Central importance of Sun-Tzu’s ‘Art of War’

By Christopher Story
July 15, 2019 Anno Domini

Excerpted from Christopher Story’s The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States (1997),  pgs. 56-59

The blindness of the West, and its arrogant assumption that ‘we won the Cold War’ particularly reconfirms the timeless effectiveness of the advice given by the ancient Chinese military strategist, Sun-Tzu, in his treatise entitled ‘The Art of War’:

“Pretend inferiority and encourage your enemy’s arrogance” .

It is known that ‘The Art of War’ was required reading in the East German and Soviet armed forces. As Anatoliy Golitsyn explains in New Lies for Old: “The ancient Chinese treatise on strategy and deception, Sun -Tzu’s The Art of War, translated into Russian by N.I. Konrad in 1950 (shortly after the Communist victory in China), was retranslated into German in 1957 by the Soviet specialist Y. I. Sidorenko, with a foreword by the Soviet military strategist and historian General Razin. It was [also] published in East Germany by the East German Ministry of Defense and was prescribed for study in East German military academies: [see facsimile on page 57]. A new translation and other studies of Sun-Tzu were published in Peking in 1957 and 1958 and in Shanghai in 1959. Mao Tse-Tung is known to have been influenced by Sun-Tzu in his conduct of the civil war”.

Illusions such as those dispensed by the author of the article cited above from “The Times’ of London are fostered by, and depend upon, the continued success of the Russian ‘weak look’ strategic deception – which is based upon the practical applic- ation in modern conditions of Sun-Tzu’s military deception aphorisms:

‘All warfare is based on deception’.

‘Therefore, when capable, feign incapacity; when active, inactivity’.
‘When near, make it appear that you are far away; when far away, that you are near’.

‘Offer the enemy a bait to lure him; feign disorder and strike him’. ‘Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance’.
‘Keep him under strain and wear him down’.
‘When he is united, divide him’.
‘Attack the enemy’s strategy’.
‘Disrupt the enemy’s alliances’.

‘If I am able to determine the enemy’s dispositions while at the same time I conceal my own, then I can concentrate and he must divide. And if I concentrate while he divides, I can use my entire strength to attack a fraction of his’.
‘Make the devious route the most direct and turn misfortune to advantage’.

‘The ultimate in disposing one’s troops is to be without ascertainable shape. Then the most penetrating spies cannot pry in, nor can the wise lay plans against you’.

‘Subtle and insubstantial, the expert leaves no trace; divinely mysterious, he is inaudible. Thus he is master of his enemy’s fate’ .

‘Active measures’ operations against Western leaders

The successful implementation, through the creative (Leninist) application of Sun-Tzu’s teachings and complementary Leninist dialectical strategic deception principles, of the inverted pyramid of lies called ‘perestroika’, is all the more remarkable in that, as has been shown, absolutely faithful adherence to Leninist revolutionary methods had repeatedly been asserted in public by the Communist leaders and the 1991 that she had concluded that ‘Gorbachev isn’t a Leninist any more’ – merely weeks before Gorbachev and the KGB executed the biggest and boldest Leninist Bolshevik provocation to date: the fake August coup. Prominent among the planners and implementers of this provocation was the KGB veteran Yevgeniy Primakov, a leading KGB strategist, who flew back to Moscow late in the evening of 19th August, thus conveying the impression that he had not been involved – yet issued a statement on the following day asserting that Gorbachev was not ill but was being held captive.

(Original Caption) Chequers, England: Soviet Politburo member Mikhail Gorbachev meets British Prime Minister Thatcher at the Prime ministers country home Chequers, 12/16. Mr. Gorbachev and his wife Raima took lunch with Mrs. Thatcher. Mikhail Gorbachev heads a delegation of 30 on an eight day tour of Britain.

The Soviets have even gone so far as to hint in public that both the British Prime Minister and President Reagan were the target of ‘active measures’ operations by Soviet intelligence ahead of the controlled ‘Break with the Past’. The nature of these ‘active measures’ is not known (although in Mrs. Thatcher’s case, the murder shortly before she came to office in 1979 of her intelligence adviser, Airey Neave, in a car bomb placed in the House of Commons car park, may have been an element of them – since Neave was well equipped to warn her against being taken in by the Soviets); but ‘active measures’ covers everything from the fabrication of forgeries to the administration of mind-altering psychotropic drugs, to sexual allure or entrapment, to assassination.

It is the Author’s view that analysts have overlooked one important reason why Gorbachev was selected by the Kremlin’s strategy collective as General Secretary following a prolonged period of apparent infighting which resulted in Gorbachev’s alleged rival, Grigory Romanov, being expelled from the Kremlin in the summer of 1985, framed as an alcoholic (which he was not) and forcibly confined to a hospital for alcoholics [see pages XXXX-XXXXII]. This is that he possesses what can only be described as a kind of demonic sexual allure: and the strategists’ key target at the time was Mrs. Thatcher. She immediately fell for Gorbachev’s ‘charms’, notwithstanding his boorish behaviour during his visit to London in late 1984, described on pages 17- 18. The Author is personally acquainted with two American women, not known to each other, each of whom has separately testified to Gorbachev’s sexual magnetism, which the late Malachi Martin described as being sinister. (One of these women also testifies to the near-freezing temperature immediately surrounding the person of MVD General Eduard Shevardnadze, reported on page 49; but the other lady is not one of the two who have separately experienced that distsurbing phenomenon).

On 19th February 1991, ‘Izvestia’ reported that ‘in the United States and Britain, “Active Measures” against President Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had limited success’ . The inclusion of the qualification ‘limited’ here should perhaps be disregarded: the proper translation of this statement from the Aesopian language used by ‘Izvestia’ is that the operations were successful. The fact that they were mounted, and have even been openly acknowledged, is of course significant enough.

Mrs Thatcher failed to understand that she had been duped by Mr Gorbachev, as she made clear to the author in July 1991. During an interview in which the Author explained details of the Soviet ‘bilateral treaty offensive’ and spoke of Golitsyn’s work, which the former Prime Minister dismissed, Mrs [now Lady] Thatcher not only remarked: ‘I don’t think Gorbachev is a Leninist any more’, but also added the following corollary: ‘I don’t think we have been deceived—at least, I hope we haven’t’ [see page 19]. As the Author wrote in the Editor’s Foreword to Golitsyn’s book The Perestroika Deception, this qualifying afterthought clearly implied ‘a niggling doubt that the West might indeed have fallen victim to Soviet strategic deception’. Necessarily, by then the consequences of Lady Thatcher’s mistakes were crowding in on the West like a gigantic thunderstorm. But if she had entertained such doubts while still in power, it was surely her duty to have had them investigated.

That failure was undoubtedly Lady Thatcher’s worst: and the Author has elsewhere described the British Prime Minister’s careless accommodation of Gorbachev and all his Leninist lies as ‘a millennial strategic error’. A second strategic error of comparable proportions concerned Europe: though troubled by the implic- ations of the ‘European project’, she pushed through the 1986 Single European Act which paved the way for the Collective’s Maastricht Treaty. In the end, she became an enthusiastic supporter of the Leninist deception strategy of ‘convergence’. She had already permitted her Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe , to go along with the Foreign Office’s plan to hand the priceless capitalist jewel of Hong Kong over to the Communist Chinese, a grand betrayal which could hardly have been urged upon her other than by forces aware of the ‘convergence’ framework and agenda. Lady Thatcher’s most recently monitored geopolitical stance is that ‘Russia isn’t a threat any more’—just as ‘Gorbachev isn’t a Leninist any more’.


  1. Fascinating subject on how easy we are duped and how successful it has become ,good article Tim something that needs to be addressed in these evil times , also Mr Story’s utubes where also eye openers on the subject Russia the axle of all evil thru out the world .I will pray to Our Lady to open up eyes of the sheeple to read and pass this on especially to all those that are hypnotized that all is well , as Padre Pio said ( He Lucifer is very very clever ) as always Fitz keep them coming opening up eyes and ears to see the signs of the times , In Christo Et Maria RL
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  2. What you are actually saying Fitz is, that it is not the Jews but the Russians, that Jeltsin’s selling out Russia to the Jewish oligarchs and Putin taking it back was just a clever Soviet plot?
    Or are you actually saying that the Jews controlled Gorbachev to dissolve the Soviet empire so that Jews could be in control over the resources to later be punished by another Jew with the name of Putin and that Putin’s main goal is to accomplish the JWO with the capital in Jerusalem for all mankind?

      1. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts actually points out that “Israel-Americans” as those people in Washington who are the ones pushing for a nuclear war with Russia and China. See the second article
        Then you have the Jewish coup against Ukraine where Jewess “Fuck the EU”-Nuland decided to put in only Jews in the coup-government. Russia is not happy with that.
        The Jews own the media and the deep-state in the US and what do they want? The media and the deep-state want war with Russia and they are Israel-firsters.
        The Jewish media barons know that the more they hit Trump on Russia the more he wants/needs to prove himself that he is loyal to Israel since he knows where the loyalty of the media owners really is.
        He is giving the Jews his support for Israel hoping that they’ll stop whipping him which is exactly the strategy that the Protocols of Zion describes – that the Jews should lead all contradictory movements. The greatest Trump bashers and Trump supporters are Jews.
        But deep down I don’t think they want him because he is a loose cannon, he is considered too unstable to be trusted.
        In their minds, I think, he could just as well switch any second and become a “Hitler” and use the NDAA to disappear them forever in Guantanamo. He doesn’t have the temperament of the type of president they are trained to control.
        When Trump has said his final about Palestine where he gives East Jerusalem with the Al-Aqsa Mosque to the Jews so that they can build their Anti-Christ temple only then I am dismissing Trump as a slave to the Jews, but until then I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. He has not recognized Jerusalem as the “undivided eternal Jewish capital” but has said that this is up to the negotiations.
        Does Epstein have him on tape for paedophilia? Could be but I am not sure that his type of personality responds well to threats, besides that, he has money enough to threaten any court himself.
        Threats of posting pictures of him probably results in him threatening to wipe Israel off the map. You just don’t threaten that type of a guy who has access to nuclear weapons.
        He raped Ivana though when she was filing for divorce according to her testimony in the court records but maybe this was just stuff they used to do in the bed.
        It could very well be the case that he is just playing an elaborate game to make the US great again as he says is while trying to stay alive.
        He has already revealed that the JFK assassination was financed by the Jews
        Hopefully he will stab Israel in the back at the end by exposing them for the USS Liberty attack and 911 as well as stealing US secrets as Brendon O’Connell and a few others have exposed.
        Only a “friend” can do real damage.

  3. Excellent observation. We too are told to study The Art of War, although I admit I have never been able to understand a word of it. Machiavelli, however, I have been forced to accept along the way. God clearly allows bad things to happen to good people to teach us. It’s His MO. It’s the nature of the world as all good parents/doctors/priests know, and we don’t judge God’s world. It all depends on the ends one has in mind. All tactics are available to the wise and if you’re commanding an army, then you’d better win. My favourite deception is about the baby in the bullrushes, rescued and brought into the court by Pharaoh’s daughter. It illustrates the nature of the enemy so clearly. First of all, it is clearly a ripoff of an identical event clearly recorded in an earlier Sumerian text, as all scholars agree. Secondly, it shows how to infiltrate societies, through the feminine emotions of the princess. However, the real twist in the tale is that Moses of course was Atenkamen, an incarnation of Melchekidek who led a small group of Egyptians out of the country that had been besieged by outrageously evil forces from “somewhere west” since the 13th dynasty. Egypt was finished and Moses planned (was ordered) to establish the rites of the Light somewhere else. Identity theft is a favourite’s tool, we know, and you got yo hand it to them, that little trick is an award winner. If you read the Persian Maqama literature it’s the same story. They are vignettes about sly tricksters who engage in all manner of deception. The British library has a collection and when it’s put of display it’s invariably billed as “charming and amusing” by puffed up critics who couldn’t fathom the nature of evil in a thousand years.
    I recently had the Moses story play out in my own life. Years ago, travelling in Asia as a student, I met a Dutch guy who took quite a shine to me. He had some excellent qualities, we were in a small boat in the Malacca’s and when the wind changed and 4m waves were towering around us, he said, you see that jerry can over there, if we go over, you mist grab it, its yours. There is no doubt he would have sacrificed his life to save me. He was also incredibly bright, an engineering student, but there were things I didn’t like about him, his strange Dutch arrogance, us against the world mentality, wasn’t my thing. I wanted to protect the world and save it. He waned to protect me and save me, and I got postcards for the next five years. He contacted recently to say he’d been divorced and his marriage had been a mistake. I saw photos of his attractive daughter and said, well that doesn’t look like a mistake. He said, no well he loves his daughter, “she’s dmary and sue knows how to get what she wants and she’s going yo be a doctor”. He works all over the world in CO2 recovery for beer brewing. Including Russia. I chatted about my interests, including my research into the khazars and i sent him the holodomorinto link. Then I got a shock when he said, I know, I married one. He supported her in her choice of German sedans while she popped out two khazar babies for him and studied to post gp level specialising in geriatric psychiatry. She’s a rare advocate for anti psychotics in Alzheimer’s patients, something even the us medical association and national healthcare authorities the uk decry, animal therapy, love, care strength and grace being the correct care. Hr said she dropped him like a rilock when she was on her feet financially and has imported her Khazar former lover into Holland. Almost 20 years she kept up her charade and it goes without saying faith and love of God fif not feature in the marriage. Only that arrogance I never liked. Now he’d brought gog and Magog onto my own phone. I cut off comms instantly. What a tragedy for innocent people nearing death who should not be drugged in that way. It eould make my bloood biol if i werent so practised in the art of detachment. Not your average foreigner/stranger/migrant no?

  4. Jewish political power probably has many bases of concentration. The Western Deep States which foist doofuses like Thatcher and Reagan onto the ZOGs would be a concentration of Jewish power. It appears to the sheeple that it is Israel that is pulling the strings – sending over Israeli politicians that tell the US Congress what to do etc. This deflects from the CFR, the foundations, the Jew power orgs and the organisation of the Deep State which co-ordinates with the Soviets.

    1. I also think so.
      Bolschevism and fabianism are two main political vision ( bankster in west, strategist in east ) that use sionism as a decoy like last article expose, a decoy against real jewish i think.

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