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Russian hockey players sodomized 12-year-old teammate with hockey stick

Oct. 9, 2023

In St. Petersburg, young hockey players raped a 12-year-old teammate with a stick. Fontanka reports this .

According to the publication, the victim’s mother contacted the police. She said that after hockey practice, her son was beaten and abused. The medical facility confirmed that the child had a rectal injury.

Law enforcement spoke with the boy. He said that at eight o’clock in the evening, after finishing training, he went to the locker room. The rest of the team followed him. There were 20 people in total. They tried to block the hockey player's path. The coach looked into the locker room to make sure everything was normal and left. Then the boys began throwing garbage and a tennis ball at the victim. The teenager reprimanded the offenders. The guys threw him to the floor, put him in a chokehold and held him by the legs. They tried to insert a club into the victim's anus.

The mother explained that the conflict between her son and several other teenagers has been going on for a year and a half. Previously, she had seen bruises and abrasions on the boy, but only turned to the coach and the club management. There was no reaction from them.