Russia’s Communist Party of Social Justice run by Kremlin-backed master freemason

Andrei Bogdanov in his masonic black and white (dualism) attire.

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 27, 2018 Anno Domini

While the West struggles with the growing militancy of social justice in its own lands, a little known organization is bringing the movement back to where it started—Russia…if it ever left in the first place.

What more fitting than for the humanist international masonic brotherhood to be championing it. Forty-eight-year-old Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia (Scottish Rite) Andrei Vladimirovich Bogdanov helped found the Communist Party of Social Justice (Коммунистическая партия социальной справедливости) in 2012 (1) as a means for constructing a social state, presumably with social justice as its focus. Of course, the movement and its stated mission assume the narrative that communism and its Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s and Russia became democratized, thus the need for communism to be re-introduced in Russia.

Looking deeper, though, it turns out the entire thing is an elaborate ruse by the crypto-Soviet state to further its Perestroika deception (it’s fake collapse of communism and restructuring to democratization), as revealed by Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. (2)

Russia’s grand master mason is suspected of participating in a false opposition campaign against current Russian President Vladimir Putin during the 2008 presidential election in Russia. Putin, who has been in power since 1999, has been viewed by some analysts as routinely setting up strawmen opponents in order to create the illusion of choice and free elections in Russia during his decades-long stay in power (elections require a minimum of two candidates in order to take place). All of this was predicted by Golitsyn in the 1960s and ‘80s.

Bogdanov at Eurasianist Russia-Africa Summit.

Bogdanov, who previously handled public relations for Putin’s United Russia Party, denies accusations that he is a Kremlin stooge, even though he also avoids fierce criticism of Putin and praises Dmitry Medvedev (Putin’s planned successor at the time). What’s more, Bogdanov managed to garner 2 million signatures—despite only collecting 89,000 votes for his Democratic Party during the previous parliamentary election—to run as an independent candidate against Putin in the presidential election in March 2008. (3)

In 2013, the Communist Party of Social Justice won one seat in the city Parliament.

Bogdanov not only validates the claim that he is a Putin puppet in the following statement, but he simultaneously furthers the Perestroika deception, which involves a long-range strategy of weakening the West through subversion and psychological warfare.

The logo for Russia’s Communist Party of Social Justice.

“Democracy in Russia will be even better than in the United States within two or three, maximum five years.”
(4)Putin’s official opposition is the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF), the successor to the Communist Part of the Soviet Union (CPSU). It currently has 42 representatives in the State Duma. By contrast, Putin’s United Party has 339. The opposition’s continued existence suggests that, according to Golitsyn’s theory, Putin and his crypto-communist kahal control the opposition as a way of furthering the lie that Russia’s government is opposed to communism and is, instead, democratic. If Russia were truly democratizing, would there a be a communist party at all, much less allowed as the official opposition? You would think that after witnessing all the horrors of communism the new democratic state would have banned communism altogether.

Likewise, the seeming opposition between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and Bogdanov’s Communist Party of Social Justice appears to be yet another dialectic—a sort of controlled opposition to the controlled opposition, with all three being in on the scam together. The CPRF supposedly has even admitted that Bogdanov’s party is backed by the Kremlin, although it feels Putin backed it in order to steal votes from CPRF. Again, this claim only feeds the Perestroika deception by making it seem that Putin doesn’t want the CPRF (the communists) to win. This is how intricate and complex Soviet strategy is. The West is entirely ignorant of this. But if they simply learned about dialectics (especially dialectics within dialectics), they would begin to understand.

“The deployment of controlled ‘political opposition’ has rendered possible the introduction of deceptive ‘non-Communist’ and ‘democratic’ structures,” warns Golitsyn. “Even so- called free elections do not present a problem for the Communist Parties. Because of their secret partnership with the ‘opposition’, the Communist Parties are always in a winning situation. It is their candidates – Communist or ‘non-Communisf -who always win. No other truly independent candidates exist.”(5)

Golitsyn detailed in his 1988 book, The Perestroika Deception, how the crypto-Soviet state actually embraces the concept of the European Union, as it will make integration between the West and Russia’s world government communistic system that more easy.

Bogdanov hints at this very concept when he told The Moscow Times in 2008, “Russia also needs to join NATO or, rather, merge with a new military block in which only European countries will participate. Russia’s integration into European institutions has been a major theme of his long-shot campaign.” (6) Is this Bogdanov’s idea? No. It comes from the Central Committee and their Perestroika psych warfare division.

Interestingly, with the knowledge that freemasonry helped establish the communist revolution in Russia, Bogdanov appears to corroborate another Golitsyn theory: that the crypto-Soviet state would make superficial concessions to the Russian Orthodox Church in order to further the perception of Russia’s democratization. Bogdanov told The Moscow Times of a church they passed by that was built by a freemason.

Logo for the #1 Harmony Grand Lodge of Moscow. Notice the rotated Jewish hexagram.

“Do you remember a church we passed on the way here, built by the architect Vasily Bazhenov? He was also a Freemason,” he said.
“There are Masonic symbols inside, and legend has it that not a single piece of glass was broken there when the church was captured by the French troops and then retaken by the Russians.”

Visit enough Orthodox churches and you will inevitably encounter some of these masonic symbols blasphemously implanted on the iconostasis, in other paintings, and such. Freemasonry played a leading role in the Russian Revolution, as it did in the French Revolution—working side by side with revolutionary Jews.

The masons have always liked the idea of allowing a passive Christianity to exist, so long as they are allowed to infiltrate and run it—the masons’ own false opposition system. And that’s exactly what they did following the revolutions, first with the Catholic Church and now with the Russian Orthodox Church. Both institutions are now completely in the hands of the enemy.

The Russian Orthodox Church not only has masons to contend with but Soviets as well. It is run by mostly “former” Soviet agents, with the Patriarch of Russia, the highest position, being occupied by “former” KGB agent Kirill. Putin and Kirill are both suspected of being freemasons.

This sham Russian revival of Orthodoxy and democracy has fooled the world, especially nationalists in the West. But it’s just another Judeo-masonic trick. Golitsyn said that until Western nationalists give up their failed methods of geo-political analysis, they will never catch on to how the game really works.

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  1. “Freemasonry played a leading role in the Russian Revolution, as it did in the French Revolution—working side by side with revolutionary Jews.
    “The masons have always liked the idea of allowing a passive Christianity to exist, so long as they are allowed to infiltrate and run it—the masons’ own false opposition system. And that’s exactly what they did following the revolutions, first with the Catholic Church and now with the Russian Orthodox Church. Both institutions are now completely in the hands of the enemy.”
    The Masonic American Revolution and the generally misdirected Christianity of the US surely also warrant inclusion in this assessment.

    1. My guess is that Francis is both a communist and a freemason. This fits the plan outlined in the Alta Vendita. It also fits the Perestroika plan of having crypto-Communists in the clergy. Patriarch of Moscow Kirill (KGB/FSB) is more proof the plan is in effect.

  2. Instead of inferring the obviously too complicated “dialectics within dialectics”, I think it is better to identify a real communist party in Russia that is supported and paid for by Western Intelligence as proxy infiltrators representing the earlier Soviet oligarchs and their friends (Soros).
    So, there is no “perestroika deception” in Russia, only the one invented by the Western Oligarchs to make the West believe that Russia’s revival is false. In the Western countries, both EU, UK and the US, however, we have the “communist deception” instead, inherited from the old Soviet.
    I believe now that Trump is representing the head of the Jewish snake, Jesuit-Zionism. It has become more evident lately that he is lying all the time and he is irritating Putin to the utmost. The Judeo-Christian Zionists will be sacrificed as a means to establish the fascist communist global regime.
    Perhaps N-Korea is the first means to start the genocide. I believe that Russia will not be involved in such an operation. Russia has helped The US people before in history, and they would never harm anyone in the US, or in the EU also for that matter. They have anti missiles that can prevent anything from passing into their own territory, if a US proxy nation should attempt to make an attack on Russia.

    1. Jesuit-Zionism? Really? Never heard of it.
      Carol, Soros is the all-too-bashable pinata for those who identify as Right wing in the West. The “it’s all Western liberals” narrative doesn’t explain it all like the Perestroika thesis does. Let’s not for get from where modern Western Liberalism (radical leftism) came. Primarily Russia. You are executing mental gymnastics in order to make Russia appear as the legitimate good guy. You just don’t want to see things any other way. I, myself, was guilty of this at one time, too. But you have to break free from it.
      As for dialectics within dialectics, you just validated my point that it’s an almost impossible concept for Western minds to grasp when it comes to geo-politics. It’s not obviously complicated at all. Even simple Hollywood films use this concept over and over. Take, for instance, Christopher Nolan’s 2010 feature Inception, which makes brilliant use of multi-layered deception as the basis for its story line.

  3. Where ever in the world that you go where there are jews, there you will find communists.
    Where ever you find the international communists, you will find jewry.
    Internationalist jewry is what it is which makes international communism monolithic. It is internationalist jews, along with their brotherhoods of Freemason secret societies, who are the primary carriers and the main stealth proponents, for and within communism.
    The jewish controlled press and most of their MSM is their public voice. You can view and hear that within so much of their repetitions and the voices with pleasantly lulling statements, which are no longer mainstream, but which have replaced their party cards.

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