CSIS director exposes foreign control of B.C. ministers but remains silent on the Israel lobby and PM Harper

The Rabbinate surround Prime Minister Harper
Originally posted TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
In a shocking interview weeks ago by Canada’s public broadcaster, the CBC, with CSIS director Richard Fadden, the spy boss explained how a few cabinet ministers in the B.C. provincial government are under the direct control of foreign governments.While the news jolted the Campbell Government in Victoria, one man in Ottawa was sitting in his Sussex Drive home unhindered by any accusations of foreign control. Enter Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has been labelled by many as the most pro-Israel Prime Minister in Canadian history.
When he isn’t sporting the Jewish yarmulke during Chanukah celebrations at Parliament, he is rubbing noses with religious fanatics like the Jewish Chabad Lubavitch, a chassidic demonination of Judaism that preaches the most vile hate of non-Jews in their “holy” books, the Kabballah, as well as the Babylonian Talmud.
The “Chabadniks” are as much around the Parliament buildings as parliamentary reporters.
Harper, who himself is a member of the globalist think tank the Bilderbergers, an organization with mostly Jewish leadership, claims to be a conservative and a defender of the Christian roots of Canada. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Christianity warns against taking oaths and serving the goals of tyrants. The Bilderbergers are hell bent on setting global policies that favour only the elite few in the world who own most everything. There is nothing conservative or Christian about their aims. Nor is there anything Christian or conservative about the Chassidic Jewish sects, like Chabad, who empatically state that “Jesus was a bastard,” and the “son of a whore.”
The gig is up Harper. You are no more a conservative than George W. Bush.
The first question that popped into my mind when listening to the words of Fadden were: why no mention of the Israel Lobby and their apparent control over the Harper Government in Ottawa?
Harper can order another party to denounce a member (Libby Davies) who speaks out against the atrocities carried out against the Palestinians and yet he claims not to be bias? Are we on Earth here?
If CSIS were anything worth the money the tax payers dish out for them, they would have exposed the fanatical Israel lobby in Canada and their swaying of not only the Federal Conservatives, but the Federal Liberals as well. Michael Ignatieff is conveniently silent on the Israel Lobby and Stephen Harper. And Jack Layton isn’t much better.
But Harper conveniently deflects even the remotest of criticism and just pulls out the Muslim card, the Hamas Card, et al. If Islam is guilty of anything in Canada, it is guilty of always providing a scapegoat for compromised politicians.
But no, CSIS is more concerned with a few measly provincial cabinet ministers that apparently have too many ties to China.
Even Parliament officially recognizes the extremist Chabad Lubavitch sect in their Education Day Bill, to commemorate Rabbi Mendel Menachem Schneerson, the supposed Jewish Messiah, who will come up from his grave anytime, we are told.
Is Schneerson Harper’s saviour and not Jesus Christ as he would have us believe? We don’t know. We can only assume through his borderline traitorous actions.
The Chassidics also have quite the influence in the U.S. as you may well know. In 1991, then President Ronald Regan ratified an agreement to establish Education Day, the commemoration of Rebbe Schneerson, and universally declared that the Noahide Laws (unBiblical in actuality but not in appearance) are for all peoples.
Bye bye, freedom of religion.
Perhaps we can assume that Harper has a Noahide future set up for all Canadians.
On a side note, all of the men involved in the CSIS controversy: Stephen Harper, Peter Mansbridge (the CBC anchorman who interviewed Fadden), and CSIS critic Gordon Campbell, are all members of the elitist Bilderberger group. While Zionist control over Stephen Harper is quite clear, what might we find out about Mansbridge and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell?
The U.S. Education Day Bill is House Resolution 104-102-14. In effect, it sets in place the right to declare the Noahide laws of Chassidism as the laws of the land.

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