Jerusalem honours Leningrad

January 23, 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened on Thursday, January 23, in the center of Jerusalem, the “Candle of Memory” monument dedicated to the feat of the inhabitants of besieged Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War. This is reported by TASS.

Putin admitted that he was deeply moved by the fact that the Israelis came to the unveiling of the monument to the heroes of besieged Leningrad. He thanked the Israeli side for the ceremony.

At the base of the monument in Saker Park was laid a capsule with the ground of the Piskarevsky Memorial Cemetery in St. Petersburg, where 490 thousand residents and defenders of besieged Leningrad are buried.

Earlier Thursday, the Russian leader arrived in Israel for Holocaust Remembrance Day. He has already met with the Prime Minister and President of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu and Reuven Rivlin, as well as with the mother of an Israeli woman, Naama Issachar, convicted of smuggling hashish in Russia. After negotiations with Rivlin, Putin called the Holocaust a common tragedy of the two peoples and called for a repeat of this.



    Soviet WW2 veteran in 2010, testified how Soviet weapons WERE SABOTAGED BY THE JEWS CONTROLLING RUSSIA, (so they would lose first stages of Operation Barbarossa – see further on).

    “Unfortunately, such a remarkable speech by the Russian front-line soldier Konstantin Nikolaevich Chernyaev at the conference of the Russian Thought club had its negative consequences. First, the conference itself turned out to be very quickly curtailed by a call from informers to the competent authorities of the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD-MGB-KGB-MP. A few months later, gross physical violence was committed against the war veteran.”


    Text in English:

    Lenin, in his Collected Works, wrote: “The World War” (1914-1918) “will see the establishment of Communism in Russia; a second world war will extend its control over Europe; and a third world war will be necessary to make it worldwide.”

    2nd paragraph

    Hitler’s strategic mistakes between 1941 and 1942 in Russia were made on purpose

    “As we have already seen it, Hitler was just a lieutenant of Jewish leaders (as Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, Blum, Mussolini, Franco, etc…). His main role was to allow the creation of Israel and to push ordinary jews to emigrate there. Once his work accomplished, he wouldn’t be needed anymore. So, his role as Nazi leader was meant to last only a limited period of time. It means he had to succeed at the beginning, and then to start losing. As all the sides were under control, the entire war was staged (by Jewish leaders).

    Regarding the Russian campaign, Hitler’s army was supposed to be vastly superior and to have great successes at the beginning, and very soon after, to stop winning. As the result couldn’t be left to chance, Hitler the Jewish agent (and his generals) had to make voluntary mistakes in order to lose at the end.”

    Daryl B. Smith: 100 top SS officers 100% Jewish




    Jewish Prof. Dietrich Bronder: most Nazi leaders were Jews/half-Jews

    1. Amazing. I would have to say that the Jews can take little credit in their planning, as their demonic advisors were the true power guiding them using the dialectical process. That process can go either way, so it’s a gamble. I doubt very much the Jews had the foresight to see how Nazism would later come into play to discredit and demonize whites.

  2. They are all the same. Anyways I would do your hexagram graphic different, since late 19th century jew york(new amsterdam) number one center top, London-previous top center/Brussels right hand side top, Moscow bottom center, Beijing bottom left, Tel Aviv bottom right. I also think Los Angeles/Hollywood could be put in there somewhere because it is the world flagship for jew entertainment brainwashing, the lowest common denominator with the widest influence outside jew government. I see Washington DC as just an open air satanic temple and den of whores.

    Here’s a quote about Japanese from the interesting subject of inter north-asian politics: “In my opinion they are very crafty and insincere , is best not to be close to them or even do any business with them unless you have a high level of emphaty.” I couldn’t help thinking of jews and cjews here. Satan disguised as an angel of light.

    I can’t help thinking ethnic crypto jews, have had a huge influence on Japan, just like England since the last expulsion was nullified, of making the culture one of greed, piracy, materialism, antichristian and just plain violence disguised by mass national hypnosis/mind control as chivalry, noble hood, defender of the faith etc Japan has a mascot for everything, a faux friendliness and insect like materialism. Ironically I’ve heard that the Koreans are extremely racist, like most cultures outside of western Christian scope. Marxism just uses enforced by law talmudic “equality” and anti-racism as a tool for their own ends, it’s not in genuine love of the human as a person and primarily spiritual being. BLM and the constantly used racial tension stoking by them as an example. Legislating morals doesn’t work, it’s just satanic superficial talmudism. Sending people to prison because they don’t support prison or something like that.

  3. hey do you have an email or a place for me to submit a copy of an article that records the continuous jewish leadership of the soviet leaders and the jewish government under them? I think it would be a good article to share around. It won’t be like a normal style article, just with some basic commentary but mostly links / pictures and you can of course add / delete anything you want.

    The article includes

    6/8 soviet leaders being jewish
    3/3 presidents of Russia being jewish
    sources that show a predominantly jewish government under them

    it is in a google doc and can share full editing access for you.

  4. As the great ‘war to end all wars’ ground to a conclusion and
    as ‘peace’ settled uneasily over the decimated and blood-drenched
    nations of Europe, there was one question paramount in the minds
    of the monopolistic global plotters: how could they manipulate
    events among the leading nations so that another universal bloodbath, with all of its potential for profits and progress towards
    their ultimate goal, would erupt with deadly fury in the near future?
    Immediately following the war the British government, acting
    on orders from their hidden masters in the City, clamped a blockade on Germany. This move had a devastating effect on the
    German people. On March 4th, 1919, Winston Churchill declared
    in the House of Commons that Britain was “enforcing the blockade
    with vigor. . . This weapon of starvation falls mainly on the
    women and children, upon the old, the weak and the poor. . .”
    (The Nation, June 21, 1919, p. 980).
    While the London Daily News was carrying eye-witness reports from Germany of “many horrible things. . . rows of babies
    feverish from want of food, exhausted by privations to the point
    where their little limbs were little wands, their expressions hopeless
    and their eyes full of pain,” the Associated Press was carrying a
    report (datelined Paris, July 24) that “Germany will have to surrender to France 500 Stallions, 3000 fillies, 90,000 milk cows,
    100,000 sheep and 10,000 goats. . . Two hundred stallions, 5000
    mares, 5000 fillies, 50,000 cows and 40,000 heifers, also are to
    go to Belgium from Germany. . .”
    Professor Quigley tells us that “the results of the blockade
    were devastating. Continued for nine months after the armistice,
    it caused the deaths of 800,000 persons. . .” (Tragedy and Hope,
    p. 261). During the four years of the war Germany lost 1,600,000
    dead. The German death rate during the blockade was five and
    a half times higher than during the war!
    When the leaders of the ‘victorious’ nations assembled at
    Versailles in France to decide the fate of Europe, the Rothschilds
    and their agents were there in force to ensure that events were
    guided in a direction that would be beneficial to their interests.

    The final ‘treaty,’ reached with the connivance of the International Bankers, was recognized as a cruel hoax by many observers.
    Philip Snowden, who later became a member of the British Parliament, made an accurate assessment: “The treaty should satisfy
    brigands, imperialists and militarists. It is the death-blow to those
    who expected the end of the war to bring peace. It is not a peace
    treaty, but a declaration of another war. It is the betrayal of
    democracy and of the fallen in the war. The treaty exposes the
    true aims of the Allies” (Empire of “The City,” p. 42).
    Lord Curzon stated that the agreement reached at Versailles
    was “not a peace treaty, it is simply a break in hostilities.”
    Lloyd-George later observed that “we have written a document
    that guarantees war in twenty years. . . When you place conditions on a people [Germany] that it cannot possibly keep, you
    force it either to breech the agreement or to war. Either we modify
    that agreement, and make it tolerable to the German people, or
    when the new generation comes along they will try again.”
    Noel F. Busch, an economic adviser to Britain’s Chancellor
    of the Exchequer, revealed in an article published in Life, September 17th, 1945, that John Maynard Keynes (later Lord Keynes),
    who was a neighbor of Lord Rothschild at Cambridge and a
    director in the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England, was the
    chief adviser to the British government when the financial clauses
    of the Versailles Treaty were drafted. It is only natural that the
    results of any ‘agreements’ made at Versailles would turn out, in
    subsequent years, to be highly beneficial to the bankers and their
    As E. C. Knuth points out in Empire of “The City,” “The financial clauses of the Versailles Treaty are perhaps the most fantastically unreal part of this most perfidious instrument ever devised
    and from a practical standpoint comprise merely so much gibberish” (p. 100). The “gibberish” contained in the “treaty” loaded
    the deck in favor of the International Bankers and opened up
    the way for them to greatly advance their global ambitions.
    Following the cold-bloodedly murderous blockade imposed on
    Germany at the conclusion of hostilities by The City (800,000
    Germans died of starvation and disease in nine months), unbearable
    reparation payments were imposed on the German nation as a
    result of the Versailles Treaty. P120

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