A response to Father Michael Ruskin regarding the Russia deception

Anti-Christian Soviet propaganda. Perhaps this rendering has dual meaning. On one hand, the Soviets portray the church as a religious snare, but on the other hand, perhaps they are crytpically telling Russians of the Soviet control of the Patriarchate of Moscow.

*The following is in response to comments made by Father Michael Ruskin of Christ the Saviour Antiochian Orthodox Church of New Zealand to my open letter on the Russia deception.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
July 5, 2018 Anno Domini

Dear Father Michael,

Your sobering reminder about the daily battle within ourselves is without a doubt the most important battle in our day-to-day lives. The Holy Scriptures warn us that the ultimate struggle is not with flesh and blood but with things of the spirit. How correct this is.

But let us realize that communism and its subsidiaries are not merely physical and political constructs with which to enslave humans beings. They are deeply spiritual—so much so that Patriarch Tikhon died to protect his flock from its spiritual perversion, not just its physical oppressiveness. It is not called “Godless communism” without good reason. In hindsight, Tikhon was justified in moving the Church into the catacombs, as the resulting Marxist churches (permitted by Lenin and the Soviets) that sprang up in both East and West (Vatican II) would evolve and attempt to replace the true one, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Prior to its Marxist infiltration, the Vatican also issued grave warnings about the communist threat. The Eastern and Western Churches were in complete agreement on this. But where are these warnings in the new Sovietized churches? No where. They don’t exist. Communism/Marxism is no longer a threat, they have us believing.

Is Putin doing anything more than Lenin in permitting the existence of the Sergian church in Russia and its subsidiaries in the West? Where is the rebirth of authentic Orthodoxy in Russia today? Shouldn’t this be reflected in Russia’s statistics, which have sky-high abortion rates, broken families, and essentially the same problems as the “evil” West? How many Russians even know of the Catacomb Church? In truth, both Putin and Lenin are responsible for the rebirth of the orthodox church—a Soviet mongrelized church. Patriarch Kirill follows the Sergian line of illegitimate succession, it seems. And lo and behold, Kirill is “former” FSB. During the Red Terror, the Soviets created schisms within the true Church and even honeypot “anti-Soviet” traditional churches to lure the flock to their deaths. How can we be sure Putin will not (perhaps he already has) do the same? Golitsyn claimed in the 1980s-90s that the crypto-Soviet power would offer concessions to the Church—effectively gambits—as part of its long-range strategy to woo social conservatives. And this is exactly what happened. In the following quote, Golitsyn speaks of the subversion of the Church.

“It fails to understand that greater apparent official tolerance of religion in the Soviet Union is accompanied by a secret drive to increase Party and KGB penetration of the Catholic and other churches and to use agents therein for political and strategic purposes inside and outside the Soviet Union. As part of the programme to destroy religion from within, the KGB, in the late 1950s, started sending dedicated young Communists to ecclesiastical academies and seminaries to train them as future church leaders. These young Communists joined the Church, not at the call of their consciences to serve God, but at the call of the Communist Party in order to serve that Party and to implement its general line in the struggle against religion.” (pg. 116, The Perestroika Deception)
Brother Maurice Pinay spoke in the 1960s of the same phenomenon of subversives entering the Catholic priesthood. It seems the same has happened in the Orthodox Church. Both Kirill and the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis, are ecumenists who espouse communist views. This only corroborates Golitsyn’s warnings.

Golitsyn narrows down Russia’s false democratisation plot and concludes with,

“It is, however, a false, cosmetic liberalisation. For example, the alleged religious relaxation is a spectacle produced and managed by the KGB and the high priests of the church who are KGB agents assigned to fulfill the strategy…In the present phase, secret agents in the Catholic and other churches are being used to implement Communist strategy. When they achieve their Communist world victory, they will use mass withdrawal of their agents to disrupt and destroy the churches. Never in its history since Nero has Christianity faced such a threat of possible destruction. The dictum of the late Pope Pius XII about the incompatibility of Communism and religion is as correct as ever. The Vatican should reaffirm this dictum and should use its influence and its ‘divisions’ to defend Western values from the new Communist assault. (pgs. 189, 116-117)

Keep in mind that Golitsyn said all of this long before Kirill became patriarch. Can you honestly say to yourself that it’s a mere coincidence that the “tobacco” metropolitan happened to be pulled from communist ranks of the KGB?
The idea that the Russian Federation is the last bastion of Christian orthodox theocracy and, therefore, must defend itself is a wonderful one, but it does not stand under scrutiny. Firstly, many proponents of this perceived Russian-theocratic state point to the number of NATO military bases surrounding Russia as an indication that Russia is not an aggressor but is, instead, only acting defensively. But they can’t seem to explain how this supposedly superior Western-led NATO military occupation couldn’t manage to stop Russia from annexing Crimea, much less retaliate. Aside from a few show sanctions imposed by then U.S. President Obama (a secret communist himself) and other Western nations following the annexation, we didn’t so much as see a budge from a single NATO tank in response. Why? The only two conclusions one can come to is that NATO and the West are not militarily superior to Russia and her allies or, worse yet, the two sides are in on the charade together. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty has been invoked only one time, following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks—provoking a Western-led military campaign in which Russia acted quite passively, even endorsing the U.S. narrative of things. Is NATO really anything more than just a show army designed to trick Westerners into thinking the communist threat is being dealt with while the threat actually becomes stronger? I fear this may be the case, especially seeing as the Soviet plan involves dismantling NATO by subversion, not by guns—the same way the Church is being co-opted.

In the spirit of Lenin and his living student Aleksandr Dugin, defenders of Russia point to the infectious moral decay of the West and how this legitimizes Russia’s social and geopolitical manoeuvrings. While this is true about the West’s moral decay, these defenders don’t seem to be asking themselves what the motive is behind these charges. It’s one thing to point out immorality from a Christian perspective but quite another to point it out for strategic reasons. Is Russia portraying the West as evil because it is truly evil or is it doing so to weaken its morale? I can’t count how many Westerners I have seen cheering on Russian (Soviet) penetration of the West thinking it will destroy globalism. How ironic and twisted. These same also fail to acknowledge the large Soviet hand in furthering the moral decay of the West. Soviet penetration of Western governments is one thing, but when you have Soviet penetration of the education system, it becomes all the more obvious how we got to where we are today. The Western counter-culture revolutions of the 1960s were largely hatched in the Soviet Union. Are we supposed to forgive and forget all of this because the media has shouted from every rooftop that communism has fallen? And why should we trust the media, when it is part of the morally decayed West? Think about how we learned of the fake collapse of communism: from Western media. If the “evil” West truly hated “orthodox” Russia, you would think they would have been a little more prudent in assessing the validity of the purported fall of communism. Why was it immediately accepted without any kind of investigation? The crypto-Soviet empire of Russia is playing a classic globalist dialectic of creating the problem: cultural Marxism in the West, and offering the solution: neo-Bolshevik one worldism led by Russia.

Father Ruskin, you claim that the European Union is collapsing of its own volition, but consider that Europe’s largest economy resides in Germany, whose head Angela Merkel happens to be a “former” Soviet. It’s reasonable to say that Germany sets the tone for the EU. All Russia would have to do to manipulate the EU is have at least one rogue EU state under its control; although, I am sure it’s actually more than just one. Germany fits this hypothesis.
It could be said that Merkel is the single biggest saboteur of EU migration norms. With Merkel being a communist in the service of the crypto-Soviet Union, it seems that “Russia” is leading the campaign to de-Europeanize Europe. Yet, we are being told the opposite by Western Russophiles. Is it just a coincidence that Dugin’s Eurasian utopia concept is consistent with Kalergi’s Pan-European utopia?

As for Putin’s so called social conservatism, Russia recently has just had its first legal same-sex marriage. Russia’s decades of strategic corruption of Western mores has finally returned to its master. It’s now only a matter of time.
And blaming the West will be invalid, as the Soviet Union was pretty much the birthplace of the sexual revolution. In their occultic vision, the serpent’s head has reached its tail.

Your concluding statement, “It’s drawing a long bow to suggest they resurrected the Church to lull us into a false calmness before deceptively overwhelming us,” describes what Golitsyn explains as failed Western analysis of the Soviet threat. And as the above quotes show, this is exactly the kind of sophisticated enemy with which we are dealing. This is not about fearing the Kremlin and its diabolical plans but about discerning it…in righteousness.

Respectfully yours,
Timothy Fitzpatrick


  1. One thing that you could mention is the fact that Russia is allied with China and North Korea. Everyone acknowledges the fact that China and NK are still Communist and atheistic, so the very fact that Russia is still allied with them shows that its opposition to materialism & secularism is fake. The controlled alt-media continually mentions Putin’s intervention in Syria but ignores his alliance with anti-Christian gov’ts in East Asia. To me, the fact that the pan-Communist alliance is still in place is the strongest indictment against Putin.

    1. I like how the “traditional values” Russia picture has lesbian undertones.

    2. Russia’s GDP per capita was actually lower last year than your graphic shows. It was 11,441. It’s difficult to read, but it looks like this data is from 2011. Still revenant, I suppose. But, yeah, makes you think. The data simply isn’t there to back up the Russia-is-conservative meme.
      According to the CDC, “The HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe has increased more than any regional epidemic since 2001, and Russia’s epidemic is the largest in the region with more than 900,000 persons estimated to beliving with HIV/AIDS.”
      What a joke. People just want to be lied to. It’s more comfortable to believe that there is at least one country in the world that is “fighting the globalists”.

  2. “The only two conclusions one can come to is that NATO and the West are not militarily superior to Russia and her allies or, worse yet, *the two sides are in on the charade together*.”
    It’s obvious to me that the latter conclusion is the correct one. There is no enmity between Trump and Putin; they’re both agents for the same puppetmasters.
    “Is Russia portraying the West as evil because it is truly evil or is it doing so to weaken its morale?”
    To weaken its morale, yes indeed. (((Their))) nefarious plans are to demote the U.S. and NATO led “NWO”, and usher in the glorious, new Eastern BRICS NWO.
    “I can’t count how many Westerners I have seen cheering on Russian (Soviet) penetration of the West thinking it will destroy globalism. How ironic and twisted.”
    There you go! (((Their))) not-so-secret plans are working just as they were meant to. The “Christian- friendly” charade is just the right propaganda needed to brainwash American Christian “patriots” into finally being ensnared by the Commies. And it’s working quite well, isn’t it?!
    I admit to falling for the propaganda–hating America and even wishing I could go live in Russia!…until I saw a scripted reality show being acted out, and began to ask what was really going on? That’s when I found the following blog and my questions were answered. http://redefininggod.com/trump-and-putin-agents-of-chabad-lubavitch/

    1. Hi, Carri. Both Brendon O’Connell and I also fell for the Russia deception at one time. Relocating there suddenly seemed like a good idea. Thank God that we woke up before making such a huge mistake!

    2. Thanks Tim, for admitting that! It’s comforting to know I was in good company, and not the only one that was duped before realizing we were witnessing a theatrical production. Remember the Putin vs Pussy Riot circus sideshow? Haha, that was pretty outrageous entertainment, even convincing me that Putin was the “good guy”! Then there’s the “Putin vs Rothschild Zionist bankers” meme, further convincing many more that Putin was The Man who would save us from evil. Then I started questioning it all, asking why Putin was still alive and not assassinated? And why were RT and other Russian *news* agencies allowed to spread all their stories against Obama and the US, with no defensive rebuttals from Washington DC? Hmmmm…something’s not right about this picture.
      Do you see any hope, now that Christian patriots are being pulled into the web of Q and “The Plan” for Trump to “save America”? Many of my friends and family have clambered onto the Q bandwagon, believing every word simply because it feeds their confirmation bias that Obama, Hillary and the Democrats are Satan-worshipping pedophiles that tried to destroy America. And they won’t listen if I try to tell them they’ve been fooled, that it’s a classical intelligence PsyOp. We’re doomed, it seems.

  3. Greetings Timothy,
    Thank you for your thoughtful and extended reply to what I wrote. I hadn’t intended replying, however, I just read an article by Patrick Buchanan and as he has done the hard yards as regards the question of whether Russia remains Communist, I’ll quote him.
    “Is Putin’s Russia really a reincarnation of Stalin’s Soviet Union? Is Russia a threat of similar magnitude?.. By the beginning of Reagan’s tenure in 1981, 400,000 Red Army troops were in Central Europe,.. East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria were all ruled by Moscow’s puppets. All belonged to a Warsaw Pact created to fight NATO. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Ukraine were inside the USSR… And today? It has one-tenth the population and one-fifth the economy of its looming neighbour China, and, except for territory, is even more dwarfed by the United States with a GDP of $20 trillion, and troops, bases and allies all over the world. Most critically, Russia’s regime is no longer Communist. The ideology that drove its imperialism is dead. Where, today, is there a vital U.S. interest imperilled by Putin?” https://www.creators.com/read/pat-buchanan/07/18/is-putins-russia-an-evil-empire
    Nevertheless, it seems you are convinced whatever God is doing in Russia is of no account because president, patriarch and people, are all Communists. Although Putin has said his party membership is in his top drawer, that seems more of a politicians vote garner than meaning communist dogma influences his life in a deep way.
    Putin Rubbishes Communists: Stop Blaming Others, Soviet Union Ceased To Exist Under Your Leadership https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ6AUoNkt70
    I’m not enamoured by Russia nor unmindful of the problems they face. Many of which also confront the West. That said, Russia is allowing for Christianity to affect the nation’s conscience. Church attendance pales in comparison to what it is in the US but crucially their spiritual and moral compass has been relocated and is being dusted off. In the West any substantive influence from Christianity went out with the garbage a long time ago. Queen Elizabeth II, head of the Church of England, gave Royal Assent to a bill creating homosexual “marriage, “ which passed into law in 2014. I thought at the time if that wasn’t one issue the sovereign, who is also Head of the Church of England, should refuse to sign, that would be it. .
    Not only that, the Archbishop of Canterbury opposed the legislation but never resigned over the issue. Neither of them are Communists, but can their behaviour be considered less helpful to the ordering and maintenance of a Christian society. than we might expect from secularists? And how many Roman Catholic politicians supported similar law in the US? The point being, decrying Russia as being Communist inspired, when they don’t pass such laws, come across as a rant. Neither have they had their first same sex “marriage” as you claimed, the ceremony was performed in another country. I appreciate you are not being self-righteous and are critical of your pontiff and other problems in your church.
    What does the claim Russia is deceiving Christians in the West actually mean? It’s a nothing-burger. If Christianity is on a leash there we need to be mindful so it is in the West. The whole world lies in the hand of the evil one yet the Lord hears the cries of His people. Communism has been a dreadful nightmare and we should be wary about its return. I don’t think the Russian president or the Orthodox patriarch are practicing Communists; in any case, the Lord says to let the wheat and tares grow together until the harvest. While we should hold people to account, as far as possible, ultimate and inescapable judgement is reserved till the final harvest.
    Jesus spoke about a man who had two sons. One said he wouldn’t do what was asked of him, but did. The other said he would, but didn’t. Which was more pleasing to their father? He went on to say tax collectors and prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God ahead of you. Perhaps we might imagine the entrance room of a repentant Communist?
    I appreciate your knowledge about the Soviet era but are you resentful Orthodoxy has recovered somewhat from the bitterness it experienced during that time? Is there any joy on your part for a restoration of faith? To quote St Paul: Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: notwithstanding,.. whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice.
    As for NATO, it is not a sign of weakness it never came to Ukraine’s aid over Crimea. It was not obligated to as it’s not part of the pact. Besides, the return of Crimea to Russia was actually a reversal of an administrative change made during the Communism era. Surely, rectifying their mistakes would please you? Not only that, the opportunity for a referendum on returning to Russia was only made possible because Washington’s Neocons sponsored a coup and Moscow ended up outwitting them. NATO powers overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate president and installed CIA asset Poroshenko in his place. Putin merely helped the people of Crimea defend themselves against that overthrow.
    Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what Russia is up to but what we are doing. How are the western democracies faring? Russia can be admired for the good it does and criticised for the bad. Just like us. No one is getting deceived about them or ourselves
    Finally, you posted a picture of a Communist, perhaps from the 1930’s, secreted in a church and snaring a Russian civilian who was outside. The unfair implication is that this is happening now. Would it be any more truthful if you had shown another picture of a paedophile priest inside a Roman Catholic church, busily snaring a child who was in the vicinity? I think not.
    Keep praying but do not overly worry, the Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church will find its Lord faithful until His return. It has ever been thus.
    The Lord be with you.
    Fr Michael Ruskin

  4. As for the picture above comparing Russia to Austria: it’s correct but the reality is much worse (for Russia, that is). The worst of all is the demographics situation, which the authorities are trying to hide as much as they can. During the last census (2010), they waited a year or two before releasing the census results. The question is why, in this information age. Did it take so long to count? No, it took them so long because they were figuring out how to fudge the stats. I don’t have the numbers handy, but I recall that an independent analysis of population stats at that time showed that since the introduction of market reforms in the early 1990s, the ethnic Russian population of Russia declined by about 22 million, and the only reason the total population of Russia did not decline and stayed at around 143 million was that the declines were replaced by immigration, mostly from the Central Asian republics. So here you have it, the same multiculturalism as in Europe and the US. There’s actually a more correct word for it – genocide.

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