The ‘Alt Right’ is Limited Hangout


By Timothy Fitzpatrick
October 1, 2016 Anno Domini

“Limited hangout” is intelligence jargon for a form of propaganda in which a selected portion of a scandal, criminal act, sensitive or classified information, etc. is revealed or leaked, without telling the whole story. The intention may be to establish credibility as a critic of something or somebody by engaging in criticism of them while in fact covering up for them by omitting many details; to distance oneself publicly from something using innocuous or vague criticism even when ones own sympathies are privately with them; or to divert public attention away from a more heinous act by leaking information about something less heinous. —Rational Wiki

From Paul Joseph Watson to Stefan Molyneux, Donald Trump to Milo Yiannopoulos, the rising secular “right wing” in the Americas, dubbed the “alt right” by some, shares one common narrative that reveals it as the limited hangout, controlled-opposition operation that it is.

Omission of the Jewish-Masonic question.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) afternoon general session in Washington March 21, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

It is completely absent from any meaningful discourse of every single alt right personality, despite that the Jewish question lurks behind all of the revolutionary movements that have conspired against the West and Christian mores for the last 2,000 years to the present time. With the rise of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, his perceived populism, and the growing backlash to political correctness, the alt right has sprung up all too quickly, all too conveniently as those disillusioned with the radical leftist world takeover grapple for answers. Right on cue, the controlled-opposition agents have filled in the gaps and have “answered” our questions in a manner that leaves out the more damning, darker truth.

The legitimate right, those identifying with traditional, Hellenic-Christian culture, appear completely oblivious to this hijacking of the right, much in the same way past controlled opposition garnered favour with the right only to later lead it down a dead-end road or, worse, to slaughter.

All the way down the line, the new alt right talking heads have acted as gatekeepers for the Judeo-Masonic establishment. Take for example Stefan Molyneux and his recent example of excusing Jewish over-representation in positions of influence, Paul Joseph Watson’s laughable denial of Jewish influence anywhere in the world, Alex Jones’ playing limited hangout 20-years plus (defending freemasonry, at times allowing for mild, superficial criticism of Israel but omitting the bigger issues regarding Israel and Judaism), or Donald Trump’s total subservience to the Israel lobby and Judaism (AIPAC, Jewish staffers, Zionist foreign policy position, all his kids either married to or dating Jews). Homosexual alt right icon Milo Yiannopoulos, although a more honest Jew (he has admitted Jewish influence in the world), also serves to advance the controlled right’s agenda of Jewish omission by displacing bigger issues with smaller ones (for example, restricting immigration would require kicking all of the Jewish policymakers and their ilk off of the policy boards and replacing them with populists; shallowly criticizing unfettered immigration solves little).

More Jewish alt right gatekeepers
While I appreciate the many truths spoken by alt right talking heads like Breitbart (founded by Jew Andrew Breitbart), homosexual Jew Matt Drudge (Drudge Report), Ezra Levant (Jewish), Lauren Southern (Rebel Media), or the aforementioned personalities, their agenda is, at best, a half measure solution to the world’s problem, at worst, leading the right to its ultimate destruction. They, like CIA front National Review and the John Birch Society, discuss very real issues but are there to homogenize the right whilst omitting the issues that reveal the entire truth—and in that complete truth wherein lies real solutions for the world’s greatest dilemma (incidentally, the National Review has condemned the alt right as racist and anti-Semitic). The only effective method for containing the Judeo-Masonic dilemma has been the Byzantine Solution, or the Vatican’s Sicut Judaeis Non, which would have to be expanded to include freemasonry and its many gnostic offshoots.

Alex Jones Limited Hangout. (Click to enlarge)

Infowars’ Alex Jones is sort of the pioneer of 21st century limited hangout. He was doing it on an international stage long before the current alt right talking heads became as popular as they. It’s only because of Donald Trump and growing public disillusionment with the left that there is a need for a pantheon of limited hangout agents, who have now surpassed Jones in notoriety. Jones, apparently, was the beta test for the establishment’s plan for a rise of the pseudo right.

White nationalists appear to have completely bought into the alt right bait, with personalities like David Duke and Professor Kevin MacDonald riding the Trump, alt right bandwagon; although, MacDonald has demonstrated his awareness of the Jewish involvement in the alt right and is supporting it anyways likely for strategic reasons. White nationalist opposition to Judeo-Masonry has proven itself a failure (National Socialism) and is based in racialism. Only the Church has adequately addressed and dealt with the question. Any notion of the “true” alt right being hijacked from the supposed rightful heir white nationalists by Milo types is ridiculous.

Neither of the two groups are the rightful heirs.

This alt right and its friendly alternative media are not allowing any other talking points to the reach the masses.
Right wing sentiment must not deviate from what the establishment has set out. Dissenting views from the alt right narrative are regarded as divisive, anti-Trump, leftist, or they are simply ignored (dynamic silence). The alt right is a neocon of the necons—its controlled outgrowth that is a false attempt at a return to conservatism. The only true conservatism is one based not in secular populism but in Jesus Christ and the moral order.


  1. Hebrews 5:14 “But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.”
    Please try to recover my lengthy comment and one followup after and this one. Extreme computer problems. Browser just crashed and lost what I had entered.

  2. Very good article. People in the “alt right” who believe that everything boils down to race, such as Jared Taylor, are loath to criticise Jews believing that their supposed high IQ’s make them useful allies for White Nationalists to have. Even Professor MacDonald, who does address the Jewish issue, believes in the Jewish higher IQ theory.

    1. The Ashkenazi IQ thing typifies the tribal/Masonic bait and switch that the far right so often fall for. Because the official IQ stats indicate that blacks have much lower IQ than whites, the white nats swallow the whole Bell Curve IQ package hook line and sinker. In truth if the tribal supremacists are even one hundredth as corruptly competitvely as the white nats say they are, the first thing they would seek to falsify would be ethnic IQ figures. The whole official racial IQ narative doesn’t remotely begin to stack up – and not just about the Ashkenazis . For instance Croatians have officially significantly lower IQs than Italians, even though the two countries neighbour each other – and Italians in general are obviously much closer racially to Arabs and North Africans than Croatians are – and yet Arabs and north Africans, according to the Bell Curvists, are much lower again in IQ than either of the aforementioned nationalities. Go figure. The only thing we can say with certainty is that anyone who falls for this tosh has a very high GQ – Gullibility Quotient.

    2. I’ve worked with many Jews during my career with the Federal government and I have to say they have a very high level of intelligence and work ethic. There are no group of people I’ve seen who is as diligent, efficient, and fast in problem solving as those people. The obsession with work is astonishing and is something I don’t see even out of Asians. I shared an office with a Jew for a number of years and he would figure out things in less than half the time it took me to figure it out. It’s no wonder they rise to the top so fast.

      1. Rising to the top so fast—yeah I guess it could never be due to all the other Jews in their career fields that help them advance.
        Jewish upward mobility is largely due to their racial cohesion, not to their supposed higher intelligence. East Indians (especially Sikhs) have advanced significantly in the West for the same reason. For example, many Sikh families use their religious temples to purchase a house for them, the goal being to circumvent property taxes. Not only do they buy houses in Canada, the U.S., or elsewhere tax-free, they cram dozens of members of their families in these mega houses, saving each of them significant amounts of income otherwise spent on rent or mortgages. If anyone in these large households is unemployed for any reason, the rest of the tribe picks up their slack and keeps them going; nobody is left behind, everyone is given opportunity to succeed. You look in the driveways of these Sikh homes and what do you see? Several expensive automobiles, professionally groomed landscaping, etc.
        Now imagine white people with this same racial cohesion. Is this what Jewry fears more than anything?

    3. MacDonald makes it clear that Jewish dominance is not just due to IQ but a host of other factors such as ethnocentricity, aggression, and long-term vision.

  3. A very good and balanced article. I first came across Molyneux via Makow’s twitter feed sidebar about a year ago, and believe it or not in that video he was asking some Jewish guy some quite searching questions about the double standard, whereby Israel kicks out or jails all asylum seekers, and bars all non-Jews from citizenship, but Zionist Jews promote mass migration to the west. This interview may have been more limited hangout because since then I’ve seen the notorious video where he tries to explain away Jewish dominance in the West as all down to their superior intelligence. He seems to have veered very close to full blown Neoconism recently – as have the Infowars cabal.
    If the white nats just supported Trump on the basis of his being a lesser evil or because they believe his personal volatility may lead him to turn on the Tribal controllers I could understand it. It’s their hero-worship for the guy that gets me. They brush all his negatives – his support for Israel, his social liberalism, his political correctness, etc., – under the carpet.

    1. Hero worship indeed. There is no objectivity in their discourse, it’s pure cheerleading. It’s sad that they feel so helpless that they must abandon rational thinking in order to advance what they perceive as the last hope for Western culture.

  4. Reply to Prison Planets: I wouldn’t want to denigrate the intelligence of the Jews – or any other ethnic group for that matter. I’ve no doubt there are many very intelligent Jews but I think Tim’s point is very well made. If the Jews as a race are so much smarter than everyone else, why do they (or at least their tribal networks) spend so much time coordinating with each other and using financial, political, and media clout to advance their collective agenda – not to mention using very unsubtle guilt-tripping techniques against those they perceive as competitors or enemies?
    Also the output of Hollywood doesn’t exactly lend weight to the idea of stellar brlliance on their part. Modern movies are very effective propaganda to gull the brainwashed masses, but high art they are not.

    1. Talking of Hollywood: Steven Spielberg is making a film called “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”. It is yet another anti-Catholic, Jewish pity-party, propaganda piece.
      The movie is due to be released late in 2017 – just in time for the Academy Awards early in 2018. This is a trick Jewish Hollywood pulls with films it especially wants to promote. Hence, last year we got “Spotlight” released in November 2015. This year it is “Denial”. Look out next year for “The Kidnapping Of Edgardo Mortara”.

  5. Mary Caine: Yep, Hollywood and the corporate crass media never did get that EJ Phelps memo that the Vatican and the Jesuits run the show. Never mind the clocks going back, in the modern world the msm garlanding of the latest Hollywood Catholo-phobe blockbuster is always the surest sign Winter-time has arrived – in every sense.

    1. Consider the name ‘Spielberg’. Berg is the German word for mountain. A ‘spiel’ is a glib sales patter. Therefore, a loose translation of the name ‘Spielberg’ would be ‘a pile of crap’. If anyone has had the misfortune to be forced to sit through a Spielberg movie, I am sure they will concur with the appropriateness of the name.

    The original concept of the Alternative Right emerged from paleo-conservatism. Paul Gottfried, one of the Jewish founders of paleo-conservatism, declared the end of paleo-conservatism and called for an “Alternative Right” in a 2008 speech for the H. L. Mencken Club.
    Some Observations from the Man who Created Alt-Right
    Meet the Jewish Intellectual who Coined the Term ‘Alternative Right’
    I’m a Jew, and I’m a Member of the Alt-Right.
    Is the ‘Alt-Right’ Reaching Out to Jews — and Why?
    Anti-Immigrant and White Supremacist, Maybe. But is the Alt-Right Anti-Semitic?

    1. It did. It’s just that the Church was subverted. The Byzantine Empire, which contained Jews, was overthrown, and the Vatican, which also contained Jews, changed its teaching regarding Jews.

      1. Here are three good articles about the Church’s historical teacchings about the Jews.
        start read the above article with this paragraph,…
        “Talmud way back in the year 1236. Before this, the collection of rabbinical writings was virtually unknown among Christians. Its discovery came about when a Jew named Nicholas Donin converted to Christianity and went public with what it contained. As you may imagine, Church leaders were not too thrilled. ”
        The BEFORE Prayer
        Latin word perfidis (“faithless”, sometimes falsely
        > translated as “perfidious”) from the Good Friday Prayer – t
        his mistranslation sounds like a typical Sunstienian trick to make the AFTER Prayer the new rule.
        CATHOLIC PRAYER (before Vatican II):
        Let us pray likewise for the faithless Jews: that the Lord our God may remove from their hearts the veil of unbelief: and that they may come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.
        Let us pray.
        Almighty and eternal God, who drivest not away from Thy mercy even the faithless Jews: hear our prayers, which we offer for the blindness of that people: that acknowledging the light of Thy truth, which is Christ, they may be delivered from their darkness. Through the same Jesus Christ, thy Son our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, ever one God. world without end.
        R. Amen.
        The AFTER Prayer
        The Novus Ordo Sect, by contrast, has abandoned this prayer and the theology behind it, and replaced it with the following:
        NOVUS ORDO PRAYER (after Vatican II):
        Let us pray
        For the Jewish people,
        The first to hear the word of God,
        That they may continue to grow in the love of his name
        And in faithfulness to his covenant.
        Almighty and eternal God,
        Long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and his posterity.
        Listen to your Church as we pray
        That the people you first made your own
        May arrive at the fullness of redemption.
        We ask this through Christ our Lord.
        I never heard any cleric say one word about the Jews when I was growing up except for my great parish pastor, Father J. J. Ruddy. He said the Jews were indeed experts in money matters. I think he said it was related to their money changing experience in the Temple in Jerusalem. At least he broached the forbidden topic and told us so truth.

    2. and the Vatican, which also contained Jews,

      Yes, if by “contain” you mean “was partners in crime with.”

  7. Thanks, Timothy. Have we any evidence of direct or indirect funding by the deep-state or any other group of the operatives you mention above?

  8. Check out Watson’s trashy YouTube Channel
    A large number of the video titles contain one of Watson’s favorite words…
    including this one linked from today.
    F**k the Pope
    .Paul Joseph Watson
    Disparaging this “pope” sells for Watson, Jones and Rense and their followers, and that’s what matters to them.
    I think we are supposed to be praying for these dingle brains.

  9. Where do Hispanics/Latinos fall in the grand scheme of things? I have a book I found at the local used books store about Masonry in Latin America, and it had a vast list of lodges that dated back before the Mexican Independence. I also found it interesting that In New Orleans, there is a Statue of Benito Juarez a mexican president in Masonic garb.

  10. I get the distinct feeling that whether or not Trump started this campaign as controlled opposition, the Tribe are definitely out to bury him now – literaly if necessary. The scale of the attacks are just too huge to admit of any other explanation. For instance Rod Dreher, the pseudo-Christian Zio-shill of Zio-shills, is pumping out so many hit-pieces on Trump in The American Conservative, he must be eating ready meals off a tray beside his computer. I also notice Infowhores getting distinctly chilly towards the Donald in recent days. I looked at their site on Monday to see how the previous night’s debate had gone, and from the very subdued tone of their coverage I assumed Trump must have been hammered. Later when I got to watch the debate I disovered that he had wiped the floor with Hillary. It’s almost as if, for Alex Jones and the other Alt-Right presstitutes, Trump won too handsomely – like a remotely controlled test car that has careered wildly out of their cotrol, and won’t crash and burn when they press the right button.

    1. I don’t know. Why doesn’t the media just bring up Trump’s links to child rape, namely through Jeffrey Epstein? Trump’s already brought up Bill’s links, no? Seems odd that the media is ignoring this. I have been ignoring Infowhores. Can only stomach so much of it. By the way, I plan to focus on and write a series of articles leading up to the JFK assassination anniversary. What do you think? I’ve had enough of this U.S. election stuff.

      1. I was under the impression that the whole Epstein thing was the reason they chose Trump to go against Shillary, but because even though Trump did have somewhat a relationship with Epstein, he never participated in that bs. So if this topic comes up then surely Bill and hillary will come down with him because he was actually doing these things and shillary knew about the shenanigans in the lolita express.

        1. You are partially correct. They chose Trump, whom they knew was compromised (like with child rape with Epstein), so they could puppeteer him with that over his head, should he get elected. This is essentially illuminism (blackmail). Trump and Clinton are in cahoots and both know Epstein well, and both are guided by Mossad agent Ghislaine Maxwell. Show me a rich man or politician who is not sexually compromised. Most blackmail works through homosexuality and pederasty.
          For more:
          Aanirfan deleted this article (cached above). He must have gotten some heat for publishing it.

  11. Tribal Jewish supremacist Noah Millman is also working overtime at the American Conservative to churn out the anti-Trump hit pieces. His latest is explicitly Judaic and is entitled “Atoning For Trump”. In it he says that Trump will still be there after the election promoting the idea the election was stolen. Talk about getting your denial about an allegation concerning an event that is still four weeks away, in first! If that doesn’t bespeak a jittery conscience I don’t know what does. The possibility of the public in the West cottoning on at last to the fact that their elections are rigged scares the Tribalists more than anything. All their psychological hold on western man depends on the sheeple never questioning the voting process – it’s even more vital to their success than believing false flag terror narratives.

    1. If elections are easily riggable, which I believe they are, then one must ask oneself why the media goes to such great lengths to win our support for one candidate over the other. The only conclusion can be to game us, make us feel like we have a choice. Of course, the media is compartmentalized enough that they don’t know about the rig, and so the media whole-heartedly tries to win our support.

  12. When quoting Millman I should have said thathe said that “Trump will still be there after the election promoting the MYTH (not idea) that the election was stolen.” It’s an important correction, because how can an allegation about an event that hasn’t even happened yet be a “myth”?

  13. I want to remain optimistic that Trump did not engage in these activities and that is why the establishment wants to shut him down. I have to maintain an optimistic attitude, because this shit is depressing. However, should it be true have no choice but to keep on keepin’ on! thanks for the info.

    1. Understandably. I have no vested interest in either candidate, but I do recognize patterns, and I see Trump as being another compromised puppet in this elaborate psychodrama.

  14. Tim, there’s no doubt that Trump is compromised, but my view the Tribe are now out to get him because his egomania makes him much harder to control than other compromised candidates. As for Epstein, I’d guess the Clintons have been told in no uncertain terms to steer clear of opening that can of worms – not in order to protect Trump, or even themselves, but to shield Zio-ultras like Alan Dershowitz and Ghislaine Maxwell from disgrace and possible prosecution – not to mention the masonic British royals (it’s surely significant that the Charlie Hebdo false flag helped bury the Epstein story in the very week it threatened to take on a life of its own). Dershowitz is probably the most fanatical Zionist character assassin in the US today. Also, the sheeple aren’t good at joining the dots, but even they might begin to grasp the real mechanisms for controlling pols, royals, churchmen etc if they got to hear of secret cameras in the bedrooms of Epstein’s VIP cesspit.
    For me it’s hard to see how Trump or the Clintons have personally anything to gain from the current slug-fest, and they would appear to have a huge amount to lose in terms of public standing – at the very least. The level of mud-slinging is completely unprecedented in this election – it didn’t happen between Obama v Romney or Obama v McCain, or Bush v Kerry, Clinton v Dole, or even Carter V Reagan.
    As for rigging, I think the reason the media seek to convince people to vote a certain way – even though their masters intend to rig the contests – is because they fear that if the rigging is too out of sync with how people actually voted, the masses might become suspicious. Also the media promotion of candidates, rigged polls etc., help to convince people that everyone but themselves is voting for Obama, Bush or whoever. I used to fall for this myself. When the Lesbian feminist Trilateralist won the Irish presidential election I just took it as evidence of how decadent the Irish nation had become. For years I didn’t consider the many glaring anomalies of that election – too many to go into here.
    I’m not dogmatic about Trump’s role – time will be the judge about what his real game is – although the immediate aftermath of the election may not clarify matters.
    As for the JFK series, that’s a great idea. Btw I haven’t forgotten the Anglo-Masonic article I promised – sorry for the delay!

    1. If your theory is correct and if it’s true that Trump is winning this race (which I believe he is) then the revelations about him will only get dirtier (I noticed how the alt right totally downplayed that audio tape of his elitist bragging that he can basically do anything he wants to women, which corroborates the Epstein ties). I don’t see the Judeo-masonic crpytocracy in too much of a panic. I think the media is in panic, but I don’t see the media as so monolithic with the Jews (due to their compartmentalization). Time will tell. If you are correct, perhaps it will sink to the level of revealing the Epstein truth. If he is not as unpredictable as your theory suggests, then hey may just throw his own election, being that he was only in it to create the illusion of choice. Time will tell. We are only weeks away.

  15. Here is a n Alex Jones quote m in true Cass Sunstein/ Judeo-Masonic manner and style from an Infowars show video of October 13, 2016. (The guest in the video appears to be speaking truth but that is a separate matter and not the issue I am pointing out here.)
    at about 10:50 on the track
    “…so they wouldn’n do that if it wasn’t real.
    Hell, there’s people all over the Internet claiming
    I’m married to them
    and I raped them
    and I’m an Easter bunny
    and I’m a devil worshipper
    and I’m a Vatican assassin
    and I work for Israel
    and I work for reptiles
    and I …
    It’s not true. I’m not a space alien, so I don’t care. ”
    I won’t break down the psychological manipulation and covert statements in this brrief quote but do notice how he puffs himself and his status and popularity and truthiness up at the end of this interview, thereby using the ostensibly honest guest for his own aggrandizement.
    And nitice how in true Sunsteinian form, he lumps together
    fairy tale characters
    devil worshipping
    the Vatican
    Vatican assassins
    reptilian theory
    space aliens
    so that makes in all on the same loevel and all on the same level of truth and reality.
    Cheap shot all the way around, Alex.

    1. Dachsielady, if you listen to him long enough, you will see that he plays these games all the time. He loves a good strawman argument. You’re correct, he definitely operates in a Sunsteinien fashion.

    2. What do you think of the possibility that Donald Trump has been positioned to mock us through a sort of psychodrama? What about Trump carrying out the elite’s Revelation of the Method? He reveals Hillary’s dirty laundry as a form of mockery as well as to gain our consent of her crimes?

      1. Sounds plausible to me. The deception and trickery knows no bounds.
        Here is a tidbit about Trump I picked up today.
        Trump became the spokesman for Casinos International in 2003 when Meyer Lansky’s long time spokesman died. Gee, who’d have thunk it. I watched all those Elliot Ness TV shows and all the gangsters were Italian.
        There is something so surreal about all these alt right folk getting on the bandwagon with this “save America” rhetoric. I fell for that talk about 18 years ago but no more.
        We know who is taking over the world. Maybe we are due for a great chastisement for our being conformed to this evil world system.
        All the false flags and wars for Israel and the rigged voting is fully exposed now so I just leave it in God’s hands to help us deal with this horror in His way.

        1. Yes, Resorts International, I assume you are talking about. It was definitely a creation of the Lansky Crime Syndicate. I wonder, though, who took over for Lansky when he died.

          1. “Hyman “Hal” Lamer was the real, continuing behind-the scenes force guiding the Chicago mob for over thirty years.”
            “Lamer was not just a major figure in Chicago crime, but on the international scene as well. He was also a longtime associate of Jewish crime chief Meyer Lansky but, effectively, Lansky’s successor when Lansky died in 1983.”
            Chapter Eleven
            By Michael Collins Piper
            Cuban Love Song:
            Meyer Lansky, the Mafia, the CIA and
            the Mossad and the Castro Assassination Plots

  16. Tim, I wouldn’t want to defend the Alt-Right (most of which I despise) but you don’t have to be a Trump worshipper to smell the foul stench of hyporcisy from the media re Trump’s comments. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but the antics of Clinton groupies Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer and Miley Cyrus (not to mention Bubba himself, Biden, James Carville et al.,make Trump’s comments seem very mild. And these whores and whoremongers are exalted by the same media now feigning shock over Trump. Everyone knew Trump was a low life for years – he appeared on the Howard Stern show for heaven’s sake, and in Playboy vids – so why did they wait til now to pour the bucket of sewage over him? It probablly says something very unflattering about the world I’ve grown up in and worked in, but I wasn’t shocked (in the sense of being surprised) by what Trump said. Morally repelled yes, but shocked no. It’s par for the course these days – not just in locker rooms – but on mainstream television. To me it looks like the Tribe are pulling that old Ju Jitsu trick of weaponising their enemies’ values against them. i.e exploiting the moral standards of decent Christians in order to facilitate their genocide.

    1. I agree with you about the media’s hypocrisy; however, I think the media is slamming Trump because it’s what a good liberal ought to do, not because they fear him actually being elected (remember, the media is catering to an audience of social justice warriors). I disagree that Trump is a wildcard for the Jews; he’s shown no sign of this other than to sling mud at the Clintons, which had to be expected of him. Trump is really, really dirty. They have him right where they want him. The fuss (really, worship) over Trump is more precedent setting than the mud slinging going on, in my opinion.

  17. Well my view, is that Trump has certainly lost out big time in terms of reputation if he loses this election, so it’s very difficult to see what’s in it for him acting all of this out. He’d want to be seriously masochistic, if not actually clinically insane, to have agreed to be the pre-ordained fall guy. We all tend to assume that the Zios only target heroes or saints, or at the very least, sworn enemies of their agenda. But that’s rarely the case, if only because there are so few saints or heroes out there. For instance when rumours began to fly that Justice Scalia had been whacked, Hoffman and others wrote pieces exposing him as a Zionist fellow-traveller- as if this refuted the “conspiracy theorists”. But in my view it did no such thing. To get bumped off Scalia didn’t have to be an enemy of Zion, or even a mild critic. He just had to be standing in the way of the next phase of the revolution. The Tribe target folk who think they’re their friends and servants all the time – look at the history of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath.
    Also while I completely agree that Trump has been a Zio-shill most of his life, there’s no denying that his statements on Syria have damaged the Neocon consensus on the Right. That I think is the core reason the likes of Rod Dreher and Jonah Goldberg are so furious with him.

    1. I don’t doubt that there are Jews in the media deliberately out for Trump; however, I don’t think it’s the policy of Judeo-masonry (the tribe) at large. There are plenty of Jews in favour of Trump. He does have a campaign office in Tel Aviv, after all. As for Trump’s true motives, it’s really difficult to say. I do believe he is a narcissist, so he may be easily led in this respect. I don’t think he is as smart as some might think, especially seeing as his fortune was largely inherited (and made on the backs of prostitutes).

  18. I don’t think we’re going to convince each other on this Tim, so we’ll have to agree to differ.

  19. I’m certainly not falling for any “Trump hysteria”, and nor are many who see a vote for him as by far the lesser evil. The vast majority of the commenters I’ve seen taking on Goldberg, Millman, Dreher & co on this issue make it quite clear that they have no time for Trump personally, or even politically – they regard him as a low-life and a shyster. But for them, as for me, the bottom line is very clear: which candidate is explicitly supporting anti-Christian Jihadists in Syriia, Iraq and Libya? That would be Hillary. Now it’s possible to say Oh well Trump will do the same when he gets in. Maybe, but such a statement is pure conjecture at this stage, something that may or may turn out to be true, whereas there’s nothing remotely speculative about identifying Hillary’s foreign policy program. That also goes for abortion, ssm, and intensified sersecution of domestic Christians under the guise of “human rights”. Therefore, regardless of whether they intend to vote or not, any rational American opposed to this platform, should identify as the greater evil the candidate who promises explicitly that she will do these things. If nothing else it’s about a moral mandate – if Hillary were to win fair and square (which i don’t believe she will) she would have an explicit mandate from the majority of the US voting public to do all these things.
    By the way I don’t believe the US media is compartmentalised on the things that matter. It’s not compartmentalised about the Catholic Church, or abortion, or usury or the Sexual Revolution or ssm, or Israel or 9/11. In fact 9/11 revealed just how centrally controlled it is when the chips are down.
    I criticised David Duke here for saying that JFK couldn’t have been targetted by Zios because he had close Jewish connections. I thought it was a logical fallacy and I still do – especially as Duke is a full on groupie of Trump – a man with even closer connections to the Tribe. Nonetheless Duke was half right: JFK DID have Jewish connections, but far from this proving that he could not have been targetted by the Tribe, it only proves that such connections are no automatic protection from Tribal takedowns. No previous British PM (with the possible exception of Harold Wilson) had closer connections to supremacist Jews than Mrs Thatcher, but that didn’t stop them taking her out when she became an inconvenience. And what is more they made sure she wielded zero political influence after her political demise.

    1. I understand, Northsider, but you are speaking as if the vote is the end goal here, when truth should be.
      Editors of print media don’t necessarily get told what to write (although sometimes they do). The compartmentalization of the media starts in the journalism and broadcast schools, where the students are indoctrinated with the concept of “balance”. Add to that that universities are breeding grounds for radical leftism, and the students haven’t a chance to be honest journalists. Publishers are the ones with the power to overrule editors, and editors are the ones with the power to overrule reporters. This is a very much hierarchical system, with the ones at the very bottom not knowing more than what their editors tell them. How is this not a compartmentalized system? Publishers are often influenced by advertisers—advertisers who may or may not have goals in line with the Judeo-masonic agenda. It’s not as simple as its portrayed by media critics. Then, of course, there is the influence of personal bias, which if it exists with a publisher, editorial content will reflect this.
      Now, say you have two media sources competing with each other. In the spirit of competition, one will often try to outdo the other. Soon, the competition evolves on its own, regardless of the given media source’s agenda. I contend that the hate-fest for Trump is one such evolution of competition among the media, and not necessarily a top-down directive through its publishers.

  20. Timothy, I’ve never read such slanted and biased twaddle in all my life. I used to think you were a heavyweight. Apparently, if a British blog post something defamatory about Trump, it must be true and only taken down because “heat” was applied. Using a search engine, of course, to vet the allegations is unnecessary for a ‘neutral’ party such as yourself:
    I guess the compulsion to vote Democrat, no matter what, is just too much for an Irishman, even if the devil herself is fronting the ticket.
    I can only hope the day will come when your shining star will rise to a height that brings the slandering wolves of Zion down on your neck and another Timmy will be there to harump their efforts with his own clever musings. I’d love to see the look on your face.
    Sincerely, K. Adachi

    1. So I am no longer a heavyweight because I dared to not idolize the alt right sacred cow Trump. Boo, hoo. I got more coming on Trump, just wait and see. This article was nothing compared to what I have in the works. My motive in exposing Trump is not to garner votes for Hillary, since I believe it is a foregone conclusion (Hillary was picked a long time ago, and that will not change). Hillary is an obvious NWO stooge, nobody need point that out in the alt media. What’s not so obvious is that Trump is too, yet who in the alt media is pointing that out? Next to nobody. You just prove my point.
      In light of what I said, voting is futile. My tactic here is preemptive. It’s simply to tell the truth, or at least point to where most of the evidence lies. The good in this Trump mania (on both sides) is that it is separating the mice from the men, so to speak. Only a small few have held to objectivity and not been taken up by this emotional roller coaster.
      I stand by my views, no matter how unpopular they may prove to be. The faith in the populist things Trump says is nonsensical seeing that nothing in Trump’s past would suggest that he will deliver on any of his populist promises. It’s merely a lot of wishful thinking on the part of his supporters, especially in the alt right. People are enamoured with their idealization of Trump, not with him or his track record. This is blindness.

  21. I was not going to vote in this presidential election. I resent being forced in to having to vote. I feel I must though because the goddess of war has made it crystal clear that immediate nuclear war is definitely “on the table” in her possessed mind.
    One cannot take a close look at the Donald and conclude that he has led a moral life as the true honest successful American business man. Am I going to be ill?!
    I also resent that this presidential show had pushed the whole sexual filth of both of them as almost the only thing we should be discussing when choosing a president. I do not know the facts about them and their morally filthy lives.
    I do know that there is plenty on the negative side to be said about the Donald and his financial investments and his associations with the Jewish MAFIA such as Sheldon Adelson and Resorts International.
    Trump’s money comes in large part by the successful money laundering operation of casino gambling for drugs, prostitution and organizaed crime. This is all Meyer Lansky Jewish MAFIA joined at the hip with the CIA.
    I do not have any idea that Trump could possibly be a good leader but I seriously doubt it. He will most likely do just the opposite of everything he promised in his campaign speeches, just like Reagan and Obama and almost all of our presidents over the last 75 years. We, and all the so called “alt right” will be rudely awakened by the fact that we were fooled big time and it has all been an orchestrated hoax on we the people.
    Still, just as I felt obligated and forced to vote for Reagan who promised to end abortion but immediately broke that promise, I feel forced to vote for the candidate who at least says the things that appear to be against the nuclear war solution.
    The lesser of two evils thing really does not apply here, I do not think. The world and the USA is in dire, end-times, conditions. There is the shadow government that rules over all, including the election dog and pony show.
    We are on the brink of total worldwide economic collapse. We are on the brink of nuclear war and annihilation of about ninety percent of the world population.
    We Americans are watching the end of our sovereign republic and see how evil our government leaders have been acting all over the world – truly satanically evil.
    The U.S. presidential election is just one of the pawns being moved around on the giant chessboard and the milieu for taking further control of the minds of the masses. It really does not make any difference who gets elected.
    The Judeo-Masonic one world death and slavery system for all marches on until the King of Kings throws the whole rotten lot of them into Hell for eternity.
    My prayer is that we not get caught up in their evil machinations and that, through prayer and discernment, we follow and cling to the One Who is Truth and Who is the only way to the Father.

  22. Tim, I agree with you that Hillary is the pre-ordained choice – and they will, if they can, rig the election to install her in the White House (I don’t like making hard and fast predictions about outcomes even when I believe the plan is to rig the vote, because I think it can be construed as ruling out divine intervention – God may have other plans that the riggers aren’t party to). Therefore I wouldn’t argue with anyone refusing to back either candidate. However if, hypothetically speaking, I thought the election would be fair and I had a vote in it, I would vote for Trump, simply for the reasons I’ve already outlined. For me it’s a bit like standing on a lonely road in the middle of a huge thunderstorm and two cars pull up beside you, both of them driven by notorious crooks, One of the crooks pulls out a gun and declares her intention of stealing all your belongings and then forcing you to jump off the nearest cliff. The other crook also has a gun, but says he’ll drive you home to your family. You’ve no reason to trust the second crook, but you know for sure the first crook means everything she says. So the logical option is to hope that in any shootout between the two crooks, the second crook wins – in spite of your many misgivings about him.
    For many Europeans Anglo-America’s foreign policy is no longer a matter of abstract speculation about which candidate has the closest Jewish connections – interesting and pertinent though such analysis can be in normal, or even semi-normal times. These days the impact of the Zio-revolutionary agenda is all too real and urgent, and affects every man, woman and child, no matter how apolitical they may think they are. For example just a few days ago an Irish naval vessel “rescued” 772 migrants off Tripoli and brought them to Ireland. The Freemason Irish Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister – an even more craven Zio-shill than either Clinton or Trump) has said there “is no upper limit” on the number of “refugees” from the various war-zones Ireland is prepared to take. And Ireland already has proportionally the highest number of migrants of any country in Europe, Clinton says she’ll continue to wage Zio-revolutionary wars in the middle east and north Africa, in order to completely empty the populations of the Muslim nations into Europe, thus facilitating the creation of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates (though obviously she doesn’t phrase it in quite those terms). Trump, on the other hand, has said he will cooperate with the Russians and Assad to fight Isis. He may well be spoofing, but we know for sure she isn’t. Her past record (and that of her husband) in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Haiti, Ukraine, Somalia and Sudan prove her true intent only too well.
    However, as I say, I think the specific question of who to vote for in this election is rather academic – as I believe they intend to rig it, just like I believe they systematically rig almost all major elections throughout the West.

  23. Tim, there’s a certain amount of diversity of opinion allowed to journos in relation to issues like economics, social and moral issues (though leeway in that sphere has diminished rapidly in recent years) and their preference for political personalities, but never on things like 9/11, which are so crucial to the Greater Israel agenda, as well as to the sub-agendas of mass immigration, surveillance, multiculturalism etc., which flow from this. Even the phony wing of the Alternative Media, as exemplified by Alex Jones, have obviously been ordered to stop questioning 9/11, and to categorically endorse the official stories of more recent false flags. Any mainstream journo who dared question 9/11 would be dead professionally speaking, if not literally. Even Russelll Brand, the British lefty comic and film star, has seen his career shredded since he tentatively suggested in a book that the official narrative of 9/11 raised certain questions. I’m guessing that’s why journos like Robert Fisk and John Pilger stay away from the subject.
    Christopher Bollyn says the Rothschilds set up many media moguls (e,g. Murdoch) in business, and that these supposedly ultra-powerful “tycoons” are really their lackeys. Without knowing a huge amount about how Murdoch got started, that sounds very plausible to me.

    1. Bollyn is right on Rupert Murdoch. A official documentary from British Channel 4 on Rothschilds, they follow Jacob Rothschild and highlight him, filled with interviews with Jacob, Evelyn Rothschild and others and mention how Rothschilds got in business with Rupert Murdoch back when he was in Australia.
      The Aristocrats: The Rothschilds

    2. Of course the Rothschilds set up media moguls, but the fact of the matter is that there are divisions within the media, just like there are divisions within the NWO power structure. Mystifying the media only obfuscates the truth of the matter. Flip-flopping, hegelian dialectics are all part of the game. For example, the Zionists first supported LBJ’s Vietnam war but then later opposed it. This whole election is a ruse. And I don’t buy the excuse of promoting Trump for strategic reasons. Yes, vote for Trump, but also expose the bastard. But I stand by my prediction that Hillary is the pick.

  24. Tim, apologies for not replying sooner – I’ m very busy lately. The problem I have with articles like the Counterpunch one is that they bandy around terms like “mean-spirited” and “bigoted” about Trump, without justifiying them, or even explaining what they mean by such terminology. In that sense they’re all too typically left-wing – although they do publish some very good articles on occasion. Also, they don’t really explain who they think would have been a greater threat to the Clintons than Trump. The only candidate I can think of who might possibly have fitted the bill of “generous spirited and non-bigoted”, and yet differed in some essentials from Clinton, would have been Rand Paul – and even that’s a stretch. But it’s a fantasy of some leftists – even some relatively sound leftists like John Pilger – to believe that you can seriously oppose the Zio-globalists, without reneging on the whole cultural left package of “anti-racism” and support for immigration. Even if we didn’t object to immigation (and I know you do, as I do) and only oppose the permanent war for Greater Israel agenda, the fact is that Counterpunch style lefties help that agenda by calling opponents of immigration “bigots”. If western countries didn’t let in migrants, the Zios’ scope for making war would be greatly diminished. So the multiculturalis agenda aids and abets the Zionist agenda both directly and indirectlly.
    Also, as you may recall from previous posts, I’m no fan of Andrew Anglin, and I don’t approve of the racial insults of the Daily Stormer at all. But Anglin is right about one thing: it doesn’t matter how moderately you couch your opposition to migration or Zionism – the Zio media will call you a racist Nazi regardless, so the idea that Trump, or anyone else, could have opposed mass immigration without being portrayed as a bigot is wishful thinking. in fact if anything, someone who couched their opposition in more measured terms might have got even more flak – and been denounced as not just a bigot, but a mealy-mouthed cowardly bigot.
    If Jeb Bush or Rubio had got the nomination, Hillary’s team would have had a very soft time in the debates – everyone knows the Bushes and the Clintons are best buddies. My reservations about Trump don’t remotely relate to the stuff about Megan Kelly (she, like Trump, traded extreme smut on the Howard Stern show, so her fainting maiden aunt routine is pretty nauseating) or calling illegals aliens potential criminals, or any of the other “bigoted” stuff, but rather the fact that, as you indicate, some serious hardcore Zios like Giuliani and Newt Gingrich are still in his camp. Most disturbing of all was seeing Canadian Zio-crook Conrad Black on the BBC batting for the Donald last week.
    Having said all that I tend to agree with Gilad Atzmon: it almost doesn’t matter whether the contest is a set-up or not – if it is a set-up, the interesting point is why they felt the need to set it up in the way they did at this stage of the game. The hard inonctrovertible info is out there now, regardless of how or why it got there, and Catholic trads, amongst others, have no longer the remotest excuse for pretending that “conspiracy theorists” are all nut-jobs.
    When it’s now a proven fact that Hillary and Biden knew the Saudis were behind Isis and Al Qaeda, and yet continued to give them billions worth of military hardware, and in Hillary’s case, to take blood money off them in return, no one can any longer plead invincible ignorance about these matters. And when the msm are silent about it all, no one can pretend that their word can be trusted about anything – much less acts of terrorism that redound to the advantage of both Israel and the mass migration agenda.
    The reason I bring up the trads is because they spend so much of their time lamenting how no one in the post-Conciliar Catholic Church wants to tell the hard truths anymore. No argument there, but some of the trads themselves are not not so keen on stating bitter truths – or even accepting them – when there’s a danger doing so might damage their standing as “serious people”. It’s much less risky to one’s reputation to diss cardinals and bishops than to suggest that Zionists created Isis to destroy Christianity.
    Apologies for the lengthy post!

  25. nojeveje: I must watch that Rothschild vid when I have time. I meant to watch the programme when it was on the telly a few years ago, but it slipped my mind. Thanks.

  26. Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog and commented:
    In german: Wie in der Elektronik! Wenige positive Elektronen, werden von einer Masse negativer Elektronen verfolgt. Wer teuert, hängt vom Material ab! 1900 – 2000 Zeit der Technik, Menschen wohnen in Appartement´s mit Netz von 50Hz-Wechselstrom-Lichtquellen, umgeben von Freuquenzen im Höhrbereich und Micro-Wellenbereich in Gigahertz! Auf den Menschen und Tierwelten kommen so Magnetfelder, bio-elektrische Resonanzen und morphe Einflüsse in Ferriten und Knochenbau!
    So die Masse des Gehirn, zunehmend ein Brei und Sinne störend! So das Blut, DNA und Faktoren, Kreislauf gesört! Der Knochbau des Menschen und vieler Tiere Schutzpanzer, morbide und instabil, je nach Einfluß-Zonen, Rheuma- und Leukemie-Bildung.
    Pflnzen- und Tierwelt, Mensch und Umwelt haben echt Kommunikationsprobleme und heben ab in der Phase zu leben, die die Natur als Eigenprodukt entwickelte!
    Die Maja haben das Bio-elektrische Denken und seine Wirkung auf Ausgesprochene Gedanken so erklärt: Ein Wort sendet in die Umwelt einfache Wellen, diese werden nach ein paar Umläufen um die Erde von Menschen erfasst und weitergeleitet, siehe Hören und auch Taten, Bewegungen im Sinne des Wortes! Und vergehen ein paar Jahre und es hat sich auf das Wort eine Oberwelle nach der anderen aufgebaut und erreicht seinen Bruch mit eines der Resonanz-Katastrophen! So auch die HOPI, die ihre Kinder ermahnen, die Gedanken nur überlegt auszusprechen, ansonsten kommt eine Welle zurück und haut, wie ein Hammer, mit dem Gedachtem ein! Chelesitiner konnten sich kraft der Gedanken unsichtbar machen. Und was das Beste ist, Cern beweist die Machbarkeit, die die Maja und auch Hopi und Celesitiner vor 3500/4000 Jahren an Wissen hinterlassen haben! Raum-Zeit-Konstante, ja, Licht ist nicht das schnellste Transportmittel und auch die Bio-Felder des Menschen zeigen sich, man kann sie selber steuern! Was bleibt, jeder Mensch und seine Umwelt muß wissen, das das Leben ohne Technik sich selber regulieren könnte, mit den eigenen indogenen Völkern und ihrer Umwelt, siehe Mensch 90% Wasser und rest Zellen und Knochen, das atomare in ihm, das Restatom, und sogar die Hig´s-Teilchen! Wenn jetzt ein Gates, Bil von Überbevölkerung spricht, so ist es seine Angst, das sein Imperium durch bessere Techniken ersetzt werden und was ist er dann? Und so die angebliche Weltmacht und das Internet, wie man dann Wissen erfährt und man zusehen kann, das Sklaventreiber und Handel sich in Luft auflösen, weil deren System zerfällt! Wie lange noch NWO? Danke für den gesamten beitrag und auch den Kommentaren! Glück, Auf, meine Heimat! Und ja, es ist 1min. vor 12!

  27. The alt-right does not criticize the Masons or Jews because they know it is not allowed. That doesn’t mean that the whole damn movement was purposely created by the elite and given this assignment. Your logic is weak.
    Another comment I made on your Trump article did not go thru WordPress so it seems that they censor comments.

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