Infowars studio location revealed

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

February 12, 2017 Anno Domini

The alleged secret location of Alex Jones’ Infowars studio is in an industrial park in southeast Austin, Texas.

Pete Santilli approaches the Infowars studio, which is deceptively labelled as “Oak Shipping”, in 2014.

Jones broadcasts his Likud-controlled counter-intelligence propaganda show from a unit(s) at 3019 Alvin Devane Boulevard with a misleading facade on the front door labelled “Oak Shipping” (this fake name and logo may have changed recently). The unit number is supposedly 300-350; however, Google maps shows the wrong location of the unit. The raid by Pete Santilli on the Infowars studio back in 2014 shows that the main unit is in the northern section of the complex (where I have put the Infowars logo in the Google map capture above).

The unit is surrounded by technology, technical, and finance companies, some or all of which may well be CIA front companies, as Jones’ operation is connected to the CIA itself (they like to keep their front companies together so they can protect each other). To the east of Jones’ unit is the State of Texas Division for Disability Determination Services and to the north is Republican Ken Paxton’s State of Texas Attorney General’s Office, which is Republican. Some of the names of the other complex occupants include U.S. government-linked and Israeli companies like: Negevetch Ltd.; Nano-Master; Universal Leasing and Trading, LP; Pinnacle Peak Holding Corp.; Metaphor Technology Farm; Open Roads Consulting, Inc.; Secular Growth Investments, LLC; and Ixrf Systems, Inc.

Jones still appears to be using the same series of shell companies, as previously reported on this blog, to obscure his operation and its personnel. The shells have likely been cleverly configured by his Bronfman-connected lawyer Elizabeth L. Morgan (formerly: Schurig). Incedentally, the Bronfmans became masters at tax avoidance, running their criminal enterprises through a complex series of companies, foundations, trusts, and others.

One of my readers has pointed out that Jones’ studio move to this Alvin Devane location was preceded by one of his “money bomb” campaigns, in which Jones manipulates his gullible supporters by pleading for money under the pretext that it is necessary in order to continue with his “operation”.


  1. Hey everybody TPS here.. Just curious, I thought Fitzpatrick, you were pretty convinced Santilli was a shill if I remember correctly. So, this Santilli thing could be a big stunt to send people to the wrong location. He never goes inside the building, so potentially a staged show/charade.
    I’m pretty sure Santilli is a shill, at least that was the impression I got when I would listen to his show on Genesis or whatever that station was with the other shills on it. If so, he would help Jones keep “cover” on his actual location by sending people to the honey-pot location which is actually a surveillance company.
    Also, worried that the location is incorrect and they’re just sending people toward this surveillance operation potentially.. Anybody attempting to infiltrate the place better wear a mask (president mask would be fitting, as Jones does that.. taste of his own medicine).
    Potentially, and hear me out here, they could have (and likely did, they are smart, and knew they were giving a tour of their top-secret facility) posted fake “fire escape placards” with the old address to send people to the wrong location. why would the cameraman “focus” on the fire escape placard almost feature it, if not trying to get people to notice it, and falsely identify the location?
    Until somebody walks into this building from the outside, or we can see outside it somehow I’m not convinced this is the actual location.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Paulstal. First of all, I appreciate your support of my blog on you Youtube channel. I do still think Santilli is a shill, but my readers helped determine that the Alvin Devane location is indeed the studio location (see comments on this article). When Jones does the tour of his studio, you can see out the windows, where the buildings match those of the Alvin Devane block. Santilli being part of some other operation could explain his legitimate opposition to Jones, as a rival shill. Frankly, though, during his popularity peak (the breaking of the Stratfor-Infowars story), I felt that Santilli was trying to poach disenfranchised Infowarriors to lead them down another dead-end road. He was really pushing that Judy Wood, space beams crap at that time.

    2. Hey Timothy. Yeah, no problem, Really like your website here. Great documentation too.
      Ok, I see the screenshot you have.. but the video doesn’t work anymore. How old is the video? Could it be old material and they moved? I would really like to see the video in full to see how dated the set up was.. These people move about every 2 years it appears.
      Interesting that Alex moved houses since 6601, and the stuff about the trust.. so many shell companies and trusts it’s looking very how you say.. “CIAish”.

      1. I think it was the same video that you used in your Youtube video of the studio. Just keep an eye out for when the camera pans by a window. Look at the building trim/facade. It’s an exact match. Yes, very CIAish and also Bronfmanish. Like your videos, keep it up!

  2. Oh.. ok, still reading the thread, and apparently it’s not certain he moved from 6601… Probably owns both.. anyway, don’t really care where he lives (know it’s a big house somewhere). Care more about where Infowars is actually located. He probably has houses all over the planet.

  3. Next Door Neighbor “Nano-Master” is suite 300.. lists NASA, GE as their clients.. Makes a “Space Simulation” Device, other things like Electron Beam Evaporation Systems, Plasma sources etc. Not sure how weird this stuff is because it’s very technical.. . NASA contractor right next door to Jones? Why does that not surprise me.
    Ooh.. get this.. Both Honeywell/ Vindicator technologies (spy agency/military defense contractors) flank the Infowars building.. As you pointed out.. Vindicator appears mislabeled.. and points to what should be the suite 200/250 building, but lists #430 (strange it isn’t an increment of 50)..
    One of Honeywell’s recent “inventions”: Honeywell Tests Brain-Wave System: seeking to speed the rate at which humans can analyze intelligence data.. Sounds kind of “experimental mind-control” if you ask me… Alex Jones neighbor #2..
    Wow..Jones’ neighbors are spook companies that have very large government contracts and are building weird shit. A few of the companies seem “normal”.. but his direct neighbors are sketchy.

    1. Yes, the Alvin Devane Blvd. office complex is full of U.S. military contractors like Honeywell Vindicator and Israeli military contractors like Negevtech.
      This make sense, since I’ve already demonstrated that Alex Jones is a C.I.A. agent or asset.

  4. There’s another media-related “culture creation” company in the complex “ProductionFor”
    MKS Instruments – Defense & Security contractor
    Here’s an Israeli linked company listed to the complex – Negevetch Ltd. Rehovot, Israel.. links to the 3019 complex, but won’t give a suite.

  5. too close.. Also, noticed you have “Brother Nathanael” as a link. You trust that guy huh? What he says all sounds good, learned here on your forum he’s trying to get a Stratfor subscription. That particular post by him that was linked was pretty scary.. He is an “ex” Jewish guy.. hmm..

  6. Here’s a recent comment made related to this subject:

    In addition, the most traceable, questionable evidence (although circumstantial) rests in publicly available Secretary of State and deed records: Infowars registers its headquarters and rents in the center of an Austin office park, designated as a HUD zone, where 99% of the tenants are Federal contractors and subcontractors. Right across the parking lot from Infowars is fellow tenant Honeywell. If Infowars is anti-government, why conduct business in an office park region set up for Federal contractors? These contractors receive special award consideration and tax benefits for locating in these “underutilized” areas of town. If anyone has access to Deltek GovWin, try searching for Infowars contract award, or subcontract. Can’t help seeing a possible connection with Honeywell.

    1. Ok, will check it out, thanks, and like your posts on this blog, I’ve learned a lot!

  7. We should get 1,000 people there with bullhorns and shout 911 was an OUTSIDE job for 100 days or so.

  8. Tim, I just discovered (yesterday) explosive new information on Jarhead. It’s his biggest scandal yet.

    1. I forgot to add that the information I just discovered involves what I suspect to be a C.I.A. sexual blackmail ring.

    2. Can’t wait to hear about it. Have you posted an article yet?

      No, I haven’t posted the information on my site yet. I’m not sure I even will. But I’ll give you the link that I originally got the information from. The ultimate source of the information leak is apparently Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly Nichols. I think someone who knows her personally made the video that’s embedded on this page:

    1. Your zeal for exposing Jones is unmatched. Good work! I couldn’t find anything about her being Jewish, aside for the possibility based on her surname. But it’s not a given. Based on her Yoga page, she is definitely into Kabbalah.
      Also, where’s the connection between Erika Wulff-Jones and this escort Ajna?

    2. She’s obviously Jewish based on her appearance alone. But the fact that she has a German-Jewish surname just further confirms her Jewishness:
      As far as Erika Wulff’s identity as the Austin, Texas area escort “Ajna,” you’re right that we can’t be absolutely certain that she’s the person shown in the photographs on “Ajna’s” escort page, due to the face in the photographs being digitally blurred/obscured. However, “Ajna’s” hair is visible in the photographs and as you can see it closely resembles Erika Wulff’s hair as seen in her YouTube yoga instructional videos. Furthermore, I can’t think of any logical reason why the person who originally leaked this information about Erika Wulff being married to Alex Jones would spuriously connect Erika Wulff to a random Austin, Texas escort/prostitute unless the connection were actually true.

      1. I don’t think she is “obviously Jewish”, but it’s possible. It would just add to what we already know about Jones. One Jewish wife, why not another, especially considering he is a Likud-controlled shill. The possibility of her Jewish ancestry is less troubling to me than her involvement in kabbalah/yoga.

    3. Here’s the visual evidence directly connecting Alex Jones to Erika Wulff. This short clip was taken from the video of Alex Jones’ agent provocateur operation at the protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July, 2016. Alex Jones deliberately caused a violent disturbance at the protest area which gave the local police an excuse to shut down the demonstrations and disburse the protestors. Immediately after this activity, Alex Jones was surrounded by a protective detail of Ohio state police officers who escorted him to a waiting unmarked car located a short distance from the protest area. Someone on noticed this woman in the police car with Alex Jones putting her hand around his neck and correctly surmised that she was Alex Jones’ new girlfriend. I had previously watched this video but didn’t notice this interaction, so I’m glad the person from mofopolitics caught it. This woman, whom we now know is Erika Wulff, is also visible at the very beginning of this same video, where she is seen walking together with Alex Jones and his military intelligence escorts (four by my count) as they enter the RNC protest area.

    4. From where did the leak come?

      From the anonymously created video on the page I already posted:
      Aaron Wilson claims that the source of the information is someone personally connected to Alex Jones’ ex-wife Kelly ‘Violet’ Nichols. That would make sense, because it’s not likely that anyone outside of Alex Jones’ friends and/or immediate family would know this information.

    5. I don’t think she is “obviously Jewish”, but it’s possible.

      Erika Wulff has one of the most stereotypical Jewish faces I’ve seen in a long time.
      Don’t you know how to visually identify Jews after all the years you’ve been involved in this stuff?

      1. Lots of none Jews look like Jews. The point is is not to jump to conclusions, even though I agree with your conclusions. I don’t want to get into an argument about this. We need absolute proof…in an age of speculation and fake news. Regardless, as I said, her potential Jewish ethnicity is less troubling than her apparent hooking and involvement in Kabbalah.

    6. Here is the direct physical proof that Erika Wulff and the escort “Ajna” are in fact one and the same person. Compare the placement of the two moles on Erika Wulff’s abdomen in the photograph with her mother with the placement of the two moles on “Ajna’s” abdomen in the photograph on her escort page. The placements are identical. Furthermore, compare the necklace worn by Erika Wulff in all three photographs with the necklace worn by “Ajna” in her photograph. The necklaces are identical. Also note the name on Erika Wulff’s Facebook page: Erika Wulff-Jones.

      1. The moles appear to match up, although it’s a little blurry, so it’s not absolutely conclusive. In the second set of photos, the left photo, of Wulff, looks heavier (especially in the thighs) than the right photo, Anja. Gonna need more than this, I’m afraid. Furthermore, until a marriage certificate turns up, we cannot know for certain that this is Alex’s new wife. At least with Kelly, we had the proof on paper. If you are correct, which I tend to think you are, I am sure someone will find the marriage certificate. It’s all still speculation at this point. We can certainly write about it, but I would rather hold off until more info comes forth.
        This whole Pizzagate thing should have taught us a lot of lessons about online investigation (what not to do). It certainly has for me.

    7. Furthermore, until a marriage certificate turns up, we cannot know for certain that this is Alex’s new wife. At least with Kelly, we had the proof on paper. If you are correct, which I tend to think you are, I am sure someone will find the marriage certificate.

      I agree, we need to have documentation of their marriage. However, that’s never going to happen, because their marriage took place in Hawaii and Hawaii only allows interested parties to request copies of marriage certificates. The first thing I did was check the state of Hawaii’s vital records website to see if marriage certificates were available online, but they’re not. So the only way we’re ever going to see Alex Jones’ and Erika Wulff’s Hawaii marriage certificate is if someone in Alex Jones’ immediate family (or his ex-wife Kelly Nichols) requests a copy and then leaks it to the public.

    “We are Anonymous. Alex Jones and his multi-million dollar brand has built itself on the platform of being a beacon of truth. He has presented himself to the world as a man of integrity and with strong Christian values. This is all a lie, one of many he has misled the people of the world with in order to promote his endorsements such as Super Male Vitality. His perverse ways and hypocrisy will no longer be ignored. Alex Jones, you will have to answer to Anonymous about your behavior and answer to the citizens of the world. Alex Jones has engaged in extramarital affairs for years prior to his divorce in 2015. He has abused drugs and alcohol, and was abusive to his wife. He has now isolated his children from their mother with the intent of lessening the financial exposure and obligations he would be required to pay had she been given custody. For three years he has been involved with a local escort in Austin, Texas named Erika Wulff. He and Erika had began their relationship while Alex Jones was still married. He married Erika in January in Hawaii after learning she has become pregnant. Erika is not his only female partner. Paulina Palmer is his other girlfriend [unintelligible]. She is also a real estate agent locally in Austin, Texas. It isn’t known if she is aware of his marriage to Erika. Alex Jones has used his money to abuse and corrupt the already questionable family court system in Travis County. The Christian flag waver for free speech is gagging his wife so people won’t find out his real story. Travis County Family Court guardian ad litems [Alissa? Sharon? Allison?] have been complicit in misleading the courts and aiding Alex Jones to prevent his children’s mother from her ability to be in her children’s lives. These women have used their position in the family court system and abused their power. They will be exposed. Travis County Family Courts will be exposed. Alex Jones will be exposed. Anonymous will be at every court hearing in support of Alex Jones’ ex-wife and the oppression of her Constitutional rights to free speech will stop, starting February 23rd and 24th. Don’t expect us at the Travis County Family Court. The psychological evaluation of Alex Jones exposed mental health issues such as narcissism and depression. His abuse of alcohol and drugs is not a healthy environment for his children. Alex Jones, you are a liar and a hypocrite, lying to your supporters. Expect us.”

  10. I have found a bunch of stuff regarding Time Warner/STratfor/ChoopaLLC/Vultr/Infowars
    all one and the same
    have a look into all of that.
    same IP’s and everything.
    Treason is exhausting.

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