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The sexual magic of Dugin-Prosvirnin and the Star of Chaos

August 7th, 2014

Dugin Prosvirnin
It dawned on me! The neo-Nazi-Vlasovite Prosvirnin and the occult fascist-gnostic Alexander Dugin are united by the use of the same symbolism - the Star of Chaos!The fact that Dugin and Prosvirnin are running the same information campaign is clear to everyone. Prosvirnin does his best to promote Strelkov, and Dugin does the same. Dugin demands to send Russian troops to Ukraine, Prosvirnin introduces the hashtag "Putinsukavvedivoyska". Together they justified the surrender of Slavyansk, Kramotorsk and other cities of the Donbass to the Strelkovs without a fight, both of them have a history of admiration for the Nazis ( Du , SiP )

But for some reason they could not figure out that they also use one very specific esoteric symbolism.

In the photo behind Dugin, as a symbol of his International Eurasian Movement, and on Prosvirnin's elbow, the esoteric symbol "Star of Chaos" is depicted, which is part of the magical symbolism of Chaos Magic . This is one of the modern trends in the occult, based on the rejection of any form of dogmatism and the primacy of personal magical experience. Chaos Magic is characterized by the use of both traditional techniques, taken from the already established Eastern and Western mystical systems, and newly invented ones. Another feature, according to the followers of the current, is the widespread use of altered states of consciousness, including trance and an ecstatic state, which the supporters of Chaos Magic call "gnosis".The term “gnosis” itself refers us again to occult gnosticism, in the teachings of the founders of which Valentina, Basilides, Marcion and others, gnosis acts as occult knowledge about the Absolute, which opposes the evil world of the Demiurge.
To achieve this state, representatives of the current can use narcotic substances or sexual contacts.

Let's remember that the youth of the occult fascist Dugin in the 80s passed through the initiatory practices of the Yuzhinsky circle of lovers of Nazi esotericism by Evgeny Golovin "The Black Order of SS". These actions, accompanied by various orgies with the use of alcohol and drugs, were later described in the stories of eyewitnesses ., as well as in the novels of the writer Yuri Mamleev, the first head of the club in the 60s. In his youth, this mystical verse also captured Alexander Prokhanov, about which he spoke in the 1st series of the film "Soldier of the Empire."

Yuzhinsky circle of occult fascists: Dugin, Dzhemal, Golovin, Mamleev
Chaos Magic also makes use of various practices originally developed by other branches of the occult, such as sex magic. The forerunner of Chaos Magic is Austin Osman Spare, an English artist who for some time was a member of the Order of the Silver Star of Aleister Crowley, but left there to work independently.

Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley
Let me remind you that in 1995 Dugin tried to enter big politics and ran for the State Duma in the North-Western District No. 210 (St. Petersburg) - with the support of Sergei Kuryokhin, Yuri Nersesov and the radical left group "Workers' Struggle". Moreover, such an attempt to become a respectable politician was accompanied by rather strange rituals. During the election campaign, Dugin used the "legacy" of the famous occultist, "black magician" and Satanist, head of the Order of the Oriental Templars from 1922 to 1947, Aleister Crowley. At pre-election concerts for young people, the National Bolsheviks from his “team” readexcerpts from the "Book of the Law" by A. Crowley, interspersed with the performance of Soviet patriotic songs, and here the actors with the help of puppets presented episodes from the sexual magic of the Order of the Golden Dawn, where Crowley began his "satanic practice". At the same time, in the neo-fascist magazine "Elements" (thematic issue "Erotism"), Dugin promoted Crowley's sexual magic and tantric sexual practices of the "left hand". But, as always, black magic did not help, and Dugin was not elected to the deputies.The network has a video of those years, where Dugin, together with Limonov, participates in a concert called "Kuryokhin for Dugin."

Here is what the newspaper of the NBP Limonka (No. 24) wrote about the concert:

"... Limonov and Dugin, of course, in themselves are pure politics, but at the same time their role in the concert was rather close to the function of "mystagogues". Chairman Limonov read out a list of names of angels who remained in heaven and descended from there .... Dugin ... uttered some mysterious spells in French and Russian related to the number 418 ... The puppet theater played an episode from the sexual magic "Golden Dawn", in a huge wheel, instead of a squirrel, an executioner dressed in a puppet-klan suit ran, people tied to burning crosses rotated, describing fiery swastikas. Necrorealists showed the trick of turning a man into a goat and a striptease of a naval officer, also the wildest slides. Then, dressed in costumes of lunatics, the artists of the Kostroma group carried out on the platform the Whore of Babylon, in a poisonous nylon outfit of the 60s,"

The concert organized for Dugin in itself can be assessed as a black mass. But the participants of the concert did not hide it, they honored the memory of the black magician and Satanist Crowley at it.

Dugin's interest in Aleister Crowley is not accidental. Back in 1993 Dugin met in Moscow with Christian Boucher, head of the French branch of the Order of Oriental Templars.

Christian Bush. 2008 Do you notice anything familiar?
Here is what they write about this on the website of the Stavros Center of the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church: “ The Order has a reputation for being Satanic, preaching sexual magic and the African cult of Voodoo. Boucher’s visit inspired Dugin so much that he decided to immediately publish all the fundamental the works of the main theorist of the Order, Aleister Crowley, who called himself the "Great Beast" (for Christians, he is simply a Satanist and the Antichrist) .
Dugin's meetings with Bush continued further. Judging by the date of the photo above, they were in 2008, and according to this video , in 2012.
But back to Chaos Magic. Its adherents claim that it is based on the magic of the realization of intention, the transformation of what is desired into reality. The main means of influencing the surrounding world in Chaos Magic is the personal volitional (emotional) effort of the magician. At the same time, emotions are considered as something more important than the mind, and the subconscious - as something more important than consciousness. In particular, the emancipation of the subconscious and the rejection of rational intellectual activity in favor of the free expression of inner aspirations.
By the way, does this not remind you of the hysterical journalism of Dugin and Prosvirnin? Dugin has already declared countless times: the fact that Putin will bring in troops the next day, and that Khodakovsky betrayed everyone and fled somewhere, and that Kurginyan is a Nazi. Prosvirnin at one time, in the same manner, conjured the exit of the Nazi hordes under the banner of Navalny. But alas ... Honestly, this couple is very similar to unfortunate magicians, whose spells each time break on reality, which does not succumb to the spells of half-educated sorcerers.

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