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The Lubavitchization of Gaza: Noahide Laws appear in Arabic, refer to God as 'Allah'

Jan. 17, 2024
In the midst of a difficult war, where everyone wants to be a partner and do something for the final victory, there is both physical combat with the enemy and strengthening the morale of the soldiers. Under the leadership of R. Shaya Ganani launched a propaganda campaign to disseminate the seven commandments of the descendants of Noah in such a way that it would be accessible to the Arabs, especially those who incite sabotage against Israel.

This was done after consulting with experts in the field and with the Arabs themselves: how can one clearly convey the message that the laws of the Torah exist in the world, that the world is not a jungle and that the time has come to unload the weapons and move on to a world of good.

Omri Bahar edited the translation, adapted to colloquial Arabic, and the posters have now been hung in the Gaza Strip, Khan Yunis and other places throughout the country.

Hello and welcome Gaza, wake up, it's time for change. All people in the world must observe the 7 commandments of the sons of Noah: 1. Believe in one Allah, and not in idols. 2. It is forbidden to scold the Creator. 3. Murder is prohibited - whoever is a murderer will die in hell! 4. Prohibition of incest - rape is prohibited. 5. Prohibition of stealing and robbing. 6. Prohibition on eating animal organs. 7. Create a justice system. Leave weapons and war, the world is not a jungle.

“I must note,” says Rabbi Shai Ganni, “the cooperation of the soldiers, who were happy to be messengers hanging up the posters, and also when I showed the signs to the Arab public in Israel, they showed interest. In addition to the duty of every Jew to do this, the duty of every messenger of the Rebbe of King Moshiach is to force all the nations of the world to accept the commandments of the descendants of Noah. I am confident that the more we work in this direction, all terrorist acts will stop and the world will move into a state of Liberation, as promised by the prophets."