Venezuela is a commie hell hole

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (R) shakes hands with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas on April 2, 2010. AFP PHOTO/Juan BARRETO (Photo credit should read JUAN BARRETO/AFP/Getty Images)

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
July 11, 2019 Anno Domini

It blows my mind that people in the Right-wing movement continue to peddle the idiotic rhetoric that Venezuela and its Soviet backer Russia are thwarting the New World Order.

Instead of accepting the simplest and most logical explanation, that Venezuela is still a Soviet satellite and a failed socialist state carrying on a long-range plan of enslavement, they choose to believe Soviet-seeded propaganda in the “alternative” media that the West is to blame for all evil in the world—exactly the perception that the Kremlin’s Operation SIG has sought to achieve in the world.

A man holding a poster at a political march in Calle Ocho decrying Chavista communism. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)

Having, myself, spent considerable time in the “workers’ paradise” of Venezuela, I can tell you that it is a complete communist hell hole. While moronic conspiracy buffs—most of whom probably have never stepped foot in South America—romanticize Venezuela for social media likes, channel subscriptions, and shekels, real Venezuelans are starving, being murdered, and are subjected to horrendous living conditions—all thanks to the Soviet Union’s collectivization of Latin America over the last century.

Yet, Madurophiles and Putinphiles alike have the audacity to engage in whataboutism, accusing the West of the all-too-familiar Marxist cliches of “colonialism”, “imperialism”, ad nauseum. Never mind the poverty and violence everywhere in Venezuela, the West is to blame for everything, everywhere, always. Forget that your neighbour is being forced to eat their house pets, we have anti-Zionism and anti-colonialism to save us!

I remember seeing anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian graffiti on slum walls as I rode a bus through Venezuela’s capital city Caracas (Caracas has the highest murder rate in the world) and in other places. Back then, I didn’t understand the close relationship between Marxist states and anti-Zionism. I, too, was almost sucked in to believing that Chavez and his socialist masonic Bolivarian utopia were thwarting the New World Order. Fortunately, I eventually woke up. However, I guess this superficial, Soviet-bred anti-Zionist gambit vindicates the failed socialist state of Venezuela in the eyes of the armchair anti-globalist keyboard warriors who portray themselves as experts. Blinded by their political zeal and bankrupt geopolitical analysis, this shows that they don’t care about real people, like the Venezuelan people. Like with every communist dictatorship, the people are just indispensable tools. These fools are so out of touch with reality that they think that Venezuelans care about rigged dialectical ideology more than what they will eat and with what they will clothe themselves. Also with every communist dictatorhip comes a completely criminal and corrupt regime and utter disregard for the sanctity of human life. In Venezuela, you can hire a hitman for as little as $7 USD—demonstrating that Venezuela is every bit the mafia state that Putinist Russia and its other satellites are.

VENEZUELA – AUGUST 11: Fidel Castro visits Venezuela on his 75th birthday – To celebrate his 75th birthday on August 13th, Fidel Castro was invited by President Hugo Chavez to visit Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela on August 11, 2001. (Photo by Pedro RUIZ/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

I also remember communist Cuban agent provocateurs being flown in to Venezuela to murder dissenters and stir riots during the constant unrest and populist discontent with Chavez and his socialist “reforms” towards the last half of the 2000s. There were constant riots and demonstrations. Apparently, Chavez took a page out of Lenin’s handbook: it’s easier for foreigners to kill disseneters than have locals killing locals. It seems that to the world, Chavez would hide all this by spouting shallow, superficial rhetoric about then U.S. President George W. Bush, like rambling on about Bush being a “donkey”. Only a fool wouldn’t see through this cheap opposition. Chavez was engaging in the all-too-familiar Soviet whataboutism while his people starved (the food shortages were going on under Chavez’ rule, too). In the end, Soviet communism remained in power in Venezuela, as it does today. It matters not which puppet president graces the podium.

It’s no surprise that Russia Today television lies when it denies the mass starvation, mass violence, and mass social upheaval in Venezuela, because it could never admit that communism is a failed evil and Satanic system. Furthermore RT, as an organ of the Kremlin, could never compromise one of its satellites, which is so strategic in its destabilization of the West in this final end game. They count on people not checking it out. Well, I was there. It’s all too real.

Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba’s president, left, and Diosdado Cabello, president of the Venezuela’s Constituent National Assembly, right, raise their fist as Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s president, speaks during the closing ceremony at the Sao Paulo Forum at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela, on Sunday, July 28, 2019. Maduro is hosting leftist allies from Latin America and the Caribbean for the 25th annual event in Caracas, this as the U.S. placed sanctions on a Colombian businessman it said corruptly helped the regime make hundreds of millions of dollars from a food-distribution network that’s supposed to serve starving people. Photographer: Carlos Becerra/Bloomberg via Getty Images


  1. I guess I have never encountered and have no idea who you are talking about with this sentence.

    “It blows my mind that people in the Right-wing movement continue to peddle the idiotic rhetoric that Venezuela and its Soviet backer Russia are thwarting the New World Order.”

    I have known for a very long time that “Venezuela is a commie hell hole”.

    I am sad for the people of South America and I do not know of any charities here in the USA that can help them. That is probably because the same people that ruined their country and made their people poor have just about also completely done the same to my country and countrymen.

    Soros and other unknown moneyed entities masquerading as “Leftists” and “Communists” are driving tens of thousands of South Americans into the USA as I type and Mexico and its drug-cartel run country’s government officials are helping drive those poor people, like cattle, into the USA.

    I appreciate your stating that RT is an organ of the Kremlin. RT on YouTube that I rarely go to did a couple of shows recently with “The Ring of Fire” Florida Leftist attorneys, doing their virtue signaling routine talking about the latest Jeffrey Epstein matter sp as to attack Trump. I could see how subversive, dishonest and Left handed”, pardon the pun, the whole conversation was. The way they use words and combine words to create false connotations and associations is truly Satanic wordsmithing of the highest order.

  2. I think part of the problem is that, with many people, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Some connect only so many dots before declaring themselves experts and running off to educate the rest of the world, or in more realistic cases, those who are recently waking up from the long American “Rip Van Winkle-esque” slumber.
    I don’t know what it is about Putin and Russia that continues to serve as blinders for many people – as if they are somehow independent and sovereign from the long-tightening noose all of western civilization wears around it’s collective neck.

  3. Venezuela’s ‘anti-Semitic’ leader admits Jewish ancestry.

    ‘In an interesting twist, Maduro, the political successor of the late president Hugo Chávez, told the press last week that he himself was descended from Sephardic Jewish ancestors.

    If there is a people that has a rich socialist tradition, it’s the Jewish people… We respect their history.’

    Juan Guido and freemasonry

    1. Carol, don’t you see how blasphemous the Fatima movement is? The Holy Theotokos is not God. This is not a Catholic teaching, nor is it a teaching from the Holy Fathers of the Church. There is only one God, that is Christ Jesus.
      The Fatima “apparitions” did not tell us anything new about communism, nor did they give us any insight into the future. The timing of them is also very suspicious—at the start of the Bolshevik revolution, by which time the Communists had heavily infiltrated the Catholic Church.

  4. Venezuelas history is interesting, when bolivar died his personal documents and diaries where ordered to be destroyed (most likely by the freemasons since he was one ) but florence o`leary one of his generals who was irish sneaked into the palace or house (where the manuscripts and diaries were kept) and took everything that was there, and hid it for 25 years and he studied and wrote books and other material about bolivar that wouldve been lost only for him saving the material.
    The “empire” of brazil was also ran and controlled by freemasons, and both sides of the mexico-american war was infested with them.

  5. As regards Putin and the Oligarchs – Russian national Iskander Hashim testifies it was a false conflict to give the impression that Putin was against the oligarchs/Jews. The oligarchs are still welcome in Russia – it was a set-up;
    31 m 15 s – 32m 42 s


    ‘In Eastern Europe Things Are Not What They Seem’ – Interviews with Mr Petr Cibulka.

    Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. A series of 6 interviews which are a must read regarding the fake collapse of the Soviet Union. Though the interviews were in 2004 & 2005, their content remains valid and vital understanding. It is a first-hand account of a man imprisoned multiple times by the communists before so-called ‘Perestroika’ In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files, including the names of over 200,000 communist spies and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from ‘former’ communist officials. The former communists were given immunity by the Czech government.

    Key quotes.

    ‘I don’t know what the collapse of communism looks like from the American point of view, but from the painful experience of the citizens of all the post-communist countries the collapse of communism is A PURE FICTION. Communists and their communist pyramid of power remain untouched.’

    “Our paper debunked many lies widely believed about the November revolution of 1989 and the fact it was not an anti-communist revolution at all. It was a privatization coup organized by the reform wing of the Russian KGB. It was accomplished in order to install the self-invited ‘new administration’ turning them into the country’s rulers and lawful owners. And that was achieved in full measure by the communists, the STB and KGB structures under the leadership of Vaclav Havel. As a result there was a FRAUDULENT PRIVATIZATION OF STATE WEALTH THAT IN FACT ENDED UP IN THE HANDS OF COMMUNISTAND STB/KGB STRUCTURES ONLY.”
    The public was, from the first day, insisting on a full disclosure and publication of all communist secrets (including those of the Soviet occupation government). Unfortunately, all the people in power, and that means President Havel, and all the others (Vaclav Klaus, Milos Zeman, Dienstbier, Pithart and others) were very strongly against it, against any publishing, against any openings of communist archives, against any punishment of communist criminals to whom they had guaranteed immunity!

    Vaclav Havel told them (the US Congress) then: ‘If you want to help Czechoslovakia then you must help the Soviet Union!’ He was also saying at the time: ‘The liquidation of the Warsaw Pact should be followed by the liquidation of NATO!”

    “They’re (the Soviets) realizing that Western Europe is already under their rule indirectly through communist agents of influence – corrupt and compromised politicians. Western Europe is not a threat to Moscow. Therefore to the communists America is still the #1 enemy and an obstacle on their way to conquer the World. As I have stated before, Russia is determined to fight America through surrogates. On the one hand, Russia is trying to provoke a split between America and Europe. On the other hand, Russia is trying to strengthen the most fanatical anti-American regimes in the world by supplying them with weapons of mass destruction.
    “At this time Russia is not trying to defeat the West by herself in a direct confrontation; but she is using anybody willing to help, to destabilize and cause the total breakdown of the West. This method involves subversion from within and also from without, against western countries.

    I am convinced that Russian military intelligence (GRU) is directing terrorist activities against the United States and the West. This is Moscow’s main option for defeating the West. Therefore the GRU is supplying the Islamic terrorists with Russian nuclear weapons so the planned attack against the United States by Russia, China and their allies can follow.

    “Are the Russians still trying to install communist regimes all over the World?

    Yes, that’s Moscow’s basic objective. The communist movement is global, it is worldwide. The communist target is to conquer the entire World. Communism is simply the victory of the lowest there is in a man and everywhere communism succeeded and took hold this has been demonstrated.”
    “Can you define the main strategic mission of all communist and post-communist espionage services?

    It is the breakdown of Western Civilization by removing its spiritual and moral pillars and replacing them with materialism and socialism. Also its economic, political and power structures, and it is necessary to fundamentally weaken the middle class and limit the bourgeoisie’s political role. This strategy has apparently met with success.”

    “A Russian signature under any kind of agreement has only the value of the paper on which it is written. The same applies to the communist Chinese and their ‘stalking horse’ in North Korea — which will be used for future dirty work against America.”
    “I think we are engaged in a fundamental fight as to which side the Czech Republic will join in the up-coming Third World War.”


  6. If there was no oil in Venezuela it would be just fine. Cuba kicked the usury Zionist out and got sanctions that’s why people are hungry and poor. Venezuela is under Zio American -Israel sanctions and regime change for not giving natural resources and control like Brasil and other vassals. All about Benjamins and shekels last 300 years I fear.

    1. Where do you guys come up with this nonsense? Jewish power is not concentrated in Zionism. It’s concentrated in banking and the Soviet system. Same rhetoric as the Russophiles who say, “Putin kicked the Rothschilds out” or “Putin kicked the _____ out”, fill in the blank. Pure fantasy. Nobody was kicked out of Russia or Cuba, except for legitimate anti-communists or people who got in the way.

  7. Article is eye opener for myself I was there back in the 80S on a ship for a days excursion ,before coming on land I noticed large groups of troops and vehicles ,then starting the tour I was shocked with conditions I saw , I have seen the poor and conditions they live in waste carbage and human waste flowing thru channels from up high draining down and smell well it was Bad, the poor and innocent mixing with the chosen ones who’s life’s where a step up, my experience was not pleasant , today it sounds like it’s Far Far worse Lord have Mercy on those poor souls ,reminds of the story about Lazarus , I suggest you might detail all the Latin country’s under Putin control we sheeple need to see the hand of evil , I remember a few years ago the president of Bolivia with a crucifix and attached to it a hammer and sickle , as I say always keep going show the signs of the times maybe just maybe you might enlighten some with Gods grace .RL Sent from my iPad

  8. I do not know when “liberation theology” began in South America but you can look there to the contamination of the Church and the Catholic continent.
    Che Guevara’s son was named Vladimir. Che and his son were hanging out in a swamp camp in Cuba, some time in the early 1960s. One strict rule of the camp was that no one could take a second piece of bread. His very young son broke that rule and his father shot him to death then and there.
    Feel the love.

  9. Judaic power is very much centred in Zionism since it is the vehicle used to set up the antiChrist. All bankers are Zionists and all western politicians have to bow very publicly to the Judaic Zionist state. Trump is controlled by zionists and he is just as controlled by Chabad as Putin, as that at cross-dressing daughter and its girlyboy “husband” showed us all too clearly. So where is the heart of Chabad?

  10. I feel what they say about Putin are just pure lies and exaggerations.

    My view is simply to be pragmatically “pro-Putin” that it is a choice between him or the Western forces, but if I see genuine Russian nationalists against Putin, I would certainly support them.

    Certainly, Putin may simply be playing his assigned role on the international stage, just as Trump was playing his assigned role on the national stage. If that’s the case, then it’s a tough pill to swallow because it makes TPTB even more powerful and pervasive than I’d like to consider it to be. Although it is something that I have considered.

    It may simply be the case that Putin is a repeat of Stalin on a smaller scale. Stalin seized the USSR from the Jewish Bolsheviks, although his own regime was not a great improvement and Putin seized Russia from the Jewish oligarchs who plundered it in the 1990s, although many still remain, although presumably subordinate to Putin (as opposed to that Putin is his puppet, as is the case in the West). And the Putin regime is also not a million miles better than it could have been under the Jewish oligarchs. Hence, Russia is now the center of so much hostility.

    It may be that the Russians are quite hostile and do not adapt to “democracy”, preferring to be ruled by more authoritarian rulers. Because of this, Jews have a hard time infecting that country with (((liberal democracy))) and thus controlling it. If all that’s holding that at bay right now is Putin, then it must be Putin.

  11. Venezuela and China have laid the groundwork for a multilateral world marked by respect and cooperation, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday.

    “We have built the cultural, political and economic foundations for this new multilateral and multipolar world of respect and balance,” Maduro said during a ceremony in honor of China’s outgoing ambassador to Caracas, Zhao Rongxian.

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