‘Collapse’ of Soviet Union was never verified by the West

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    Mr Anatoliy Golitysn

    “If the Soviets were truly moving towards genuine democracy & were intent on a true ‘Break with the Past’, they would implement a decommunization program. Without such a program, present changes, however impressive, will remain cosmetic.

    One important criterion for judging the sincerity of the abrupt and virtually simultaneous conversion of former
    Communist leaders into true democrats would be a frank official statement from them that the Soviet Party and Government adopted a long-range strategy in the years 1958 to 1960, that ‘perestroika’ is the advanced phase of this strategy and that
    it is to be abandoned forthwith in favour of normal, open. civilised relations. There has been no sign whatsoever of any such admission.”

    (text) page 142


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