9/11 Missing Links

By John Alan Martinson and Mike Delaney

Examining the Israeli orchestration of the Sept. 11 terror attacks in NYC.
Final cut Watch at Bitchute here.


  1. From 30:35 to 32:41 on this one-hour Missing Links video is covered the story of the “Dancing Israelis.”
    Within that segment is shown the unidentified woman supposedly watching out her Weehawken, New Jersey apartment window to see three of the 5 dancing Israelis celebrating near a white van that was being looked for by the New Jersey police the destruction of the World Trade Center.
    I am probably the only 9-11 “researcher” who views that woman as a “crisis actor” working for the Mossad and our own Cass Sunstein types in the top USA intelligence agencies.
    In fact I view the entire Dancing Israelis subplot in 9-11 to be a very sophisticated cover or front operation for the Mossad operations in the USA.
    There the Dancing Israelis sub-plot refers to activisties that took place at 3 or 4 different sites in and around the World Trade Center immediately after the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on 9-11-01:
    1. 5 dancing celebrating guys in Liberty State Park dressed as Middle Easterners who turned out to be Israelis;
    2. 3 celebrating and dancing guys this unidentified woman viewed and spoke about from her Weehawken New Jersey apartment window of a nearby parking lot.
    3. White van appehending either on the George Washington Bridge or the New Jersey side right before going on to the George Washington Bridge
    4. White vans sited at vaious places including a white van with a large mural on its side showing a plane headed toward a WTC tower.
    5. Urban Moving Company located in New Jersey. Moving companies are known as Mossad front kind of businesses.
    All of this is part of “The Dancing Israelis” sub-plot
    I beleive somehow the Mossad and the USA top intelligence operatives benefit from this way too too blatant and obvious and sloppy sub-plot, It is its blatant obviousness that causes me to take “The Dancing Israelis” story as part of the 9-11 perpetrators’ Plan.

    1. You’re saying that the dancing Israelis is a psyop? I could see this being the case. It’s a little too obvious, isn’t it? It’s like the Revelation of the Method stuff: throwing it in our faces that they committed the crime, and with no punishment.

      1. Yes, I guess that is what I am saying but I think the term “a psyop” has been distorted too.
        I just started studying 9-11 from 9-11-01 and I have seen so so many twisted new “truth Theories” come and go over the years and many of them have on the surface appeared to be against the “Israelies” and the “Mossad.”
        I see those particular kind of deceptions in every major geopolitical issue now facing the USA.
        We somehow are being tricked into accepting a commentator or a content creator’s ideas or theories on an “alternative” video channel on some video platform, when the basic deception is hard to decipher because on the surface, the commentator’s ideas do seem to accurately identify the true perpetrators of 9-11 (and other issues’ perpetrators).
        There are a whole new set of the main 9-11 truth researchers who had put out some very high quality data contributing the fund of scarce facts we have about what really happened on 9-11 but who are now, of last two years or so, putting forward a COMPLETELY NEW, 180 degree turn, from their former “theories” and now are pushing DRONES and SECRET SPACE TECHNOLOGY.
        Another example of someone who APPEARS to be putting out good solid information regarding the “Israelis and the Mossad” being perpetrators of 9-11, but whom I believe to be a sophisticated disinfo artiist is…
        Christopher Bollyn.
        Won’t elaborate here on this because it gets in to too deeply in to 9-11 truth theories matters over the years, and most people have not studied 9-11 very deeply.
        Another more generally related to what I am talking about here is the gradual, over 17 plus years since 9-11, BIG CONNECTION between the SAUDIS AND THE ISRAELIS and MOSSAD.

          1. “OK, but who do you think orchestrated 9/11?”
            Those entities that own and operate the USA and have orchestrated all wars and false events our nation has been involved in since its founding.
            Some call it “the Hidden Hand” or the Brotherhood of Darkness or the Deep State.
            I identify it as Judeo-Masonic neocon banksters.
            E. Michael Jones calls it the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.
            The bible calls it the mystery of iniquity.

  2. I have tried to come to a better understanding of WHY the MOSSAD USA would want to incorporate this Dancing Israelis sub-plot into the overall 9-11 official story.
    Here is what I have come up with so far. There could be better reasons but I have a hard time thinking like Satanically evil MOSSAD USA and their motivations in 9-11 to have “war on terrorism” and kill and maim tens of thousands of innocent people and destroy the constitutional republic of the USA.
    Why I think the Dancing Isaelis is a deliberate 9-11 deception.
    1. To send us an In-your-face message … WE OWN USA (media, White House, New York, New Jersey – the whole thing) and we plainly were involved in 9-11 but we get off scot-free so there is nothing you can do and it is going to be like this from now on for all future false events on USA soil. (This leads to future 9-11 truth seeker claims that ‘since we will never know the whole truth of what happened on 9-11 and who did it, any and all 9-11 truth theories are of equal weight and value and one theory is no better than another, so go down “our”new theory’s rabbit trail and avoid naming the MOSSAD.
    1. This Dancing Israelis sub-plot, this pitifully weak* looking effort that easily got caught, is the ONLY involvement we (MOSSAD deep in USA) , the senders of this sub-plot message, had in 9-11.)
    *These are some of the “pitifully weak” APPEARING features of the “Dancing Israelis” sub-plot of 9-11.
    The “Dancing Israelis” sub-plot SCREAMS to the police “ Look here and arrest us. We are Mossad and we are guilty.”
    moving van company,
    white vans,
    white vans with plane flying to WTC tower mural on side,
    Mossad guys dressed up as Middle Easterners pointing to “the Palestinians”

  3. Came across this great video by Rick Adams that covers 9-11 and all the other false events.
    30 minutes long.
    Rick Adams is a Christian Catholic commentator.
    The Deadly Experiment: Potpourri of Hoax’s
    RickAdamsUncensored TheDeadlyExperiment
    Published on Oct 23, 2014
    Suggest going to this youtube channel — RickAdamsUncensored TheDeadlyExperiment –and sort and view all of these videos in chronological order to effect the repair, revision and reconstruction of your knowledge of history and truth.
    I hope Mr. Adams posts his videos on another video platform as it is just a matter of time before all of these good videos will be erased forever.

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