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Trump is a staff sponsor of Hasidic yeshivas

According to the Arutz 7 portal , the new US President Donald Trump is the "regular sponsor" of several Hasidic yeshivas and other religious institutions both in Israel and in the United States, Israeli portal cursorinfo writes .

Trump, in particular, was present at various events of the united Hasidic community of the Boyansky and Ruzhinsky "yard" that took place in the United States. The newly elected president in the United States not only took part in these meetings, but also gave the Hasidim a generous donation.

Previously, Trump donated a large amount to the maintenance of the Jerusalem yeshiva community of repatriates from the town of Boyan (Ukrainian Bukovina), and this was not an isolated case.

In addition, Trump published a special letter of welcome to religious Jews.

 “I greet you and wish success to the Tiferet Yisrael Yeshiva of Hasidim Ruzhin,” says the message, signed by the new owner of the White House, “Donald J. Trump.”

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