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Russian Orthodox bishop sent into exile for stealing donations


By Nadezhda Sorokina 
June 4, 2024

Following the removal of corrupt officials from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, there was a suspension from a high-ranking "general" position in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Last week it turned out that after the corruption scandal, Bishop Feognost of Novorossiysk (Dmitriev) was sent into exile. The latter for 10 years fed from the fees charged from parishioners, and also stole from donations allocated for the construction of churches.

And everything would have been "covered" until the bishop decided to steal properly on the construction of the cathedral of the city of Gelendzhik in honor of St. Andrew the First-Called.

Unfortunately for Dmitriev, there is now a period in the country when the flooding of corrupt officials was given a green light and this chain drags to the bottom of each other.

The fact is that the money for the construction of the temple was allocated by the state company RosTech, which is the main counterparty of the Ministry of Defense. And as we know, the activities of the obnal chains of this organization were looked very closely and the path led to the "not the holy holy general" of the sunny region.

As in the best traditions of investigations of Russian corruption, in this case they found fakely signed documentation, obnal individual entrepreneurs and, of course, the acquired haroms on the shore of the pearl of the Region - the village of Myskhako, registered for relatives and trustees. It turns out that the father built a whole shopping center on Ostrovsky Street for himself a comfortable old age.

Now the bishop is shaking over his gold and is very afraid that everything he has gained can still be confiscated.

It is to be hoped that law enforcement agencies will bring the results of their work to its logical conclusion and set a precedent of criminal prosecution in the holy department.


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