Western Wall rabbi blesses Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán

(Editor’s note: Just prior to this event, Orbán pledged to the Synagogue of Satan, “I can assure the prime minister that Hungary has a policy of zero tolerance toward anti-Semitism.”

By Yossi Assulin
July 20, 2018 Anno Domini

Today (Friday), Mr. Victor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, and his wife paid a visit to the Western Wall as part of an official visit to Jerusalem.

Upon his arrival, Mr. Urban heard from the Western Wall rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz shlita and the director of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation Mordechai (Soli) Eliav explained the longings of the Jews for Jerusalem throughout the generations and the history of this holy place.

The Rabbi of the Western Wall said with the Prime Minister of Hungary Chapter KKA in the Psalms and blessed him with the prayer of King Solomon that all his prayers would be willingly accepted.

The wife of the Hungarian Prime Minister said that since her visit in 2015 she often looks at the Western Wall cameras and that this visit is very short and she would have been happy to stay and pray here more.

Mr. Urban noted that for him too the visit is short and that he would be happy to return with his family for a more in-depth visit. He also noted that he greatly appreciates the pursuit of history, that through the past one learns the future and that the Hungarian people are very much connected to history. Apparently, if you ask a Hungarian “Who are you?”, He will immediately answer who his grandfather was and his great-grandfather …

I have visited here before and my prayer has been answered. I will continue to be a supporter of Israel even though it is not easy in the face of opposition in the world. The Prime Minister of Hungary signed the Guest Book of the Western Wall and noted his important visit and received an album of the Western Wall Tunnels as a gift.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (C) flanked by his wife (L) and Rabbi of the Western Wall Shmuel Rabinovitch (R) listens to historical account of Jerusalem’s Temple Mount during his visit to Israel on July 20, 2018. The Hungarian Prime Minister pledged “zero tolerance” for anti-Semitism on July 19, 2018, during a controversial visit to Israel after facing accusations of stoking anti-Jewish sentiment back home.Orban and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have found common cause in their right-wing views despite controversy surrounding the Hungarian leader’s nationalist rhetoric.


  1. “The agreement paves the way for the first time for fruitful cooperation between Chabad Russia and Chabad Kazakhstan” [http://www.shturem.net/index.php?section=news&id=103474]

  2. Hungarians are one of Khazar blood-related tribes, that is, Black Qazars or something like that, check that our and correct me, please. Their entire nation is one huge thorn in the side of Europe, which doesn’t belong in the white European nations, their place is along with Turks and Mongols of Asia.

  3. This book by a Hungarian Louis Marschalko is dedicated thus:
    To the memory of the Nationalist
    Martyrs and victims of Bolshevism

    The World Conquerors ,The Real War Criminals ,printed 1956

    It one of the best books I have read.
    Some information about the Hungarian Finno-Ugric language:

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    Orban: Conservative Ex-Communist States Must Bring ‘Anti-Communist Tradition’ to West

    But Orban says get your Vaxx!!

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    Reuters, RT and Breitbart are useful to see what the other side is pushing , smatterings of promises soon to be broken and
    Pied Piper comments.

  5. Viktor Orban promoting Bibi’s Book.
    Israel has seen its ties with Hungary warm in recent years, thanks in no small part to a meeting of the minds between the right-wing Orban and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Comparisons between the two countries have again come to the fore as Netanyahu’s new government seeks to advance proposals that would limit the power of Israel’s judiciary, similar to ones pushed by Orban over the past decade in Hungary.


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