Illuminati Agents – Series II

By Timothy Fitzpatrick
The phoney truther movement, headed by ADL-approved conspiracy king Alex Jones.

Perhaps the greatest Christian heresy of all time, dispensationalism, which is leading many into idol worship of fleshly Israel and the Jews.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a Zionist, Bilderberger, and traitor to Canada.


  1. Have you read in scripture how many times Jerusalem is referred to as Babylon, and/or Sodom & Egypt? Here’s a good link that has many passages that say so: pardon me if you’ve read it already
    also, Alex Jones.. he claims to be Christian yet I never hear him tell people how to get to Heaven. He also blames “jesuits” for everything. He has on some weird guests with weird ideas- David Icke and his “shape shifters”. I just read today on Jones site Infowars- an old post about Isra-hellies having something to do with 911, I don’t listen to him so I have no idea if he has changed his tune since then. He had many fingers pointed at some israhelli criminals for the crime, so how does that make him “disinfo”? I am not a fan of his, but I do sincerely credit him for creating a suspicion of the main stream media. Well, perhaps not HIM but his empire- rather. I wonder if he changed his mind about certain “issues” after he married his wife who is of jewish decent.

  2. pardon my bad spelling and bad grammar, it’s pretty late! But, as far as all these “agents” go, I am almost certain you can’t make it big unless you give it up to Molech, something along those lines. Jones gets all the big name guests, never runs into trouble in his travels, he’s generally a success financially. His motives are obvious I gave him about 3 seconds of my ear and that was enough.

  3. Alex Jones is still alive – He is doing a great job of fear mongering to the brainwashed american world. William Cooper is dead, so is Aaron Russo. Guess they didn’t sell their soul to satan.
    As far as AJ goes, youtube his climatic “war of the worlds” type of radio broadcast from Dec 31 , 1999 – it’s unreal.

    1. Terry, the historical Church teaching is that this prophecy was fulfilled when the Roman legions surrounded Jerusalem and annihilated the city and its inhabitants, which ultimately resulted from Israel’s rejection of Jesus. Josephus reports that more than 1 million Jews perished under the Roman siege. The Jews who took heed to Christ’s warning to “flee” did so and survived. Historian E. Michael Jones writes, in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, that when the Jews tried to reconstruct the destroyed temple in the 3rd century with the help of the anti-Christian Emperor Claudius, huge fireballs shot out from the Earth and devoured the Jews building the foundation. Yet, the Jews, in their blind ignorance, dismissed the phenomena as merely trapped gas beneath the earth. Again, they tried to rebuild the temple foundation, and, again, they were devoured by fire. Needless to say, construction ceased and the temple was never rebuilt.
      The bloodline thing is a distraction and part of the Messianic-Millenalist deception. While I admire much of Ted Pike’s work, I think he is confused about prophecy. His videos attest to this. At times, he appears to say one thing, then contradicts it after.

  4. GOD was not talking about a physical temple. we are his temple as long as we carry the Holy Spirit in us. just as he spoke of destroying the temple in three days and no one understood he was talking spiritually. you see, man only wants to know about the physical, but not about the spiritual things like the comforter he left with us. he will guide and teach you all things only if you sincerely seek.Once his believers are gathered in one place carrying the Holy Spirit, his temple is already rebuilt. Still they seek him physically, but he has gone physically, not forsaking us but abiding in us.

  5. i love reading insertnamehereisashill posts. like this and wing tv. it’s very entertaining. i’m sure it probably confuses some. whatever. alex jones is a human. he has a radio show. if i agree with him about anything i am a shill. if i disagree, i’m a patriot. same goes for everybody else. sometimes those of us that like news don’t always like it or the people who bring it to us. grow up.

  6. Jones had a genuine UK journalist specialising in US vote rigging…in his studio. I wrote in to say the backcloth..brown squares …should be omitted as my programming involved having those stuffed in my shoes. Just saying. It makes Jones show a bit dodgy and Greg Palast maybe that was a subliminal put you down about then. Nobody wrote back, the rest of this supposed evidence you can find at I kinda knew I was getting close when I met Mengele in 2002, his earlier death being an aid to his later work. will fill in they blanks.

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