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'Several primary National Bolshevik parties have now become representatives of Eurasia'

"Eurasians" decided to rely on Vladimir Putin
Grigory Nekhoroshev

The delegates and guests on the Saturday of the Constituent Congress of the All -Russian Political Public Movement "Eurasia" in the hall were met by two huge banners on a green background - "Russia - the Country of the Euro -Asian. V.V. Putin" and "Eurasia - above all."

Alexander Dugin, a philosopher, geopoliticist and adviser to the chairman of the State Duma - was stated in all documents - he performed at the opening with a forty -shock report. He stated that since the beginning of reforms in the Russian Federation, unfortunately, Atlantry prevailed, completely unnatural, hostile for us, the ideology of soulless and individualistic Americanism. According to him, even during the time of Yeltsin, attempts were visible "to move away from a fatal Atlantic path." But "Putin's reign was a real victory of Eurasian ideas." “We support the president totally, radically. Therefore, we are a total, radical center,” Dugin determined the political position of the movement of Dugin and hinted that the turning towards Eurasianism in the ideology of the country's leadership occurred with its close participation. Therefore, the main goal of the movement is to continue to put forward new Eurasian projects for the authorities. With an equally long report, the Supreme Mufti of Russia Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajuddin made after Dugin. He noted that for the true Muslims of the country, the real "homeland is Rus'." And all interethnic and interfaith conflicts are satisfied with "those who live on the islands. They always lack something, and they need to arrange a hype and take something there." However, Tajuddin noted, under the thunder of applause, that "today in England out of 50 million five are Muslims. Good landing."

He sent a short congratulation to the congress and the chief rabbi of the Russian Federation Berel Lazar. A more significant greeting to the congress came from the leaders of the Israeli organization "Bead Artecean". The message said that Americanization and soullessness coming from it is also one of the main enemies of Israel. The leaders of Bead Artecein complained that they could not take part in the congress, since Saturday was a saint for the Jews the day. With criticism of Atlantry and Western humanism, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, Father Vsevolod, deputy, also spoke out in a welcoming word. Chairman of the Committee of External Church Relations and the Secretary of the Russian Old Believer Church of the Ezerov.

The congress program documents and the collection of works “Eurasianism: Theory and Practice” were issued very originally - a portrait of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and his words were brought to their title sheets and covers: “A charge that Eurasian ideas carry is carried out today, when it is especially important today, when it is especially important when today, when We build truly equal relations between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. ” Then there were portraits of Sheikh-ul-Islam Talgat Tajuddin and Alexander Dugin and their statements.

The software documents stated: "Neurasia has had a tremendous influence on the political parties and the movements of modern Russia. In the programs of" unity ", the Communist Party, OVR, LDPR, the" Russia "movement, many other parties and movements are noticeable neo -Eurasian elements." There is a share of truth in this. The leader of Eurasia Alexander Dugin went a long way: from the circle of the so-called sexual mystics Yuri Mamleev through Dmitry Vasiliev, the leadership of the National Bolshevik party Limonov to the State Duma adviser. Some time ago, he was a member of the political council of the organizational congress of the Russia movement under the leadership of Gennady Seleznev. He prepared constituent documents for Russia, but at the very last moment he did not get into the leadership movement. Dugin also participated in the creation of "unity." With the help of primary organizations of the NBP, in the field that left with him from Limonov.

Several primary NBPs have now become representatives of Eurasia. In total, Eurasia has 51 representative offices. The leaders of the cells were delegates of the Constituent Congress. The youngest representative Igor Nikolaev from the Republic of Sakhakutia read at the congress his report made, according to him, “at the school scientific and practical conference,” about how he understands Eurasianism: “Individualism, independence of judgments are the features of Europe, where They are not waiting for us! Love for the owner, obedience is the features of the Russian people. " A representative from Chelyabinsk, Mr. Palkin, said that its region is like a certain center of Eurasianism, since traces of the Staustrian were found in the region, and scientists believe that Zarathustra was "originated here." He noted that the faculty of Eurasia and the East has been operating at Chelyabinsk University for four years, where Alexander Dugin has been studying the life and labors. “Our teacher and organizer have a great future,” Palkin concluded. The congress unanimously elected Dugin by the chairman of the political council of the movement. Representatives of the movement of veterans of the Alpha unit and the leaders of the Moscow Temp-Bank were elected to the political officer. The congress was held at the Club "Honor and Dignity", which is controlled by representatives of Alfa. Mostly representatives of culture were chosen to the Central Council: publicist Avigdor Eskin, writer Yuri Mamleev, TV presenter Mikhail Leontyev and plenipotentiary ambassador