Hamas rocketeers are Israeli Shin Bet

The following is a semi-satirical video produced by freedom fighter Brendon O’Connell several years ago before his imprisonment. It is still very relevant. It demonstrates how Hamas, which was created by Israel, is no friend to the Palestinians and is, in fact, a controlled opposition caper working for Israel in order to give the Israelis the pretext to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians. It also keeps rank-and-file Jews in obedience through fear. It’s a classic false flag deception.

Remember what former Israeli Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky revealed in the early 1990s:

Supporting the radical elements of Muslim fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad’s general plan for the region. An Arab world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the West, thus leaving Israel again as the only democratic, rational country in the region. And if the Mossad could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.

—Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception – pg. 197
For those not familiar with how the Zionist terrorist network in Israeli is structured, Ostrovsky gives the following illustration in By Way of Deception (1990):

Note: Shin Bet is now Shaback, which is basically like the FBI. However, this information is likely slightly outdated, as Ostrovsky’s books were published in the early 1990s. The Mossad (like America’s CIA) is Israel’s crown assassination Golem.


  1. Says much to the way of the Cabals, today come by corrupted masonry, secretive hence deceptive in all their ways, haters of Christ & God, who feel as gods, pitting one against the other through backseat drivings, against individuals or Groups, intimidations , prying on human sentimentalism, their hatred for God reflects their hatred for monothestic religions unto their Agendas of recent from 9/11, London Underground bombings, Mumbai , Libya, Syria, Ukraine, kidnapping & murderings of the three Israeli kids, plane controlling & crashing etc by false flag the horrors that are being committed against mankind, using thugs & organizations even in Islamic names.
    Against this as a sign was the recent prayer meeting held by the Pope at Vatican through members of the three monothestic religions. Now what is important is to know on whose side is God, given by the visionary standing before the Glorious one, whose eyes as of fire, hands & feet like unto fine brass, hair short & white as wool, His voice as that of a multitude, clear as Crystal, not a human voice, the voice of God, attired as the Angel of the Church of Thyatira , generally deemed as the Catholic Church & He stood in battle readiness, says much to the Lord of hosts, whoever can or ever stand up to Him, the hope of mankind especially for the poor & suffering, is but curtains for the Cabals. Unto the Lord’s Prayer “Thy Kingdom come on Earth–” Against the Sin.

      1. Gives a clearer meaning to the word “False Flag”. Notwithstanding the gods by their alters figured are notoriously famous for “Temple prostitutions & human sacrifices” even the words of the serpent unto Eve “Ye be as gods” meaning these ones – the gods of the golden calf, Contrary to the intention of God to be as Christ, children of God. And because they love not the truth God sends a strong delusion that they may believe THE LIE. The lie of the golden calf into its words “O Israel, thy gods that brought thee out of Egypt”.

  2. Hi guys, I’ve been reading these telling articles and your replies, on several posts now and was amazed to see so much ‘sense’ being spoken. There doesn’t seem to be the con~trolls you get on in~for~wars.com over here.
    I’ve been banned in every way you can imagine, from Alex JEWns website, as has the man I publicise, because he exposes Alex so well and we’re only just starting. Erol ‘nails’ the tangy~tangerine snake~oil salesman to a T.
    Wait for it, Alex then began reading ‘everything’ Erol wrote and then ‘quoting’ Erol live, word for word, week in week out and ‘never’ credited Erol even once. I could show you the exact date and times Alex released his broadcasts and the posts and videos Erol released, which Alex ‘unsurprisingly’ stole from and then ‘claimed’ he’d had a revelation at 4 in the morning and had ‘suddenly realised.’
    I’m a neuro~scientits and I’m certain that Alex JEWn’s “fMRI” brain~scan would prove that he’s a megalomaniacal~psychopath. As everyone on here seems to know, ‘everyone’ behind that evil ‘time~waster’ are genocidal Zionist Jews.
    If you haven’t already seen these quotes, then check them out, as the bullshit~merchant, Alex, often quotes George Washington, but NEVER mentions what he said about ‘the jews.’ These quotes are a compilation of all the quotes of all the great minds throughout history.
    If you’d like to ‘LAUGH’ at the video Alex banned us for, this is Erol ‘impersonating’ Alex’s entire crew.
    What originally drew me to Erol was his ‘magnification’ on the psychology of the minds I’d been studying, as over the years I’d become troubled by the ordinary person in the street’s psychology beginning to ‘match’ the brain scans of the serial~killers and pedophiles I’d been working with.
    Reading Erol’s insights gave me a profounded understanding of the bigger picture which the fat~tangerine will never tell their viewers, whilst he’s selling them broken watches on the deck of the Titanic, “Which are right twice a day.” This is Erol’s truly staggering magnification on the psychology of the people ‘genociding’ us.
    p.s. I managed to get his latest post going viral, but I think this is the right post to be introduced to him. Hold on to your hat, lol. Much love *!*

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