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The first transgender 'female' politician in Russia decided to become a man again

May 16, 2024

"I, like Philip Kirkorov, realized that I was hacking the wrong door. I apologize to the entire Russian people!"

Russia's first transgender woman politician said she was going to become a man again. This act was brought to her by Lent.

Roman Aleshin officially became Julia in the summer of 2020, having received a passport with a mark on the female gender. Yulia headed the Altai branch of the Civil Initiative party, after which they began to write about her as the first transgender woman politician in Russia. In the autumn of 2023, Aleshina said that she was going to run for governor of the Altai Territory, but the nomination was prevented by a law prohibiting trans-transition.

Now Julia is Roman again. Aleshin wrote that he was planning a detransition (reverse transition). Roman realized the mistake during Great Lent, apologized to the Russians, called himself a patriot and admitted that he "knocked on the wrong door."

I realized I was a guy during Great Lent. Mom said that I was baptized at 7 months. Before Radonitsa, I had mental torments, after all, moving from one psychological sex to another is difficult. On Radonitsa, I went through the old albums of my ancestors, prayed for them, and it helped me to take root in the idea that I was a guy. Like Philip Kirkorov, I realized that I was hammering the wrong door. I am a patriot of my country, so I live in Russia. I apologize to the entire Russian people!