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Whites in St. Petersburg being beaten by African gangsters connected to Putin's former Jewish bodyguard Tsepov

The black history of Roman Tsepov's family

In the photo: Roman Tsepov
March 10, 2023
Author: Olga Drobinskaya


There is an unheard-of multinational scandal in St. Petersburg. The gang, led by a native of Sudan, has been terrorizing the Vyborgsky district of the city for several years, robbing and beating teenagers, their parents and the elderly. The very first threads of the investigation gave out a breathtaking rumor - the head of the gang, the husband of Daria Tsepova, daughter of the famous crime boss Roman Tsepov. How Africans, nightclubs and journalism intertwined in the family of one of the kings of the underworld, the editors of the Kompromat Group online publication found out.

Not a day of tolerance

Reports that the north of St. Petersburg is being terrorized by a gang of black teenagers, led by an adult man, appeared a few days ago in Telegram channels dedicated to the crimes of migrants. The message caused a culture shock because, until now, such gangs had never been seen on the streets of the cultural capital.

So, it is reported that the gang robbed schoolchildren with the words "we practice blows on white meat." The attacks took place in shopping centers, which are very numerous in the north of the city. According to preliminary data, the attackers also smashed retail outlets and engaged in theft. The parents of one of the victims told the channel that the attacks began two years ago. A local teenager was beaten for looking askance at the Africans. The boy's parents did not begin to write a statement, thinking that these were ordinary showdowns of teenagers. But the attacks continued. A few days later, the boy was tracked down and beaten again. The family found out that their son was not the only victim of such attacks.

The father of the child wrote a statement to the police. And then he was tracked down by an adult black man and beaten. The man was diagnosed with a concussion, fractures of the face and jaw. The Investigative Committee ordered an investigation. According to some reports, there are already other allegations of attacks in the case.

Parents in the area began to accompany their children to and from school. This is despite the fact that the Vyborgsky district is quite calm in terms of attacks and mass fights among schoolchildren. After all, as we already wrote , they are driven by the shark of the police service Sergey Avtomonov , a very serious person.

But this is a lyric. The real bomb was the message that the wife of an African who scratched his fists on the heads of young residents of the Vyborg region was Daria Tsepova , daughter of the notorious crime boss Roman Tsepov . And her four mulatto children took part in the beatings.

But this is not surprising, it is more surprising that in the 90s, Roman's commercial interests were closely intertwined with immigrants from Africa.

African dances on Nevsky

In September 1994, in the very center of St. Petersburg, on Nevsky 70, in the building of the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg, a night club and restaurant "Domenikos" was opened. The club was opened by two Nigerians Lucky Iinbor and Anthony Aziegbemi (Sam).

Anthony AziegbemiAnthony Aziegbemi

Lucky Iinbor came to the Soviet Union in the early 80s from a small settlement in Benin City (Nigeria). In 1988 he graduated from FINEK. Almost at the same time, Alfred Kokh , the future wife of the ex-president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev , Svetlana, and the current head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller , studied at this institute .

But back to Domenikos. From the very beginning, the history of the famous club was accompanied by oddities. For example, a controlling stake belonged to the Nigerian company Ebony LLP. The terms of the contract indicated that the restaurant premises were subleased for 49 years. Although the contract of the city with the Union of Journalists for the building was only until 1998. A week after the foundation of Petromedia, a joint venture with the Union of Journalists, the chairman of the union, Anatoly Yezhelev, unexpectedly resigned. But again, this is poetry. Almost immediately after the opening of the nightclub, universal love came to Domenikos.

Half of the beau monde of St. Petersburg dreamed of the famous  VIP -card of the club. The rest of the entertainment establishments of the Northern capital were languishing with envy. And it was from what! Three levels, 800 sq. m., two bars, well-trained international staff speaking several languages. The chef from Portugal, Martin Dolphin  (according to rumors, the famous culinary star Serge Ferry even managed to work here. Approx. Ed.) . The kitchen and bars have taken Peter to an unattainable height. What is the introduction of the buffet and the famous shrimp fountain.

Fontank shrimpFontank shrimp
Service staff of DomenikosService staff of Domenikos
Chef from PortugalChef from Portugal

Domenikos was one of the first clubs in the city to accept plastic cards for payment. There have always been many foreigners here. And this is not surprising, because the owners of the club managed to agree on advertising even in the St. Petersburg seaport. And the club also had the most incendiary music, cool DJs and breathtakingly beautiful women. It was another show-how of the club. Nocturnal butterflies were not taxed here, they paid for entry, like all visitors. As a result, the most beautiful girls of the city quickly flocked here. Security protected them just like the rest of the club's patrons, and even broke up fights over customers. In other words, "Domenikos" quickly became the most popular elite institution on the banks of the Neva.

Check from DomenikosCheck from Domenikos
VIP card "Domenikos"VIP card "Domenikos"
Entrance to Domenikos on Nevsky 70Entrance to Domenikos on Nevsky 70
Information from Kompromat Group:

The owners of the restaurant-club were CJSC "Petromedia", which in the spring of 1994 was established by the Union of Journalists of St. Petersburg and LLP "Ebony". 32% of the shares belonged to the Union of Journalists, and 68% to Lucky Iinboru and Anthony Aziegbemi. The amount of investments in Domenikos was not disclosed, but in his interview with the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper in those years, Lucky mentioned that he had invested several hundred thousand dollars in the enterprise.

Clock and stars

The mid-90s was a real "gold mine" for Domenikos. To perform at the club was prestigious for all the stars of the first magnitude. The photographs are evidence of this. Everyone was here. From Meladze to Shura. From Natasha Koroleva to Tanya Bulanova. Sometimes it was impossible to get a seat at a table for a show program.

The black history of Roman Tsepov's family

"Domenikos" was so loved that even Alla Pugacheva filmed the spectacular Anthony Aziegbemi in her video for the song "It's Raining in Petersburg Today" .

Then there were drugs in the club. Ecstasy, "brands" and speeds. The tablets were advertised directly on the flyers of the clubs that were handed out on Nevsky Prospekt. The police made raids here every month, but found nothing. Rumors that the Nigerian mafia was supplying tons of drugs to St. Petersburg through the port quickly leaked to the media, and Lucky was even going to sue the Kommersant newspaper for libel. But he did not have time to do this. On the night of August 29-30, 1995, Lucky Yinbor was shot dead in the front of the house at 124 Bucharest Street, where he lived. In the intensive care unit of the emergency hospital. Doctors fought for Janelidze's life for several hours. But he died without regaining consciousness. The management of the club has appointed a reward for information about the killers. The killer has not yet been found.

Then the newspapers, not without reason, connected this murder with an explosion at the entrance of the club that happened in July 1995. Then Anthony Aziegbemi , said that Lucky, no one threatened. However, everyone in the city believed that the explosion was preceded by problems with criminal gangs. Namely - a quarrel with Roman Tsepov .

This was not empty talk. After all, Roman Tsepov (Beilenson), the general director of the security company Baltik-Ekskort, almost immediately became a regular visitor to Domenikos. The first thing that surprised him, as they say, is that they don’t take money from prostitutes in the club. How so? He quickly figured out the issue and the girls began to pay a monthly fee.

Of course, authoritative representatives of other groups in the city also visited the club. For example, a regular client and VIP-person of Domenikos was Vladimir Feoktistov (Fyoka), who looked after Nevsky Prospekt, the grandfather of the Russian racket, who was known as a thunderstorm for the ladies of easy virtue of Domenikos. His base was nearby - on Nevsky 71 in the Nevsky restaurant.

However, Roman Tsepov really had an interest in a popular institution. As they say, he put the squeeze on Anthony, and in 1998 the club changed hands. But this purchase did not bring happiness or money to Tsepov. The glory of "Domenikos" went into decline. The club was remade several more times and they tried to promote it even with the help of Sergey Rost and Dmitry Nagiyev , but all in vain. The falling banner of the leader of the parties was quickly intercepted by "Hollywood Nights" and "Golden Dolls" of the Shevchenko brothers.

Shadow of a legend

As you know, Roman Tsepov died in 2004 from pronounced radiation sickness. A major figure in the northern capital, a consultant adviser to the government, died, it is said, from poisoning a large dose of a drug used for leukemia. We do not argue, and the circle of contacts, and the circle of interests of Tsepov was grandiose. But among the staff of the Domenikos who died in the bose, a legend still circulates. The Nigerian diaspora specifically traveled to Africa and hired a voodoo shaman there to avenge the death of Lucky Iinbor . Petersburg did not write about it.

Fontanka did not write for whose assets, as they say, Roman's daughter, Daria Tsepova , fought in the late 2000s .

According to people in the know, the owners of the publication paid her large compensation, because few people in the Northern capital did not know that Tsepov was expected to become the actual owner of the largest media outlet in St. Petersburg - the Agency for Journalistic Investigations, and that the editorial office was supported by his generous donations.

Today, by coincidence, the family of Darya Tsepova is again at the center of criminal proceedings. According to the press service of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg, on March 9, a criminal case was initiated under the article “torture”. The director of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, took the matter under his personal control . Will the name of the Tsepovs officially sound in the case? It sounds doubtful, because in 2016, when she gave birth to her fourth child, according to rumors, Viktor Zolotov and other major political figures of the country congratulated her.