in TIA back in 2014 and never linked it to the Perestroika Deception.

    Part of the difficulty here is the term capitalism which most Catholics would understand in terms of the Church’s universal , constant magisterium on ownership of property, free market, just weights and measures etc.

    The term we have needed for this discussion is, I think: monopoly capital / usury – more accurately an entire economic system which has usury at the base.

    This term has come into my thinking as I got deeper into the study of the Revolution and its origins in the The City of London Corporation. The Jewish Bank captures a nation state through war or revolution and takes possession of its titles in land / resources, government and population (bonded entities). These are assets of the bank as the original title deeds (allodial and udal titles) of three nations became the consols of the Bank of England 1694. The private Jew Bank of Ownership then creates money which is loaned at interest to its vassal government, UK entity at interest for the credit issue.

    This is Monopoly Capitalism of the leviathan state. What I previously called: communism and capitalsm are two models of Monopoly Capital and its world money pyramid. In the West the governments are owned by the central bank and are controlled by an electoral process (also owned by the central bank). In ‘the enslaved nations of the East’ to use Schneerson’s term the central bank can be part of the government (like a state bank) because the government is not sovereign or independent in its own right but is an organ of the Party and its Owners who sit above the Duma, the Politburo, the Supreme Soviet, now the Praesidium – elected by the Supreme Soviet before they were dissolved 1993.

    The former South African executive director of the SA Reserve Bank , Stephen Mitford Goodson, goes into the formation of the world money pyramid by Sir Ashley Montagu with The City of London Corporation (and its Joint Stock Co the Bank of England) as its foundation and the Bank of International Settlements as its Apex. It is private money trust. And the Owners of Monopoly Capital and the Communist Revolution are one and the same. (A Hisory of Central Banking : the enslavement of mankind; Inside the South African Reserve Bank)

    The African contribution to this conversation is of great interest because the Fourth ComIntern – the permanent , world-wide Revolution attacked the newly decolonized nations on the continents of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The world’s largest Communist organisation UN mandated European decolonisation (UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV). Dec. 14, 1960) And the Gook armies of the Fourth ComIntern trained and equipped by the Eastern ZOGs promptly invaded these nations. As Anatoliy Golitsyn states: ‘the permanent revolution is the secret of the Perestroika Deception’.

    While the Vatican Council II was in session 1962-65, the former Belgian Congo was undergoing a Communist genocide at the hands of Maoist Simbas. Yet under the terms of the VII Council Ost Politik with the Russian Orthodox, the Council did not reiterate the Church’s ordinary and constant teaching on Communism (at least four popes) or mention (even in passing) Divini Redemptoris March 19, 1937.

    “At the behest of the US ZOG Dept of State, the UN sent troops too the Congo not to restore order, but to prevent M. Moise Tshombe from leading the secession of Katanga – the one province determined to resist the Revolution and fight its way our of the killing field …” And the Welensky government of what was then the Crown Colony of Southern Rhodesia helped them.

    I wrote an essay about this – published on where the Rhodesians are having a conversation on these topics with many excellent essays by Sally Ann Lowe, the Editor and others which has now opened up the Revolution’s capture of Christianity

  3. Another deceiver?
    David Icke
    Bill Ryan giving David Icke the Freemason Knuckle Squeezer
    Kerry Cassidy giving David Icke the Freemason Knuckle Squeezer
    When the designers learned that FDR’s administration would not allow helium to be shipped to “Nazi” Germany, the Hindenberg was re-engineered to use hydrogen for its lift instead — a gas which is flammable. The man responsible for denying helium to Germany was Secretary of the Interior Harold Ickes (cough cough) — a fanatical German-hater and FDR Marxist. Though the German engineering geniuses were still able to construct a very safe airship — because hydrogen was flammable — there now existed an opportunity for an “accident” with a plausible “explanation” for it.
    1. A suspicious blast — at the exact moment of mooring with the cameras filming — destroys Germany’s Airship industry. // 2. It was FDR’s Jewish Secretary of the Interior, Harold Ickes, who would not permit helium exports to Germany. // 3. FDR with the mighty Ickes.

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