Rock of the Illuminati: The Def Leppard Story

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
September 30, 2012 Anno Domini

The British rock invasion of the 1960s and 1970s culminated in bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, but something fresher and more powerful would be needed heading into the 1980s musical era if the Illuminati’s subversive machine were to remain in high gear.

The up-and-coming British glam rock sensation Def Leppard were ripe for the picking as the next phase of the Illuminati’s subversive music mind-control agenda.

With their melodic riffs and unique digitally enhanced voice-overs, mastered by internationally renowned producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, Def Leppard had the it factor in a very competitive industry of talented rock musicians.

The little band from Sheffield, England went on to be a huge success for the Illuminati in captivating the minds of millions.

Def Leppard and the Jews

Def Leppard’s Jewish management team of Cliff Burnstein (left) and Peter Mensch of Q-Prime Management.

The story of Def Leppard, formerly Atomic Mass, starts with the vision of lead singer, the Jewish Joe Elliot, who would very soon attract the attention of Jewish—Illuminati-run record companies desperate for the next big thing.

So it was that Cliff Burnstein and Peter Mensch would take over Def Leppard’s beleaguered management and bring the band to America in the early ‘80s.

And they must have been belated to add yet another Jewish frontman to what was then becoming the Jewish-glam-rock era.

In What Does Jewish Rock Look Like?, Dustin Oneman writes:

“But in the ‘70s, Jews really shined. Literally, in some cases, with Jews playing a major role in the glam period, with strong outposts in bands like KISS (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley [note: apparently not], and Bruce Kulick), the New York Dolls (Syl Sylvain and possibly Arthur Kane), T. Rex (Marc Bolan), and early Twisted Sister (John Segal and [half-Jewish] Dee Snider), along with soloists like Lou Reed and Iggy Pop (née James Newell Osterberg). As glam and other proto-punk styles graded almost imperceptibly into punk, Jews remained highly visible, especially among the CBGB set – Richard Hell of Television, Lenny Kaye of Patti Smith’s group, Joey Ramone, Chris Stein of Blondie, and across the pond, Mick Jones of the Clash, three of the four members of 10cc (Lol Crème, Kevin Godley, and Gouldman), and from backstage, Malcolm McLaren, who gave us the Sex Pistols, and Nancy Spungen who took them away.”

But, like his coreligionists (kabbalistic occultism) in other bands, Elliot had a seemingly gentile look with his bleached-blonde long locks, ripped jeans, and T-shirts. Other Jews, like David Lee Roth, would take on the same rock-and-roll, boy-next-door appearance. Glam rock had nothing of the appearance of being Jewish. It was the last thing on anyone’s mind, much less the fans’.

“By the end of the ‘70s, these ‘clumps’ of Jewish involvement would be dispersed throughout pop music. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Jews would be involved in practically every genre of music, from the New Wave of the Bangles (Susanna Hoffs), Souixsie Sioux, and Depêche Mode (Martin Gore) to the hair metal of Def Leppard (Joe Elliott) and David Lee Roth to the top-40 tunesmithing of Pat Benatar, Melissa Manchester, and Paula Abdul to the hip-hop of the Beastie Boys (Mike Diamond, Adam Yauch, and Adam Horowitz) to the hard rock of Guns ‘N’ Roses (Slash, née Saul Hudson) to the retro-rock of Lenny Kravitz (half-Jewish) to the neo-punk of Jane’s Addiction (Perry Farrell), Courtney Love (disputed), Elastica (Justine Frischman), and Veruca Salt (Jim Shapiro and Nina Gordon) to the heavy metal of Anthrax (Scott Ian) and Megadeth (Marty Friedman) to the neo-funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (original guitarist Hillel Slovak) to the neo-soft rock of Lisa Loeb, and beyond (Matisyahu, members of Jamiroquai and Phish, Rick Rubin whose behind-the-scenes work brought us Johnny Cash’s late-life revival).”[I]

Illuminati Symbolism

Notice Steve Clark covering one eye? One eye in the pyramid.

Def Leppard’s artwork has, perhaps, some of the most obvious and recurring occult symbolism of any of its contemporaries.

From their first album, On Through the Night (1980), which depicts the band name within a pyramid, to their second last album, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge (2008), which is fashioned after The Beatles occultic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) album, which honours the late high-ranking Illuminist Aleister Crowley[II], their albums paid homage to their Illuminist masters at every turn. The Lonely Hearts album cover shows a collage of those whom The Beatles considered their heroes, including Crowley. Many of them included Jewish revolutionaries, like Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, and Karl Marx. The Def Leppard parody depicts, of occultic significance, hands giving the devil horns sign and Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamun.

Virtually all of Def Leppard’s album and video artwork feature single eyes (Illuminati all-seeing eye of Horus, Providence), ascendant triangles, and even an eerily prophetic reference to the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks on the cover of their Pyromania album (1983). Retro Active (1993) features a cryptic skull. Their best-selling album, Hysteria (1987), epitomizes the obsessive use of Illuminati symbolism in their artwork. The front cover depicts a large triangle with half the face of one of the singers (one eye within an triangle). Inside the album jacket, late guitarist Steve Clark is photographed covering one eye, like Lady Gaga and so many others are photographed doing today. Incidentally, Steve Clark reportedly drank and drugged himself to death. Band members said he was very unhappy (Illuminati sacrifice? Was he trying to break free from his possible Monarch mind control programming?).
Regardless, Clark is one in in a long list of depressed, drugged, and debauched rock stars to meet a premature death.

Illuminati graphic artist Santori Graphic.

People wonder about who carries out all the Illuminati artwork for bands and musicians and choreographs body gestures in the production of music videos. The placement of these symbols has become so commonplace in pop music that nobody even blinks anymore. It has become accepted and even hip and trendy for music fins to mimic these gestures and symbols.  At least as far as artwork goes, Andie Airfix of Santori Graphic was Def Leppard’s main man.[III] Airfix also creates the Illuminist-inspired artwork for many other prominent bands, including Metallica, AC/DC (Mutt-Lange produced), Black Sabbath, Geezers of Nazareth, The Rolling Stones, and, of course, Paul McCartney of The Beatles. (The Beatles were allegedly a creation of the New World Order Tavistock Institute. Was Def Leppard too? Most likely, as Def Leppard has all the hallmarks of being nothing more than a cleverly created package to carry on the 1960s’ musically based cultural revolution, which has waged non-stop psychological warfare on the world’s youth ever since.)

Another recurring graphic on Def Leppard album artwork is a rifle scope target.

Joe Elliot flashes the Illuminati pyramid/ascendant Kabbalist-wiccan triangle on the front cover of RIP magazine in March 1988.

In Def Leppard’s live concert video—In the Round, In Your Face—at about the one hour, four minute mark, fans can be seen saluting Def Leppard with triangle hands (Illuminati pyramid/ascendant Kabbalist-wiccan triangle), not unlike how rapper Jay Z instructs his concert fans to do. Drummer Rick Allen is subsequently introduced as “the thunder god.” Jay Z, who calls the gesture “diamond” hands is really saluting his occult handlers. Interestingly, Jay Z refers to himself as Jayhovah, a variation of the Kabbalistic tetragrammaton, or the so-called divine name. Elliot prominently displayed his “diamond” hands on the cover of rock magazine RIP in a 1988 edition. Today, the use of diamond hands is widespread in music, entertainment, and even in the feminist movement. Jewish feminist leader Gloria Steinem was once photographed sporting her diamond hands above her head while wearing a T-shirt that read, “I had an abortion.”

The back cover of Def Leppard’s Greatest Hits album, Vault, features a large rayed sun, also of occult significance. The front cover of their latest DVD, Rock Power Documentary Unauthorised, prominently displays a large single eye in the centre.
Nikolas Schreck, the son-in-law of former Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey, says Satanists use music and symbols “to awaken dormant aspects in the human mind…. We’re using music, because that’s the instrument that young people respond to right now…We’re doing propaganda directly, to awaken the wolf in man….”[IV]

Even Def Leppard stage passes are chock full of Illuminati symbolism. The VIP guest pass of their Hysteria world tour features one eye within a pyramid, encased by a pentagram.

Occultic geometry on Def Leppard stage passes.

Satanic songs and backmasking
Def Leppard is well known for backmasking, a recording technique where messages are recorded backwards, in their songs, particularly in Hysteria.

“Rocket” starts off with a backmasked “we’re fighting with the gods of war,” mastered by none other than Mutt Lange. Backmasking occurs in other places in the song, and likely in other songs and albums. The backmasking provides a very unique sound, adding novelty to the song, but it has sinister roots.

Backmasking first became prominent with The Beatles music, most likely at the request of the Tavistock Institute controllers and because of Crowley’s requirement as part of the occult law of reversal he had his followers carry out. Was Mutt Lange a disciple of Crowley and an agent for the Tavistock Institute? Were members of Def Leppard were initiated by Lange and perhaps what led to Steve Clark’s indirect suicide?.
Several of Def Leppard’s contemporaries are accused of embedding Satanic messages in their songs through backmasking, especially Led Zeppelin, AC\DC (Mutt Lange managed), and Black Sabbath. It was sort of thematic of the ‘70s and ‘80s glam rock era. The law of reversal basically has Satanic and occultic initiates reverse everything good, holy, or normal. For example, in The Black Mass, “the entire Roman Catholic liturgy of the Mass is performed backwards, or in reverse. Everything is read backwards, or in reversed speech. The cross in the Black Mass is hung upside down (reverse) over the Satanic altar.”[V] The inverted cross has become an accepted recurring theme in the music industry today.

Satanic backmasking involves embedding Satanic messages in music that, when played in reverse, as in the case of  Led Zeppelin and Beatles songs, the dark message is revealed. It not only puts demonic influence in the life of the listener, it allows, according to occultists like Crowley, for spell-casting, invocation, and divination.

The late John Todd, an alleged witch-turned Christian and former high-ranking music executive, claims that all music producers are initiated witches as prerequisite and that albums are placed on altars, and demons are subsequently summoned to cast spells on them before they are marketed to the public.[VI] Of course, some music groups that backmask or place Satanic imagery in their album artwork claim it’s all merely for effect.[VII] But what effect? Serial killer Richard Ramirez, on trial in 1988, stated that the Mutt Lange-managed AC/DC music, and specifically the song “Night Prowler” on Highway to Hell, inspired him to commit murder.[VIII] Def Leppard’s music was created and produced in England, as was much of the music from the glam rock era.

“They believe that England is the place that Lucifer is most fluent and can speak to them more in person than anywhere else,” Todd says.[IX]

Of course, following the Church age, England became the home to the resurgence of the occult, specifically Kabbalism, Freemasonry, and witchcraft, which are basically all the same thing just in different forms.

The Love Bites Controversy
Def Leppard and Mutt Lange have denied that the closing lyrics in “Love Bites”, from the Hysteria album, say “Jesus of Nazareth, go to hell.” Instead, Lange, the one who inserted the oddly voiced message, claims it really says, “Yes it does, bloody hell”; however, the syllables don’t really line up with his explanation. The syllables do, however, line up with the aforementioned blasphemy against Christ. It certainly would be no surprise if Lange really were telling Jesus to go to hell. Lange is no stranger to Satanic messages considering the dark lyrics of his many other clients.

Casting spells through Neurotic Response
Aside from Def Leppard’s psycho-sexual and possibly anti-Christian lyrics, the real evil is in the music itself, with hypnotic riffs, melodies, and beats that provoke “neurotic response” in the listener. The neurosis can lead the listener to gyrate, fist pump, or make devilish hand gestures, like the Baphomet. And often, these are done without thinking, as an automatic response to the music.

Robert “Mutt” Lange (middle) with members of Def Leppard.

Mutt Lange and the occult
Robert John “Mutt” Lange is a seemingly elusive character. There isn’t a lot of information available about the 63-year-old, nor are there many photos of him available. You can’t even find a listing for him in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music, which is odd considering his high status as a producer and songwriter. It is not known exactly what Lange’s ethnicity is, although some sources list him as Jewish.[X]

However, his Wikipedia page does give us an indication of his personal belief in the occult.

“A strict vegetarian and a follower of Sant Mat, Lange has not given an interview of any kind for decades and prefers to live a secluded life, primarily in Switzerland…. He is known for his endurance in the studio and innovations in multitrack recording.”[XI]

If John Todd is correct that all music producers are initiated witches, then it should come as no surprise that Lange, along with then wife Stevie van Kerken, started a band called Hocus.

Lange also produces the music of prominent Illuminati priestess Lady Gaga, who uses more Illuminati symbolism and lyrics that anyone else today.
Sex, pornography, and Phallus worship
It’s no surprise that Def Leppard incorporates highly sexualized messages into their songs like that of their predecessors. Almost all secular musicians do this. But the emphasis on sex in Def Leppard’s music fits in with the Illuminati’s agenda of saturating culture with cheapened promiscuous sex. Of note in Def Leppard’s music is the song “Photograph” from the Pyromania album, which seems to glamourize pornography, or at least voyeurism.
Incidentally, “Photograph” was written about Illuminati sex slave Marilyn Monroe, whom Def Leppard refer to in other songs as well.

And with Illuminati sexualization comes worship of the phallus, a symbol of the male penis or masculinity. “Rocket” appears to be a veiled song about the power and use of the erect male penis.

After the death of their beloved guitarist Steve Clark and the loss of the arm of drummer Rick Allen (Allen is alleged to have lost his arm while rolling his Corvette while speeding down an English road with his girlfriend in broad daylight), Def Leppard continues on today despite the challenges they have faced—challenges which were no doubt brought on by themselves. There is nothing miraculous or respectable about Def Leppard’s longevity and success in the music industry. They are nothing more than a repackaged form of the 1960s rebellion against the Church and Western mores, financed and shepherded by an elite Judaic-WASP alliance.

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  1. We are losing our children through music that is for sure ! England or the United Kingdom probably is the most Satanic place on earth (i must include the present place called Israel also) ! Since the murder of the Windsors , George V and George VI , Lucifer Worship has taken off under the headship of Queen Elizabeth II (Churchill) ,she is the one that raised all these rock singers to the status of Sirs , Lady’s etc. etc. and she does worship Lucifer , and she is the Queen of Canada . Now ….. lets go back to Adam and Eve . As it was said , Eve was in the transgression and she then came under the headship of Satan and Adam (man) came under the headship of the woman and this is the way it is at the present time !!! Man should be worshipping the Lord God but we are worshipping the woman instead of our creator . We can’t blame the woman for our fall for this is Gods plan of salvation , man screwed up . Since Satan has a seedline and God has a seedline (Edom and Israel) i find it hard to believe that these people are all Jews. If they worship Lucifer , it is Satans seedline ,Edom ! in Gen. 3:14-15 , these are the two seedlines , Jahshua is the Israelite , the seed of the woman ,Son of man .

  2. Lucifer was basically a walking talking musical instrument.
    Ezekiel 28:13 – Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: THE WORKMANSHIP OF THY TIMBRELS AND OF THY PIPES WAS PREPARED IN THE DAY THAT THOU WAST CREATED.<<<< Lucifer, the god of music??
    Those "backmasking" words and "secret messages" do not in themselves force a human to absorb the evil spirits, it is the music itself- the beat, the rhythm- and here's another passage that will explain why one shouldn't even LISTEN to rock: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." -Ephesians 6:12 One shouldn't even have on the television on in the background, or music that does not glorify God or have those olden, ancient beats as they invite demons into the home. On the other hand, a saved Christian can NOT be possessed by demons, it is impossible- yet they can cause trouble for a saved person. Hearing the very words in the song, dissecting the lyrics is really meaningless! The demons are IN the music and all one needs to do is hear it. You don't even need to enjoy the music or TV show or what have you- the damage is there.
    Also, rock music is rebellion- an activity completely anti-Christ. "Christian rock" is an oxymoron- a contradiction of terms.
    ps- off topic, but the word "fans" in your post does not need an apostrophe. It's merely a plural of "fan" not a possessive- so, lose the apostrophe on it, please.

  3. Mutt Lang is a likely candidate for Elite designation; however, the Beatles were a product of their own experiences, and personalities, and considered a joke, initially. The presumption with which you proclaim their Tavistock alleged connection is unsupported, erroneous and
    ill-informed. Shania Twain, additionally, has crashed and burned since her separation from
    the machinations of Lange. Gaga is a ridiculous, transparent product from the Elitists. The
    above, self-styled ‘Christian’ poster, and poser, speaks for no one but himself. He is wrong
    on every point. Claiming to be a Christian does not make you one. Rock WAS Rebellion:
    now, it is Compliance. Jesus is the Ultimate Rebel. That is why He was murdered.

    1. Chili, how can you say that with all the Illuminist symbolism and lyrics the Beatles have incorporated? I think you are letting your fancy childhood memories of the Beatles cloud your judgment. Just because the Beatles may have revered Aleister Crowleyr prior to becoming a band (evidence?) doesn’t mean they weren’t Illuminati. And it’s not like the Illuminati doesn’t scout for talent. Can you honestly admit to yourself that everyone is Illuminati except for the Beatles? They managed to slip through the cracks?
      The Beatles were the pioneers of backmasking and Monarch mind control in the modern music industry.

      1. The best lees were and are very evil men. Listen to imagine by John Lennon.
        Look at all the karma bullshit in society. The Beatles were the most evil musical force in history.

          1. I actually think most of their songs are catchy. I have noticed that they are considered by some some to be an almost wholesome rock band while some heavy bands who make references to Satan like Black Sabbath are labelled as evil. I do not mean to defend any rock band, I see the evil in rock music. My point was The Beatles and a lot of rock bands fly over people’s radar as far as evil intent, but there is more evil in commercial bands like Def Leppard or the Beatles than heavy metal. Also one must take into consideration, bands with a more poppy sound get heard by a larger audience. If one actually analyzes The Beatles overall message and compares it to some guys wearing makeup and screaming about Satan he or she will see The Beatles message is Generally more subversive and if one takes into account how many people have heard The Beatles, they have had a more subversive influence than all heavy metsl combined. There is a lot if very subversive Satanic content in seemingly innocuous rock songs. This message zigzagged a bit, sorry it is a big topic.

              1. I am not going to read a whole book about them but like I said, they are evil. I think one of the biggest products of their legacy is the introduction of karma into popular culture. A lot of people believe it and have no idea it is derived from Hinduism or has any foundation in a religion. When examine music one must also consider the role of Jewish music critics. Just like in art where people will believe or pretend to believe a picture of a piece of shit is a masterpiece, if the critics say so.
                Rock music is evil stuff.

      1. Can anyone show proof that the Tavistock institute ever existed. I’ve heard it mentioned a lot, but ice never been able to find evidence that it was real.

  4. Ignoring the American dream of owning land and being self-employed is what is really happening here. When’s the last time someone sang about that? Instead we get cars, money, boats, cheap sex, drugs pushed on us. People are slaves if they don’t provide for themselves and we know slavery is a big part of the Jews plan. If you want to fight these people, get ppl to sell their tv, buy raw land, and homestead via permaculture.

  5. Just curious. Why do you call it the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy while it is clearly the Masonic conspiracy and while Judaic Masons form a minority compared to the English, Scots, Germans and French Masons who form the majority of the Masons in the world?
    The bulk of Jews are the victims of this conspiracy just as the rest of the “profane” peoples of the world. And since Masonism is Satanism, no one can be Jewish by religion and Mason at the same time.

    1. Judeo-Masonic because Judaism bore Freemasonry, not the other way around. While some Jews are victims of this conspiracy, it is absolutely undeniable that the conspiracy is led by Jews, and the conspiracy’s core is Jewish ideology, which culminated in the Jews rejection of Christ. Since this rejection, the Jews have been the driving revolutionary force in the world, opposing rationale, reason, the logos (Word of God, which is Christ). For more than 2,000 years, Jews have gone out of their way to do everything opposite of what Christ taught. That is why they lead all the anti-Christian campaigns, why they dominate banking, the porn industry, Hollywood, Freemasonry, etc. Judaism is the ultimate Luciferean religion and the head of the New World Order. The Jews’ conspiracy against logos (Christ) has only become prominent in the last few hundred years because of the prophesied millenial reign of Christ’s influence on Earth, which drew to a close towards the end of the Middle Ages. Since then, he has escalated in power, size, and scope.

      1. There is a very common Masonic tactic to associate Jews with them and to blame everything on Jews. The tactic is designed to shift the people’s attention from the real Masons, who are usually unknown by the people, to the Jews who are known by the people. Thus, in case the people wants to rise against the Masons, it will rise against the Jews instead because they are a visible target. This tactic was practiced by Hitler.
        As such, it is clear to me that you are a Mason and that you are using the same tactics.

        1. You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. Freemasonry is based in the Jewish Kabbalah. And where is your evidence that Freemasons blame Jews for world conspiracies? That makes no sense. Do you realize how preposterous that sounds?

          1. Nestorian is lying or stupid, probably the former. Does he think the Jews who own the media answer to freemasonry or is it the pope, maybe reptiles. Those poor Jews. I can’t stand people like Nestorius, there are many people like him, If they do not have bullshit that they have read to dish out at you they will make it up as they go along. They are despicable. Many people will defend Jews and lie for them even though they are neither a Jew or a Protestant and they might even know that Jews run the world but they think it is their duty to defend Jews. They love Jews and probably watch a lot of Jew movies too.

      2. You do realize many of these commenters are not as stupid as they claim to be. They are Jews or Protestants trying to switch the blame away from Jews.
        Even if one leaves freemasonry and religion out of it, ethnic Jews clearly control, the media, banks and government of the US and the average Jew actively and knowingly provides cover for the powerful Jews. How do these people explain Jews owning the media? Have the media bosses been duped by the pope who secretly owns the federal reserve? One does not need to get into religion to prove that Jews are behind everything, Jews run the world and are worshipped by millions of people, especially in America and these people are willing to lie for their masters without receiving any financial reward. Anyone who has looked into things who says some other non Jewish group runs things or like the commenter who says Jews are victims is either stupid or lying, maybe both or a Jew or Protestant or just an idiot running cover for the Jews. I do see why you engage Jew lovers, as to not only preach to the choir but if it is obvious this person is going to stick with their bullshit no matter what I think it is a waste of time.
        I do not think it is necessary to invoke Jesus Christ to prove your points because it can be done other ways and most people you are talking to who deny that it is the Jews are either Jews, shills, atheists or the children of Satan, servants of the Jew, American Protestants.

  6. I have deeply studied Freemasonry very well and I have around 300 books about it written by Masons and by others. I also have direct information about them where I live: Lebanon, a country ridden with them and ruled totally by them. Lebanon contains sacred places for Masons: Tyre and the tomb of Hiram Abiff in the village of Hanaway east of Tyre. Masons here practice what they call Canaanite rites (which include child sacrifice and sacred prostitution) and the highest authority in Masonry in Lebanon is the Orient of Canaan. There are few tens of Jews left in Lebanon currently. So the idea that Jews run Freemasonry is ridiculous because I have enough contrary evidence.
    I know the history of the Templars and I have read the process of the Templars. The confessions of the Templars are published in “Le procès des Templiers”, published by Jules Michelet, 1841-1851 (link for the book: and In the confession, there are references to phallic worship, sodomy, worship of Baphomet, but there is nothing about Jews. Some sculptures dating to the 12th-14th centuries and belonging to the Templars were published by baron von Hammer-Pürgstall. These sculptures and reliefs are of a gnostic, alchemic and phallic nature. Check some examples here:
    In the first link, you can see that in the relief is engraved an Arabic inscription. Well, as far as I know, phallic worship and sodomy are contrary to Judaism.
    Cabala is part of Masonry, but Masonry includes every religion in the world and interprets it according to its Satanic interpretation. Polytheism, Hermetism, Gnosticism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Druzism, Ismailism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and animism are all interpreted in Masonic Satanic terms. Masons use the Coran. So it is very natural that Masons will incorporate the Cabala into their ideology. The only origin of the Cabala is Islamic Sufism. Everything in the Cabala has its counterpart in Sufism. Cabala and Sufism are not about the worship of Satan. It’s the Templars who deformed these ideologies into Satanic worship. But they also deformed Indian ideologies into Satanic worship. Read the writings of theosophists like Blavatsky; they are all based in Indian philosophy but they are deformed into Satanism. Does this mean that Hinduism is about Satanic worship?!!
    Finally, there is the testimony of a famous defector from Masonry: Svali.
    This is what she says:
    “Q: I’ve received some Neo-Nazi-white power-invitations through e-mail. I’ve read some of the stuff and (to put it short) they argue with considerable elegance – backed up with historical “facts”- that the Illuminati, of course, is a Jewish Conspiracy, and that Hitler was “on to them”, and we all know what happened next. My simple question: Is the Illuminati a JEWISH conspiracy?
    Svali: My answer: absolutely not. In fact, Hitler and his people (especially Himmler and Goebbels) were top Illuminists. The Illuminati are racist in the extreme, and as a child, I was forced to play “concentration camp” both on my farm in Virginia, and also in Europe in isolated camps in Germany.
    The Jews historically fought against the occult (see Deuteronomy and the Old Testament for how God through the Jewish people tried to cleanse the land of the occult groups that were operating there, such as those who worshipped Baal, Ashtarte, and other Canaanite and Babylonian gods.” (

    1. “but Masonry includes every religion in the world and interprets it according to its Satanic interpretation.”
      So does Judaism. The Kabbalah is witchcraft; the Talmud is Babylonian.
      Svali doesn’t know what he is talking about or is simply lying through his teeth. Jews embraced the occult through their traditions: the Talmud and the Kabbalah. And when they rejected Christ, they had even more reason to embrace anything opposed to Christianity, especially the occult.
      I find it ironic, Nestorius, that you accuse me of downplaying the Masonic role whilst exaggerating the Jewish role. I could accuse you of doing the same thing in reverse.

      1. The Cabala is derived from Sufism. And you have two Talmuds: one written in Iraq and the other in Palestine.
        Svali, who is a woman by the way, comes from a Masonic family of Germanic origins. His family are high degree Masons and they practice mind control techniques. Svali is an insider who knows better than any of us.
        “Jews embraced the occult through their traditions: the Talmud and the Kabbalah.”
        There is nothing occult about the Mishna and its explanation: the Talmud. The Cabala is not even hidden and the Zohar is accessible to readers. Many Jews reject the Zohar and Cabala.
        “And when they rejected Christ, they had even more reason to embrace anything opposed to Christianity, especially the occult.”
        This is a lame argument. Jesus Christ was a Jew. The Jews had the Bible, so even if they rejected Christ, they already had something. They don’t need to embrace anything.
        “I could accuse you of doing the same thing in reverse.”
        Knights Templar run world Masonry and they are mainly composed of Englishmen, Scotts, French, Germans and Scandinavians. Here is a list of the Committe of 300, composed of Templar Knights, Knights of Malta and of 33 degree Masons: You can count the numbers of Jews.

        1. The Mishnah is a book of black magic—as is the Kabbalah—and self-worship. I suggest you read Michael Hoffman’s “Judaism Discovered” or “Judaism’s Strange Gods” because you think you know about the Talmud, but you really don’t, unless your are just being disingenuous. The Talmud completely contradicts the Tanakh. Judaism is not an Old Testament religion. Jews rejected Jesus, who is the Word, the Bible itself. You cannot separate the two. That is why Jesus said: “If ye had listened to Moses, ye would believe in me, for he wrote of me….” Your gentile conspiracy theory is a ruse the Jews have created to take the focus off of themselves. That is why they created Freemasonry in the first place. It’s purpose is to provide the necessary cover and to pervert the Church’s teachings. And, apparently, it has succeeded. So go ahead and chase your Masonic ghosts. History shows that the Jews created the Vatican conspiracy theory, which appears to be exactly what you are espousing here.

  7. I suggest that you read the Mishnah and the Talmud instead of reading books about them.
    Here is an English version of the Mishnah:,
    and an English version of the Talmud:
    Then, you can also look for books about the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta and Masonry in general at Google Books and
    Do your homework before throwing emotional conclusions left and right.

    1. I have. And Hoffman references many passages straight from the Talmud. And why are you reading the Talmud in the first place? Are you Jewish? To which religious belief do you subscribe? The Knights Templar are also well documented. I don’t know where your getting your information from, but it’s full of errors. The Knights Templar were a protestant group allied with and brought to prominence by Jewish hands, whether it be the Jewish-led revolutions of the Hussites, Anabaptists, etc. The Knights Templars were crusading for an Earthly Messianic Kingdom, which is a Jewish concept. Christian teaching is that there is no Messianic Kingdom on Earth but that it is spiritual and in the hearts of believers. Big difference there. If you want to claim that the Knights Templars were not Jewish, then you have to contend with thousands of years of Church teaching to the contrary. Good luck with that! Christ said, “Look here nor there, for the Kingdom of God is within you.”

      1. The Templars took all their ideas from John’s Apocalypse. The Templars’ messiah is the Anti-Christ (actually there are two Anti-Christs) mentioned in the Apocalypse. As far as I know, Apocalypse is a Christian book not Jewish.
        The Templars are Johannite Gnostics not Jews. There is a big difference between the two. The Templars use the Gospel, the Epistles and the Apocalypse, and they give them their own interpretation which revolves around Lucifer not God. As far as I know, Jews don’t use the Gospel, the Epistles and the Apocalypse. If the Templars were Jews, they would have rejected these scriptures.
        “If you want to claim that the Knights Templars were not Jewish, then you have to contend with thousands of years of Church teaching to the contrary.”
        I have the confessions of the Templars in fron of me: and There are no confessions that say anything about adopting Judaism. All confessions were about:
        1] spitting on the cross during initiation,
        2] kissing the grand master in some inappropriate parts of the body during initiation,
        3] sodomy,
        4] worship of Baphomet,
        5] and many others.
        Read the confessions well if you know Latin.

        1. I didn’t say the Templars were Jewish, I said the beliefs of the Templars is Jewish, specifically Messianic. Pay attention. Virtually all protestant movements are Messianic (Talmudic Jewish) in nature; that is, they believe in hastening an Earthly kingdom of God by the sword, contradicting the Word of God on the matter.. It’s called millennialism and the Templars epitomized this Jewish concept. Go look it up. Of course they are not going to openly admit they espouse Judaism. Many of them are self-deceived as it is. But it is part of the historical record that Jews participated in, likely engineered, the protestant reformation and their bloody revolutions throughout Europe. If you are naive enough to take the Templar confession at face value, then it is no wonder you think the Masons and the Vatican run the world. The Templars are Masonic and give false explanations so as to mislead outsiders.
          Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah’s Witness, is a perfect example of a Jewish Knights Templar espousing millennialism. All the Christian cults, financed with Jewish money, are millennialist.
          And you never answered my question about your beliefs and why you read the Talmud.

  8. “I didn’t say the Templars were Jewish, I said the beliefs of the Templars is Jewish, specifically Messianic.”
    The Messianic beliefs of the Templars are based on John’s Apocalypse.
    “Pay attention. Virtually all protestant movements are Messianic (Talmudic Jewish) in nature;”
    Messianic belief is Biblical and not just Talmudic. The Talmud is the interpretation of the Mishnah which is itself an annex to the Bible.
    “It’s called millennialism and the Templars epitomized this Jewish concept. Go look it up.”
    Let’s look it up:
    “Millennialism (from millennium, Latin for “thousand years”), or chiliasm in Greek, is a belief held by some Christian denominations that there will be a Golden Age or Paradise on Earth in which “Christ will reign” for 1000 years prior to the final judgment and future eternal state (the “World to Come” of the New Heavens and New Earth). This belief is derived primarily from the Book of Revelation 20:1–6.” (
    “If you are naive enough to take the Templar confession at face value,”
    So they confessed of grave sins like sodomy and devil worship just to hide the fact that they are Jewish converts?!! What logic are you using?!!
    “then it is no wonder you think the Masons and the Vatican run the world.”
    Where did I say that the Vatican runs the world?
    This false pope Ratzinger is a Mason. The proofs are found here: Vatican II is a Masonic council and is not Catholic.
    “All the Christian cults, financed with Jewish money, are millennialist.”
    There is no such thing as Jewish money. Masonic Hebrews don’t issue currency. The Kings and Queens of England and Scotland, heads of all Masonry in the world, issue currency. From this currency, all the currencies in the world are derived. The pound is the head of all currencies, including the dollar; that’s why the pound is always the most expensive. The fact that the circulation of Masonic money is intrusted to Masonic Luciferian Hebrews, as a facade, doesn’t mean that the money is Jewish. The money is Masonic and English. When the Israeli shekel becomes more expensive than the pound, then you might talk about Jewish money.
    “And you never answered my question about your beliefs and why you read the Talmud.”
    First you need to answer if you are a Mason or not. Since you are a Fitzpatrick, there is a 60% probability that you are a Mason.

    1. You are incorrect. The Christian Messianic expectation is different from the Jewish Messianic expectation: one is spiritual while the other is physical. Again, the Templars adhere to the physical (Talmudic Jewish) Messianic expectation. This kind of Messianic expectation was declared heresy in the early Church. Therefore, they are not Christian and are, in fact, Judaising. John’s apocalypse does not promise a physical kingdom on Earth from which the Messiah to rule. You Jews can’t seem to understand that, even now after all this time.

  9. The Beatles press manager during their heyday, Derek Taylor has said that he was as satanic as anybody but the Beatles were even more satanic than himself, and he was not kidding. They were hardened in one of the seediest spots on the planet at the time, the port of Hamburg. Then recruited by the homosexual jew Brian Epstein in the ex-slave port Liverpool, which was full of illuminati as any trading or slave port would be. George Martin was illuminati as was the head of EMI. Martin initially was not thrilled with the Beatles and did not keep their publishing rights in house at EMI as was usually done but talked them into signing the rights over to Northern Songs and the jew James, and consequently the Judeo-Masonic showbiz illuminati mafia had them from their earliest hits, and ripped off over 90% of the money that the Beatles earned in profits, licencing fees, publishing, francises, etc. leaving the Fab Four with mere pennies on the dollar. Lennon especially complained bitterly about selling out and making deals, etc., and especially being packaged by the jews and turned into a commodity. Meanwhile from their introduction to London and then to America they became the most potent force for social decay and antichristian attitudes ever, spawning a thousand imitators in their wake, the obvious being their antithesis The Rolling Stones. From then you had bad boys and good boys and the whole scene just went downhill from there into drugs, paganism, magick, pornography, and the downgrading of western civilization and especially Christianity. These are all of the Devil, among whose most active minions and slaves are the jews and the freemasons. The Kabalistic jews have practiced black magic and satanism since before the time of Christ. The same magic and Gnostic approach has been practiced by masons since at least the first century A.D. although they call him Lucifer. The masons got it from the same source as the jews, of course, and they both work toward the ultimate destruction of God and Christianity. Jews hate Christ Jesus and the Truth more than anything in the world. Freemasonry is just talmudist judaism for gentiles. It is all satanism. The Beatles served Satan and that knowingly. To a man they have no use for Christ. They led countless millions of kids down the path to perdition. They made a deal with the devil himself through George Martin to become the biggest stars and he got knighted for it. Norman Smith, far too much a gentleman to say it directly, did drop many concrete bits of evidence and strong hints as to such a foul transpiring in his hard-to-find but informative autobiography. They did the devil’s work and now have their rewards. It is hard to accept that about such beloved icons and musicians but it’s part of growing up and facing the fact that many of our most beloved icons are used to bring people to serve the devil.

  10. INSIDE THE LC by Dave McGowan (author of PROGRAMMED TO KILL, research into Satanic Ritual Abuse) reveals how 100% of huge rock bands of 60s and 70s were directly linked to military. Fascinating, hugely important, gargantuanly unknown.
    SOLD THEIR SOULS FOR ROCK AND ROLL (youtube) reveals the amazing Satanism in rock and roll music.
    JOHN TODD of Illuminati, on youtube, confirms this.
    TRUTH BEHIND HIP HOP series by G. Craige Lewis reveals how this was all adapted to hip-hop / rap.
    MUSICAL CULT CONTROL by Dr. Leonard Horowitz reveals (w/ military sources) how military / Rockefeller interests chose the A440 “concert tuning” standard (and set it against all performers’ wishes) in the 1930s precisely because it caused strife, anger, upset, and disharmony with nature. Very comprehensive, very revealing. Source documents prove every song recorded since the 1930s essentially poisons your soul with its very notes. No shit. Read up.
    You have very much to learn. is also revealing much about Obama, Akhenaten, and the looming space war. Once again, way beyond most peoples’ RADAR. Read up, listen up.
    EastGhostCom is an haven for scientific and spiritual smarties to pursue Truth without bounds.

  11. Also, when one looks for “Them” it would be wise to consider all angles — particularly the harsh ones, notably offered of the Jesuits by Jon Eric Phelps (youtube) and his vatican assassins website.

      1. I can appreciate the claim, but do you have any supporting evidence for open, inquiring minds? I’ve been recommending him, but now I’m curious to hear an alternative view.

      1. Ah no. That was an excellent site with in-depth studies. I wonder who & what article they went after him for.

  12. Dr. John Coleman (youtube: Committee of 300, a must-view for every red-blooded American) presents info regarding Elvis’ ‘military’ handler (and the fact that Elvis’ first hit was about suicide-jumpers at the ‘heartbreak hotel’, as penned by his mother — hear this version for a perhaps more accurate, darker interpretation: ) and info regarding the Beatles’ songwriter (and tone-meister, focused on (and booted from Germany for) mind control via music) THEODOR ADORNO. You couldn’t make this shit up. They said ‘British Invasion’ and they were not kidding in the least.

  13. Now a few comments back, I can now tell a crypto when I read one. Thanks.
    Drolls (drone trolls, I made that one up) on sites like this are sounding more sophisticated and intellectual-like. Its good they wilt under the pressure of informed critical thinking and proper research and don’t come back. If they do, its under another name, then they crumple over again and perform a new tact.
    So why have the Jews been run out of every country or city for ages? As for the Jesuits, wasn’t it organized by the do-it-yourself-brainwash guy Ignatius de Loyola? And wasn’t he accused of being a Marrano?
    I’m glad I gave up listening to old rock music. I look at Aerosmith, the Rolling Stones, and the like in a different way now. Which means I can’t trust them and the message they bring. Now i like the silence better, because it makes me ponder. Looking back, I think rock really had a stranglehold of people’s heads. Like the tune in your head that won’t go away and puts you in a hypnotic trance, its really about mind control, social reengineering,, and predictive programming. while the populace takes it all in as a joke. Well, the joke’s on us.. I and my brothers used to have fun and laugh while singing “Mr. Crowley” by that chemically lobotomized dingbat Ozzy .I said shit! when I read that this wasn’t some crackpot idolized by rock musicians but was in fact a creepy priest for an equally creepy cult that is well and deeply connected. Where i come from, they like singing Hotel California on Karaoke. It doesn’t give me creeps, but the people don’t understand what these songs were made for. And if you tell them, they give you this puzzled look—ignorance. Later on they tell you who cares and look for a Beyonce or whoever-slut/gangbanger-from-hell song to sing. Also, executives here and other wannabees are fascinated by freemasonry and I know a lot who become members. i had a drink with one of them and what he’s told by his master masons is that “masonry makes a good man better”. You know, the same old shit of “don’t think but believe the shlick adage I just told you”. Then they do corrupt clandestine deals like what secret societies do. I also told a mason wannabee/entered apprentice if he knows the real origins of masonry. When I told him it’s satanic and luciferian he said no it’s just a conspiracy theory. So I view these people as uninformed idiots who just jump unthinking and not knowing what they’re in for. We may not really get to the entire bottom of this and get at the whole truth, but what you say holds a ring of truth around it because there is enough circumstantial evidence to point to the culprits. What they have in common, to quote John Kaminski is “Jewishness”.. As for modern music, its all crap to me. Its not even listenable, but unfortuately there are idiots that pay money to fall for this meaningless materialistic shit.
    Mr. Fitzpatrick, for anything that its worth, please read about Svali, who was purported to be a illuminati mindcontrol handler before she defected. She may be a disinformant (“pakawala”, in our language) or the real thing. I don’t know. i guess she may be uttering half truths, but its best you get hold of the right half of it for additional info on your research, which you are doing well, by what I read..
    As for me I’m reading Nesta Webster’s “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”. However, since English is not my primary language, I get nosebleeds when reading it because its an old book written in very proper English Its interesting but I can’t read thru it without pausing for a long time to think what it all really means and how it will affect me
    There’s also this strange novel I picked up in ’08 or ’09 entitled “The Overseer” by Jonathan Rabb It basically mirrors what’s really happening geopolitically. Strange, because I keep searching for data on it on the net, and nothing comes up as far as I’m concerned.

  14. @Timothy Fitzpatrick: More than likely Nestorius is “sayanim”. You will notice that when you asked him if he was jewish; in all his rebuttals, there were no denials to that effect. He is what as known as a “chatter box”, providing a sense of confusion among sites like this that speak out against jewish influence. The Mossad is known for this kind of deception as you well know.
    Now, I realize this is your website and you can do what you bloody well please; but, other sites such Bro Nate on Realzionistnews will not give the time of day to clowns like Nestorious. As I read through your bantering back and forth with him; his intention of the issue was to invoke much confusion as possible. . Be careful of such snakes in the grass.

    1. I agree with Big Burt. When you find someone like that that goes to great lengths to wind you up, and appears to not answer questions, but crafts you into long rebuttals for their well designed errors. The subtle errors are the cleverest, as they make you work harder to ferret them out. People like that they know their telling lies, and they really do love deception in their preternatural state. Intellectual Heavy Weight GK Chesterton was once challenged to public debate by Alister Crowley. To everybody’s surprise Chesterton declined. He knew he
      talent was in Reason/Intellect. Not dealing with the occult. The person Crowley would certainly decline to debate would be an Exorcist, that would have toasted his sorry ass.
      Moral of the story.: Pick you battles on your terms if possible. Don’t eat bait. Don’t go where you enemies try to bring you. Exorcist Fr Gabriel Amorth gives some good examples in his books, of when people are being ‘led’, on the road of lesser good, so as to miss the primary mission of the greater good.

  15. I’m not too inta the Lepperd, my friend. You raise interesting points about punk rock. I’ve made many observations, myself….a punk rocker. Wanna talk abiut it? Thanks. . Matt

  16. Hi Timothy. Thanks for this excellent Blog. I have done allot of research, and your info is ‘spot on’. You have drawn my attention into areas I should spend more time on. GodBless You, and your great work.

  17. I never said it was a reptilian shapeshifter, I could’t say exactly what kind of transformation is. But it is obvious that something happen in this video at that minute

  18. I met Mutt Lange a few times in the early 70s, primarily because Mutt & Stevie van Kerken were attending Sant Mat satsangs (meetings) in Johannesburg, RSA. Sant Mat aka Surat Shabd yoga aka Science of the Soul aka The Path of the Masters, is strictly a spiritual science aimed at Self-Realization & God Realization. & has sweet nothing to do with occult or Satanism/ Luciferianism. Sant Mat accepts applicants from any religion or culture, & does not advocate changing your religion. However, applicants have to be deemed fit for initiation by the Master, & accept the 4 principles of vegetarianism, moral upright life, 2,5 hours of meditation per day, & be self-supporting. Cont’d…

  19. Mutt had a band & was the bass guitarist & was involved in local radio/ music with Peter Lotis, & David Gresham & Alan Goldswayne I think Stevie was the singer. Mutt was tall & very fair, the kind of tallness & fairness you find in Hollanders. So, to my mind he may be Dutch or Afrikaans.
    Mutt & Stevie then left for the UK. The next I heard of Mutt was when he brought Shania Twain to Johannesburg to have her initiated into Sant Mat. He also gave a massive tent to the Johannesburg sangat.
    I was then told that Mutt had become massively successful.
    I spoke to Alan Goldswayne at satsang a few months ago, & Alan pointed out Mutt’s brother to me.
    All that Def Leopard Illuminati Satanist shit, well, that was Mutt’s choice to do it.

  20. I am a huge Def Leppard fan and I do not agree with this. I was raised a Christian and my family sees nothing wrong with this kind of music. If you would read the lyrics to “Rocket” you might see that it is about their musical influences, which is what it really is about. On the “Love Bites” thing, I have heard that song enough to know that it says “Bloody Hell” at the end, not the other message. I have tried to find the “hidden message” in “Stairway to Heaven” for a few years, and I have found nothing in the song that could decipher to that. My family has nothing against these artists. Alice Cooper, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, we actually love them and many more. The only band we are against is Marilyn Manson for obvious reasons. I recommend that you do a little research into the songs themselves before you post stuff like this.

  21. The Biblical truth of regeneration comes so as to reverse the temptation & fall at Eden. Contrary to which is the reverse seen above as a double in continuation of the fall , exemplified by the name Messiah backwards to read Hashem. This reversing can also be called as shadowing even unto the words of Christ “Get thee behind me satan”.

  22. Thank you for your articles writing & research: In short, very helpful! Praises to The Most High.

  23. I am/was a big fan of the music…but i’m not surprised to learn this. I would give it all up right now to save our planet and our people. They’ve declared war on humanity. It’s time we ended their war and have Christ return. I believe that only when we truly accept Christ will He return. Its coming. I can feel it.t

    1. Btw…excellent replies TF to the poster denying Jewish complicity in Masonry and the KT..

  24. If you listen their song Rock Of Ages you can hear at 2:51 “Jesus Christ is dead”.

    1. If Jesus is dead for them then they have no salvation & their path is to hell, In other words singing their way to hell. Even as written of them that worship the Beast , whose names are not written in the Book of life of the lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. They invariably are but reserved for condemnation, in the foreknowledge of God , He who sees the end from the beginning.

      1. Apropos all this Satanic crapola in music: In 1970 I was hanging out in Ibiza, & a regular at the discos. The heavy music at that time was In a Gadda da Vida by Iron Butterfly, I’m a Man by Chicago, Jimi Hendrix, & of course The Beatles & the Rolling Stones. Somewhere along the line I felt the presence of an immense evil presence, trying to possess me. A fight over my soul!? This put the fear of God into me, & I’ve never looked back since. The glory be to God.

  25. You guys need to get a life of your own. Their music didn’t make me get all crazy and they’re not into turning your kids into zombies. Maybe someday you’ll have the brains to understand that Rock is actually a stand against the “norm”, the “Man”. It’s about questioning everything that surrounds us, and not just believing what is told to us without thinking, like religious folks do. Yes, that may sound like Satan because supposedly he is a fallen angel that questioned the word of God. Well, if questioning God makes me Satan, then i’m in peace with that. But no rocker or metalhead is into drinking blood and killing for the devil, normally they’re actually quite peaceful and with more moral standards than religious folks, who are supposed to follow God’s will of peace and happiness in the world but actually go the opposite direction, lying cheating and even killing. Although is interesting that in the end of the song we can hear something that sounds like “Jesus Christ go to hell”, i find it very doubtful to be that, because it’s not subliminal messages (If you can hear it in normal volume, you know it’s there and that’s not what subliminal messages are about), and Mutt Lange is a professional producer with a spotless career. Also it’s not his place to do that kind pseudo-subliminal messages.
    One more thing to end my comment: Do you even know where Rock comes from? Rock is an evolution of the blues. Blues is, like Jazz, one genre that came to be because of such genres like classical music. One does not compose Rock without going through this genres. Jus listen to Muse and see the obvious classical influence they have. And so finish, Bach and Mozart were the first rockers in the world.

  26. You are so lost, it’s crazy. The “baphomet” symbol was first used by Dio, the light of heavy metal. And a good Catholic boy if I recall. Christ is the goat, you may remember. Somewhere along the line. You might turn your mind to the occult personae slammed by our friend Hoffman … and maybe you just might learn something there. Otherwise, you might do well to remember that the “devil” has nothing of his own. He can only corrupt the symbols of the light. Like the Holy Tree of Life maybe? Get a clue Timothy. the light get it’s thrust off the dark and God is One. All “occult technology” is God’s technology and evil can only invert it. What the evil ones are REALLY afraid of is that you grow some balls and start studying Kabbalah yourself. You’d need the discernment to find credible sources yourself. You’re boring Timothy and dogmatic. All is creative and all is forgiven and no one is going back into the religious box where we’re told how to think and what to think and what to do and how to dress. We all have to learn to surf the wave of our own creativity, keep the sewerage in the sewer and remember, no judgment. Few things are dangerous though of course some are. Rubbing out the sacred arts just because some glam Jew boys are playing in the sandbox is just so so childish. How do you think John Dee preventing the Jewish invasion. Messing with the fabric of creation is, well, messy. But you’ll find it’s the only think that really scares them. You, on the other hand, play into their hands like a collector’s violin.

  27. Lyrics of Sign of the Southern Cross, by Ronnie James Dio, Catholic and inventor of the dreaded “baphomet” hand symbol.
    A story told that can’t be real
    Somehow must reflect the truth we feel, yeah
    Fade away, fade away
    Vanish into smoke
    Fade away, fade away
    Break the crystal ball, oh!
    It’s the sign
    Feels like the time!
    On a small world, west of wonder
    Somewhere, nowhere, oh
    There’s a rainbow that will shimmer
    When the summer falls
    If an echo doesn’t answer
    When it hears a certain sound
    Then the beast is free to wander
    But never is seen around
    And it’s the sign of the southern cross
    It’s the sign of the southern cross
    All right
    Sail away
    To the sign
    From the book, the word is spoken
    Whispers from forgotten psalms
    Gather all around the young ones
    They will make us strong
    Reach above your dreams of pleasure
    Giving life to those who died
    Look beyond your own horizons
    Sail the ship of signs
    And it’s the sign of the southern cross
    It’s the sign of the southern cross
    Fade away, fade away
    Break the crystal ball
    Fade away, fade away
    I can’t accept it anymore
    On a real world, west of wonder
    Somewhere, nowhere oh
    There’s a rainbow, see it shimmer
    When the summer falls
    From the book, the word is spoken
    Whispers from forgotten psalms
    Gather all around the young ones
    They will make us strong!
    It’s the sign of the southern cross
    It’s the sign of the southern cross
    Don’t live for pleasure
    Make life your treasure
    Fade away!
    Eight miles high, about to fall
    And no one there to catch you
    Look for the sign, the time
    The sign of the southern cross, yeah

    1. Dip may have been baptized a Catholic but do you think he was a believer? He seems to contradict himself in interviews about religion. I do not think he was a believer. I know it sounds crazy to some people but rock music is really the Devil’s music. Even if one does not believe in the existence of the supernatural, rock music is figuratively the Devil’s music, as it has a very negative influence on society.

  28. The image of St. Peter inside Peters Basilica has the two fingers pointed up. of his raised right hand with.his slung left hand holding the Two Keys of heaven
    1) What do the two pointed up fingers denote ?
    2) What is the connection between the pointed up fingers of his right hand & the keys of heaven in his left
    3) Why is his left hand in a sling ?

  29. And don’t forget about “Bible Black”. It’s probably my favourite Dio song x
    At last alone, his fire’s dying
    Burned another day
    Now to pretend
    And make up an ending
    Somewhere far away
    He reached for a book all bound in leather
    Something that he knows he’s never read
    And the first page says beware you’ve found the answer
    The next one says I wish you were dead!
    Don’t go out, put it back
    You’re reading from the Bible Black!
    What’s this word I see
    Who are you and who are me
    Maybe I just stumbled in the dark
    I must have been out cold
    But the way the story’s told
    They found me lying naked in the rain..yeah
    Let me go I’ve seen a vision?
    But the light has left me blind
    Take me back
    I must have the Bible Black!
    Well here I go again
    From the start to the end
    I wish I could remember what I’ve done
    Now here’s another spell
    It could take me straight to hell
    And I feel I’m getting closer to my home
    Let me go I’ve found addiction
    And it makes me feel alive
    Take me back
    I must have the Bible Black!
    He locks himself away and tastes the silence
    Hungry for another bite of wrong
    And just the words “oh Lord please take me with you”
    Took him to a place we don’t belong
    Let him go!
    He can’t come back
    He’s reading the Bible Black!
    So if your fine with dying
    And what’s the use of trying?
    I may have know another place that you can go
    It’s hiding in the pages
    But you may not come back
    You’re reading from the Bible Black!

  30. Jew Harold Rosenthal 1976

    “We control every media of expression including newspapers, magazines, radio & television. Even your MUSIC! We censor the song long before it reaches the publishers. Before long we will have complete control of your thinking.”

    UK ex-DJ Mark Devlin presents on how the music industry is a secret military intelligence operation.

    Mick Jagger admits his ‘job’ is to keep people rooted in base, carnal desires – 1 hr 8 mins 25 s;

  31. There is a song called “The Bird Has Flown” by Deep Purple song from 1969 on the album Deep Purple, the album cover Hieronymous Bosch “Hell” as its image,
    is there any connection to the her book and the song?

      1. The musicians that are the least associated with Satanism and occult stuff are the musicians that are the most into it. I remember when the album “hysteria” came out. I never thought anything Satanic about it. The in your face references to Satan is not usually as Satanic as the pop stuff, if one looks below the surface and as I have stated before The Beatles had a huge negative impact on society but even if one adjusts for the fact that pop and soft rock sells more the message is actually more subversive per capita than pop music or pop rock.
        All of it is bad, as a fan for decades I do not really enjoy admitting it but a parent should be more worried about his or kids listening to the Beatles and these other subtly satanic and or subversive musicians than most heave metal. I do not mean to defend any musicians but I remember Ozzy Osbourne and Iron Maiden getting sued by parents and I thought to myself, “what about rap” Long before I was onto the Jew I noticed there was something weird in the music industry and how easily and fast people would change their preferred genre. One year it was hard rock and heavy metal and the next year it was rap. I could not put my finger on why it happened back then but it was obvious to me that it was by design,

        I saw your new photo on bathrooms. Although I am no fan of the transgender movement, I think the people who label all the trannies as mentally I’ll the people that suggest locking them all up in the nut house are bigger assholes than the trannies. Labelling all deviant behaviour as mental illness is giving an excuse for it. Do people really love the psychiatric system so much that they think drugs can solve all our problems. I highly doubt most trannies having something wrong with their brain nor do they think they are women. I actually do not give a fuck what they do and no psychiatrist is going to fix it. The psychiatric system is just an evil extension of Jewish power. Pointing fingers at individual members of the sexual deviant club is pointless, you know who is behind all this bullshit. I really can’t stand the extremists on the anti lgbt side. They hate the faggot on tv and do not seem to realize that the television station put him there. I guess the best course of action one can take is ignore this stuff. I think going into the hate the LGBT weirdos game is falling into a goy pen, a goy pen just like the LGBT goy pen and explaining to people that the Jews are behind all this is just too much for people to understand. I do find it bizarre and somewhat interesting that the T part of the LGBT has had such a big spotlight placed on it in such a short period of time and it would suck to be a parent and have teachers telling your five year old they can change genders. The woke retardant are as responsible for this as the trannies. How many men dress up like women and on top of that are so called activists or pull the weirdo stuff one sees in YouTube videos or wants to dance around in front of kids at drag queen story hour? I would say one man in thousands.

    1. There are a couple of things that I think this could mean, and it would depend on the context and accompanying symbols but one is “Things the apostate system knows or does which are ‘over the heads’ of the masses”. The other is that it is an “Air” symbol related to performance ( like an air show or fireworks display – in other words without substance and purely for public display.

      If I was conspiracy minded and thought there was a cabal behind this, I would have to inherently distrust the message given the deceptive and evil nature of such an entity.

      By the way, the devils music was traditionally defined by the Locrian mode – it is a progression of notes that evokes a feeling of unease and darkness. A good example if this can be heard in the main rhythm of Bjork- Army of Me. There are breakdowns of this mode in YT for the technical explanation and the same progressions can be found in some Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Metallica songs. Locrian mode was strictly prohibited to be played on church organs.

      1. Interesting about the Locrian mode. I guess that’s what Megadeth’s lead singer meant when he said “Satanic chord”. I am illterate when it comes to the science of music, but it’s interesting.

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