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Russia's Kabbalah guru Laitman admits Zionism 'negligible'; we are after the whole world

Kabbalist's view of events in Israel



Mikhail Laitman (1946, Vitebsk) - Israeli Kabbalist, founder and head of the international Kabbalah Academy "Bnei Baruch" and the Institute for Kabbalah Research named after Y. Ashlag (ARI - Ashlag Research Institute), member of the World Council of the Wise. A student of the Kabbalist Baruch Ashlag. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences. The certificate of professor of ontology and theory of cognition was issued by the public organization Higher Inter-Academic Attestation Commission of the International Inter-Academic Union.

At first, I had the word "demagogy." Then I began to think about what I said and came to the idea that it was necessary to clearly distinguish between "world Jews" and Israel. The world's Jews, led by their Organized Jewry, have a Mission, a World Mission. As Solzhenitsyn wrote, Jews are a special people, a mystery people. In short, the scattered Jews should be at the head of the whole world.

Israel is quite different. And now there are a lot of Jews who do not recognize the Jewish state - for various reasons. Because Israel should not have arisen before the arrival of Moshiach; because the Jews should not have a state at all (my reasoning is amateurish).

The appointment of Jews is not the creation of a banal Middle East 8 million state (albeit existing with the help of the United States and other countries). Israel is a negligible goal. But another goal - the whole world - is what the Kabbalist Lightman is talking about.

So, isn't it?