Roger Stone likely lying about food poisoning, more likely dying of AIDS

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
February 15, 2017

GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone’s claim that he was poisoned to stop him from exposing lies about Trump’s connections to Russia is likely a lie to coverup his HIV/AIDS infection that he could have acquired through his swinger lifestyle.

On January 17, Infowars host Alex Jones broadcast an exclusive interview with a lesion-faced Stone, who claimed the lesions were the result of food poisoning. Stone claimed his “deep state” political enemies carried out an “assassination attempt” to stop him from “exposing the ‘Russian Hacking’ LIE b4 the Congressional Investigation,” although, he didn’t single out any one person or group as being the culprit.

Incredibly, Stone claims his doctors told him that the food poisoning agent was polonium and that it was likely the cause of a mystery virus he had acquired. The doctor who supposedly discovered this conveniently was a “personal” doctor. Stone claims his infection was passed on to the Center for Disease Control, presumably for analysis, although this has never been confirmed.

“I became extremely ill. This manifested itself in over 14 days of high fever, delirium, night sweats, I had lesions on my chest and my face…,” Stone said.

Stone had been seen with lesions, a symptom in 90 per cent of HIV/AIDS patients, on his face as early as December, 2016, a month before the Infowars interview.

Being en establishment-protected dirty trickster for the GOP, a pedophile- and homosexual-connected swinger, Stone’s wild claim seems highly unlikely. Firstly, if someone wanted to knock off Stone, it would have made more sense for it to happen in the lead up to the U.S. federal election, not after it. And what other Polonium symptoms has Stone shown us? His hair is all still there, despite that polonium poisoning often results in hair loss. What makes more sense is that either a). Stone is pulling yet another dirty trick on the American public for the benefit of himself and Donald Trump or b). Stone is actually dying from AIDS or c). both a and b. My guess is “c”.
Swinger Stone and the NYC/DC gay pederast network

A characterization of FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in drag.

Both Stone and Trump are proud to name mobbed-up McCarthyite lawyer Roy Cohn as their mentor. Cohn, who died of AIDS in 1986, was part of a New York pedophile-blackmail network run with dragged-up FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and bisexual Jewish liquor baron Lew Rosenstiel, according to court testimony given by Rosenstiel’s fourth wife.

“If, as is possible, her evidence is true, it guarantees him a place in history as organizer of the parties at which J. Edgar Hoover could frolic in his favorite frocks, parties that featured boy prostitutes for the enjoyment of other guests like Roy Cohn,” writes Nicholas Faith in The Bronfmans: The Rise and Fall of the House of Seagram (2007)

She would go on to describe how Hoover would dress up in drag during the trysts with the boy prostitutes. Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky is alleged to have run the blackmail ring alongside Rosenstiel, with Lansky himself having blackmailed Hoover over his suspected gay relationship with FBI associate director Clyde Tolson. Multiple witnesses have corroborated this story.

A retired New York Police Detective claims that Stone was part of this Lansky-Cohn-Rosenstiel-Hoover pederast blackmail network.

“Watch for this guy Stone,” says former Det. Jim Rothstein. “I saw him in an interview about Spitzer a few days ago and thought I recognized him. I looked back at my old investigations and remembered that he was part of Roy Cohn’s whole thing.”

Stone is likely, then, to have participated in the blackmail ring at New York’s Plaza Hotel blue suite, of which Donald Trump may also have been involved. Trump eventually became owner of the hotel in 1988, two years after Cohn died of AIDS. Cohn’s mentorship of Trump goes back to 1973, a time when Cohn was likely active in the pederast blackmail ring. Stone would have been about 21 years old at the time. He was a child volunteer for Republican Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign and worked Richard Nixon’s CREEP campaign when he was only about 19, so by 21, he may well have been entrenched in the DC sexual-blackmail underworld. He may have been a child victim of it himself, as sexual deviants tend to have been victimized as children themselves.

Despite feigning disgust with gay parades, here is swinger Roger Stone at a New York City gay parade in 2010.

As I revealed in my recent article on Stone and “Pizzagate”, the GOP operative, gay pride parade marcher, and self-described libertine was outed in the 90s as a swinger. Is it far fetched to think such a lifestyle would foster the acquisition of a sexually transmitted disease such as HIV/AIDS? Given Stone’s deep pockets, he could have suppressed the symptoms of his apparent HIV/AIDS infection by buying expensive drugs and AIDS treatments. But, as one gets older, it becomes more difficult to suppress. Of course, Zionist operative Alex Jones has helped Stone spread this likely food poisoning lie.

Stone covering up involvement in promoting Pizzagate fake news?
There’s the possibility that Stone timed the revelation of his fake food poisoning story to distract from my Dec. 19, 2016 article about the possibility that he created the Pizzagate conspiracy theory to help Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. So far, nobody has really expanded on my theory, so Stone’s potential involvement in it is fairly unknown at this point. Only Jeff Rense linked to the article, albeit mockingly. The rest of the alternative media has ignored it and instead continued perpetuating the Pizzagate myth, which is only helping Trump in his neocon-Likud-Zionist recapturing of the White House.
Above all, Stone has proven himself to be opportunistic, a liar, and someone who plays both sides as a means to some dirty end. Anything and everything he says cannot be trusted. If he is dying of AIDS, he will do so in the manner of his gay Jewish mentor Roy Cohn, a man who took his dark, dirty secrets and lies with him to the grave.

***credit to Nick Spero or Renegade Broadcasting for first coming to the AIDS conclusion


  1. Roy Cohn who was also involved with Roger Stone died of the same problem, and Timothy Fitzpatrick, I was reading about Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer the benefactor of Breitbart news, could both of them be mossad operatives as well?

  2. Only Jeff Rense linked to the article, albeit mockingly.

    Jeff Rense is a C.I.A. or D.I.A. intelligence asset. His father, Arthur Rense, was employed by Howard Hughes’ Summa Corporation and Douglas Aircraft Company, both businesses which had C.I.A. and D.O.D. contracts.
    Arthur F. Rense (1916 — 1990) was a sports journalist for the Los Angeles Daily News[1] and the director of public relations for Howard R. Hughes’ Summa Corporation.[2]

    Between 1959 and 1974 Rense handled public relations for the Douglas Aircraft Company, Missiles and Space division (pre-McDonnell-Douglas) [2] [3].

    After that Rense worked on public relations for hotels in Las Vegas owned by Howard Hughes’ Summa Corporation, mainly the Desert Inn.[1]

  3. AIDS was a PsyOp itself all the way. It is not even an isolated illness. It’s just a combination of previously known auto-immune disorders caused by a lifestyle connected to heavy drug-use which destroys a person’s immune defenses, ONLY AFTER WHICH, transmission of blood contamination can happen through only blood-&-blood or semen-&-blood contact. i.e., usually through homosexual, so-called “receptive” or “bottom / catcher” anal sex or sharing of hypodermic needles.
    The Morning Show with Patrick Timpone – 08 / 14 / 2012
    Guest: Christl Meyer – AIDS: Did it ever REALLY exist?
    Biologist and researcher Christl Meyer joined join us at 9am Central. Ms. Meyer has provided scientific evidence proving without doubt that the so called “HIV-virus”, which is claimed to be the cause of AIDS, does not exist, and that the definitions of “AID$” are sporadic and non specific, and the alleged syndrome is a cluster of OLD familiar diseases and not a disease of its own.
    Ms. Meyer talks about HIV testing and how it is unreliable and meaningless to boot and that pregnant women and children, in some cases, are forced to take medication. HIV is part of the human genome in Chromosome #6, we all have it. That’s the bottom line.
    Also, I’m not any fan of Frump or this Stone guy but Spero from Rent-a-gate Cultcasting is the last guy to be exposing him for bisexuality since he himself was exposed a couple of years ago as a tranny-chaser! lol Nick Spero got caught with no less than 4 Tranny’s on his online dating profile and they had been on his profile for 3 years in addition to nude shots of his macho, red-blooded “heterosexual” self masturbating and showing his penis to the “ladies.” 4 of whom were lady-boys.
    Not that I approve of the paranoid nutjob Veronica Clark either but she had the screen-caps for all of that stuff saved on her website (now down or declared “unsafe” for some reason) since she hates Renegade and most WN sites now. Spero took that stuff off the internet as soon as people found out about it. Kyle even banned John Kaminski from his website for supposedly having anti-womb-man / male-chauvinist tendencies like the scumbags at Dukey Dave’s favorite WN site “The Daily Hot Fart” (led by that 5 foot 2 midget Anglin who is now a frequent guest on Dukey’s lame show) but Spero, the guy who actually had 4 trannies on his online dating profile is still “A-OK” and passes muster with these pretend-prudes.
    P.S. Not that I even listen to the guy anymore at all but Charles Giuliani is only at that site because, according to my friend Jason Erb, he’s nearly blind and can’t handle the technical aspects of his own audio broadcasts. He is no WN or racialist like the rest of Renegade but his strong anti-Judaism and also relentless anti-Christianity makes him a common-traveler with the Pagans at Rent-a-Pagan-gatekeeper-for-your-Cult.
    P.S. I just did a pod with John Le Bon of Australian Roundtable which covers the history of the half-truth bowel movement since 1999 from my perspective and also John’s perspective from 2014 until now, and the endless shill-infiltration that has turned it into a bowel movement, whether the shillery and subsequent disinformational creation of an everything-is-believable-but-nothing-is-knowable atmosphere was deliberate or not.

  4. I have seen these lesions in aids patients numerous times. It is called Kaposi Sarcoma.

  5. Stone might have been threatened by the Clinton ‘shadow government/deep state’ network for having published a book on the hideous crimes the Clintons have committed against children and adults. He was quite public in promoting the book last year. The Clintons after all murdered Victor Thorn last year after he published a recent 3 volume set exposing their foul crimes. I seem to recall Stone publicly rejecting the “Russian-interference” myth a few months back and the only reason he has apparently changed his public stance is because there was an attempt on his life and he was threatened as well. Another difference i notice in him is he nolonger talks about the Clintons even though he aggressively attacked them last year in interviews promoting his bombshell book on them. He even said the reason he left the Trump campaign (though he continued to be a supporter) was because Trump refused to be aggressive in exposing the Clintons and so Stone thought the best way to support Trump would be to leave the campaign and do his own work on the side that aimed to expose the Clintons. He even dared the Clintons to sue him but said they won’t because every claim he made is backed up and extensively foot-noted and that the lawyers of his publisher found no defamation in it and that moreover the Clintons are afraid of going to court because they would have to answer questions during the discovery process on the stand and thus expose themselves.

    1. First of all, Victor Thorn committed suicide. His own brother even verified this, in the face of conspiracy theories to the contrary. What reason do we have not to trust his own brother? Second of all, the books by Thorn, Stone, et al. provide no smoking gun, just like this Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory nonsense. Stone is entrenched in the deep state, going as far back as Richard Nixon. Also, the Clinton body count was something that primarily occurred in the 1980s and 1990s, the heyday of CIA drug running (in Arkansas under Bill’s watch) and during his presidency. Presidents aren’t really permitted to murder people. Their handlers take care of that for them. Thus, the Clinton body count is actually the deep state body count. It doesn’t matter who the president is. The Bushes have their own body county.

  6. I’m not friend of J. Edgar Hoover, but ther’s never been any evidence except the ttestimony of Lew Rosensteil’s wife (a perjurer and a picklesnoot) that she once saw Hoover and Clyde Tolson at a party dressed in drag. Here’s an article about the rumor, based on a more thorough investigation published elsewhere written around the time of the Leonardo DiCaprio biopic which pushed the same unfounded rumor as the illustration above. On another note, I provided TheZOG (if he’s the blogger at Who Controls America) with ample evidence that billionaire Bannon and Trump supporters Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah are gentiles yet he dismissed this and continues to identify them as Jews based on nothing save his assessment of their physiognamy.

    1. While the story of Hoover dressed in drag is not confirmed, there are plenty of other reputable witnesses that vouched for Hoover’s homosexuality. Therefore, Mrs. Rosenstiel’s story is not a stretch, especially given what we already know of high government officials and sexual compromise. Why people persist in defending Hoover is beyond me. While he assumed a racist, republican image, beneath this he was fruitier than Tropicana Punch. The Alt Right would, no doubt, defend this disgusting creature.

  7. I persist in defending Hoover against the spurious charge that he was a crossdresser (at least) because I’m pretty certain that he wasn’t one.

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