The Noahide Deception

By Strangelove259
April 2, 2011 Anno Domini

Five-part video series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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  1. Not once in the Torah/Tanach rather divine law of God for the land of Israel do we find a Rabbinate authority. The Rabbis are an invention of men and denounced by Isaiah the Jewish prophet. Khosher Talmudic law has already been enacted. I searched for any regulation or authority to charge non Jews a Tax. It is clear they just rolled it out in every country using not the law of the land but the disgusting Talmud. Ask any Jew why you must be forced to subsidize Rabbi’s Khosher scam. Ask did Moses issue Kosher certificates when the Manna and quail fell from heaven. Ask if you Jews are aware that the Rabbis have no authority in the Text of Moses to even exist. Ask why donations and sponsors are not respected in Judaism and freedom of religion when Jews are around. Ask is it cause of antisemitism. Never accept Rabbinic authority and man made Laws either Noahide nor Kosher Tax. It is a tax because they are a theocracy (Rabbi is god). If we pay this tax we will call it what it is: A Rabbinate Jew Tax Scam. It is all Jews who tolerate this as no Jewish group or part thereof has ever stood up for our freedom. Silence is betrayal. Kosher certification is a modern invention and it is a parasite inserted upon our food chain. The companies concerned are terrified and so just pass this extortion on to the unsuspecting, goys. This is a winnable venture and a battle in which we can be victorious. Tell all your liberal friends an BLM and Jews and Christian this evil non Mosaic Law must be exposed and thrown out with prejudice immediately. Jews in Israel call this extortion see:

    It is for this reason I hate Rabbinate directed Judaism. Its a just cause.

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