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Russian Zionist Eskin suggests Aleksandr Dugin is Jewish

"The very fact that he registered some organizations in Europe does not at all make him a greater Jewish leader than Zatulin or Dugin."
Avigdor Eskin

Lies and silence about Kolomoisky

Political scientist Avigdor Eskin - about who and what prevents the rapprochement between Israel and Russia
June 24, 2014, 03:14 pm

A couple of weeks after the illegal seizure of power in Kiev by neo-fascists, an elderly Jewish woman approached a well-informed local journalist Galina Lebedinskaya in the synagogue with the question: “Tell me, will they take us to Babi Yar again?”

At first, many people were disgusted by direct associations with Nazism, even when they heard with their own ears the cries of thousands of demon-possessed people: “Bandera, Shukhevych are the heroes of the people!” But when they began to burn people in Odessa, the correctness of those who called a spade a spade from the first days was fully revealed.

The steps of Nazism across the territory of Ukraine awakened the Jewish theme with renewed vigor there and in Russia.

And from the first focused discussions, it was widely noted that it was the Knesset of Israel that was the first to raise the issue of neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism and Russophobia in Ukraine in the international arena in connection with the success in the elections in the Rada of the Svoboda party. 62 deputies out of 120 signed a historic appeal to the European Parliament even before the tragic events began.

At the same time, we hear the name of Igor Kolomoisky from all sides.

The events of the past four months have led to a tangible rapprochement between Israel and Russia. Jerusalem's refusal to condemn Russian actions against neo-Nazism in Ukraine led to open conflict with Washington. This was noted by many Russian statesmen, because the vote of the Arab countries in the UN (with the exception of Syria) was nothing but the final manifestation of shameless ingratitude. Being until recently hangers-on, they did not take into account that meanness in moments of trial will undermine trust for many years to come.

But we see a particularly burning feeling of annoyance and disappointment among Russians at the mention of Kolomoisky and other Jewish leaders in Ukraine. This is a bleeding insult, for no one could expect Jewish support for Nazism in Ukraine.

And indeed, at the origins of the creation of the social-nationalist "Svoboda" we find criminal authorities from Western Ukraine, known in the world as Vova-Morda and Pups, and along with them - Igor Kolomoisky. The other day, law enforcement agencies of Russia brought charges against him for the gravest crimes. To complete the picture, of course, a trial is required. But let's not pretend: the facts known to us about the fall of Kolomoisky are quite enough to ask some very strong questions to ourselves.

It will be objected to me that the campaign against Kolomoisky is often openly anti-Semitic. And this is the undeniable truth. Otherwise, why does no one discuss the ethnic roots of Avakov, Turchinov or Yarosh in the same voluptuous manner? Otherwise, why, contrary to all norms of honor and decency, is Kolomoisky called a Zionist, and not called, say, an assimilated and Russified Jew?

Indeed, we feel like we are in a madhouse when accusations of Zionism against Kolomoisky come from the Florian Geyer club. The fact is that, according to any branch of the Zionist way of thinking, any Jew of the Diaspora is required to move to Israel. And in the case of Ukraine, this is an undeniable categorical imperative. It is clear that mass exodus to Israel is extremely unprofitable for Kolomoisky, which forces him to be a consistent anti-Zionist in practice.

To make excuses to Judeophobes for “blood for Easter” or for “Kolomoisky’s Zionism” is a humiliating and useless occupation. But to talk openly with like-minded people and friends about how they allowed such a shame - the current "top of Ukrainian Jews" - is a matter of conscience.

We will not talk about collective responsibility, which the Bible affirms and so does not like modern man, but about simple actions to prevent such a disgrace for our people in the future. This may be a lesson for others as well.

The topic for our reflection will not be the appearance of a rich villain of our blood, but widespread tolerance for him. Yes, the Russian journalistic and political fringes spread false rumors about Kolomoisky's supposedly recognized leadership among European Jewry. The very fact that he registered some organizations in Europe does not at all make him a greater Jewish leader than Zatulin or Dugin.

At the same time, we are all responsible for the fact that we do not see protests against the meeting in Kyiv three weeks ago of several billionaires headed by Ronald Lauder, representing the largest diaspora non-Zionist organizations.

Lauder announced there his intention to hold the General Assembly of the World Jewish Congress in Kyiv. This is the clearest example of how the interests of Israel were sacrificed for the personal benefit of moneybags.

In other words, in the midst of a confrontation between Netanyahu and the Obama administration, both on the issue of relations with Russia and on negotiations with the Palestinians, the largest leader of the diaspora is going to bow to Kiev. In those very days when dozens of civilians died daily at the hands of the neo-Bandera military. Just a month after the massacre in Odessa, where many Jews were among the victims.

By the way, about the Jews. Among those arrested by the Ukrainian authorities for political reasons, we find many of our fellow tribesmen. Our enemies have turned Kolomoisky into the main symbol of the neo-Bandera regime.

But who prevents us from telling the city and the world about the heroic deeds of Yana Aizikovich (Popescu) in Odessa? This woman saved at least 10 people from death on that terrible day. In retaliation, the authorities threw her into the dungeons of the SBU, accusing her of terrorism.

There are other Jewish prisoners of conscience in Ukraine today.

In this regard, we will have to ask several questions to Jewish organizations in Russia. Why didn't any of them voice a protest to Kolomoisky? Why is no one demanding that the Ukrainian authorities release Yana Aizikovich (Popeska)? Why don't human rights activists demand the release of all those illegally detained and brutally tortured?

Our claims are not to synagogues and not to educational institutions. But there is a Russian Jewish Congress in Moscow, for example. Not a word against Bandera, not a word against Kolomoisky's provocations, not a word in support of Israel when it was unfairly defamed. But there was time and ink was found to denounce Dmitry Kiselev.

You involuntarily wonder why the RJC and some other Jewish organizations exist? Their obvious functional responsibilities are efforts to protect the host country and strengthen its political status. Also, the responsibility of the Jewish organization should include an explanatory mission about the rights of the State of Israel to a peaceful existence within its current borders.

If at the hour of the Bandera attack on Russia and the Jews of Ukraine, representatives of the Jews of Russia do not find any words at all to express their own position, then what is the expediency of their existence?

On the example of Lauder's petty servility to the American authorities, on the example of the frightened Jewish organizations in Ukraine and Russia, we observe that clear dividing line between the approach of the State of Israel and the diaspora structures.

Taking into account the little-known fact that half of the world's Jewry already lives in Israel and that the demographic situation in the diaspora is close to catastrophe, the natural question arises of restructuring relations between Moscow, Israel and the Jewish world. The beginning of this should be the emerging reforms in the system of organizations of the Jews of Russia today. So that they can become a bridge between our countries, and not a stumbling block.