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Vatican opposes restrictions on the Moscow Church

4/12/22, 10:12

The Apostolic Nunciature in Ukraine spoke about the ongoing debate in Ukraine on the possible banning of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which remains in the structures of the Moscow Patriarchate supporting the Kremlin. The Vatican strongly opposes such actions.

- "The Apostolic Nunciature in Ukraine noted the existence of public discussions about some Churches, their legal recognition and the appropriate use of property"

- informs the nunciature in a press release published today.

- "In this connection the nunciature considers it appropriate to declare that the Holy See is opposed to any restrictive action taken against any Church or religious organization, in any country and in any situation"

- underlined.

The debate on the outlawing of the UOC is related to the position of Patriarch Cyril, who openly supports the war in Ukraine and calls on the Russians to fight. In his Sunday sermon, he called on his countrymen to unite around the authorities in the fight against Russia's "external and internal enemies". He also downplayed the genocide committed by the Russian army.

kak / KAI