Most Russia State Duma members have Israeli citizenship: Maksakova

Maria Maksakova sings the Russian anthem in the State Duma. Archive photo:

April 1, 2017 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

“The majority of the Russian Federation deputies have Israeli citizenship.”

—Maria Maksakova

Sensational recognition of the opera singer Maria Maksakova, which was given to the radio station “Echo of Moscow” that despite the legislative prohibition of dual citizenship for the deputy corps and the government of the Russian Federation, the majority of the members of the State Duma of Russia have Israeli citizenship is parallel to Russian, and the families of many of them are citizens of different countries.

This interview was recorded on March 11, 2017, shortly before the murder of Maria Maksakova’s husband Denis Voronenkov in the center of Kiev. We will remind you that the former State Duma deputies, spouses Maria Maksakova and Denis Voronenkov, fled to Ukraine where they asked for political asylum and citizenship. The Ukrainian authorities have complied with the request of former Russian dignitaries. And soon, on March 23 of this year, the former deputy of the State Duma of Russia Denis Voronenkov was killed in the very center of Kiev.


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