Christopher Bollyn gatekeeping 9/11 truth on behalf of Moscow?

German socialist Andreas von Bülow (left) and Christopher Bollyn, in Germany on 22 August 2011.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
June 29, 2020 Anno Domini

One of the biggest advocates of the Israeli state being behind the September 11 terrorist attacks on America may be a paid gatekeeper for Putin’s neo-Soviet FSB-KGB secret service.

Over the last decade, it seems that many critics/sceptics of controversial 9/11 researcher Christopher Bollyn have failed to completely or correctly interpret the evidence about the self-professed descendant of suspected 16th century witch Anne Bolleyn being some kind of gatekeeper put out in the public to misdirect  9/11 truth research and, consequently, associated subjects of inquiry.

As it turns out, one of the key facts of Bollyn’s history these critics have missed is from his time living on a Kibbutz with his then Jewish wife in Israel. They justly hypothesize that Bollyn may, in fact, be an Israeli Mossad operative working to gatekeep for Israel, but this explanation seems lacking considering the seemingly vast amounts of credible information Bollyn has uncovered about Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks and other false flag events. While much of Bollyn’s research seems quite factual, it may all just be a means to an end for a slick KGB operative seeking to de-legitimize conspiracy research and turn the world against the Kremlin’s much hated foe, the West, as part of a final showdown deception to secure Lenin’s world communist superstate.

Afikim, situated just southwest of the Golan Heights, is the name of the Russian Jewish Kibbutz in Israel in which Bollyn and his first wife Bosmat Merimsky—a Soviet-derived Jew in Israeli military intelligence—lived during the 1970s.  Apparently, he had decided to hang his hat there and work as a lifeguard after travelling through Soviet satellites Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.[1] It turns out that Afkim is a Moscow-affiliated Marxist kibbutz, much like most of Israel’s Kibbutzim,[2] with a history tied to terrorism, Israel’s Marxist labour movement (Poale Zion), and training of Israeli Defense Forces recruits. Although seemingly Zionist, Poale Zion is affiliated with kibbutz-based Hashomer Hatzair Workers Part of Palestine and the Socialist League of Palestine. Hashomer was, at one time, the sole Zionist political organization in Palestine that recognized the national rights of Palestinian Arabs.[3] This bi-nationalism, it seems, runs common throughout the Marxist Kibbutzim network, even today.

1947 poster of the Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Bolshevik October Revolution.

Both KGB and Israeli defectors, like the late Jack Bernstein and former high-ranking Romanian intelligence general Ion Mihai Pacepa, have revealed that the Soviet strategy for the Middle East, known as Operation SIG (Zionist government), is to keep it divided (via funding and arming conflicts on all sides) and to use the result of the conflicts to discredit and demonize the West. This could explain how Israel’s Marxist Kibbutzim network—through which Bollyn may have been trained under Soviet KGB/Mossad instruction—can be Zionist on one hand, and bi-national (pro-Arab) on the other—all the while carrying out Moscow’s Balkanization agenda for the region—and for the world.

You might say, hey, but why is Bollyn so critical of Israel and Zionism? Well, this plays into the dialectic that Operation SIG demands for the region. So long as the true Soviet communistic engineering of the operation is never revealed, the operatives can pretty much say whatever they want, including throwing Israel—the witting fall guy for the Kremlin—under the bus. To support this theory, a consistent anti-Western, pro-Kremlin, pro-Palestine, and pro-Islam bias can be found in Bollyn’s writings. This aligns with the anti-Western narrative of Operation SIG, which seems to be focused at aligning world perception about Zionism to it being a Western “imperialist” creation.[4] As an example of Bollyn’s re-alignment of public perception of Zionism and 9/11, he was one of the first journalists to proclaim the U.S. neocons’ “new Pearl Harbor” motive for executing the 9/11 conspiracy (think PNAC, which lays the blame for 9/11 squarely on the West, with Israel as a secondary player, at best).

Italian Communist Giulietto Chiesa (left), author of several books, inlcuding Putinphobia, and former leader of the Genoese branch of PCI (Italian Communist Party), with Christopher Bollyn in the bookstore Rahva Raamat in Tallinn, Estonia, 26 November 2008. Here is a video of Chiesa with neo-Soviet Eurasianist Aleksandr Dugin at a conference. And another here.

At some point, Bollyn allegedly (he tells inconsistent stories about his past) returned to the United States of America in the 1970s and began studies at the University of California at Davis (he has degrees in journalism, history and spent his last year of university in Baltic states studying the psychological effects of Soviet occupation on the native population. Bollyn and his family allegedly lived in Soviet satellite Estonia at some point). It wasn’t until decades later that Bollyn seemed to find his calling as a conspiracy writer, apparently starting with stints at Washington DC-based The Spotlight and at its successor American Free Press. Bollyn would go on to become famous in the conspiracy world writing about the sinking of the Estonia (seemingly the West’s fault), Israel’s involvement in false flag terror attacks around the world—especially 9/11, and the West (and Israel) being responsible for the Euromaidan, which was, in reality, provoked by the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

Bollyn was eventually fired from American Free Press (AFP), but it seems unclear exactly why. There is much critical information about Bollyn on the web—largely unsubstantiated but not necessarily false. Fellow conspiracy researchers Michael Collins Piper (also of The Spotlight and AFP) as well as Darryl Bradford Smith and the late Victor Thorn have since denounced Bollyn as some kind of shill and/or fraud with contacts with “high-level intelligence”.[5] Piper, who often referred to Bollyn as “kinky balloon” during his radio broadcast The Piper Report, went so far as to claim that Bollyn, after a private investigation was carried out, was receiving foreign funds and was spending beyond his means. Piper, who died mysteriously shortly before Donald Trump was elected U.S. President, has been a consistent writer, researcher, and patriot movement character. It’s difficult to dismiss his suspicions. Bollyn seems to invert reality by saying that it is Piper and Bollyn’s critics who are the Zionist-controlled opposition and gatekeepers; although, he provides no solid evidence of this. Incidentally, another tidbit Piper revealed about his private investigation of Bollyn was that anyone who began investigating Bollyn wound up in some sort of serious trouble. Piper is dead and Bollyn walks around today unmolested, writing his pro-Kremlin, anti-Western articles and trying to put over questionable younger “patriot” personalities like Adam Green of Know More News.

Michael Collins Piper

Like any good conspiracy fraud, if that is indeed what he is, Bollyn may have lied about an attack by Chicago police on his person in 2006[6]—staged, perhaps, to make him look like a threat to the establishment and a whistleblower of sorts (think of Alex Jones using the apparently staged “Bohemian Grove infiltration” to put himself on the conspiracy map). Many doubt the veracity of Bollyn’s claims. Even if the attack were real, it may have had nothing to do with Bollyn being a whistleblower but about him being a Soviet operative—someone definitely of interest to the FBI and U.S. authorities. Bollyn doesn’t seem to provide a plausible motive for why local police would stalk and attack him—allegedly resulting in a broken elbow and being tazed. Perhaps Bollyn leaves the story open ended so that his supporters can use their imagination as to why their star journalist was being attacked by “Zionist” American police. It seems that this possibly staged event led to his firing by AFP, after which point, Piper and others dissociated from Bollyn and began to suspect him of being an intelligence operative.

“Piper has been attacking me since December 2001 when I was invited to speak about 9/11 in Moscow,” Bollyn wrote in a 2009 article attacking Liberty Lobby and lawyer Mark Lane.[7]

Bollyn promo depicting America (the West) as the mastermind of 9/11.

It seems that Piper, a veteran researcher/writer with a nose for controlled opposition[8], grew very suspicious of Bollyn. And a trip to Moscow would, no doubt, add to those suspicions. Giving a 9/11 conference in Moscow is not exactly like giving one in the Western world. There is no way that the Kremlin would not have permitted this event to happen at some level.

In his October 21, 2018 article, The Israeli origin of the War on Terror, Bollyn portrays Moscow as the innocent victim of a joint Western-Israeli smear campaign regarding international terrorism:

“Paul’s thesis, International Terrorism: The Propaganda War, examines how the Netanyahu Institute used misinformation to exaggerate the terrorism threat. One of the main points of the misinformation was to link terrorism to the Soviet Union. In this way, the Israelis could delegitimize the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the West as a puppet of Moscow…. Although the Zionist masterminds behind the War on Terror no longer blame Russia for being behind international terrorism, their reason for blaming the Soviet Union, i.e. Russia, has not changed.”[9]

Perhaps now, we are starting to get a clearer picture of what Bollyn’s mission is all about. Could it be that he was sent in by Russia’s special services to infiltrate and join the patriot movement, via Michael Collins Piper and Liberty Lobby, build himself up as a truth teller and then discredit some aspects of the movement and divert the movement from Russia’s involvement in 9/11? Yes, I said Russia’s involvement—to which there is a growing amount of evidence (see my archive of that evidence here).

A photo of Bollyn and Chiesa, posted to Bollyn’s Facebook page June 29, 2019. Instead of describing Chiesa’s as leader of the Italian Communist Party, Bollyn instead chose to describe him simply as a “journalist and filmmaker”.

Later in that article, Bollyn writes, “…the Likud is headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, who hosted the conspiratorial terrorism conference back in 1979. This is why the Palestinians are still locked out of any political process and why the Zionist-controlled media continues to spew anti-Russian propaganda—four decades after the War on Terror was born at the conference at the Netanyahu Institute.”[10] Here, Bollyn feeds the Operation SIG narrative that the Palestinians are not only freedom fighters but are being helped by the righteous Russians in doing so. It’s the “evil West” and the “Zionists” who masterminded it all.

Bollyn seems to figure that as long as he names the “Zionists”, his audience will believe whatever he says. It’s his alibi, it seems. You can find several articles on his website that exonerate Russia, Iran, and other Soviet satellites in the world scheme, and Bollyn’s general narrative seems to be in line with the Soviet-Duginist-Eurasianist neo-Soviet agenda of maligning the West for all global evil, as part of a long-range strategy of bringing the world into the seeming loving arms of the crypto-Bolshevik “Russian Federation” and its Silk Road satellite nations for the final Judeo-Bolshevist world communist conquest. As it turns out, Bollyn has guest appeared at events with Duginist types, like at Moscow’s 2002 International Conference on Globalism and Contemporary Historical Problems with fellow guest “philosopher” Alexander Zinovyev. Bollyn was invited to Iran by Hamed Ghashghavi, the organizer of the Duginist New Horizons Conference. Pictured above is Bollyn with former leader of the Genoese branch of PCI (Italian Communist Party) Giulietto Chiesa, who is connected, naturally, with Aleksandr Dugin. In 2018, as part of a  U.S. court order for Iran to pay restitution to 9/11 victims, Bollyn, alongside Dugin and dozens of other Russophiles, put his name in the hat to vouch for the Islamic Republic of Iran in denying its role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Since Iran is a Soviet satellite, this would fit Bollyn’s apparent agenda as a Kremlin gatekeeper.


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  1. Fitz you should watch this doco by Simon Shack( called September Clues analyzing the so called TV coverage on that morning. He also has a website with more but a lot of the links are broken.

    —He proves that it was an elaborate production using live video image layering, different backgrounds used, master shots “the matrix shot” used for all the networks, audio cues for the reporters, blackout frames, totally fake helicopter shots and more. He even has some specific names of the audio-video specialists who all seemed to be the ones behind the so called “independent videos” of the WTC TV event. All the call in commentators were major news media employees, collaborators, also all the witnesses to the pentagon seemed to be USA Today employees aka liars and frauds presstitutes. It’s possible that nobody died, most likely cruise missiles were used along with timed patterned explosives to make it look like wings went in and obviously controlled demolitions. I gather that a bit of this was also real estate fraud, I’ve heard many of the WTC floors were not occupied as too expensive but so much room in that part of jew york helped to drive down rental etc prices, well that had to go for the vipers and of course silverstein got a huge payout from it. The JWO gets more and more of a police state from it and gets the public support, mostly, for wars of genocide, dope inc and oil inc. Just like the many “benefits” the JWO gets from the current movie called 2020.

    —Here’s another good video about media manipulation which has a fair bit of the september clues video in it:

  2. Hello, thanks for this article. I’m a big fan of MCP, although he almost completely ignored Freemasonry (which is not surprising since a lot of the antisemitism found in the most widespread anti-jewish conspiracy theories has deep Freemasonic roots, even though foolish conspiracy theorists will claim otherwise.) Traditionnally Freemasons, proud sons of Lucifer, were at war with the Bible-thumpers, epitomised in the Jewish people, followers of Yahweh. Later the rosicrucian-freemasonic legend of the Temple of Hiram was put in a biblical garment, but this is a trick to better hide itself in a time when secret societies had some kind of social responsibility, which has turned into outright evil today. I find it illuminating to know that the first proponents of the illuminati-Left wing conspiracy theory were all custodians of the Establishment: ex-Freemasons, ex-Jesuits and British Intel tied into the Benedictine Order. This is very telling, and one should know that this conspiracy-thinking is not incompatible with British Freemasonry, the ancient royalist jacobist kind of Fremasonry which is anti-Left, anti-revolutionary and pro-fascist and occultist (Nesta Webster claimed this is why British Fremasonry is good. This obviously gratuitous nonsense about “good british masons” was disputed by other conspiracy theorists like Edith Starr Miller and Paquita de Shishmareff in their book Occult Theocrasy).
    Why I’m telling you this is because Piper followed the Bollyn rabbit right into the British intel, Anglican Episcopalian Church (that is British Freemasonry!) hole.
    Keep on digging into the russian-israeli connections, they are everywhere (ex: Netanyahu’s dad changed his name from an originally Russian name), especially in the Far West which many call USA. Many authors did: Gus Russo, Roger Morris and Sally Denton, Robert I. Friedman (The False Prophet), etc. Don’t forget they were and still are the fiercest anti-Left wingers, anti-communists, since they had to leave Russia because of the revolution (that’s why and how the russian jewish mob got started in the US). Although I don’t believe these connections really lead to Russia per se, still Russia is obviously part of the whole PsyOp theater we are living in, just like Iran I would add, but this is just my opinion.

    1. Freemasonry is Judasim for the gentiles. Take out the teachings of judasim from Freemasonry and they’d be nothing left. All it’s rituals and ceremonies are about rebuilding the temple – king sol temple.

  3. Look at the cover of his book…. What do you see. Golden light emanating from Russia over the US, ie. Multilateralism. Bollyn is hard as a gatekeeper to see, but it becomes clear when you realize he skied with the Murdoch family BEFORE 9/11.

    1. Eat &*(^!.Russia rules! They kicked out the communists scum. The pedophiles, the greedy pigs.

  4. This one is hard to swallow.
    I like Bollyn he always seem so genuine. It’s not an argument and he never mentioned KGB part which is quite large, they made the US air defense look for threats in the wrong direction. Putin had a part and two days before told a an attack “from Afghanistan was imminent”

    Source: Johnny Gat (Vigilante Intelligence)

    He only pointed finger on Israel and it’s a big reason for sympathy for the USSR today.
    “US shouldn’t talk about war crimes, look at Iraq” to justify what they are doing to Ukraine.

    I wonder why he did cover for them. Money or corrupted loyalty.

    I think Dr. David Duke is paid by Russia.

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