Music industry Kabbalah cult

Part I | Part II

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
May 20, 2018 Anno Domini

Eric Holmberg’s devastating critique of the Satanic music industry in a two-video series. If you watch only one, the second video—Hells Bells II—is the best of the two.

Hell’s Bells: The Dangers of Rock ‘N’ Roll (1989)

This three-hour presentation is broken down into 5 parts:

Part 1: The Dangers of Rock ‘n’ Roll: An overview of the problem and the biblical worldview that will be used in its analysis.
Part 2: The Root of Rock: From whence did this new musical form spring… and gets its power?
Part 3: The Fruit of Rock, Part 1: Looking at the fruit of something, Jesus said, can tell you a lot about a phenomenon’s origins and ultimate destiny.
Part 4: The Fruit of Rock, Part 2: It really is more than just “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.
Part 5: The Axe Falls: Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. The cross reveals the true “Rock” – the One that will never be rolled away.

Hells Bells II: The Power & Spirit Of Popular Music (2004)

This six-hour documentary series is broken into eight parts:

Part 1: Introduction – Foundations for Cultural Analysis; 19 minutes
Part 2: Sound & Fury – An Examination of the Power of Music; 50 minutes
Part 3: Heartbeats – Music’s Spiritual Connection; 30 minutes
Part 4: Notes from the Underground – The Occult History of Rock; 70 minutes
Part 5: Hearts of Darkness – Rebellion, Nihilism and Death; 48 minutes
Part 6: Mojo Rising – Satanic Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll; 60 minutes
Part 7: Antichrist Superstars – Rock’s Ultimate Rebellion; 43 minutes
Part 8: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door; 48 minutes

Bonus Features:

Bad Hair Day: an exposé on the rock musical Hair Caesar Pink and the Imperial Orgy: What happens when an art-rock band gets “epistemologically self-conscious” and really embraces the darkness.


  1. Ty Timothy for exposing The Satanic Music Industry.
    Now when we expose the Music Industry,issue I have with many is,they overlook Country Music.
    I think Country is equally if not more Satanical than Rap,Metal.
    It’s Pro-Military Industrial Complex Ass Kissing,biggest approval of the Wars we’re in.
    In the music the soldiers can do more wrong,but honor then unconditional for whatever acts they’ve commited.
    Undercurrent if you critical of any action or any war America gets involved with,your a traitor!!!
    Plus a good many of the Country Singers never did anytime in the Military,Exibit A Trac”Mr Wounded Warrior Project”Adkins.Yeah where were you at in”Dessert Storm”?
    Country to me is the biggest MilItary Industrial Complex Cheerleader for more Wars!!!

  2. At what point in time do you think the entertainment industry began to be subverted? Was there ever a non-Luciferian music industry, or is there something inherently Satanic in the very nature of entertaining the masses?

  3. You said in recent tweets that Star Wars was Masonic. What do you think of the other major fantasy franchises? I consider Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings to be Christian (C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were devoutly Christian), but am unsure about Harry Potter. You can find Christians who consider HP to have good moral themes, but others (like Michael D. O Brien) who consider it demonic- or at least confused and pagan.

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