E. Michael Jones a Kremlin tool, wittingly or unwittingly

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
April 8, 2021 Anno Domini

Author-turned Eurasian guest of honour E. Michael Jones completely failed at trying to dismiss last month the claim that he is a KGB asset aiding the demise of the West.

Jones attempted to dismiss the claim (made by researcher Andy Sloan on this site) using a strawman argument during a live chat on Restoring the Faith, March 6, 2021.

“Someone is now spreading this ridiculous, preposterous claim that I am a KGB agent because I was in a room with Aleksandr Dugin,” Jones declared. He went on, “I am in the unfortunate position of being unable to prove a negative. I cannot prove that I am not a KGB agent, so the burden of proof lies on these people, these character assassinations (sic) who are launching this in the first place. I was at a conference in Tehran with Dugin…he gave a speech about multi-polarity. I offered an objection to that that speech saying we lived in some sense a uni-polar world, even if it’s not the United States of America that’s head of it. That was the extent of our discussion. This Internet breeds character assassination and this is one example of it.”

First off, Sloan’s article in no way based his claim merely on the fact that Jones was in the same room with Dugin (on multiple occasions, by the way). Jones then follows his strawman argument with a challenge of burden of proof, which Sloan did thoroughly provide. Jones addressed none of the many, many pieces of evidence written by Sloan. Did he even read it or is he deceiving his audience about the breadth of evidence?

Jones then claims he offered an objection to Dugin’s speech about multi-polarity. But he didn’t really offer an objection, though. He merely stated what he perceives as the current world geopolitical reality—that it is unipolar. Furthermore, Jones completely fails to discern (deliberately?) Dugin’s meaning of multi-polarity, which is really just jargonous deception to distract from the fact that Dugin wants his Eurasian union to rule the world as a unipolar, neo-Bolshevik empire (world government). To achieve this, the Eurasianists have to break the West’s seemingly unipolar rule using an appeal to the West’s enemies to engage in multi-polarism (divesting from the West) and embracing the East (Eurasianism, Belt and Road initiative). If Jones genuinely can’t understand this, then he is unfit to be a geopolitical analyst, especially as a self-appointed representative of the Catholic Church and the United States of America. Even Glenn Beck’s audience have a better understanding of Dugin’s deceptive language than does Jones, and Beck’s audience could be classified as “normies”.

At worst, Sloan is correct and Jones is a KGB asset wittingly distorting the evidence. Either way, Jones is carrying out the neo-Soviet Eurasianists’ objective of distorting the East’s true intentions as well as blaming the West for what is really Eastern subversion of it. While Jones does seem free, in his apparent KGB mission, to criticize world Jewry, he flat out denies Jewry’s subdivisions: subversion by freemasonry and Soviet communist threat.

“…communism was never a threat, in general.” —Jones

This is in addition to Jones being a race denialist (except when non-whites are he subject), denial of communism as a still-present threat, soft on Vatican II and its “popes”, outright heretical statements concerning Islam, propping up of Putin as an anti-globalist renegade, and associations with numerous Eurasianists and socialists, like Israel Shamir and Dugin—all Soviet-friendly narratives.

Jones has become so blatant with his agenda, I have had to create a dossier just to catalogue it all. The guy smacks of shill. It’s becoming more and more plain.


  1. Great as always my friend. Never forget Jones said Communism was ‘never a threat.” That’s all it took for me to be convinced. Such a stupid comment here on the eve of the rising dragon.

  2. At 31:36-34:12 in the below interview, Jones says the Soviet Union ended & “The American Empire is in process of collapse & HAS UNITED THE EURASIAN LANDMASS & will bring about a NEW WORLD ORDER, to REPLACE the American Empire.”


    and at 34:17-34:37

    “China is NOT a threat to the West and trying to collaborate with the West.”

    At minimum, please use your common-sense folks!!


  3. In further comment on this article, it is well to correct again the common-belief that Jones is against all Jews. This is false. His narrative is against WESTERN ZIONIST JEWS ONLY – the same as Dugin and according to Operation SIG:

    Jones interview 2018:

    Vendée Radio: “Do, you know, Orthodox Jews, Hasidic Jews, the more religious Jews, do they not oppose it (the Jewish revolutionary spirit)?”

    Jones: “Well yeah. I mean they do. I mean there’s Neturei Karta – it’s a completely Anti-Zionist operation that opposes the State of Israel.”

    last paragraph


    “I said to Rabbi Weiss (of anti-zionist Jewish sect Neturei Karta), I wish all Jews were like you. His organisation is anti-zionist.”

    9 m -9 m 44 s


    Dugin: “Zionism is Jewish satanism. Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta represent true Jewish tradition.

    (click ‘show more’ for English text translation)



    Orthodox Christians are good; Western Christians a ‘fallen branch’. Western Zionist Jews bad…the others we could presume to be different.

    3m 5s – 3m 40s & 7m:31s -8m 11s


    Operation SIG – Soviet defector Ion Pacepa:

    “In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the USA. As KGB chairman Yuri Andropov told me, a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few million. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for the Jews throughout the Islamic world and to turn this weapon of the emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter, the United States. The codename of this operation was ‘SIG’ (Sionistskiye Gosudarstva, or ‘Zionist Governments’). The task was to portray that the United States and Israel were ‘fascist, imperial-Zionist countries’ bankrolled by rich Jews and run by Jewish politicians, whose aim was to subordinate the entire Islamic world.”


    Hence, absolutely in line, Jones on Israel Shamir (another KGB asset):

    “If Shamir is a prophet, his main prophecy is left v right is obsolete (another Dugin narrative) given the new dichotomy, which is the Jewish US empire v the rest of the world.”

    (About half-way down)


    In all, Jones’ de facto narrative on Jews, given his promotion of the Eurasian world order, is the same as Dugin’s:

    “There will always be a place for Jewish Orientalism (Eastern Jews) in the ranks of the builders of the Great Eurasian Empire.”

    section 8, last paragraph


  4. Same with Assange who is a Mossad asset being himself a cryptojew and can’t deny it so he avoid anyone that might bring up the question.
    Who believe these shills?!

  5. George Bush sr. And Joe Biden both said they they are working for a New World Order. John Austin said that the United States is the leader of the world and Russia has no part in it. So all of the comments and articles to prove Russia is still a villain to the world because the Jews murdered their king and family is a little hard to understand unless she is still being used and we can see it since the pretentious fall of communism , Russia has and is portrayed as the enemy of the world.
    If anything , Russia has a lot of revenge coming against the Jews for all the years of killing her peolle, stealing her history, alerting history, reputation , resources, education, keeping her in a 1900’s era.
    Even today , her captured soldiers are paraded on Ukrainian TV as stupid nincompoops who don’t know what or why they’re fighting against a supposedly innocent Ukraine.
    Well , thanks to Hewish rule, the Russians are a backward nation. And we should recognize it and it is so , thanks to the Jews.
    Russia should be a friend to the world.
    But the United States buys friendship and loyalty by war, occupation , money , aid , and military supplies.
    And we can see , if we want to that the United States and Ukraine and Hews could have prevented this war , if they wanted to. They didn’t try. They suckered Putin like Bush sr. and his Jewish Secretary of State did to Saddam Huessein . And it caused a 20 year war , they ended when they wanted it to end.
    Russia and China have always been mentioned in the End Times war by deadline religious preachers. This is a religious war for the Jewish kingdom on Earth. To the Jew, when he talks of peace , it means when he has control of the whole world.
    There are videos of young and old Jews being asked about it and they brag of having all of them , 2,800 slaves each.
    There are many other groups involved in this scheme and I have seen it said that even many Jews will suffer annihilation when the world is taken over.

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