Stalin Jewish? Grave of Stalin’s mother adorned with Jewish kiddush cup and shroud

This is the standard mark for a buried Jew. See graves from a purely Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn – “Only for jews”. The gravesite of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin’s mother in Tbilisi, Pantheon, Georgia.

By Zet09
July 7, 2012 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

Due to the extreme importance of the fact found by Holmes in Georgia; namely, the irrefutable proof that Stalin’s mother was Jewish, and therefore Stalin himself was a Jew, Holmes gives this proof. This is a photo of Stalin’s mother’s grave in the Tbilisi Pantheon. On Wiki, there will be no photo of Stalin’s mother’s grave, don’t count: This is a tombstone – the Jewish Shabbat Cup KIDDUSH wiki / Kiddush_cup covered with a shroud – on the grave of Stalin’s mother!


  1. Of course he is, otherwise he would never be one of the top bolsheviks, nor later the red tsar of the USSR.

  2. Stalin could be what he was without Jewish background, first top-ranking bolshevik, and then a Red tyrant of the USSR.

      1. Yes, I did and I apologise. Stalin was one of the Jews ruling USSR from 1917 – 1924 as one of top officials along with Lenin, Trotsky, Dzerzinsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Bukharin etc and from 1925 onward he basically eliminated all competition for his rule, not because he was their enemy strategically, but tactically, others probably weren’t as loyal nor as spiritual to Chabbad Lubavitz, but more secular and concered with themselves, and they needed to go away, and placed Lubavitz agents instead of them. Later, Lubavitz got rid of him when he failed to conquer entire Europe as well as becoming more ill and mindless in his late days.

  3. In Itsvak Bakony’s series it mentions Stalin, real name dguashvili(wrong spelling) as a descendant of persian jews originating from an island off persia/iran. He was a crypto. At those levels you only have room now for 3 types, jews, crypto-jews and freemason fronts. I would even say the freemason front isn’t even a possibility for decades now. He also mentions that stalins so called persecution of jews was just a personal vendetta against those jews in his command structure that were loyal to the new york western jews, who put them all into power and kept them there with the money/tech transfer which is partially documented in the Western Technology series by Sutton. Even Ford did plenty of business with the USSR, we have seen similar with Red China, keeping the corpse of marxism alive by redistributing wealth to it. Classic example of merging banksterism/monopoly corporatism and marxism, the present and future.

    Stalin wanted to be the worldwide jewish leader, like FDR, so there was a silent war between east and west jews. You can see all the, rightful, demonizing of stalin by jews as revenge for this. Lenin/Trotsky etc don’t get this treatment as loyalists. He was assassinated by the loyal faction. Notice that Kaganovich even moved to the USA later like Kerensky and Gorbachev etc, no difference at those levels it’s all money/power, talmud/kabbalah satanism. FDR was most likely assassinated by them as well for getting too big for his britches, even though he was essentially a dictator for 16 years and brought in the marxist revolution called the “new deal” which was only possible with the orchestrated market crash, which also helped with the Germany project for the jews. Demons don’t love each other, if there is a use to them from others then they work together, when their use is less than that of other demons, they are discarded. In some cases retired with wealth and academic regard, in other cases arranged death. They emulate the works of their father the devil.

  4. Monseigneur Dillon – Grand Orient Freemasonry unmasked.

    Jewish writer Louis Levine wrote in SOVIET RUSSIA TODAY (November 1946): “Stalin and the father of his prospective Jewish son-in-law drank ‘L’chaim’ (Hebrew for ‘to life’) together in the Kremlin”.

    David Weissman in an article B’NAI B’RITH MESSENGER (March 3, 1950), declared that Stalin was a Jew.

    page 19, footnote 2

    A journalist in the Los Angeles B’nai B’rith Messenger, March 3, 1950, column 2, page 5 wrote: “Former Soviet general says Joseph Stalin is of Jewish origin.” Many White Russians who fled the Bolsheviks say Stalin was a Jew. One of them, a captain in the tsarist army, claimed that he knew Stalin as a child and that Stalin’s father (Dzhugashvili) was a “Jewish shoemaker”.

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