1. I would view this video again, for the third or fourth time, if the moderator would post some comments on the video to get the discussion going.
    I have imbibed quite a few writings an videos on Freemasonry, many Catholic and by John Salza and others and many Protestant writers and commentators.
    Freemasonry became “Illuminized” by the Illuminati’s founder, Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit-trained entity. So the problems with the early Jesuit order becoming infiltrated by those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit is very much a part of any study of the history of Freemasonry.
    Also, there are Catholic organizations that appear very much to me to be like Freemasonry in their form of operation and organization such as the Knights of Malta and the Knights of Columbus, with Grand Masters and “secrets” and secret rites.
    There are mysteries of the Faith and to some extent will never be fully understood until we reach our eternal destiny, but not only are we to seek the truth and seek the Truth in our lives, we must do that seeking in a Christ-honoring way. If that is done and done in the right way, then we will experience greater light and understanding in our growing in Christ and His Kingdom.
    The Freemasons also have their “mysteries.” They also have “rites” and secret ceremonies and hierarchies of those who are seeking “greater light.” But all of this seeking is not for the purpose of knowing, loving , honoring and serving the One True God. All of this is to worship Satan and to acquire the “seething energies of Lucifer.”
    “For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear” (Mk 4:22-23).

    1. I don’t agree with everything Voris says in this documentary. For example, I think George Washington was a full fledged freemason. But it’s a very good documentary, especially for those who don’t know much about the fundamentals of freemasonry.

  2. unfortunatel, michael voris looks more like a deceiver, since not for once has he tried to link priestly apostasy as a huge sign of these end times. In fact, voris never alerted anyone for the fact that we live in the last days as revealed so many times by Our Lady for 500 years now.Voris is even against Medjugorje, a holy place in which ecclesiastical freemasons done everything they could to destroy…but failed !!!Michael voris is also blind for the fact that bergoglio is an ecclesiasical freemason, and for someone who know gnostic or cabalistic dotrines like myself, this fact shows even more evident….so, so much for michael voris exposing freemasonry, hey? The same for the fact mchael voris never attempted to educate catholics for who and what is the synagogue of satan (apostate jews) and how they are gradually building the reign of the anti-christ !!!The false prophet is already sat on the Throne of Peter and catholics like voris are completely asleep …..The only missing link now is for them to unleash a WWIII..which is being cooked since 2001, after the mossad and CIA plotted 9/11…to fulfil albert pike’s plan for the creation of three world wars… Shocling is the contant attacks of voris towards clergy without educating catholics for the fact that clergy apostasy is one of the major signs of these end times, prophecied by Our Lady in Good Success, La Salette and other apparitions..or by great saints such as anne catherine emmerich…. Please ask michael voris to wake up..cos he hasn’t got much time….  Luis Rodrigues Coelho

    1. “unfortunatel, michael voris looks more like a deceiver, since not for once has he tried to link priestly apostasy as a huge sign of these end times.”
      I think Michael Voris and his ChurchMilitant.tv apostalate has provided much good information. However, I and more and more other people have complained to him that he always stops short of criticizing the Pope or Popes. He always lays all the blame on the bishops, it seems.
      When the Pope and top levels of the Church show so many signs of abandoning the Faith, it is indeed a strong sign of the end times, though I do not believe the New Testament verses on the “falling away” or the “apostasy” apply only to Popes, prelates, and priests.
      I think it is important to pray about following the Lord Jesus in the way He would have us do so. Pray especially for the gift of discernment. The Kingdom of God is within. When “the Church” appears totally undermined and we cannot find true Christian worship and fellowship, we must take care in our souls, in our heart to follow Christ and be not conformed to this wicked world system.
      Here is a book that explains the Judeo-Freemasonic infiltration of the Church of recent, last half century, times.
      The Plot Against the Church
      Maurice Pinay
      Here is a website that keeps close watch on the Papacy and its connections to this Judeo-Freemasonic perfidy.

  3. I see Jews don’t cause problems in this narrators world. Can we therefore assume this is ultimately disinfo?. So we have a man educating about free masonry and ignoring who free masonry answers to.This means the guy is either scared of the jews or working for the Jews. Am I correct here?

    1. “This means the guy is either scared of the jews or working for the Jews.”
      In the whole truth telling business, the Jews are a fomidable foe and can make or break one’s operation.
      Voris’ analysis, as well as that of John Salza and even that of Father Paul Kramer seems totally lacking in the kind of information and history that is disseminated by Texe Marrs regarding Judeo-Freemasonry’s connections to ancient mystery religions and later cabalism and Babylonian Talmud.
      Most of these partial truth tellers have experienced some reprisals from those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.
      The combination that would have to happen for full-on attacks by the “tribe” would be a combination of devout, intelligent Catholic who has no financial operation that could be jeopardized and deep researched documentation regarding early Freemasonry history.
      Texe Marrs is a staunch anti-Catholic so the Tribe must like and approve of his criticisms of the judaics.
      Remember, it is primarily the Catholic Church that has been the main target of the Illuminati and illuminized Freemasonry from the very beginning.
      The Catholic Church has been attacked and undermined from within over the years in true Antonio Gramsci way.

      1. Catch-22- if Jews are the leak outing someone else is always good for Jews. If you acknowledge 911 was an inside job and get Jewish scapegoats, you still have the same lethal problem untouched.All these folks that want to play patsy while they pretend to be giving great information are keeping the leak and satisfied with bailing water.As we know, bailing water only delays the ship from sinking

  4. Also, focusing on the Catholic Church is like whites only focusing on the white race. Jews are committed to enslaving everybody and are expert at keeping everyone divided in order to help enable that. I come here, not as a catholic but as a person outing truth.From everything I have heard, the Catholics have been coopted as has much of organized religion

    1. History shows that the Jewish cryptocracy fears more a revival in Catholic identity rather than a revival in white identity. As E. Michael Jones points out, white identity movements are always co-opted, if not engineered by Jews themselves.

      1. Thank you for important comment,TF.  That subject takes up the second half of that E. Michael Jones Part 5 video you recently posted.  I wanted to discuss that more but need to go over to that article and thread I guess.  That is extremely important. “I come here, not as a catholic but as a person outing truth.” If you want to “out truth”, you should check in to joining the “organized religion” of Catholicism because there is where Truth is.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

    2. Timothy, since the Jews lead the WN movement and always have, yes I am sure that is true but I am saying, the Jews have declared all non-Jews the enemy and they count on non-awareness of that no matter what group you are among to succeed.This is why this deliberate denigrating other goyim cultures that I see is really just one more divide and conquer mind control program the Jews have installed in our heads.Remember Protocols 12-5 about the glasses. Unaware whites are as big a problem as unaware anything else but some folks would make exceptions. Why not give credence to the Jewish claim, all non-Jews are the targets whether they pretend good will with various ones or not, it is all done strategically and that good will is removed when it is necessary to enact their plan

        1. I pray that exploitablegoy will explore how E M Jones defines “the Jew” and tells us the nature of the “Jewish revolutionary spirit.”  It is a spirit that comes upon a person and it can leave or stay with that person.  That spirit is not defined by anyone’s “DNA.”  I heard EMJ say on a YouTube video where he was discussing his book,  TheSlaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleansing, that anytime you move a group of people of a different culture right into the middle of another ethnic group, as was done to the large urban northeast cities he speaks on in his book, you are inevitably going to have heavy crime.  So what he implied was the idea of incing or using cultural differences to incite division and chaos, which is in turn a very useable tool of those of the Jewish revolutionary spirit, and it was not primarily about WHITE versus NON-WHITE. 
          People who immigrated to USA from Europe did not think of themselves as “Whites.”  They were ALL “White.”  They thought of themselves as Catholics and that is probably why one European country did not fight other European countries at least up to the late nineteenth certury.   “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.”John 1:5 

    3. Tim, it’s my understanding that the Catholics are run by the Jews right now. I try and tell ppl we don’t have a race or religious problem we have an awareness problem. The situation is so dire because through agent provocateurs any legitimate resistance can be demonized through false flagging bad behavior. My thought is that people actually need to quit worrying about changing the Jewish system and organize very covertly. Any overt organizing will be quickly undermined. It’s an extremely tall order since it’s pretty clear all these ppl complaining are at the same time addicted to all the entertainment devices. I really don’t think once you know what the problem is, detailed study by most is necessary to start resisting it and in fact becomes a substitute for action.
      Other forms of resistance would be boycotting corporate entities like Facebook and substituting smaller goy run networks aware of the subversion. I’m sure this would be demonized as nazi but this is why we need to remove unnecessary racism from our focus on Jews. For one thing, it divides up the goyim which is exactly what Jews like. Since folks that are Jew-wise do not even want to consider this, we got big time troubles
      By the way, I regularly come to your site because I have decided that out movement is so infiltrated nothing is possible until we start clearly defining what is legitimate resistance and what is co-opted resistance and IMO, 90% of the information being disseminated is going through co-opted sources. The Jews want the only opposition in town to be co-opted opposition and our task is to undo that cause that is the case as I speak, pretty much They want real opposition to be as invisible as possible and I would say we want real opposition to be as invisible to them as possible but not to us- tall orde, I would say! 🙂

      1. A resurgence in Catholic identity is separate from the Vatican and its Jewish-masonic infiltration. A traditional Catholic identity is what Jews and their NWO lackeys fear most, not white or NAZI identity.

  5. Thanks dachsielady but organized religion has it’s own problems, I prefer to think for myself and not follow dogmas. I don’t really believe the myth of the Jesus story, to be honest. If I did, I would say I would probably join! 🙂 I think Jesus may very well have been one with god but I don’t see it as some sort of unique thing, I think that availability is possible for all of us.
    To further expand, many things Jews promote to garner power aren’t bad in and of themselves but are used for bad. Say like segregation or multiculturalism- the real issue is forcing either on all if you get my drift. If a person wants to join a segregated club or look for other ways to isolate, so be it but don’t force segregation on the rest of us and for god’s sake, don’t immigrate folks for political agendas beyond making the life of the whole community better. This is the difference between Hitler’s socialism and Jew’s communism as the communists think globally at the expense of the locals, plus there’s that saying what ever is good for Jews is bad for goyim. Fascism is goy ruling goy

  6. Again ,dachsielady , I believe that Jewish predatary behavior is part of the secret society that controls all secret societies often called Talmudic Judaism. As far as culture collision goes, intelligent immigration policies would enforce the new folks to assimilate with the natives. What many often overlook is that Jews have been the strongest force as far as immigration policies in western Europe and the US and their interests collide with the vast majority. Again, Hitler would get a handle on the multicultural issues quickly by doing what’s best for the majority of his volk and literally serving the people you are supposed to. I call it intelligent assimilation

  7. if you think about it, 1st the Jews created a central bank in Amsterdam-at the same time they funded both sides of the 30 years war and was the only real winner in that event and financed Cromwell’s beheading of the English goy king. From that time on England became a puppet monarchy to the Jews. Whatever goy government is in power Jews want to undermine because they hate being ruled in any way by anyone else. Speculative masonry is basically when the Jews took over masonry- then the American revolution which ushered in a republic. Problem is Jews aren’t in control so they went about taking control of the printing press and advocating democracy. If the country already is a democracy, they advocate socialism. If it is already socialist, they advocate communism and if it is already communistic, they want anarchy and as you notice, both communism and libertarianism are Jewish inventions and taken to it’s extreme if necessary believe the state will whither away. Bottom line is Jews have to subvert but then look at the countries they overtly ruled and what disasters they have been-Israel and Russia but I guess not disasters for Jews and they are the only humans to be concerned about after all….

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