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The murder of Dugin's daughter was ritual—a warning to her father not to criticize Putin

Piontkovsky: The murder of Dugin's daughter was ritual. This is a warning to her father not to criticize Putin
Piontkovsky: Dugin was specially brought to the place of his daughter's execution. I recognize the handwriting of the Russian special services

The murder of Russian propagandist Daria Dugina could be a warning to her father - political scientist, ideologist of the "Russian world" Alexander Dugin. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the founder of the online publication "GORDON" Dmitry Gordon by Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky, who lives in the United States.
Explaining his opinion, he said that an "informal ultra-fascist party" is now operating in Russia, which sharply criticizes Russian President Vladimir Putin and considers him "not a consistent enough fascist". Among the representatives of this community, he, in particular, named the former leader of the "DPR" militants Igor Girkin.

"For this party, Alexander Dugin is such a spiritual mentor, an authority. He does not allow himself such statements as Girkin, keeps within the framework of today's political correctness, but he treats Putin without any delight. He behaves with him and talks about him as an insufficiently talented and not sufficiently happy student. And he cements this party very much," Piontkovsky said.

He stressed that this ultra-right group poses a great threat to Putin personally.

"Especially now, when his entire strategy is aimed at somehow freezing the conflict and truce. This group against the ceasefire is no less harsh than the Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian society. And turning to this strategy, Putin needs, of course, to do something about this group. My version is this: this is a warning to Dugin not to allow any notes of Putin's criticism as an insufficiently consistent fascist. And a warning to those people who consider Dugin as their leader," the publicist suggested.

He said that he considers the version of the assassination on Dugina by the Ukrainian special services "completely ridiculous" because in Ukraine "few people know Dugin, especially Daria Dugin". The version of the assassination of the Russian partisans, which was voiced by the Russian oppositionist Ilya Ponomarev, who received Ukrainian citizenship, was also called by Piontkovsky unconvincing.

According to the publicist, the crime was committed by "very professional people," but he did not detail who exactly.

"It was some kind of ritual murder. Dugin was specially brought to the place of his daughter's execution. I recognize the handwriting of the Russian [special services]... There is also a small detail. Dugin always focused his patriotic activities on military intelligence, on the GRU, not the FSB. And there's an element of rivalry. This picture seems psychologically very convincing to me," said Piontkovsky.

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Daria Dugina worked as a political observer for the International Eurasian Movement, which was founded by her father. She led the "Platonova | Z" Telegram channel, in which she supported Russian aggression against Ukraine, was a co-author of the "Book Z" about the Russian invasion. In July, the United Kingdom imposed sanctions on her for spreading misinformation about Russia's war against Ukraine. The Washington Post wrote that her father largely helped to shape the views of Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia and Ukraine.

Dugina's car exploded on the move on the evening of August 20 on Mozhaisk highway in the Moscow region. According to some reports, her father was supposed to drive in the car.

On August 22, the Russian FSB said that the murder of Dugina was allegedly committed by Ukrainian special services. The Russians called the performer Ukrainian Natalia Vovk (Shaban), who allegedly serves in the National Guard of Ukraine. According to the FSB, after the murder, on August 21, Vovk and her daughter went to Estonia.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Dugin is not interested in Ukraine. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov said that Ukraine is not involved in the murder of Dugina - this is the work of the Russian special services.

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the "certificate" of Vovk published by the FSB about service in the National Guard is a fake.