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Palestinian leader Arafat was a KGB man


Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is a professional terrorist who has been trained and supplied with weapons and money to the Soviet Union for many decades, including through its satellites.

Ion Mihai Pacepa,
Mr. Pacepa was the highest-ranking intelligence officer who ever deserted to the United States from a former Soviet bloc


The Israeli government intends to expel (from Palestine) Yasser Arafat, whom it calls an "obstacle to peace." However, this 72-year-old Palestinian leader is something more: he is a professional terrorist he has trained and for many decades supplied weapons and money to the Soviet Union, including through its satellites.

Before I deserted to America from Romania, where I served as Chief of Foreign Intelligence, I was responsible for the monthly transfer of 200,000 "laneased" US dollars in cash to Arafat throughout the 1970s. I also sent two cargo planes to Beirut every week, loaded with uniforms and military supplies. Other states of the Soviet bloc did about the same thing. Terrorism was extremely beneficial for Arafat. According to Forbes magazine, today, with a fortune of more than $300 million. USA in Swiss bank accounts, it ranks 6th in the list of the richest "kings, queens and despots" in the world.

"I came up with the hijacking (passenger planes)," Arafat boasted, in the early 1970s at the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Beirut. He made a hand gesture towards the small red flags pinned on the wall map of the world, where the territory of Israel was designated as "Palestine". "Here they are all," he told me proudly. The dubious honor of the authorship of the idea of aircraft theft actually belongs to the KGB, which in 1960 first stole an American passenger plane to communist Cuba. Arafat's innovation was a suicide hijacker - the concept of terror, the apogee of which was the events of September 11, 2001 in America.

KGB-trained Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat bows before statue of Communist mass murderer Mao Zedong.

In 1972, the Kremlin included Arafat and his terrorist network among the priorities of all intelligence services of the Soviet bloc, including mine. Bucharest had the task of getting Arafat to gain the location of the White House. We in the block were considered specialists in cases of this kind. We have already made great strides in making Washington, as well as most of the prominent American scientists of the time adjacent to the left wing of the political spectrum, believe that Nicolae Ceausescu, like Josip Broz Tito, is an "independent moderate communist".

KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov, in a conversation with me in February 1972, ridiculed the Yankees for their gullible approach to celebrities, saying that "we have long outgrown Stalin's cults of personality, but these crazy Americans are still naive enough to respect national leaders. We will make Arafat such a nominal leader and gradually ensure the advance of the PLO to power and statehood. Andropov thought that the Americans tired of Vietnam would grasp the slightest sign of reconciliation in order to turn Arafat from a terrorist into a statesman in their hopes for peace.

Immediately after this meeting, I was given a KGB dossier on Arafat. He came from an Egyptian bourgeois family, whom the KGB's foreign intelligence turned into a convinced Marxist. The KGB sent him to its special school in the city of Balashikha near Moscow for reconnaissance and sabotage training, and in the mid-1960s decided to prepare him for the role of the future leader of the PLO. To begin with, the KGB destroyed Arafat's official birth certificate in Cairo, replacing it with a fictitious certificate, which said that he was born in Jerusalem and therefore is Palestinian by birth.

Then the KGB's disinformation department began working on Arafat's four-page brochure called "Falastinuna", that is, "Our Palestine", and turned it into a monthly 48-page magazine for the Palestinian terrorist organization Al-Fatah. Arafat has headed Al-Fatah since 1957. The KGB distributed this publication throughout the Arab world and in West Germany, where many Palestinians studied at that time. The KGB had extensive experience in publishing and distributing magazines; it published similar periodicals in many languages of the world for its "roof" organizations in Western Europe such as the World Peace Council and the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Then the KGB provided Arafat with ideology and gave him an image, as he usually did for loyal communists in our international "roof" organizations. High idealism was not attractive to the general population in the Arab world, and therefore the KGB made Arafat an ardent anti-Zionist. They also chose for him a "personal hero" - the great mufti (Jerusalem) Haj Amin al-Husseini, a man who visited (concentration camp) Auschwitz in the late 1930s and scolded the Germans for destroying not enough Jews. In 1985, Arafat paid tribute to this mufti, saying that he was "infinitely proud" of what was going on his way.

Palestinian Liberation Organization President Yasser Arafat participates in the Satanic ritual involving the demon Vladimir Lenin at his tomb in Moscow, August 1977.

Arafat was an important secret KGB agent. Immediately after the (Arab-Israeli) Six-Day War, Moscow achieved his appointment as Chairman of the PLO. The proposal for his appointment was made by the Egyptian ruler Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was a Soviet puppet. In 1969, the KGB demanded that during the first summit of the Black Terrorist International, a neo-fascist pro-Palestinian organization funded by the KGB and Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, Arafat declare war on American "imperial Zionism". Arafat was very flattered; he later stated that he was the author of a battle cry calling for the fight against the imperial Zionists. However, in reality, the cliché "imperial Zionism" was put into circulation in Moscow, something like a modern adaptation of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which have long been a favorite tool of the Russian intelligentsia to incite ethnic hatred. The KGB has always considered anti-Semitism plus anti-imperialism as a rich source of anti-Americanism.

The KGB dossier on Arafat also said that in the Arab world, only people who master the art of disinformation can achieve high status. We, the Romanians, were asked to help Arafat hone "his extraordinary talent as a pretender." The head of foreign intelligence of the State Clinical Hospital, General Alexander Sakharovsky, ordered us to provide cover for Arafat's terrorist operations, while at the same time strengthening his international image. "Arafat is a great director of performances," Sakharovsky's letter concluded, "and we should use these abilities."

In March 1978, I secretly brought Arafat to Bucharest to receive the last instruction on how he should behave in Washington. "You just have to pretend that you are breaking with terrorism and that you recognize the State of Israel, repeat it again, and again, and again," Ceausescu hammed into him endlessly. Ceausescu was enthusiastic at the idea that he and Arafat might be able to break the Nobel Peace Prize if they pretended to wave the olive branch.

In April 1978, I accompanied Ceausescu to Washington, where he fascinated President Carter. "Arafat," Carter said, "will turn his cruel PLO into a law-respecting government in exile if only the U.S. establishes official relations with him." This meeting was a great success for us. Carter praised Ceausescu, the dictator of the most repressive police state in Eastern Europe, as a "great national and world leader" who "plays a leading role in leading the entire world community." The solemn Ceausescu brought home a joint communiqué in which the American president states that his friendly relations with Ceausescu served the "cause of world peace".

Three months later, the United States granted me political asylum. Ceausescu was never awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. But in 1994, Arafat received his award - and all because he continued to play the role we gave him to work out. He turned his terrorist PLO into a government in exile (Palestinian autonomy), always pretending to call for an end to Palestinian terrorism, while at the same time allowing it to continue unhindered. Two years after the signing of the Oslo Accord, the number of Jews killed by Palestinian terrorists increased by 73%.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat with Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev (Photo: AFP)

On October 23, 1998, President Clinton publicly thanked Arafat for "many decades of tirelessly defending the aspirations of the Palestinian people, their freedom and self-sufficiency." The current American administration has managed to see the true essence of Arafat, but does not want to publicly support the call for his expulsion from the country. Meanwhile, this aging terrorist has strengthened its control over the Palestinian Authority and managed to set up its younger followers for new suicide attacks.