The Russia deception of Western nationalists and the Church

To: E. Michael Jones, Professor Kevin MacDonald, Nick Griffin, Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, James Corbett,  Henry Makow, Jordan Peterson, Patrick Wood, Nathanael Kapner, Mike Herzog, Christopher Bollyn, Michael Voris, David Duke
From: Timothy Fitzpatrick (Fitzpatrick Informer)
Subject: Open Letter regarding the Russia deception of Western nationalists and the Church
Date: July 1, 2018 Anno Domini
via email

Dear Brothers:

A small minority of us in the Western nationalist movement feel it imperative to alert leaders and persons of influence in our sphere of the great Russia deception. For it seems the great majority in our movement are being deceived on a massive scale by a decades-old, highly sophisticated, and highly co-ordinated campaign to lure the Church and Western nationalists into a trap in order to finally clinch world communistic government.

Essentially, the deception lies in the mistaken belief in the collapse of communist power in Russia, in the supposed Sino-Soviet split, and in the alleged rebirth of conservatism/nationalism/Christian orthodoxy in the current Russian Federation. Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn attempted to warn the world of this grand Russia deception in the 1980s through his contacts in the Central Intelligence Agency; however, we fear his efforts may have been sabotaged by Zionist agents within the CIA, namely one James Jesus Angleton. As a result, his message appears to have been blocked from reaching the appropriate channels of power in government and, ultimately, omitted from foreign policy plans of Western nations.

Golitsyn laid out in his memoranda to the CIA (made public through his two books: New Lies for Old and The Perestroika Deception) how the long-range Soviet plan—based on Leninist deception methods—was to restructure communism in China and the Soviet bloc to the more aesthetically appealing democratic socialism in order to lull the West to sleep over the world communist threat. Once this step had been accomplished (in the 1990s), the plan was to move on to the next phase, which would involve what Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov described as the demoralization of the Western social sphere, where the crypto-Soviet regime would externalize onto the West a seemingly contradictory policy of promoting opposing extreme Right and Left ideals as well as identity politics—with the hope of disarming, destabilizing, and weakening it. The perceived mystique surrounding this hyper-normalization doctrine has kept the public and Western analysts from detecting the stealth long-range Soviet plan for world government. As we have learned through the latest U.S. presidential election, the Soviets have manipulated the U.S. electoral process, mainly by way of mimetic warfare through the cyber medium, which polarized the electorate using well organized online troll armies. It appears that the crypto-Soviets were not as concerned with the winner of the election as they were with the resulting polarization of the American populace. The alleged Soviet blackmail of Trump just happened to be an bonus and insurance policy on their strategy. At present, Russia appears to be feigning a return to conservatism and Orthodoxy as part of its two-tiered hyper-normalization deception. But make no mistake, it is all a ruse. The crypto-Soviet power is no friend to the Church, to the West, nor to the Russian people.

Not only does Golitsyn have a greater-than-90-per-cent accuracy rate through his hundreds of predictions of Soviet manoeuvres over the last three decades, he has corroboration through the admissions of one of the Soviets’ top modern Marxist prophets: Alexander Dugin. It is clear that Dugin—a self-described nationalist Bolshevist who helped found the Communist Party of the Russian Federation following the staged disintegration of the CPSU—is the rebirth of Karl Marx. His political theories are realizing Lenin’s vision for the final victory of world communism. Through a cleverly veiled dialectic, Dugin and his Duginism have apparently captivated Western nationalists, even Church leaders. They’ve been deceived into thinking Dugin’s Bolshevik concepts are aligned with the goals of Western nationalism and the Church’s social conservatism. Duginism appears to be the fulfillment of another important aspect of the world communist goal in the Warburg’s Kalergi Plan, which involves a push towards transhumanism and the de-Europeanization of the West through unfettered migration of mostly Islamic and Asiatic populations to Europe and its Western daughters in North America and Oceania. Dugin makes it clear in his many political papers that Russia and its KGB-invented Eurasian mandate for the world involves the disintegration of ethno and religious states and the integration of all peoples and faiths—the final realization of Judaeo-masonic world communistic government. Brother Maurice Pinay warned the world of this plan in The Plot Against the Church (1962).

The capstone of this great Russia deception lies in the Judaized global technocracy agenda, which is central to the planned communistic world government. We have learned that the existing Sino-Soviet axis is now fully dedicated to the development and integration of Israeli high technology (Talpiot program, 8200). This collectivist technocracy—as outlined in such schemes as the United Nations’ Agenda 21—will be mandatory for all citizens of the planned world government. The Soviets have the demoralized West occupied with identity politics and Balkanization schemes, like Kalergi, while Israel, Russia, China, and the BRICS solidify their alliance through the One Belt, One Road plan and construct the coming world government techno-infrastructure smart grid. It appears Russia is leading the disintegration of the West while Israel leads the technology aspect, and China the manufacturing aspect. Furthermore, Israel appears poised to replace its military sponsor in the United States with the militaries of both Russia and China. As we recently have seen, Russia is policing the Middle East on behalf of Israel with greater intensity. Golitsyn warned that this Judaeo-Sino-Soviet axis would use co-operation blackmail to get Western complicity. This can only mean that the axis is militarily superior to the West and NATO!

To address the causes of this deception proves difficult. One possible primary cause, and something which Golitsyn notes, is the repeated use of failed Western analysis of the highly complex Soviet strategy. Soviet defectors have told the West that Soviet propaganda relies to a great degree on the concept of controlled opposition, as was demonstrated with the Soviet Trust honeypot model under Lenin, and on the use of double agents. It seems that Western nationalists and Church leaders have failed to recognize the repeated use of these sophisticated tactics, save for some traditional Catholic opponents to the communist-inspired modernization of the Vatican and some faithful Eastern Orthodox, like in ROCOR and the Catacomb Church, who learned of Soviet manipulation and control of Church leadership (still going on). It is possible that our Catholic brothers may be further deceived by the great Russia deception due to their reliance on the Fatima prophecies, which predict a reconciliation of Russia with the Roman Catholic Church.

We implore you to rethink your position regarding Russia and its role in the reshaping of the world as we know it. If Golitsyn proves to be correct yet again, Western failure to detect and act upon this great Russian deception inevitably will result in its own demise, along with the Church as we know it. Embracing your future captors is not a good idea.


Timothy Fitzpatrick (Fitzpatrick Informer)


  1. Mr. Fitzpatrick can you add a tab for G+ so I can share your articles there please?

  2. Many, if not most, of these people showed a total lack of discernment when it comes to Putin, Russia and especially Trump.
    These brainiacs are the epitome of Drumpfterism.
    They are not worthy “leaders if they have zero discernment.

  3. Enjoy your articles on both Trump and Putin; very informative. The truthers you called out in your email are not only deceived with lack of discernment but are physically blind as well; i.e., pictures of Putin with the Chabadnik snakes. How much more evidence does one need: you are by the company you keep.

  4. Also new to this site. This article was forwarded to me. My response (with all due respect):
    Many facts, some suppositions, but all worth considering.
    However, ‘Russia’ and ‘Soviets’ and ‘Bolsheviks’ etc. are not the primary problem.
    Problem ONE is the JEW in EVERY ITERATION !!
    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

    1. Exactly… if this were 100% then why did the West stand by as the Serb’s were warning of a Muslim invasion of Europe, and only chose to reply with bombing Serbia for 74 straight days & teaming up with the same terrorist Mujaheddin they tell us are the enemy today. The complete lack of common sense in some is amazing. The Jew was, is, and will always be the problem… looking to demonize others will only make you look stupid with the essence of all this, the evil of Israel, gets completely passed over.

      1. “The complete lack of common sense in some is amazing”. Yes it is, as is your complete lack of self-awareness. Makes me wonder how people like you manage to navigate through life. You have a lot to learn. Go and learn it instead of showing your naivety and ignorance. Stop drinking the kool-aid! Learn how to research for yourself, and be open-minded to it, however uncomfortable/painful that truth may be. Look for truth, not validation of what you think you know! Sigh

    2. What is it that you think you’re arguing against exactly? There are mountains of documentary evidence supporting all of the facts laid out here, and the fact that the Bolsheviks, not Zionists, have controlled Israel since its inception. Zio’s are just controlled opposition ffs. Yes, they’re all Jews, ‘gentile’ bolsheviks are simply useful idiots – the author doesn’t argue any different; which is why, I suspect, he hasnt bothered replying to your comment. You can scream about “hate all jews” and “Jewish character” all day long, that will turn people outside your echo chambers off. Theyll instantly reject you and your ‘arguments’ because of decades of programming. Fitz, on the other hand, is pointing out cold, hard, impartial and objective facts that can be easily verified. Bezmenov and Golitsyn laid out the plans decades ago – long before they died – and it’s all being played out in front of our very eyes. No-one can deny that, or reject it with “anti-semitic” slurs. People like you are also useful idiots, working for the enemy, either willingly, or unknowingly. Stop taking kool-aid from your fake-patriot, controlled-opposition “name the joo” cult leaders ffs

  5. America seem to be embedded in the beliefs of Deism from its foundation. Believing in a creator God(Ein Sof) who has no contact with his creations but lets them be on their own. This is but ancient Platonic belief, which denies that the son of God came in the flesh , amounting to denying the Love of God (John 3:16), for God is Love. Sadly revealing the Anti-Christ defined as “He who does not belief that the son of God came in the flesh is the Ant-Christ”, even the prophesied man of sin, much evident to America pushing aside Christianity, embedded in Abortion & Sodom, which but are manifestions of yester-year heathen “Human Sacrifices & Temple Prostitutions” resp. even forcing the catholic to bend to its wicked agendas through a puppet of a Pope,, unto the Prophecy of spiritually “Sodom & Egypt” sunk in the wickedness of Freemasonry & Theosophy (Zech 5) established in Shinar- Spiritually Babylon , specific to New York , the sin city.

    1. To the words in 2 Thessosalians2 10-11 of the manner “Because they have not the love of the truth in them , God sends a strong Delusion so that they may believe a Lie” has its revelation in Roman1 24-27— SODOM(out of the holy cow) all that stands against the basic order of the Family, which in turn is based on the first holy Family of God—.

  6. Question; If you consider James Jesus Angleton a zionist traitor (which i believe he was). Why is Anatoliy Golitsyn’s (online free pdf) book dedicated to “warrior, brother in arms” James Jesus Angleton?

    1. My guess is that Angleton fooled Golitsyn into believing that he was there to help him get his message out. Angelton could have been functioning as a limited hangout in order to gain Golitsyn’s trust.

    2. Is like Angleton quarantined him. Paul Manning dedication for Dulles is quite similar to this. And is clear , don’t forget this: written after death.

  7. A key pivot of the Christian West is the acceptance of self responsibility. While it’s necessary to be aware of external threats it is also profitable to examine ourselves. The real threat we face is from within, not without. Russia is corrupt and we are not? They want to destroy us and we don’t them to assume feudal status in a western led process of globalization? Who is surrounding whom with military bases?
    Moscow isn’t dismantling the EU, it’s their own self loathing multi-culturalists who are flooding Europe with immigrants who are achieving that. They can’t protect their women and children, they have porous borders, yet we are supposed to fear a malignant Russia intent on invasion.
    The Russians aren’t spawning neocon wars of death and destruction throughout the Middle East and in the Ukraine. They did not floodlight the Kremlin in rainbow colours and declare same sex unions marriages. Is Putin forcing us into such ideological absurdities? A marriage is the union of opposites whereas same sex unions are the addition of the same.
    The West has become a secular atheistic project. Alienated from Christ who gave shape to our civilisation we now celebrate baseness and produce very little that edifies the human spirit. Whatever is happening in Russia is for them to work out. It’s drawing a long bow to suggest they resurrected the Church to lull us into a false calmness before deceptively overwhelming us. Much more likely that they have rejected a man centered worldview, whereas, we have adopted one. They are walking, however awkwardly, toward the light while we rush headlong into the dark. I do not see we need to fear them so much as the abject state we have willingly chosen.

    1. “The two priests who served at the blessing were Father Michael Ruskin of Christ the Saviour Antiochian Orthodox Church, Whangarei and Father Paul Patitsas of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Auckland.”
      There will be no fruitful discourse unless the enemy is identified and the right name of the enemy is used, that is, the Jew.
      The Orthodox religion is a religion of heresy and schism.

      1. Hello, Dachsielady, I don’t wish for this article to be a discussion regarding the Great Schism, but I will leave your article up because it raises another important point. We should show Father Michael respect here, as he is the only one of prominence to respond, for which I thank him. From my experience, Sergian orthodox churches are quick to dismiss the JQ as anti-Semitism, as it is in Vatican II Novus Ordo churches. We are dealing with the very same strategy in both churches. You’re right. We can get no where unless we are free to speak openly without fear of reprisal. E. Michael Jones has expressed this same concern recently.

      2. Realizing the comment is old…According to the papist “magisterium”, the Church (Orthodoxy) is “schismatic” but NOT heretical… It is fascinating how such papist zealots are at odds with their own magisterium and claim we are “heretical.” Enduring massive cognitive dissonance and doubling down seems to be a key requirement for adhering to this sect.

    2. Maybe you simply cannot grasp that IF jews are involved, it is tainted beyond repair and cannot be trusted.
      American or Russian.
      Both are in total control of jews. So are their leaders.

    3. “It’s drawing a long bow to suggest they resurrected the Church to lull us into a false calmness before deceptively overwhelming us”

      No it’s not. Golitsyn explained this in his book. It’s a Soviet tactic known as “alibi”. Try reading it before dismissing it’s warnings. Smh.

  8. One must never forget America would never have been in this situation if not for one Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his traitorous activities before, during, and after WWII which assured the destruction of Europe and the rise of Soviet Bolshevism. These last words of James Jesus Angleton are very telling. The following quotes are from Joseph Trento’s “Secret History Of The C.I.A”: Within the confines of (Angleton’s) remarkable life were most of America’s secrets. “You know how I got to be in charge of counterintelligence? I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends… They were afraid that their own business dealings with Hitler’s pals would come out. They were too arrogant to believe that the Russians would discover it all… You know, the CIA got tens of thousands of brave people killed… We played with lives as if we owned them. We gave false hope. We – I – so misjudged what happened.”
    I asked the dying man how it all went so wrong.
    With no emotion in his voice, but with his hand trembling, Angleton replied: “Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were liars. The better you lied and the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted. These people attracted and promoted each other. Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power. I did things that, in looking back on my life, I regret. But I was part of it and I loved being in it… Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, Carmel Offie, and Frank Wisner were the grand masters. If you were in a room with them you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell.” Angleton slowly sipped his tea and then said, “I guess I will see them there soon.”

  9. Said it years ago, the ruzzkies will always be commies, and so will china.. Reagan’s wall speech let the communism spread. I never ever believed communism died…

  10. There are two gangs the Gallen & Gulen, cultivated by Protestant America(spiritually Sodom & Egypt) ruled by the Sodomite Leftists & Violeent Neo -Cons , for the cause of Christian/Islam Apostasy through Sodom & Violence, reveals the Transgendered One under the “birds foot” atop the Freemasonic US Capitol Dome Lo EGYPT , off the synagogues of Satan, in its works of “Intimidation & Seduction” governing the two houses of the US Congress, underscored in Violence & Sodom.unto the prophecy of the days of Noe & Lot ,when it was the same Violence & Sodom the cause of the two utter destructions then.
    The Transgendered One all that is Contrary to Holy Mary even in gender reveals the latter manifestation of the Enmity put by God at Eden.

  11. Some good points here, but I have my doubts that major powers will simply hand over all global control to Israel- even if Israel is a leader in technology.

  12. First and most important Russia is not Christian any more it has been hijacked just like the USA and the other country’s by the same forces ,I suggest you look up Putin’s wealth also the leader of the Russian church late one and knew , look up there wealth also if it exists any more on the internet , last the clergy of Russia and its church are agents for the corrupt government not agents for Christ ,remember all there are Ten Commandments they still exist in heaven but today not on earth , there is no divorce also but look at are leaders divorced many times even Putin ,and then look young lady’s old enough to be there daughters marrying them and having children , as Our Lady stated Russia will spread there errors and boy have they right to the USA and other country’s lets see how about China .i see one important factor none of yours are afraid of the four last things death , judgement ,heaven or hell . There’s no fear of God any more ,the true church teaches few are saved because very few believe right do and act right in all things , there’s no such truth in just saying lord lord your saved .Todays sins are in the millions going to heaven daily one day soon we will feel and answer for them as Mary said the good will suffer with the bad.

  13. The Fatima prophecies say that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement for a sinful west. Because the Popes did not obey heaven by consecrating Russia to the immaculate heart of Mary, “By the time they (the Popes) decide to do it (the consecration) it will be too late. They will follow the kings of France into misfortune” according to the real Sr. Lucy’s 4th memoir. You don’t realize that 1952 Pope Pius XII did the consecration but non in union with the bishops of the world. The coup de tat October 26, 1958 forced the true pope out and put in place a series of antipopes. Roncalli – freemason; Montini – jew of line of Antipope Anacletus II, Wojtyla – raised jewish, Ratzinger – Moravian jew on mothers side; Bergoglio – suspected real name Berg whose family was from near tributary of River Po called Oglio (think name appending). Hence, Fatima is found to be true. The popes are in exile. Just because the synagogue controls Russia doesn’t mean the prophecy won’t be fulfilled – they do God’s will even when they think they are destroying the Church which is Catholic only.

    1. What if the first Troll ever in the roman occidentais Church was a jesuit, crypto jew Agustine Baurrel?
      We are thinking about it with some guys.

    2. The prophecy has been fulfilled when Pope Pius XII consecrated Russia. In the prophecy Our Lady says “in the end the holy father will consecrate” It doesn’t say it will be done with the bishops. That is what is asked for but she says it will be done by The Holy Father…So the consecration is done with. So people waiting on that will be waiting until the end of time.

  14. Russia has been Consecrated according to the receiptant of the Prophecy Sr.Lucia herself, is but to understand what consecration is in spirit, for it was to the Pope’s that the consecration was asked & need not be the reigning pope’s but can extent unto the first Pope himself , even the church in the spirit, just as saying the covenant with Abraham extended to Adam (mankind) spiritually with the coming of Christ.
    The fruit of the Consecration was but to see the booting of Hillary through a Consecrated Russia by the hand of God, in his Mercy especially for the sake of the poor of this world from what would have been an imminent WW 3, for even before the US Elections from the way things were moving through the Violent Neo cons & Sodomite Leftists governing the two houses of the US Congress ‘ there were diabolical intentions to wage war against Russia through the puppet candidate Hillary (Dolan’s too) , but became suddenly thawted , in the Enmity which is more than Physical into spiritual , to also know the reason of the underlying hatred of these along with the hollywoods & all those hoods & fake media’s towards Trump., which agendas continue unto this day , but then In the mean time , Russia’s development & deployment of hypersonic & nuclear powered missiles that the US & West cannot match ,become a balancing factor only to hold their “Peridatory Agendas ” in the craze for power & supermscy , as things stand today .However the Election.of Trump not really to make America great again , is but another story, even as the Perdition continues as with Venenzula till comes “consecrated act off the Enmity put by God in Eden., in its manifestations.

  15. My own research but more importantly observational perspective is that most, if not all, of the recipients of this email are in fact entirely esoteric Jewry “controlled opposition” agents, if not willful then unwittingly so simply on account of the defect and fraud based foundational paradigms they have adopted and accepted and upon which they predicate their own subsequently defective “work”. Why not research an expose of these clowns? The whole White Nationalist movement in the West seems to me to be entirely a psychological warfare strategy on the part of esoteric World Jewry. The West has been completely controlled at all levels since perhaps its very inception in the 18th Century and was built upwards as a ruse and parasitically extracted thereof by esoteric Jewry with the full intention, centuries ago, to eventually sacrifice it once it and its White Christian composition was no longer of integral use in terms of “coddling”. None of the accessible modern incarnations of WN seem at all properly organic and natural law and order based as moral, spiritual, social, political, or economic movements within their rhetorical presentations, which is all we have of them, and many of their leading proponents seem highly suspect, promoting miscegenation and tolerance for sodomites within their own circles (Greg Johnson) for example, and are even Jews themselves (such as Mike Enoch and, as far as I am concerned, Matt Heimbach is also clearly a Jew). The entire purpose of Trump and the Alt-Right PSYOPs was to discredit, invert, pervert, distort, humiliate, and demonize any and all potential and existent true manifest dynamics and paradigms of organic natural law and order based TRUE “conservatism”(the conservation of race and its cultural heritage being the most precious form of conservatism there is) and Christian scriptural morality (such as embodied by NSDAP Germany and, currently, William Finck and Christogenea) as well as to use the scripted rhetorical Reality TV and staged as well as faked mass media narratives revolving around the Alt-Right, QAnon, Jones, news events, et al. to discredit, invert, pervert, distort, humiliate, and demonize all valid and legitimate “conspiracy” dynamics and paradigms.

    1. **The West has been completely controlled at all levels since perhaps its very inception in the 18th Century and was built upwards as a ruse and parasitically extracted thereof by esoteric Jewry with the full intention, centuries ago, to eventually sacrifice it once it and its White Christian composition was no longer of integral use in terms of “coddling”.

      By “West” here, I meant the “USSA”/America portion of the “West” which I personally feel was compromised from the time of its alleged “Revolution” … Western Europe, of course, successively succumbed to Jewry much earlier, at the advent of the supposed “Age of Reason and Enlightenment”, when Satan was unleashed from the pit.

  16. What your articles on communism and perestroika never mention is that communism is a jewish creation which was exported to the world from east New York and London.
    What Golitsyn done was to perpetuate and even increase the bogus ‘cold war’ mentality, to promote the bogus idea of communists ‘infiltrating’ America.

    1. Bogus idea of Communists infiltrating America? I want to have what you’re smoking because this is ridiculous nonsense. Obama, Biden, etc. are Communists! No infiltration of Communism at the highest levels? What a stupid assertion!

      1. I liked your comment, but have to say, anyone who has been paying attention to politics knows, Biden is not, nor has ever been, a communist. It’s ridiculous and ignorant to even suggest so. He was always a neo-liberal when he had his faculties. Now, he just does whatever his handlers tell him to do.

  17. Golitsyn was right. I take the Freedom and link to my own tweet, it is via you that i know about this.

    The view of Putin Russia are a Bastion for Christianity is frightening common among normal people here in Europe / West and often a angry reaction when I try to say that’s not the correct.

    Russia seem to have taken a shape as a Conservative Christian nation sometime during the last 20 years while the West was deceived that Communism was a part of history.

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