The Left has completely hijacked logical fallacy inquiry

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
Feb. 21, 2019

Research logical fallacies and you will find a plethora of lists and descriptions that all seem to share a similar narrative.

You will find long and short lists of common and uncommon fallacies (illogical arguments) as well as examples of contemporary and past uses of these fallacies. But whether it’s from academia, its closely allied skeptics movement, or from people calling themselves “rational”, the lists and examples tend to share the same narrative.:
Right wingers, the religious, and traditionalists—or anyone who Leftists hate—are all illogical, bigoted idiots who should be ignored.

This problem wouldn’t be so bad if one could find a genuinely ideologically neutral source, but it seems next to impossible. Whether the search engines have been manipulated to produce these results and/or non-Leftists are simply not talking about logical fallacies is anyone’s guess. It seems to be a combination of the two. What one could find through search engines 10-20 years ago was a lot more than one finds today. Non-leftists are typically very logical thinking people, but they don’t seem to be engaged in this kind of debate or they may not be aware that their logical thinking has been systematized and put down on paper (as would be the case with the logically thinking but formally uneducated).

Had the Right been more aware, they would have seen that today’s definitions and examples used for the ancient school of logic has been re-organized by the world scientific dictatorship with its Leftist bias. They would have seen and laughed at the Left presenting itself as the sole arbiter of “logic” and morally justified opponents of logically fallacious idiot right wingers.

In reality, the opposite seems true. Academicians and their bedfellow skeptics movement Marxists are themselves guilty of consistently employing logical fallacies. Their worldview is largely based in anti-logic (anti-Logos); their use for logical fallacy inquiry, then, is really only to keep young rank-and-file Lefties from discovering true logic (through distortion of the definitions), as well as to keep the Right from figuring out their deceptive games (prevent the Right from learning about the trappings of logical fallacies). Therefore, by monopolizing this form of inquiry, they can further gatekeep for the Left, thereby maintaing their academic and societal supremacy. They get to control almost all public discourse. Double agent Jordan Peterson recently cemented this absolute public dominance when he declared that European ethno-nationalists ought to be excluded from any discussions.

Forget about historical inquiry about the alleged happenings during the “Holocaust”, because that would be Holocaust denial (appeal to ridicule, appeal to pity, ad hominem, no discussion, narrative fallacy, non-recognition, playing on emotion, reductio ad Hitlerum). Forget about challenging academia and the media’s eschatological fallacies regarding the doomed environment and climate change, for that would be climate denial (appeal to ridicule, ad hominem, no discussion, reductionism, Big Lie technique). Don’t ever criticize Israel or Jewish behaviour, for that would be a classic case of vicious anti-Semitism (name calling, appeal to ridicule, ad hominem, no discussion). While you’re at it, don’t talk about the freemasons, dangers of vaccines, or world government, because that would just mean that you are one of those conspiracy theorists (name calling, appeal to ridicule, ad hominem, no discussion).

As you can see from these brief examples, nobody is more guilty than the Left is of employing deceptive, fallacious arguments, especially the so called skeptics movement (they are some of the biggest hypocrites in this respect). Yet the media and academia portray the opposite (gaslighting!). With the Left’s “Holocaust denier” fallacy alone, I found at least eight appropriate categories involved in the Left’s dismissal of Holocaust inquiry. Check them out, but just beware of the source and the wording of the carefully crafted descriptions.

One of the most common fallacies of the Leftist Logical Fallacy Police (LLFPD) is to misrepresent arguments from those on the Right (strawman fallacy). They also frequently use the “fallacy fallacy”, which is when it is assumed that just because someone presents a fallacious argument, their entire position is automatically wrong, when it could simply be that they just haven’t adequately argued their position. This happens with the Right because the Left is typically more formally educated. A Leftist can academically dismiss a fallacious argument presented by a Right winger and resort to a state of cognitive dissonance (thereby re-affirming his Leftist worldview), even though the Right winger’s position is actually true. This is unfortunate.

The LLFPD favours Jews in that they dismiss any and all criticism of Jews as a collective group under the guise of the scapegoating fallacy. While this is a real and legitimate fallacy, it’s most often falsely attributed to critics of Jews. Sure, some people who know nothing about the Jewish question will callously blame Jews for things. But authentic critics will provide solid arguments that demonstrate the cause and effects of collective Jewish behaviour.

Eventually, knowledge of logical fallacies—and logic in general—will become so distorted that it will be meaningless. You can already see this trajectory with the way the Left has reclassified and reworded the definitions and examples. Orwell’s post-truth 1984 seems all the more likely.


  1. Well said. It’s altogether quite obvious to us that the 2nd epoch, of the ‘days of Noah’ are well developed again- due to not developing, but regressing…Appreciate your articulate thoughts, thank you..from “Mayberry”, NC

  2. The understanding of logic, rhetoric and logical fallacy is essential for the use of natural reason. Unless you can use natural reason, fact based reasoning etc, you do not have coherent thinking that can lead to any kind of conclusion whether fact based or rationally based. You have bananas in your ears, you can not run a reality based programme. For you black is white if Humpty Dumpty says black is white. In fact the story of Humpty Dumpty in Alice in Wonderland is Lewis Carroll’s famous satire of people who do not use classical reasoning but rather operate on the basis dialectic or what authority or perceived authority tells them to think . The Left does not use classical reasoning – for example: the law of non-contradiction in terms. The two propositions: a is b and a is not b are mutually exclusive. Operate with both of these propositions in your thinking and you have a non-sense. The Left uses dialectic : a is b and a is not b —> synthesis. That is thesis / anti-thesis —> synthesis. It abhors natural reasoning, classical, fact based empirical reasoning. It abhors mathematics. Like Humpty Dumpty, it makes up its own axioms and its own facts and chooses its own facts in the creation of its own world (synthesis). You could write books on Humpty and its deluded minions and their hatred of natural reasoning – which is basically their ‘we are the god’ reality based programme. According to Lewis Carroll, they are Humpty Dumpty and he wrote a very famous story about them.

  3. It doesn’t matter because you’re obviously not dealing with “your” media but enemy propaganda media from an occupied government.
    They’re not out to “prove” anything through logic but to brainwash people through endless repetition of ridiculous lies, such as “the moon landings” or “planes and 3000 victims on 9-11” or “the holohoax,” “Sandy Hoax,” etc., through operations of outright lies on the psychological condition of many tens of millions of people at a time.
    The non-stop destablization agenda is Marxist which means pushing false equalities of various kinds in every area of society, when in reality all individuals, even identical twins and even the same individual at different times in in his life, are demonstrably different — never mind two individuals from two entirely different cultures.
    Endless multi-generational expsosure to fear-based-DRAMA through TV shows and books and magazine stories is the precursor to TRAUMA, hence why the word is exactly the same phonetically save for the first letter.
    A dramatic person is first programmed through TV and media, and is later triggered by using TV-like “fear” triggers in so-called real-life which brings the same flawed, ‘dramatic’ and emotional interpretations onto the “real life” world stage and gets the man-keys dancing to the agitated tune of the agit-prop, agitation to appeal to the emotions, propaganda to appeal to and corrupt the reason through unrecognized logical fallacies and double-standards of all kinds.
    The dramatic and the ‘traumatic’ are basically two sides of the same coin. “Drama” is the most hackneyed of all artistic devices for a reason. It’s an interpretation of life or a way of seeing it that tends to create and perpetuate conflict and problems that once experienced as unpleasant (or pleasant) can later be triggered by association to control those who do not want to repeat the ‘trauma” and ‘drama’ as well as those who WANT to be masochistic and get off on being in ‘drama’ and in a fear induced ‘traumatized’ state. What i mean to say is that plenty of people get addicted to that FEAR rush and have to have it every day, their daily does of fear, drama and trauma, Plenty of eople in the alternative research community belong in this category, although they try to pretend that they have deconditioned from and transcended their own “fear” and drama triggers.
    To even pretend that the U.S. government of today in any way represents “the original free-speech/free-choice conception of the founders” is totally absurd, but that is what the media pretend the U.S. government still is, while every last thing it does goes against free-speech and free-choice. The opposition has no media voice or is given a very marginal media presence at best just so they can say “see, we allowed dissent.” By giving a couple of dissenting voices 5 minutes a day, the sheeple think their “side” has been represented, while every other minute of every hour of every day bombards people with collectivist, multiculturalist, communitarian hogwash, the EXACT opposite of what the USA, in its original conception is supposed to stand for. ‘
    Donald Trump himself is selected fake opposition in order to let the conservative Americans, the ones that want to conserve the ideals of the founders let off steam and THINK they had a real voice on their side. Meanwhile both Trump and the liberal opposite end of the fake dialectic totally support Jews nearly 100% of the time. Whatever Jews ask for, they get. So whose country is it?
    And once the the conservatives “had their say” with Trump, and if Trump doesn’t manage to pass hate-speech laws and holohoax denial laws for them to completely murder free-speech for good, the liberals that take over afterwards will finish the deal to “level the playing field” after the “conservative and racisss assault” on “civil liberties” (applying to all but white people, the people that actually built the USA into a modern civilization and were responsible for any and all “liberties” created there), a fake and phony “hangout” which serves to rationalize the “backlash” that needs to happen to correct things.

    Night and day difference, Almost 360 degrees opposite to what is being pushed today. And even that immigration was meant to be from White European lands in order for the people to have the common culture and wherewithal to succeed in building European style cities in the USA, NEW york, NEW jersey, NEW Brunswick and all the rest of that. New and freer versions of what they had in Europe and which was corrupted beyond repair, even back then, hence prompting them to cross the Atlantic.

  5. Finally we have a truther who understands this! I was a ‘debunker’ and a rationalist in my early teens but dropped out of the movement after I realized that it had become a anti-truth cult obsessed with destroying everything that is not mainstream. Check out {Ir} RationalWiki and Snopes, trust me you’ll get a good laugh Fitzpatrick.

  6. Enough of this “false-flag” nonsense already. People do not have to get killed in any of these events for them to 100% work on public opinion. This was yet another previously manufactured fake hoax with the world’s entire media being fully complicit.
    They’re all on ONE side and they’ll never be on your side. The only thing real in these fake events is the stress and fear generated by the fakery. They already passed a draconian law in New Zealand to prevent spread of the video, which is so easy to expose as a hoax.

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