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'The Kabbalists put Russia at the center of their plan...Bolsheviks-Leninists and Eurasians—They will win': Soviet colonel Andrei Devyatov

"Putin - with the Rothschilds, Kabbalists, Hasidim, Rosgvardia and Dzerzhinsky in the heart!"

june 21, 2017 70
"Parade of Conceptualists": "BUSINESS Online" gathered Delyagin, Khazin, Devyatov, Zaznobin and Bakhtiyarov on one platform.

In the next 5-6 years, the world is waiting for a continuous decline in Russia in the 90s, but our country will stand in the midst of a general geopolitical earthquake, according to experts gathered for a round table in the Moscow office of BUSINESS Online. Carriers of conceptual knowledge shared their vision of global world problems. About what to do with "ecessar people" and whether the ground is ready for a new person - in our report.

The participants of the round table could not immediately come to a consensus, but they still made an attempt to make a mosaic of their motley views.


"Global challenges to humanity and ways to overcome them" - a round table on this topic was held in the Moscow office of BUSINESS Online. As moderator Rashid Galyamov emphasized, today is a turning point in the world and in Russia. And the circle of Russian specialists who can deeply understand the roots of the current crisis and offer a way out is very narrow, and their views do not converge. "We would like everyone not only to present their strategy. The super task of our round table is to find some consensus and perhaps come to a common strategy," Galyamov said.

Among the participants of the discussion are economist, director of the Institute of Globalization Mikhail Delyagin, political scientist, Chinese scientist, Soviet specialist of special services Andrey Devyatov, macroeconomist, political scientist Mikhail Khazin, one of the creators of the concept of public security, vice-president of the conceptual technologies fund Vladimir Zaznobin and economist, scientist Airat Bakhtiarov. Each of them was invited to make a brief conceptual report.

Delyagin was the first to take the floor. In his opinion, the world is sliding into the new Middle Ages, and the main global challenge is the transformation of humanity itself. But it is too early to talk about ways to overcome the crisis, because it is necessary to comprehend what is happening, and then "create a subject of strategic action that can change the world so that it becomes what we would like to be," Delyagin said. In his opinion, the current crisis has largely provoked new technologies, as they have turned a person from the historically familiar "change of the world" to an unusual "change in the perception of the world". In addition, these technologies eliminate the market relations in which society has been developing over the past 300 years. And a special harm (up to the transformation of personality) is brought by the chaotic consumption of emotions from the network, which does not require any effort. As a result, those who are deeply immersed in social networks have a mosaic perception of the world picture. From the clip consciousness they move to the click, found a fresh image of Delyagin, implying the widespread desire of Internet users (especially young people) to get as many "likes" as possible under their posts.

At the same time, there is a general decrease in reasonableness. And the weakening of goal-setting in humans greatly shifts the balance towards the animal beginning, Delyagin notes, referring to the research of biophysicists. "Western civilization exists for profit. And ours, with all its vices and shortcomings - for the sake of man. Hence the worldview, value conflict with the West. At the same time, Western civilization is also losing its goal-setting. Due to the information explosion, the recognition of the world is falling, which leads to the collapse of science. Society is also changing because the global market allows you to create marginal ones. Any subcultures that give rise to new markets become a global phenomenon and destroy traditional society," Delyagin added.

Another important negative symptom, according to Delyagin, is that states are retreating under the onslaught of global business. Today, almost all countries, except China, are under external control. Business has become stronger than the state. "This is very detrimental to civilization," Delyagin believes. - The new structure of society is becoming a sect - a community of people united by an illogical perception of anything. If earlier there were parties and clubs based on interests, now there are sects based on emotions.

Mikhail Delyagin: Global business is developing technologies without paying attention to the problem of unnecessary people, the number of which is becoming huge, and this threatens disaster"Mikhail Delyagin: "Global business develops technologies without paying attention to the problem of unnecessary people, the number of which is becoming huge, and this threatens disaster"


Information technologies, which are super-productive, also lead to a large number of extra people. Previously, these processes were constrained by the state. "But the time of the states is over. Global business is developing technologies, not paying attention to the problem of unnecessary people, the number of which is becoming huge, and this threatens disaster," said Delyagin. In the global world, billions of people are becoming "superfluous."

"We do not know how and when we will fall into a global depression, which will be caused by the disintegration of the market into macro-regions with a drop in demand in each of them," Delyagin expressed concern. - Either we will enter the orbit of falling China, which will be fraught with great adventures, or we will be torn ap or we will be able to create a new zone on the ruins. But we do not have a subject of strategic action for this," the speaker once again stressed.

The president is one thing, the government is another, and the state is a hybrid. "It's half part of the global management class, and half an amateur team that wants to become part of something incomprehensible. Like a yard football team... There are groups of intellectuals, each has its own concept, many of them are correct, but the intellect has no hands," Delyagin noted with regret. He also noted that the pace of degeneration and degradation of society confirm his words. "The demographic damage from liberal reforms from 1991 to 2016 exceeded the demographic damage of the RSFSR from the war as of 1946 and amounted to 21.7 million people against 17 million," Delyagin said. "From the point of view of the problem of unnecessary people, this is good, but from the point of view of the strength of society, it is a disaster."

And yet in Russia, in his opinion, the situation is not so catastrophic. Mainly because we have many competitive advantages over other countries. Firstly, during the Soviet period, many simple, cheap, publicly available and super-productive technologies were developed. Secondly, our resource is a culture that is the only one in the world that combines the ability to technology, humanism and messianism. And the general destruction of the economy allows us to start its recovery literally from tomorrow, Delyagin notes.

Andrey Devyatov: "Now everything is decided by GB and Rosgvardia on the power part. And conceptually - Bolsheviks-Leninists and Eurasians. They will win."Andrey Devyatov: "Now everything is decided by GB and Rosgvardia on the power part. And conceptually - "Bolsheviks-Leninists" and Eurasians. They will win."


The Chinese scientist Devyatov, according to him, has been engaged in intelligence all his life, and intelligence is "not science, but art", which allows a very fine understanding of the specifics of various practices. "In 2012, before the elections for the third term, our chief overhead assessed the situation as tectonic processes of global transformation... We, the celestial politicians, associate these processes with the cosmic bases, the change in the energy of the celestial spheres, when the era of Pisces changed to the era of the constellation Aquarius. It finally happened in 2014," he began to present his concept of the Nines. According to him, only Kabbalists and Chinese Taoists have a space scale, in which one month is 2160 years. The plan of both is designed for three thousand years. No one else has such a large-scale strategic planning horizon on the space swing.

"As for the meaning of a person, the Kabbalists answered it by indicating five levels. The highest level is the resonance of the will of the sky, the understanding of the meaning of being as co-creation. The Kabbalists put Russia at the center of their plan, because a person who thinks in Russian has a living soul, and it can resonate with cosmic energies. What is the Creator? What is God? This is the law of the universe, which is described by the Kabbalah as an algebra of thought to interpret the law of the universe," Devyatov explained and suggested that everyone go to the Faceted Chamber, where there is a painting of the vision of the prophet Daniel about the coming into the world of the king of glory. "The king of glory is for all, not just for the chosen people of Israel. The Old Believers are with the king of glory. And in the Russian Orthodox Church, the Vatican, the cult of the king of the Jews Jesus of the Nazareth," he carried out the nineth analogy.

In his opinion, the crisis today is happening only in the West, rationalists, and the same Chinese have no crisis. "Their history is cyclical. On January 17, the President of the People's Republic of China, Acting Emperor, Xi Jinping picked up the slanted banner of globalism in the American way in Davos and said that we, the Chinese, are taking up the community of a common destiny... Kabbalists with Taoists see what is happening well and are planners," Devyatov stressed.

He also drew the attention of the audience to the fact that the architect of the Chinese miracle Deng Xiaoping was a master of the bridge game and all Chinese bridge schemes. The masters of this game were also Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher. "Chess is a struggle of opposites from the earth. And bridge schemes are a game in a circle, where the sky is," Devyatov emphasized and noted that there are 6 major players in this scheme today in the world, and the eternal kingdom of Israel is not in Israel itself, but in London. According to Devyatov, the first player is an alliance of old Windsor princes and Rothschilds led by Queen Elizabeth. The second player is the order that builds the new Babylon. The third player is the Vatican, the Maltese, the Teutons, whose main idea is the great Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The fourth player is the Sufis. They are building a new Caliphate. The fifth player is dragons. That is, the Chinese who build the daten (the era of great unity - editor's note). The sixth player is the netocrats represented by the Hasidim, nurturing the idea of a great Eurasia.

In this configuration, there is no one to strike in Russia, Devyatov admitted. Only the enemy's energy can be intercepted. And there are four subjects here that differ in strength. These are Rosgvardia, the Armed Forces, state security and the police. "Rosgvardia is the power component of the "Bolsheviks-Leninists." Their plan is King Salim. The armed forces of the new appearance are the Third Rome, the Maltese knight Shoigu, Tsarevich Gosha (meaning Georgy Romanov-Hohenzollern - editor's note), the Romanovs, Maria Vladimirovna, Patriarch Kirill, decommissioned Sergei Borisovich Ivanov, the decommissioned railwayman Yakunin with a blessed fire. The FSB is the White Tsar, a Eurasian project. And liberal democrats are the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kolokoltsev, they look to the West. Now everything is decided by GB and Rosgvardia on the power part. And conceptually - "Bolsheviks-Leninists" and Eurasians. They will win," predicted the further development of the events of Devyatov, but in the end he pessimistically admitted that even a high-tech army cannot defeat a terrorist with a knife who captures a minibus, hits a crowd in London and disappears.

"Does Putin have a strategy?" - Devyatov asked Galyamov at the end of the report. "Of course, there is. It was not for nothing that they sent Berl Lazar (chief rabbi of the Russian Federation - editor's note). Putin is trying to be over four forces. But I have the impression that he, together with the Eurasians and "Bolshevik-Leninists", that is, with the Rothschilds, Kabbalists, Hasidim, Rosgvardia and Dzerzhinsky in the heart," Devyatov replied to a high note.

Mikhail Khazin at the beginning of his report outlined the fundamental difference between capitalism and feudalism, which is that the cost of innovation is included in the cost of productionMikhail Khazin at the beginning of his report outlined the fundamental difference between capitalism and feudalism, which is that the cost of innovation is included in the cost of production


Khazin at the beginning of his report outlined the fundamental difference between capitalism and feudalism, which is that the cost of innovation is included in the cost of production. "We automatically pay the cost of innovation that needs to be sold. This problem hangs with the sword of Damocles, because no one has a model of economic management that ensures economic growth," Khazin stated. He further noted that the Americans have already realized that there is not enough money for everyone. "As a result, the BRICS countries were rejected and two partnerships were made - the Pacific and the Atlantic. They included countries that should receive their share of the dollar issue. But already at the stage of registration of these partnerships, it became clear that even they would not have enough money. Then Trump appeared and said that we would not give money to anyone at all," the macroeconomist noted ironically.

According to him, the world financial system fell into the liquidity trap in 2014 when the emission expansion of the dollar mass was stopped. "The problem was solved in different ways. That's how we decided it. Since the main reserves of money are capital, which was in non-dollar form, they were pumped out through a sharp devaluation. Nabiullina received an instruction from the IMF - and in December 2014 she licked 200 billion as a cow with her tongue. The Chinese have already lost about a trillion on net capital outflows. This is due to the fact that they have a very large volume of export-import operations. The last large reservoir is a few trillion dollars in equivalent, which were in British offshores. But this tool is also coming to an end," Khazin outlined the situation.

At the same time, most of the economists, according to him, do not know what monetary policy is, and are unable to explain why from 2008 to 2014 they printed $2.5 trillion, increased the monetary base fourfold, and there was no inflation. In 2014, the opposite happened.

The main danger now is the collapse of demand artificially pumped up for emission money. Demand is overstated to varying degrees in different countries. "In the United States by about 60 percent, in Europe - by 50 percent, in our country - by 30 percent, in China - an average of 25 percent. Demand will fall, which means that the production system will collapse," Khazin believes. At the same time, each enterprise has a sales volume, which cannot be lowered, because the reproduction system will not work. And most of the production over the past 35 years has been built under the model of continuous demand growth.

"Why is our labor productivity lower than, for example, in the United States? - Khazin asks and immediately answers. - The fact is that we had such a system of building plants - plant management and workshops: tool, galvanic, foundry, assembly, etc. And in the United States, the picture is altern. In some area there were 100 factories and a galvanic factory that served them all. As a result, both the load is higher, and it is possible to improve technology, etc. That is, due to the division of labor, productivity increased dramatically. But now the reverse process will be going. This galvanic enterprise will die because it does not have the right volume of sales," Khazin predicts.

In his opinion, the main problem for the defense enterprises of the Russian Federation is that they, having received an order for products, are not sure that when their supplier's products will be needed again in six months, the enterprise will exist. Therefore, we are forced to restore production at home, and this requires investments that are not enough. As a result, labor productivity decreases. "At the G20 summit, one of the key topics was what to do with excess capacities in metallurgy. The same will be everywhere," predicts the macroeconomist.

Khazin also believes that if the degradation process is launched, it can reach early feudalism, when each person will provide for himself. At the same time, for example, there are no farmers in the United States. There are no people who understand what it is like to throw grain into the ground and grow it. Industrial agriculture using computers, satellite images, tractors that work on GPS, etc. And if in the 20s of the last century the share of the rural population was 30 - 40% and they fed themselves, today in the United States 4% formally work on the land.

Another key thing is that in 35 years, under the pressure of transnational financiers, socio-economic language has been monopolized by one school. "The only place in the world where an alternative economic school remains is Russia... The process of decline will be very long. Since it is necessary to fall by 50 - 60 percent, the world is waiting for 5 - 6 years of continuous decline a la Russia in the 90s," Khazin predicts. But Russia can play concept games because it has a trump card that can't be taken away. This is a scientific language, emphasizes the economist.

Now, according to Zaznobin, the most fascist country is the United States.Now, according to Zaznobin, the most fascist country is the United States


Vice-President of the Conceptual Technologies Foundation Zaznobin represented the author's team of "internal predictors of the USSR" formed back in the Soviet years. "Some representatives of science did not like the way socialism was built, others did not like the fact that socialism was being built. We started by deciding to figure out what culture we live in. It's not so difficult, go to museums: Russian, Hermitage, National Gallery of London, museums in Madrid, to the Uffizi Gallery. You will see that 70 - 80 percent of the paintings are written on biblical subjects. The same in classical literature and with classical music. We live in biblical culture. The only problem is that the Bible in Russian appeared in 1876. As soon as they began to read the Bible, about 20-25 people out of 100 went crazy. It's a psychologically difficult thing," Zaznobin said. In his opinion, the baptism of Russia was violent and it has yet to be dealt with, so there will be very big problems with the church.

Further, Zaznobin noted that one of the main objective reasons for the revolution is a stop in development. By the time of the revolution, 85% of the population was illiterate. At the same time, Zaznobin drew an interesting parallel with Japan. When serfdom was destroyed in Russia, the Meiji Revolution took place in the country of the Rising Sun. "The Japanese emperor said: all my subjects should study - both peasants and nobles. And when the Russian-Japanese war began, 60 - 70 percent of our sailors were illiterate, and the equipment was new and not ours - either German or French," Zaznobin said.

In his opinion, today we are at a new stage: there is no development and no one knows what's going on. "The group, to which I belong, has painted the so-called concept of public security. There is a so-called complete control function, where at the first stage a certain environmental factor is identified that puts pressure on the psyche. With regard to this factor, a number of goals are formed, and then the concept of achieving these goals is formed. Then the structure is built, and then conceptual power at the head of everything, legislatively on the basis of the concept forms laws, and ideological power, if it is not a virtuous concept, makes it virtuous. Then the executive branch and the judiciary - everything works like a clock. The judiciary protects this concept from invasion and alien to it."

Then Zaznobin returned to the historical events of the last century. He is sure that in 1953, when "Stalin was first killed, and then Beria was shot in his own house without trial," a coup d'état took place. And in 1991, the so-called putsch was made under the copy of the 1953 coup...

Zaznobin also noted that the general crisis of capitalism began in the XVIII century, when machine production appeared in England, Germany and Holland. "As soon as machine production began, those responsible for global development realized that when there were 3, 4, 5, 8 billion people on Earth (and then there was only 1 billion), they would devour the planet. And Marxism was created to solve the general crisis of capitalism, not to build a just society. Stalin understood this during the war, - Zaznobin is sure. - Otherwise, when Churchill turned to him for help (when the Germans were ready to drop American and English troops into the Atlantic in the Ardennes), Stalin could answer with full moral right: "Guys, we have been waiting for the opening of the second front for three years, be patient for a month, two, three, there will be a regrouping of troops, we will help. At the same time, feel on your own skin what the military machine of the West is. It wasn't just Hitler's car. The whole West was fascist at that time."

Now, according to Zaznobin, the most fascist country is the United States. This happened as a result of the fact that bandit structures arrived in North America from Europe at one time, and they were engaged in genocide of the local population. As a result, about 100 million people were killed. And when fascism began to gain momentum in Germany, Ford, the Bush family and many others began to grow fascism in America, as they had the task of crushing the USSR.

As for the concept of globalization, it, according to Zaznobin, is painted in the Bible. "We are dealing with a global biosphere, environmental, financial, economic and social crisis. The world is on the verge of a third, thermonuclear war. If it happens, there will be no planet," Zaznobin stated pessimistically. At the same time, he does not rule out the civil war in the United States. "The USSR was an agitation point of socialism, and the United States was an agitation point of capitalism. The USSR is destroyed. To maintain the balance, it is necessary to destroy the propaganda point of capitalism. What will Trump do? It depends not only on himself, but his actions can push America into civil war. There are so many weapons there that it won't seem much to anyone. The attempt to abandon Qatar as a victim, they say, look, we began to fight Daesh (the Arabic name of the group "ISIS" banned in the Russian Federation - ed.), is an attempt to distract attention. Everyone here wonders if Putin has a strategy or concept? But I think Putin himself doesn't know about it," Zaznobin summed up. "Nevertheless, Putin is a tool for solving global problems." As for Russia, it must declare a new global agenda, which everyone expects from it. Neither the East nor the West can define it.

Airat Bakhtiyarov believes that today humanity is preparing for the transition to the 4th stage of its global development, which in religious language is called "new heaven and new earth"Airat Bakhtiyarov believes that today humanity is preparing for the transition to the fourth stage of its global development, which in religious language is called "new heaven and new earth"


The author of the final report, Bakhtiyarov, believes that today humanity is preparing for the transition to the fourth stage of its global development, which in religious language is called "new heaven and new earth". This is due to a change in the human worldview. There are three main types of human worldview: right-hand, left-handed and heart-perception. "Heart perception until recently was the limit of the dreams of all people who developed their perception. They knew that in this state a person acquires special qualities of interaction with the world around him. And to get out of civilized dead ends, this type of perception is necessary. The systemic civilizational crisis we observe is not being resolved by conventional economic and political methods," Bakhtiyarov is sure.

In his opinion, the most painful crisis manifests itself in two aspects. The first is the degradation of society. Humanity is divided by contradictions at the level of personality, family, social groups. The second manifestation of the crisis is the presence of resource restrictions on the Earth. "The type of resource exploitation we use has outlived itself. If we do not find a way to avoid this, very soon the competition for resources will turn into a war for resources, which we are already witnessing in some regions," Bakhtiyarov notes. The current civilization crisis is a consequence of the existing type of people's worldview. "The current worldview has ceased to fit into the book of God's universe. Given that the awareness of humanity is growing in a spiral, the situation never goes back. There is a kind of qualitative transition. If there is a collapse instead of going up in the spiral, the type of civilization in which we live will disappear. God will just destroy her. This has already been observed on Earth many times," Bakhtiyarov predicts. At the same time, he emphasizes that the key to overcoming the impasse lies with Russia, which is the main catalyst for the upcoming changes both for the better and for the worse.

"What knowledge is needed to understand and study the crisis we are witnessing today? First of all, it's knowledge about the human soul. The second is knowledge of how soul and death are interconnected. The third is how the soul is connected with its Creator.

Today we overexploit the left-hand perception (razio), to the detriment of the right-sided (through sensations). For example, an attempt to solve all problems with the case of digital computer technologies is related to this. Such technologies are certainly necessary, but it is necessary to understand that they are based on a left-handed type of perception, and therefore have their own fundamental limitations. Violation of these restrictions leads to the suppression of the ability of right-hand perception, to the emergence of destructive emotional dependencies. This is especially true for children in terms of the harmonious development of their perception.

If we could at least harmonize the left- and right-hand types of perceptions, we would have discovered that trees, stones, earth communicate on their range of perception. In other words, they are alive, they just have their own language of communication. And if we could activate our ability to perceive with the heart, their language would become understandable for us and we could negotiate with them. Then the thoughtless and harmful exploitation of the living creatures of the Earth would be replaced by mutually beneficial cooperation," Bakhtiyarov believes.

"For example, in the process of eating the food components of the earth, we give them our emotional resource in exchange. Many diseases could be avoided if a person, eating food, prayed to the common Creator. In this case, the fields of perception of food components would be in harmony with ours and as a result there would be an exchange by mutual consent," Bakhtiyarov believes. According to him, it is no coincidence that the Quran has a very strict restriction prohibiting eating animal meat that is killed without calling on the name of the Almighty. Only in this case does the animal voluntarily give its body to humans as food.

"The second key knowledge is what happens to the soul after death. The knowledge that consciousness does not disappear at and after death is the cornerstone for changing the concept of our whole life. This completely changes the concept of "success in life." The allegories of hell and paradise are clear physical phenomena. When the soul is born, it moves from a collective type of consciousness to an individual one. And when the soul separates from the body after death, a piece of our individual consciousness developed here on Earth is added to the common collective consciousness," Bakhtiyarov emphasizes. If this individual consciousness is perverted, it will not be accepted by the One Life. This type of consciousness is rejected by God, and man cannot remain in the general consciousness of the universe. For such a soul, all his nightmares of perverted consciousness turn into reality.

The third key knowledge is knowledge of the existence of God. If a person does not learn to communicate directly with the Creator of his soul, then training and transition to the necessary type of perception will not take place. "The concept of God today is either religious or most people deny His existence. That is, a person who does not know this or that religious worldview terminology believes that God is a kind of abstraction, that He exists only for the one who believes in Him. Such a person does not know that everything he sees around him, including his beloved, is just various manifestations of the same God. With the arrival of the third key knowledge, a person understands that a person of knowledge, a real scientist can only be someone who studies God, knowing about His existence.

In all the sacred books it is written that people (no matter what tradition they adhere to) who have reached the level of perception by heart are brothers. If a person discovers the knowledge that an endless life awaits him after death, he will use his consciousness, body and abilities to deserve the eternal existence of his soul in a short earthly life," Bakhtiyarov stressed.

To develop awareness, you need to purposefully train the ability to perceive ayats - signs of God. This requires reference sounds for the perception of the right side and logical meanings for the perception of the left side. The correctly spoken Arabic Quran has them. The same effect was in the Torah of Moses and the Words of Jesus in Aramaic. They are also available in clean unpolluted places of the Earth - we have the Altai Mountains. If a person, staying there with good thoughts, prays to the Creator of his soul, then after a short period of time he begins to catch signs from the Creator.

As for the main disease of the economy, it is fish (or usury). God always warned about the inadmissibility of this through His revelations. Usually everyone thinks that fish is a bank interest, and they calm down on that. But that's not the case. Riba, like a disease, has entangled all of humanity today. Riba arises where the conscious and voluntary exchange of life results is disturbed. Therefore, fish is eaten by someone who, through deception, manipulation, theft or force, appropriates the results of other people's work. This is also selling his poor-quality work or goods as a quality one, this is a doctor who forces the patient to borrow, this is a law enforcement officer who deliberately accuses the innocent, this is an official or a businessman who unjustly appropriates budget money, this is a financier who disposes of other people's money without their consent... However, today the most dangerous type of fish is concentrated in the global financial system. It arises from the digital manipulation of the accounting unit. "Printing money" without the consent of all members of the community is a hidden redistribution of the results of the work of some in favor of others.

Riba as a destructive socio-economic phenomenon has gone through several stages. Today we are witnessing the final stage of the fish. Either humanity will destroy itself as a result of World War III, or it will be able to abandon the relationships that generate fish.


The participants of the round table could not immediately come to a consensus, but they still made an attempt to make a mosaic of their motley views. For example, Bakhtiyarov noted that the round table brought together very different, but very prepared people who spoke about common problems in their own way. As a result, there was contact, there was an interesting exchange of views, and the speeches made me think about a lot. And this can be considered a great achievement.

In turn, Galyamov added that there was a good atmosphere, and all five speakers were carriers of conceptual views. Each of the speakers is self-valued and unique, there are almost no such in the world.

Khazin agreed: "This is a consequence of the destruction of the USSR. As soon as people who have a global world consciousness find themselves in a state of ideological vacuum and under external pressure, there is a desire to say something. And in the West, people are in the matrix and know that as soon as they get something, they will have so many problems that it's better not to try. They are obliged to speak the matrix language. And conceptual things are not described in this language, even if you die." Khazin also noted that recently a large number of young people have appeared in Russia, who are engaged in history, development and many other important things. Their number has increased by 10 times. "It's a mad breakthrough. It means that the soil for a new person is ready. Our country is ready for something wonderful that should happen before the end of 2017. Khazin also added that all conceptualists speak different languages. And, for example, the concept of COB irritates him to madness, but not in content, but in a stylistic manner to give precise definitions. However, "the idea of showing the parade of conceptualists is extremely interesting and amazing, because the conceptualists themselves do not like to show each other."

Zaznobin also admitted that on the eve of the event it was difficult for him to imagine that he would be at the same table with Khazin and Devyatov. "It seemed to me that our views were very distant. But the conversation was free, relaxed, although everyone bent their line. This is the first contact between different positions on the problems of globalization - a fruitful thing," Zaznobin admitted.

Olga Vandysheva