The Surkov Leaks: Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine and the West

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
July 23, 2019

Russian active measures against Ukraine is a microcosm of its active measures against the West. Please download and read this very important report. We can glean a lot from Russia’s hybrid wars against countries like Ukraine and Georgia, starting with the communist-named Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) and Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR)—the focal point of Russia’s divide-and-conquer strategy against the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

The report contains seven sections:

  1. The Three Tranches of the Kremlin Leaks
  2. The People Behind Russia’s Hybrid War Against Ukraine
  3. Ukrainian Vulnerabilities Exploited by Russia’s Hybrid War
  4. The ‘People’s Republics’ in the Donbas Region
  5. The Kremlin’s Phantom of Separatism and Chaos in Ukraine
  6. Political Meddling: How the Kremlin Tried to Change Ukraine’s Constitution
  7. The Kremlin’s Political Power: Reaching the Ukrainian ‘Soul’

Also contained in this report is an update to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov’s four-pronged Soviet strategy (demoralisation; destabilisation; bringing the situation to crisis point; and renormalisation). Analysts believe this strategy has expanded and now entails: Hidden Genesis; Escalation; Beginning of Conflict Actions; Crisis; Resolution; and Restoration, which is explained in greater detail in this vital report.


  1. Years ago I was blessed to view a documentary Harvest of Despair , to this day it upsets me how Russia got away with this and to this day Few even care to what happened to this country so any one out there that did not know about this view it let it sink in your hearts and minds for this was a Beta test and it’s coming for us next or should say it’s already started but few can care maybe because they doing now doing OK ,there plan is moving along blinding the sheeple as per there own words from those that defected , this poor country is not braking free the enemy will see to that daily silently there’s many traitors in there own country who will see to that just like the USA traitors in every state every department in government , one morning we will wake up to no more smartphones , no more medical supplies ,no more social drugs, no more entertainment or amusements ,instead it will be Chaos and weeping as foretold dismissed ,maybe Fitz you should make a list of all country’s under the Hammer & Sickle fir there’s many ,In Christo Et Maria with my old eyes and mind I see the horror approaching RL
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  2. ‘Death of Communism : dismantling of the Soviet’ is hybrid warfare. This dysinfo party line / official narrative which the Jews are running across all Western bases of influence is an active measure of subversion – demoralisation and social chaos. Satire is the traditional bardic weapon against the commands and lies of oppressors and in the “Ballad of the Neo-Con Artists” Dr E Michael Jones explains:

  3. Thank you for this feature on the Surkov Leaks and your precis. This is excellent material and builds on Bezmenov’s analysis of subversion. In the comprehensive analysis, the Soviet / Russian Federation strategies of hybrid warfare for the worldwide Communist Revolution must be considered with the ZOG strategies. A comparative analysis is yet to be done. The powers which constellate The Hammer and The Sickle of the Revolution had and have different roles in the political theatre and they have different strategies of hybrid warfare. Both are owned / operated by a single Apex – namely The Crown and its Kaganate of the Judaic Supremacy. The dialectic was and is operated from that Apex through the E and W power blocks of the nations they own. The Surkov Leaks makes much of the use of the criminal organisations. This seems to be one of the key features of hybrid warfare in both The Hammer and The Sickle powers. This was also one of the main themes of the great American novel: The Godfather which clearly depicts the underworld triumvirate of Lansky, Dalitz and Siegel. With Ukraine and Georgia what you essentially have is re-colonisation. This is comparable with the roll-out of the worldwide Communist Revolution on the African continent where the European colonial powers virtually stood down under Lenin’s mandate and the newly de-colonised tribal territories were fed to the Revolution. The Rivonia Plan was the blueprint and its strategies are all hybrid warfare.
    Rivonia, however, utilised The Sickle Powers and especially the CIA front in SA – namely the American Information Service in order to get Africa was re-colonised by the Chinese (normalisation). It should here be remembered that the nationalist Chinese government (allied with the US) during WWII was actually winning the war against Mao TseDong until General Marshall was dispatched to China with orders to make General Chiang Kai Shek stand down and hold UN Charter 1 man = 1 vote elections which included the Communist Party candidates as guaranteed by the US. Truman also gave Mao free reign to organise electoral redistributions against the Chinese Christian and nationalist populations.

  4. Tim
    Can you comment on the Hong Kong protests, the Alternative Media is blaming the NED (National Endowment of Democracy), CIA in the US for being involved with the protesters also there is rumors that the National Endowment for Democracy was also involved with Marxists/Communists, can you comment on this?

  5. No surprise at this.
    Rivona trial Arrested were:
    Lionel Bernstein, architect and member of the South African Communist Party (SACP)
    Denis Goldberg, a Cape Town engineer and leader of the Congress of Democrats
    Arthur Goldreich
    Bob Hepple
    James Kantor, brother-in-law of Harold Wolpe
    Ahmed Kathrada
    Nelson Mandela
    Govan Mbeki
    Raymond Mhlaba
    Andrew Mlangeni
    Elias Motsoaledi, trade union and ANC member
    Walter Sisulu
    Harold Wolpe, prominent attorney and activist.
    Goldberg, Bernstein, Wolpe, Kantor and Goldreich were Jewish South Africans
    And then Mandela when he was released from jail, had Jewish handler Joe Slovo, as pictured here making the communist salute in 1990;
    Did Mandela really go to jail? It suspect it was more likely his apparent imprisonment became the pivot of a long-range operation to transform South Africa from apartheid, after the synagogue had cemented total control of South Africa, in the distraction and repression of the black population. It is likely that next the synagogue will foment the finishing of the white population by whatever means, as they are the only ones who can challenge their power – see;
    On the origin of the communist raised clenched fist;
    ‘Karl Marx, grandson of the rabbi of Trier, must have known this flag very well too. He, as well as anybody, was well aware that Jewish capitalism and Jewish Marxism are but two different forms of the same Judaism, of that same world-conquering nationalism. Rothschild’s red flag is just as cheerful and bracing a sight for Morgenthau as it is for Kaganovich.
    While it is interesting to learn that Bolshevism adopted its red flag from a Jewish banker, it is also noteworthy that the Bolshevik revolutionary greeting, i.e. the raised clenched fist, is a symbol of Jewish origin too. The paper entitled The Key to the Mystery, on page 21 of the number dated August 7th, 1939, describes how, on the feast of Purim, held in commemoration of the slaying of 75,000 Gentiles, the Jews still greet each other – with a raised clenched fist.’
    Nothing less than a fist directed to heaven!

    1. Yes but HW Verwoerd was a Illuminati plant
      His handler was Alfred Beit, the German counterpart of Rhodes, and apartheid was designed by in the same folks who brought you Communism and Nazism. I know this for a FACT because my gg aunt was privy to events following the Boer war because she was the mistress of Taubman Goldie, who ran the British Niger Co., for 30 years, as well as the wife of Lugard later, to make sure he governed properly and brought in the booze. Goldie had real power. He was her real love and she heir letters touch on plans for SA now that that boere needed to be tightly controlled and SA through them. (She was also Rhodes’ erstwhile mouthpiece, being the colonial correspondent for the London Times in the 1890s).
      The real question is WHY white South Africans can’t see the obvious. Why it hurts their pride and identity so much. Why they loved their own little talmudic illuminati state so so much.

  6. Gruoch – apartheid was also re-invented by the Venda and Xhosa nationalists of the Transkei. If distinct ethne come together to create a nation state and one ethne builds cities, dams and sets up industrial manufacturing and agriculture and other ethnes herd cattle, subsistence farm and did not even invent the wheel then there will have to be some form of apartheid or the entire enterprise falls in a heap like all the other failed equalist Marxist shithole states created by the Communist block and the Revolution in Africa. If you are going to respect the customary laws and traditions of people/s then a social arrangement is required that enables them to progress (or not) at their own rate and pace. “Why it hurts their pride and identity so much? Why they love their own little talmudic illuminati state so much” is a typical Jew sentiment. Verwoerd was a great political leader of the Boer people. The White Africans born in Africa have as much right to their lands and works and form societies as any other African. The reason why they are hated is that they are rather better at it than other African tribes and certainly the Communists and the Jews.

  7. Linde: Verwoerd was controlled by Alfred Beit, who worked with Rhodes to consolidate the mines for Rothschild and was granted a Baronetcy for his excellent work in 1925. You won’t find students at UCT protesting him and tearing down his statue, and that’s for a very good reason. There’s an excellent and very telling history online you can find, put out by the family, who evidently feel they are under no pressure whatsoever to hide any of the facts. How is it that a person with so much insight into the distortions of Boaz, is blinded to the fact that Verwoerd trained in Germany in 1926 at three universities under the “greatest psychologists of the day”? Nonetheless, this European inkommer is the saviour of the Boers whose minister father came to southern Africa in solidarity with the Boere, and you must have your fairy tale. It is perhaps very Isrealitish of me to understand ALL the facts and not half the facts. I don’t know. It’s quite sad really because the Boers were not fighting to control and rule a Talmudic apartheid bureaucracy, they wanted their own independent separate Republic. Apartheid was, as ever, a DISTORTION of truth. Living separately and independently is the right of any people who desire it. The truth of Boer desires played out among the Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch, their cousins who remained true to the ideals of the movements and ideals of those who first left northern Germany and Holland. The Boers were corrupted by materialism and unfortunately you can’t blame the Jews for your own corruption. Knowledge leads to understanding so we can take responsibility. The trouble of course is that the VOC was always Jewish, like all the big trading companies of the era. It was never Dutch windmills and cheese. Huguenots: MARANOS. All the van’s and de’s and many many other big names. Most Afrikaners have more Jewish blood than me! Nonetheless, many on the right in SA understand the difference between the Boers and the Afrikaners. And you are correct, the Boers are very much an African tribe in terms of groupthink. The inalienable rights of the individual is a concept wholly foreign in South Africa, including the white Calvinist tribe. Despite the horrors of millions in the 2WWs, the Talmudic-controlled NGK will never let their flock forget about the deaths of 6 000 women and 14 000 children. It’s the mythology and it’s required for the distorted nationalism. But if the Boere had dealt in good faith with their fellow African tribes and built a bulwark, instead of swooning in front of the Sabeteans, perhaps things would have worked out differently.

  8. The Golitsyn links posted above by Da are very important to consider. (Hope you are on it Fitz). Therefore I do not comment on The Hammer mythology: namely ‘Communism is dead / dismantling of the Soviet’. I will however comment on the mythology of The Sickle : namely ‘the myth of American, British (ZOG) anti-Communism / freeworld fighting Communism’ scenarios. The Vietnam War should have taught us all about this. The Veterans who were in the chain of command knew that the US State Dept (think Joe McCarthy’s 100 agents) used the coc to subvert the war, betray the South Vietnamese allies and the American people ( all anti-Communist ) and basically play the Doofus Card against the proxy Maoist armies – the NVA. They used the American military to hand the the Indo-China peninsula to Mao. So the Americans – the anti-Communists – wound up fighting the Communist Chinese aggression and their own government. We should all be up to tempo with this by now, but in the 1970s this was a Deep State secret.
    The world-wide Communist Revolution inaugurated 1917 in Russia was rolled out dialectically between The Hammer and The Sickle powers: the USSR, Warsaw Pact, Maoist Chinese being The Hammer and the Western ZOGs being The Sickle. All owned by the same central banking cartel.
    The template and microcosm of how this works is Rhodesia’s war of independence against the Communist Revolution and its military victory. They successfully resisted the efforts of their Deep State elements to play the Doofus Card, even after the last of their free press (free of Oppenheimer and state control) got destroyed in the PM’s lawsuit against Rhodesian Property and Finance – editor Wilfred Brooks – I think that was in 1977. This is where you can see the full spectrum of hybrid warfare at play. Understand the so called ‘bush war’ : you understand the entire playbook. The most dangerous myth in Rhodesia 1965 – 1979 was the myth of American anti-Communism. People got killed for this.
    With this history in mind, it becomes evident why the interpretive key to the Golitsyn disclosures is the dialectical interplay between two sets of disinformation in psychological warfare against Western populations.

  9. The World Conquerors (the Sanhedrin): The Real War Criminals by Louis Marschalko (1958)
    ”Freedom’ shout the Communists to their bamboozled Party members and followers but as a background to this empty slogan loom the torture chamber, jail, detention camp and the gloomy hovels of Siberian slave-labourers. Here we find side by side the misery of exploitation and the power and wealth of the privileged Communist ruling classes. ‘Democracy’ is the slogan proclaimed throughout the Western world, but it is well known that the voting system here does not represent the power of the people, but merely screens the mysterious influence and hidden rule exercised by secret cliques.
    Behind these false facades is hidden the substance of the most satanic dream of the world conquerors – to become the masters of the whole world
    The supposedly cultured world failed to realise that Lenin’s Bolshevism was a component only, such as were also Marxism, Freemasonry and Capitalism itself. For there existed another more thorough, universal and gigantic scheme which had been working already for over a century and a half, its aim by now very nearly accomplished. On the basis of ancient doctrines this latter scheme was not going to conquer global power for any of the ‘isms’, parties, sects, churches, professional organisations or social classes, but exclusively – for one nation only.
    The plans for Lenin’s system were to some degree rough and superficial. Their greater weakness was akin to that of a general who lets the enemy know in advance the point of attack and the strength of his forces and the tactics he intends to employ. Whereas, the other, the great fundamental plan, proved much more effective because, similarly to historically successful military operations, it has carefully guarded its secrets from outsiders and indeed often from initiated persons also. Its greatest asset was that it appeared much more general than, for example, the schemes of the trade union leaders limited to the class struggle, or the tactics of church leaders restricted to the spiritual level.
    It was perfect and absolute Totalitarianism.
    This planning, even to-day, does not attempt to capture global power by means of any particular movement or political system but through the simultaneous use of all creeds, churches, materialisms, political doctrines and patterns of power. It wishes to get built into all positions, movements, churches, masonic lodges and trade unions. It wants to take possession of all key positions in the most opposing movements, in the churches, parties and trade unions. It desires to hold in its hand both Bolshevism and capitalism, materialism and idealism, to capture or hire spiritually all writers, artists, politicians and the mob. It aims at not being visible anywhere, but at being present everywhere and at directing and controlling everything.
    But, as we will see later, all this chaos, disorder and division is directed by the same iron will, by the same secret force acting according to the interest of the leaders of a single race of 15 million people. They are to be found behind the well-padded doors of world capitalism as well as behind the thick walls of the Kremlin. Our globe with all its Continents – either openly or secretly – is already dominated by this Jewish nationalism.
    So we are convinced that it is our God-granted right and human duty to fight against the reign of terror exercised on a supranational level by a small fanatical nationalist minority which has subjugated the world and driven mankind far along the road to total extinction.’

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