Former Russian deputy PM says country in hands of Jewish masonic B’nai Brith

President of Russia Boris Yeltsin (R) and Minister of Press and Information of Russia Mikhail Poltoranin are pictured at the meeting with representatives of Russian mass-media. (Photo by TASS via Getty Images)

November 23, 2010 Anno Domini
Translated from the Russian

The plague of B’nai Brithism of the first persons mows down the Russians

The former Russian Federation government minister Mikhail Poltoranin gave a press conference to the Interfax Agency.

Earlier it was reported that he personally accused Putin of killing General Rokhlin, who was preparing a popular uprising against Yeltsin. Poltoranin also said that the Yeltsin elections in 1996 were rigged. Yeltsin lost them.

The decision to kill the general was made at the dacha in their narrow circle of four people: Yeltsin, Voloshin, Yumashev and Dyachenko. The order to kill the potential leader of the uprising was personally entrusted to Putin. Poltoranin also said that Russia is in fact in the hands of the Jewish Freemason Lodge B’nai Brith and 70 per cent of the entire Russian economy has already been transferred to the hands of foreigners.

According to Poltoranin, the real power in the country is in the hands of the “pakhanat” headed by the ruling Medvedev-Putin tandem. The tandem, however, completely fell under the hostile B’nai-Brith and fulfills his instructions and will.

TOKYO, JAPAN—Russian Vice Prime Minister Mikhail Poltoranin speaks during the Asahi Shimbun interview on August 5, 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by The Asahi Shimbun via Getty Images)

Thus, according to these documents, at the end of Gorbachev’s perestroika, the USSR owed the West $35 billion. However, Gaidar fraudulently convinced Yeltsin that this debt was $110 billion: Russia officially recognized this amount, having borrowed funds from the IMF to pay off this colossal debt and fell into financial bondage to the West, more precisely to B’nai Brith.

Meanwhile, the debt of foreign countries, mainly developing ones, to the Soviet Union amounted to more than $120 million. Our website has already provided information that back in February 1989 in the capital of the USSR, a Masonic lodge “B’nai B’rit” was opened: http : //

In his book, Poltoranin touched upon the newly-minted Russian oligarchs who made fabulous fortunes by robbing public property, in particular, the Yeltsin banker Abramovich owns numerous enterprises, mines and mines, including the most profitable of them in Mezhdurechensk, and even the whole port of Nakhodka.

Moreover, all companies of this oligarch pay taxes on income at the place of their registration in Luxembourg.

Putin, knowing this well, pretends that everything is in order. Not surprisingly, this is exactly what other Russian oligarchs, who long ago prepared “landing sites” for themselves in the West, as well as top government officials, do the same.

According to Poltoranin, Putin and Medvedev have become even more than Yeltsin, servants of the Western oligarchy: “Both the president and the prime minister keep their money in Western banks … When they come to the G8 or G20, they are direct and unceremonious threaten to lose their money if they do not do what is beneficial to the West.

Financial analysts note with surprise that Putin’s relatives for some reason gravitate not to state, but to commercial banks: Putin’s cousin Mikhail Shelomov owns approx. 4% of Bank Rossiya and approx. 12.5% ​​of the company “Sogaz”, the godfather of Putin’s eldest daughter Masha Sergei Roldugin – 4% of the bank “Russia”, and his cousin Vera Putin took a liking to the St. Petersburg “Ganzakombank”. Yes, and at a meeting of the Russian government, fellow citizens “have the good fortune” to contemplate high-ranking officials, closely welded by family and kinship ties)….


  1. Former head of Yeltin’s security Alexander KORZHAKOV

    “Every second in the Presidential Administration was Jewish. Yeltsin’s wife was Jewish. We have 1% Jews in Russia, so why should there be half of them in the Administration?”

    Schoolmate of Boris Yeltsin (wife Jewish), says Yeltsin lived in luxury mansion: Yeltsin’s official bio says son of a peasant family.

    Same as Khrushchev (Perlmutter) who worked we are told, as a ‘mine mechanic’.

    From a Russian researcher – a Russian major is reported to have said;

    “I heard that Khrushchev is not the person he claims to be. He is not the son of a peasant worker or miner, but the son of a millionaire banker.


    “In the summer of 1964, I met PI Skubko, the deputy editor of the city newspaper “Kochegarka” in Gorlovka.

    Journalists of Donetsk, he said, prepared a gift for Khrushchev’s 70th birthday – they published a book about his stay on the mining land. A colorful, expensive edition. Workers of the regional party committee took the gift to Moscow to present to the hero of the day.

    Khrushchev selected several copies as a keepsake, thanked him, but forbade the book to be put on sale. Skubko did not see this decision to forbid selling the book as strange because, in fact that the compilers of the collection, no matter how they tried to find the mine, where Khrushchev supposedly worked in the sweat of his brow, could not find it.”

  2. By the end of this next planned phase of the ‘virus’ scare, a global reset of the world economy will be ready to launch. This reset will be mammoth in scope, as everything we have known will be restructured. Economies worldwide will fail due to the destruction of businesses and money. This was going to happen regardless of this pandemic, but the pandemic will be used as the excuse to go forward. This will not just be an economic reset however, it will be much more broad in reach than that, and will affect every aspect of life. The monetary system will be restructured, and a fully monitored digital system will emerge. Those out of work in the final stage will most likely stay out of work, pushing the dependency state to new levels sought by the ruling class. Population control measures will steadily increase, and forced RNA vaccination will be used to alter the DNA structure of humans. Controlling the population will be a key component of the plan, including population size, birth rates, movement, and personal contact among individuals. The elimination of normal human interaction is sought, and this is only the beginning.

    As conditioning of the herd reaches new levels, and more voluntarily choose to go along, the ‘new normal’ will continue to change to suit the new narrative. If enough do not comply with this reset, if too many are resistant, there is always a possibility of a real bio-weapon release in order to bring about the final wave of fear in order to finish the reset agenda. The ultimate goal is total control, and every tool in the box of the tyrants will be used to gain that control. Restraint by the ruling class will be non-existent, as this staged reset is now going forward at a very accelerated pace.

    For this to be successful, the reengineering of humanity is necessary, and that can never be allowed to happen, for if it does, it means the end of the human spirit.

  3. Every Jew knows that the current regime’s virulently anti-White agenda to psychopathologize “racism” and “xenophobia”, to tear down White defenses, comes directly from the Jews. They know the “New World Order” is a Jew world order. They know that whenever Whites think about what’s good for ourselves, that’s not good for Jews. They say as much not just here, but whenever they try to Jewsplain their attacks on Whites.

    To see why they feel justified doing this you can simply unpack the historical Jew complaint and apply it to themselves. They see non-Jews as goyim. Goyim is their word for foreigners, outsiders, non-Jews, the opposite of Jews. They are scandalized that the goyim would ever reciprocate and see Jews likewise. The goyim who are doing what’s best for goyim are failing to do what’s best for Jews. No need to unpack this, to a Jew such a thing is just unthinkably evil.

  4. It’s not a surprise in jew controlled russia tbh, if you look on the DOD website archives you can see that a former SOD around 1997 named Cohen admitted casually to being part of the Bnai Brith, although it’s the reporter who puts that in there Cohen makes no denial. Interesting comments about weaponry as well. If the jews and their crypto army could get it done they absolutely would destroy large number of non-jews via genetically targeted weapons, however this is impossible as today most of us are of mixed genetics and it is constantly changing and mutating from our choices, the environment etc etc It’s similar to using gas in ww1, too hard to control etc Their two kabbalistic/masonic pillars of central banksterism/mega-corporate monopolism and socialism/communism do the job just as well but over a longer time as we see from history.

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